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Talking Dirty 2

Foxy Lady

Jan 30, 2014
United Kingdom
Hey, Tony, what’s the problem? Your cock normally hardens up like a space rocket on the launch pad when you see me in my black suspenders and red stockings. But you’re just swinging around with that flap of foreskin hanging like a wet sock. Why don’t you get yourself cut like a proper man? Foreskins are for boys not men.

Hang on. It’s Thursday, isn’t it. That means you’ve been with Dorothy. But she never takes much out of you. At her age, she’s just grateful if you suck her tits. You have been with her, haven’t you. I can smell her perfume on your chest hair. So you actually took your shirt off. Well, that must have been a first. I thought you just dropped your slacks and took her over her desk.

Just a minute. There was something else wasn’t there. A different scent. Let me lick that limp cock of yours. Yes, yes that’s definitely Dorothy. She’s always tastes sour. But there’s more. A sort of peachy taste. That’s new, I’ve not tasted her before. Who? What did you say? Polly. Where the hell did you find her? A new accountancy trainee. Blonde, natural too, I’m impressed. With small tits. Now that is a surprise. You’ve always said you’d prefer big melons like mine.

So how many times was it? Twice. Plus Dorothy. No wonder you’re not getting hard.

No, Tony, no I won’t stop slapping you. You deserve it and you’ll take it like a man, if you really are a man. What was it I told you? Come on, you do remember. That’s it. Good boy. No, I won’t let go of your balls until you say it louder. Well done, now that wasn’t difficult was it. ‘If there’s any to spare, I’m happy to share.’ Yes, share. That’s the operative word here, Tony. You satisfy me first and if there’s anything left, then you get to put it around.

Well, your cock may not be working, but your mouth still is, so get down between my legs and start sucking like your life depended on it.

Yes, you’re right. My vag juices are running down my thighs. My stocking tops are wet. And you know why? Because I’m ready for you. My period finished this morning and we’ve not had a proper fuck for four days. So, yes, I am ready for it. Now work on me, and you’d better be hard when I’m ready to cum. Because if you’re not, I’ll fucking emasculate you, rip those fruit off. Not even Dorothy will bother with you then.

That’s not bad, Tony, not bad at all, but don’t slack. I know what you’re doing, you’re going slow, buying time to get that cock back in action. Well, it had better be ready or I’ll call that black guy over. You know the one. The one opposite who’s always watching me when I’m undressing by the window. The one who came over here and raped me on the kitchen table when you were out. The one you weren’t man enough to tackle about it. In fact, you got hard hearing me tell you how he treated me. Probably because you know you could never manage anything like that yourself.

Do I have to do everything myself? Lie back and let me see if I can get that knob back into action. Let me get it into my mouth. That’s not going to be difficult after all, it’s not exactly big. How long was it exactly, the last time we measured? Yes, that’s right, but that includes at least an inch of foreskin and that doesn’t count, because you’re not going to drive me wild with a lump of useless skin.

Those balls feel empty. If that little bitch Polly drained you, I’ll shave her pussy with a blunt razor. Dry cum won’t do me any good. No girl is going to get pregnant on a dry cum. Stop complaining, I’ll squeeze them as hard as I like because I want every drop of what little you’ve got left and I want it pumped right into my pussy. Don’t just let it dribble out of the end of your four inches.

No, I don’t want you to eat me out any more. See how considerate I am. It’s only going to take a couple of laps of that tongue of yours and I’ll be squirting all over your face. Now you don’t want that, do you. And I don’t either. What I want is for you to give me what I need, a good fuck. At least you won’t be cumming too soon. That’s one thing to thank Polly for.

No, I won’t stop biting. I’d bite that foreskin off if I could. Make a real man of you. Who cares about your pain? How do you think I feel when you fuck my ass? That’s right, it hurts, hurts like hell, but I don’t complain. Women don’t complain.

Ah, something’s happening. Well done, good boy. What set that off? Remembering ass fucking me? Or thinking about what you and Polly did tonight? Well, I don’t care who you are thinking about, just so long as you get yourself on top of me. I’ll be imagining that you’re that black guy, in case you’re interested. That’s what turns me on. He was watching me again tonight as I got dressed for you. Saw me stripping off my blouse and bra, letting my tits fly free and bounce around as I walked across the window, then saw me pushing my shorts over my fat ass. He had his camera out filming when I put on my stockings for you, one leg at a time, slowly rolling them up over my thighs, lying back on the bed with my legs in the air, exposing my pussy, my wet pussy. How do you think that makes me feel? He’s probably showing his friends already. Maybe it’s even posted on the web somewhere, with lots of guys wanking off at the sight of me. Does it bother you how dirty that makes me feel? I might be recognised by one of those men in the street. Maybe one of them works with me.

Does it make you feel inadequate, pathetic? It should, because you are the one who should have been here watching me, filming me, showing me off to your friends, instead of shagging that bitch from accounting. She’s probably being fucked by someone else now and they’re both laughing at your pathetic performance.

Really, is it, are you sure? How can you tell with something that small? Hold on, yea, you’re right, there’s something poking out of that foreskin. Maybe I should film us, post it so all your friends see you in action.

Wait, wait, not so fast. Are you in, let me check, yes, yes, you’re inside me, just don’t fall out. You want me to play with my tits? Sure you can cope with that? Don’t go and cum too soon now, I’ve cooled off a bit having to work on you.

Yes, yes, go on, take me, ride me, fuck me hard, show me how you fucked Polly. I don’t give a shit if your cock is sore, you should have thought about that before. Go on, go on, give it to me like a man if you can.

No, no, not yet, wait, take it slow, take it – shit, you’ve cum haven’t you. I don’t fucking believe it. Well get out and roll over, let me get on top of your face and you can finish me.

Yes, good, that’s it, go for it, bite that clit, chew those lips, lick that pussy. Yes, yes, yes yes yes.

Thank goodness that’s over. You should see yourself with that cum on your chin. Go and wash yourself and we’ll see if you’re up for some more later. I’ll shut the curtains now, so that guy can’t watch us any more.
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