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So Mote It Be


Master Mesmerist
Mar 25, 2018
London, UK
This is a tale of best friends, adultery, mind control, affairs and lust. Fictional. Feedback welcome.


The train doors shut behind me, and I shuffled my way past the burly workmen who inevitably seemed to be on board the train home at this time in the evening. A buzz from inside my pocket. I pulled out my phone, clicking past the wallpaper of my darling wife, Sarah, and opened up the message that was waiting for me.

- Hey man, how’s it going?

- Hey, Paul, good thanks, and you?

- I’m well, cheers. Wondering if you two felt like dinner tonight? My treat.

I paused. Paul was an old friend of Sarah’s. There’d been some tension between us initially, as we competed for Sarah’s affection, but once it had become clear that I’d be winning that particular competition, we’d settled down into a surprisingly good friendship. Turned out our taste in women belied a similar taste for music, movies and TV shows generally.

The three of us got on well together, so we often met up for dinner and drinks. Admittedly, this had been harder since we’d had Louis, but we tried to keep the friendship alive, mainly at Sarah’s insistence.

I sighed. Sarah. Even if I would have preferred a quiet night in, just the two of us, baby sleeping in the spare room, I knew if Paul was at a loose end, Sarah would want him to have company. I replied.

- Sure. Come over for 7:30? Louis should be in bed by then. I’ll let Sarah know.

- Excellent - see you later!



“Sarah? That must be Paul - can you get it?”

“Right!” I rose from the sofa, tugging my t-shirt down slightly, making sure it covered my stomach properly. Wouldn’t want to look like a slob in front of Paul. And if it showed off a little more of my cleavage? Well, giving Paul some more fantasy fuel about the girl he knew he should have been quicker to make a move on - that’d be an added bonus. I opened the door.

“Hey, Paul!” I grinned, as I saw his eyes flick momentarily down to my chest, before looking me straight in the eyes.

“Hey! How are you?”

“Great! Come on in, Jeff’s just putting Louis to bed…”

Paul stepped over the threshold, and moved in for a hug and quick peck on the cheek - the nearest he’d ever get to something further.

It was then, that something…strange happened. After the customary kiss, he moved up - to my ear - and spoke in a low, soft, yet forceful tone.

“Tonight, Sarah, you desire me. Jeff may be your husband, but you want me, and only me, as your lover. Tonight, you need to make it happen between us. So mote it be.”

We pulled back from each other, and in that moment, as we gazed into each others’ eyes, my lips moved, seemingly of their own accord.

“So mote it be, Paul.” I replied, blinking, and shook my head, as if trying to clear my mind of confusion. I was all ready to ask Paul what just happened, but then Jeff laid his hands on my shoulders…

“Hey! The gang’s all here, let’s eat!”

…and I forgot all about it.


Throughout dinner, I kept an eye on Sarah. To the unknowing observer, she seemed her usual self - flirty yet in control, sweet and innocent, yet knowing exactly how to drive the men in her company wild.

Sure, we made eye contact a number of times, and I could have sworn she licked her lips rather…suggestively in my direction at one point, but that could have been my imagination. In short, there was no way of knowing for certain that the first field test of my powers had worked. The only option would be to step things up a gear - but for that, I needed to prepare the ground.

After dinner, we retired to the sofas, and started channel hopping, chatting away.

“Coffee?” enquired Jeff.

“Oh, yes please..” I smiled, as Jeff moved to get up.

Sarah patted her husband on the thigh. “No, darling, you stay there. Talk about guy stuff. I’ll get Paul his after dinner treat…”

She giggled, leaving the room. I could only imagine what was running through her mind at that point, but as much as I’d have loved to have had the opportunity to spend more time with her alone, this did give me a chance to remove the obvious obstacle…


I watched Sarah’s ass as she left the room. Funny, I knew she liked to tease Paul, but tonight, she was being…extra flirtatious. Maybe she was just in high spirits - perhaps I’d find out later, when we were alone in bed…

“So, been watching anything good on Netflix recently?”

“Well, we’ve just finished a long run of a couple of series, so we’re looking for our next addiction, actually..” I smiled. Paul always had a good eye for what both Sarah and I enjoyed. “Got any suggestions?”

“Hmm…as a matter of fact, I do…”

It was then, that something…strange happened. Paul stood up from the sofa, and towered over me, speaking in a slow, deep, powerful tone.

“Tonight, Jeff, it’s all about me. From this point onwards, you are nothing more than a passive observer. You can do nothing, and you will do nothing, to stop me. You will simply hear, accept and obey. So mote it be.”

I looked up at Paul, my brow furrowed. What on earth was this all about? My mouth opened to ask him what he meant, but all that came out was a meek response.

“So mote it be, Paul.”

I blinked, hesitating, caught in the headlights of whatever had just happened. Paul sat back down on the sofa.

“Mmmmm…looks delicious!” grinned Paul, looking to the doorway, where my wife stood, smiling, holding three cups of coffee - and wearing nothing on top but a black, lacy bra.


