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Erotic Roosterteeth Stories. Book one; Always open: a rocky start

Nov 21, 2018
Chapter 0 - The Prologue

Barbara Dunkelman had a bright promising future working as a PR manager at RoosterTeeth; she couldn’t imagine having a more fun job. Granted, she had busted her ass off back at college to get a proper degree and made lots of effort to integrate herself properly into the RT community, but it all most definitely paid off in the end.
She had a stable high income job at a popular entertainment company with a growing fan base, was well-liked by most of her fellow employees - except a couple of female ones, but she was always better with guys than with girls anyway - and in just a short amount of time, she soon climbed in popularity; becoming one of RoosterTeeth’s most recognisable faces.

Her rapid rise towards becoming RT’s poster girl could largely be attributed towards the many positive reactions she received from the fans; they quickly learned to appreciate Barb’s well-developed body and remarkable willingness to talk openly about her sexual interests and experiences. She’d achieve her goal of having her own show at RT faster than she ever dared to hope.

She quickly used her rapidly-increasing fame and influence at the company to land a semi-permanent spot at the weekly podcast and became friendly with anybody working at RT who meant something. Included in that line-up was of course Gavin Free; somebody she had been interested in ever since she volunteered at the first RTX.
She already had a little crush on him shortly after the she joined the community, but seeing him up close there and then and having so many funny interactions with him, made the tiny crush develop into a serious one.

She never dared to ask him out throughout the following years; dating somebody in the same company could lead to some serious complications if the relationship went sour, and they’d sooner get rid of her than Gavin. Plus, she didn’t want to risk losing the awesome friendship she had with him, so she kept waiting and waiting for the perfect moment to happen. Unfortunately for Barb, the list of Gavin’s admirers was about to grow...

The good old days:

Meg Turney joined RoosterTeeth in May 2014, on account of realising that staying at Sourcefed would be a dead-end for her online career; she milked her position with them for as much as she could. RoosterTeeth was growing bigger with each passing year, both in productions and workforce, so Meg made sure to send in her credentials at the earliest moment. Her working experiences and competences were decently impressive, but RoosterTeeth had need of another pretty face - preferably with a pretty body to go alongside it. Barb and Ashley’s combined sex appeal was not enough anymore.

Meg had the required looks, character and experience and wearing a very low-cut top during her job interview improved her chances of getting hired even more. Of all the new people RT hired during that period, Meg stood out the most, and both the male fans and the male employees were very enthusiastic to see RT’s resident cast of hotties get expanded by a curvy redhead - even if that wasn’t her real hair colour.

Her life ambition had always been to coast through life as effortlessly as possible, while maintaining a very popular internet reputation and marry rich. Meg herself came from a family of eleven and she was more than sick of having to share everything and to not have an abundance of wealth and luxury. Meg’s passion to achieve her life goals couldn’t be questioned however, and she had often used her wits, smarts and her body to get where she was right now, without any complaints or whining.

She was already well underway in accomplishing her dreams: she had a natural, good-looking body and worked hard every day to maintain her fit curves, she had managed to establish a loyal supportive fan-base during her time working at SourceFed and now she had managed to land a job at RoosterTeeth, which in and of itself, was the perfect opportunity to progress her online popularity to the next level.

She knew why RT had hired her so easily and quickly (she didn’t even need to come back for a second interview). Her looks and bubbly energetic personality had landed her yet another great job opportunity, so she was already quite certain of the fact that she wouldn’t have to work too hard; just looking as attractive and friendly as possible would probably be enough.

She guessed that she probably had to star in some sort of weekly show or RT production where the camera would be heavily zoomed-in on her face and body. Maybe they’d even want her to be the face of a new show; as visual eye-candy promotion, although the chances of that happening were rather slim, seeing as competent, successful employers don’t assign entirely new shows to recently hired employees.

Meg had done her homework; she was already quite aware of who Barbara Dunkelman was and how she had managed to achieve such a dedicated fan base in a short amount of time. She watched most of the podcasts Barbara appeared in, analysed every RT production Barb had starred in and regularly checked both her Twitter and Instagram for useful pointers. If RT had hired her to become another golden girl like Barbara, she would come as prepared as she could be and she’d do a much better job than that blonde Canadian too, that much was certain!

