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NBx F or NB Rakki's Futa Plotty Smutt, Smutty Plot and Enthusiastic Social Distancing!


More Bigger, More Better.
Nov 26, 2016
I'm gonna be honest here. I love playing Futas... Fuckin hell do i love it.

So this is my main request thread, but for futa characters... I'll touch it up when im not drunk, but below is my request thread:

Lets have some fun! If anything here strikes you, or if you've got an idea that you'd like to shoot at me, lets get a conversation (This link will open a conversation) going! Here's a trap for the newcomers. I'm sick of messages from people who haven't read this threat. So if you have, hit me with your worst pun! Put some spin on it, make it sting. ^_^

I'm a creative writer who enjoys a challenge, enjoy playing both Dominate and Submissive characters! I'm Male but enjoy playing F/Futa, Monsters, tentacle, Kemonomimi and slime monsters (but no furries, please)! My one cavort is that I don’t enjoy playing opposite Male characters, however I don’t care what sex you are on the other side of the keyboard!

I'm also not interested in RPing off site. PM heavy prefrence, as i tend to forget threads and even worse with IMs.

IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA MESSAGE ME! I LOVE A CHALLENGE! Also, throwing this in a random spot.

Anything involving (one of... or more...) Mind-break, corruption, transformation, inflation, expansion, growth, incest, bimbofication, power play, size play, and a million other things, almost anything weird that isn’t bathroom (or furry) related, I'M GAME!

This isn't a must have but:

I've got a huge expansion/growth/inflation fetish, with no limit to the maximum size I find acceptable, but if you have a size limit I'm happy to work with that! (But anyone who is willing to play with universe breaking sizes, I'll do just about anything you need!).

I love writing sci-fi, and modern less so, fantasy settings least. (By no means excluding any! I love writing all three! I'll write anything for the right reason!)

A bit about me, I've been Rp'ing on various forums since about 2003, yes there have been a lot of breaks, and I'm still getting into the swing of things here!

I do my best to get a reply out to partners each day, if its been a week send me a prod! Will not drop a RP without letting you know. I hate it when people do that to me, I do my absolute best to not do it to you!

I Prefer 3rd person, and that is how I write, but am happy for you to write however you're comfortable! Some times my Dyslexia is a problem, thus I only respond to RPs via my PC where spell checking is better, but can read and respond most times of the day to OOC and discussion.

My hard noes are:

Bathroom (Pee, scat, diapers, vomit)
Cuntboys, Femboys, Traps.

I want to get as many both our interests into a role-play, for maximum enjoyment!
Full F-List in my Signature! (Or Here, for the scroll impared!)


People who discuss a plot, have me write the first post and then never respond! Come people! If you're ill, can't respond for a while, or just lost interest, let me know! I promise you, I wont mind dropping it if you're not into it, and I'll happily wait for you to return!
If there is something you want changed, LET ME KNOW!
Want to drop it? Find out you don't like writing with me? LET ME KNOW, no hard feelings!

We're here to have fun, if you're not enjoying the RP then lets fix it! Communication is key!

If you drop an RP or plotting, I will send one follow up, about a week/fourtnight after last reply, just to see if you're still interested. If you dont respond then thats fine. If you tell me you're not interested, that’s awesome, thanks for letting me know, if you've just forgotten me, have been ill, or something else, that’s fine then too and I'd love to resume!

Anything else I can work with!

Some vague ideas I'd love to brainstorm with someone!!!

Cyberpunk Body Mod Shop!
Stress relief spa for Monster girls.
Multi Star Brothel Recruitment Wing (Did you hear humans abduct alien girls to be thier pleasure slaves?)


*NEW* Comic Inspired plot: My sister, the thief!

(Comic Link Here.) Big sister takes out revenge on her smaller, cute little thieving sister, and takes a bit of revenge by forcing her oversized cock deep in the cheeky little slut.

Kinks: Size difference, I'd love to play a HUUGE futa compaired to her little sister, talking twice the size, a force of nature. Cum inflation, expansion. I'd love it to be an ongoing thing, each day a new clash between sisters, with little sister becoming more and more slutty and developed as her sister's cum effects her. All characters will be over 18.

The Biggest Porn Stars:

The future is a wonderful place. Free energy has solved a lot of humanity's problems. World hunger is over, global warming is solved... but there is one thing that people still wanted. Porn. Bigger boobs, bigger asses, bigger dicks.

A new upstart company has risen out of the ashes from an old military research wing, they're hireing new stars, promising to make them the biggest stars on the planet.

For this one, I'd love someone who's happy to play a female porn-star along side her co-star (MC), either a Futa, or Male.

The first treatment would leave them both sexy, and larger than life. Massively buxom and super endowed. (I'm imagining 7-8 feet tall. Just big enough that they'd stand out where ever they go.)