I blushed, and giggled, setting the coffee down as I moved into the room, taking a seat next to Jeff. It was strange - although I’d always enjoyed teasing Paul, this felt like a whole new level. And the fact that Jeff didn’t seem to care…well that just made it feel a whole lot more freeing.

“Lean forward. I want to get a better look at those tits. So mote it be.”

No sooner had those final words left Paul’s lips, I found myself doing exactly as I was told. It wasn’t a conscious choice - he spoke, and I…obeyed. It was scary…but also kind of hot. I turned to Jeff, intending to ask why he’d not given Paul a piece of his mind, for what our friend was saying to his wife, but before I could speak, Paul interrupted again.

“There’s something you both need to understand. From this moment on, I’m in charge. I command, and you both obey. Without question, without hesitation, and without resistance. None of this feels strange or odd to you - it’s perfectly normal and reasonable that I should be in control like this. Both of you will do anything to serve me, and your purpose in life is simply to please me. So mote it be.”

Jeff and I spoke in perfect synchronisation. “So mote it be, Paul.”

…and we both relaxed. This was normal, reasonable and right.


I watched, a passive, happy smile over my face, as my wife removed her jeans, panties and bra, and straddled our Lord and Master, Paul. I felt no urge to say anything, to move or try and stop them. I just sat there, watching, sipping my hot coffee, as Master Paul told us more truths.

He told us the truth about how Sarah had always flirted with him, even before I came on the scene. He explained this was because Sarah really desired him, not me, and that she’d deliberately been cockteasing Master Paul for years.

He told me the truth about how the sight of my wife being fucked by my God, turned me on so much, that I was allowed to touch myself, but not cum. He was so right, and I unzipped my trousers, and obeyed.


It was true. All of it was true, I sighed, as Master Paul’s godly cock entered my cunt for the first time. It was such a relief to finally tell someone, and especially to show Jeff the consequences of my actions. I pushed my breasts together and began bouncing up and down, impaling myself over and over again on my one true love’s shaft.

I needed to make Paul cum. The desire to do so was overwhelming, as I kissed his neck and gave myself to him completely. He deserved this. I deserved this. All three of us were finally receiving what we were due. Paul deserved a reward - my complete submission to him. Jeff deserved to sit there, helplessly, as my loyalty and mind was rewritten. And I deserved to become the mindless whore I’d always teased Paul about being.

“So mote it be…” said Master Paul, and both Jeff and I took up the chant, moving faster and faster, anything to make Master cum inside me.


It had worked. I still couldn’t quite believe it, but it was definitely happening. The woman I’d lusted after for years, foolishly standing by as she flirted yet never went any further with me, was now naked, riding me, her luscious tits, finally free, bouncing in my face as I feasted myself upon her body and mind.

I looked over at Jeff, as he furiously stroked himself, a daft grin across his face, powerless, and then turned my attention back to Sarah.

“So mote it be…” I growled, thrusting inside her.

“So mote it be! So mote it be! So mote it be!” they chanted in response.

“So! Mote! It! BE!” I cried out, cumming deep with my Sarah-doll. No longer would she be solely my fantasy fuel. She was my slave. So was her foolish husband. And they’d only be the first…


After Master Paul had finished with Sarah, I watched him lift her off of his body, and set her back on the sofa. As instructed, I ceased stroking, zipped up my trousers, and waited.

Master Paul spoke again, his words of truth settling immediately in my brain. I blinked, and rose from the sofa.

“Right then! I’m pretty tired, though, so I’m going to head to bed. I’ll let Sarah take care of you. Thanks for coming round, Paul - this was fun! See you again soon!”

I yawned, stretched, and took myself off to bed. A commanding voice in my head reassured me that the evening had been a complete success, and that Sarah would look after our guest now…


I took the remote from the side table, and switched the TV back on. Sarah would be ‘awake’ in a minute or two. The evening had indeed been a complete success, although not in the way either Sarah or Jeff would remember it. And as much as I’d have loved to claim Sarah for myself entirely, I had to pace myself. This had been an experiment - a highly successful and satisfactory experiment - but I wasn’t quite ready to go full tilt just yet.

“Mmmm…Oh, I’m sorry, Paul - I must have fallen asleep. That food was just so delicious, y’know?”

“I know, Sarah. Now, I better go, but before I do, I wanted to check something with you.”


I grasped Paul’s hands, and pulled them into my lap, staring into his eyes. “Yes?”

“Tonight has been wonderful, but I’m not quite ready to take things further, just yet. To that end, both you and Jeff will believe that we shared a lovely evening of dinner, drinks and television, but nothing more. You’ll both remain happily married to each other in public. However, and this is important, Sarah - when either or both of you are alone with me, or at any other time that I say so, you will be under my complete control. You will tell Jeff this important information when you go to bed tonight. You will never have sex with him again, unless I tell you to. You love him, sure, but from now on, you lust, want, need, and worship me. So mote it be.”

“So mote it be, Paul.” I smiled. He was so adorably right, about everything. I leaned forward, and we shared a passionate kiss.

“For being such a good guest..” I giggled.


- Thanks again for tonight, man, I really enjoyed it.

- Me too. Send my love to Sarah, and I’ll see you both soon.

- Will do. Laters!

- Byeee!
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