But its not enough for either of them, and as their fan base grows, so do they... Literally the biggest porn stars on the planet...

Kinks: Giantess/Giant, Size play, growth, recording, public displays, Breast Expansion, Hip Expansion, and up to hyper anything! MxF or FutaxF.
Possible kinks: Incest, Physical Bimbofication (leaving out mental changes), and possibly anything from my F-list!

High-school Horror.

Sex and drugs... and rock and roll... When a group of highschool kids manage to snatch some illicit drugs from an over turned truck, and decide to lace the punch... from a house party to prom night... or even a scbool trip.

Could be a dubcon plot, would love to play this as a bimbofication plot. Would allow for a range of characters.
Possible Kinks: Bimbofication, Dub/Non-con, expansion, growth, addiction, possible incest and ageplay pairings. And much more. Tell me what you'd love to see!

*STILL CRAVING* Brother Complex:

Shamelessly stole the idea from this comic. Would love to play a setting where a sister, in desperate love with her brother, either by pure force of will, magic or drugs, starts growing, expanding, turning herself into over sized horny plaything, and the continuing frustration as she fails to corner him. Lots of flirty fun turns into filthy sex in risky situations!

This could work as a growth plot too... Mc's slender little sister growing and him being unable to resist...
Kinks: Bimbofication, possibly growth, size difference, maybe femdom too!

Dark Days in the Office!

A promising office job turns out to be the front for a rich playboy to lure in smart, will full girls, and see how far he can get them to degrade themselves for his enjoyment. Drugs in the coffee, office chairs with vibrators hidden within them, and a rewards program that makes accepting it all easier...
(This could be as light hearted or dark as you'd like, could do the bimbofication thing, or just a girl breaking down and deciding to grit her teeth because she needs the job, and her perverted boss putting pressure on her.)

Hucow! Always looking for partners!

I have a lot of ideas on a hucow/cowgirl setting, from a farm setting to a more everyday idea.
Maybe a couple looking to spice up their love life? A surprise for their partner that gets out of control?
Or a more classic farm scenario, I'm open to work this out with a partner!

~Breast Expansion, Breeding, Possible Mind break/pleasure addiction, Kemonomimi, Multi Breast and much more depending on partners tastes!

Attribute theft: Back and Fourth.

A pair of characters get a magical item that allows them to steal attributes, but only one can use it at a time.
This would be a back and forth, rather than a dom/sub situation, but may devolve into something more like that.
Maybe one character gets the upper hand, maybe one character decides to see how far they can push the other?

F/M/FuxF/Fu Possible kinks: Expansion, Attribute theft, Power play, possible giantess, intelligence change anything else you'd like to work in.

Daddy's (Or Mummy's) Breeding Experiment:
F/M/Futa/(Mother/father)xF/F turned Futa

Mother/Father begins abusing their daughter, lacing her food and drinks with hormones, causing her secondary sexual characteristics (and/or cock) to develop at an incredible rate. As she begins to expand her sex drive sky rockets.
~Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion, Breeding, Pregnancy, Incest, Begging, semi-non con growth.

“The girl who held the oceans”

In a world where water has become valuable resource, one girl is pumped to massive sizes, willingly, or no (any body parts you're happy with and willing to adjust to any maximum size you're happy with, from large pregnancy to all of the water on earth!)

Force feeding growth.

Tied to a chair and force fed, expansion, weight gain, giantess, anything else you'd like to do.

A Kaiju love affair.

FxM: girl starts growing, toying with the male character, abusing him as she grows larger, eventually taunting him as she destroys cities. Possible vore, lots of destruction, and anything else you want to throw in!
FxF/Fu: Pair of growing girls, same as above.

Night of the absorbing horror.
Fx Multiple victims

Girl leans how to consume biomass directly into her body, getting larger and more powerful with each one, her pheromones attracting victims.


Two becoming one, multiple limbs, genitalia, expansion, lets get weird!

Other ideas
~Mutation RP.
~Goddess ascendancy
~Cock vore feeding time at the Futa Farm
~Save the species hyper pregnancy
~Implant filling/saline inflation
~Competitive growth/expansion/inflation/weight gain?

Will add more as I come up with it!

Open to anything, send me your ideas!

OK putting this in here because I'm getting a lot of requests for it, Yes I’m willing to play a female character. But mostly only for FxF or FxFuta. I have no interest in playing your fucktoy for your male OC self insertion fanfic.

I rather not play in a Cannon world, if you want to do something harry potter styled? Sure. I’m fine with basing a world off a fandom, letting it inspire our world.[/B]
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More Bigger, More Better.
Nov 26, 2016
Was going to write but got too drink. tomorrow bump. promise.


More Bigger, More Better.
Nov 26, 2016
bumping thread for tomorrow. Weekend of writing and drinking.

If you're a current partner who is waiting for a responce, buckle up!
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