Meg’s Instagram pictures and Twitter posts were already quite a bit hotter than Barb’s, she’d talk way raunchier during the podcasts and she’d be way more daring during RT productions and shorts as well; she wouldn’t have minded showing her naked butt during the shower scene in the Siri short for example. Personal sacrifices always need to be made to acquire fame and glory after all.

For most working people, Fridays are a blessing. This is also the case for the many people working behind the scenes at RT to help out with its many productions, yet for the select few at RT - the cream of the crop, who actually appear on camera enough to establish a personality - every day was a Friday.

Most people who found themselves in such a situation would count themselves lucky, but Meg, who’d grown accustomed to her position at RT at lightning speed, already took it for granted. The scale was a bit bigger than what she was used to back when she was working at SourceFed, but the core remained the same; have fun, look good and get paid to do so.

It was the last Friday in the month May, the month in which Meg started working for RoosterTeeth, and it had been a blast. She got along with both the male as the female employees, she already made some very good friends and she already figured out whom she could never truly be friends with, no matter how much time they'd spend together. That person was Barbara and truth be told, it didn’t surprise her. They both were addicted to receiving lots of attention and it was only logical that Barb, with her comfy, well-established position at the company, didn’t like newly arrived Meg treading on and actually invading her turf. Both weren’t willing to share the spotlight and both were bitchy enough to let that get in the way of creating a good friendship, or at least a decent work relationship.

The similarities between the two women were quite obvious, no matter how much either one of them would deny it. However, Meg prided herself in one trait she had over Barb: she was more flexible. Meg being flexible could also be described as Meg just being easy and more willing; although she hadn’t yet reached the same level of arrogance that Barbara had built up over the past few years. This trait would prove to be extremely vital in the competition between both women, as Meg already acquired a leg-up on Barbara during her first month at RT.

Ashley Jenkins is an incredibly hot woman, that much could clearly be seen from just looking at her. She was always proud of the dirty comments her body would get her, instilling the confidence inside her to eventually hook up with a successful man like Burnie; one of RT’s most important founders. Sure, it kind of stung when people kept saying she only got into RT because of her relationship with one of the founders and that Burnie had assigned Ashley to the gaming news channel “The Know”, just so her presence at the company would be validated, but that was only because she had to admit it was all true. Still, there would always be people who'd be envious of her success and she was the one with an amazing job, her own show and awesome friends as co-workers, so score 1 for Ashley.

Ashley had always felt as though she never managed to reach her full potential on account of Barbara hogging so much of the spotlight, but Ashley was mature enough to share. She even offered her the position of presenting The Know with her; Ashley’s way of trying to bond with the rising blonde star and to leech off her popularity as well of course, nothing’s free in life. Plus, she could use an extra pair of hands in managing RT’s gaming news channel; doing it on her own had left her exhausted at the end of way too many working days.

She had found Barbara's response to her proposition uncalled for, to say the least. She flat-out turned her down and gave Ashley the shitty excuse that she had too much work and responsibilities of her own to take on work on yet another show. Ashley immediately knew that Barb was bullshitting: the blonde spent more time flirting with and chatting up male employees than she spent in her office working on PR-related stuff. Most people in the company already knew that Barbara would love to have and host her own show, so Ashley's image of Barb got worse than it already was when she thought about how happy and enthusiastic the attention-craving blonde would have been to say yes, if Ashley proposed to Barb to have her own show instead.

Ashley had never been a model employee, but she had always made sure to be a team player. If you weren't, you immediately earned yourself a spot in her "bad book". What pissed her off the most though, was the incredibly arrogant and nonchalant way the narcissistic blonde just brushed her off. It was like she thought doing a show together with Ashley was way beneath her, how dare she even propose such a mundane and worthless idea. As a result of this rude interaction, Ashley avoided Barb as much as she could from then on and made a mental note to get Burnie to dislike Barbara as much as she did. Losing the support of a founder would make her position at the company that much weaker.

The following couple of weeks were quite the bad experience for Ashley, as The Know started going downhill rather fast. It soon acquired the worst like-to-dislike ratio any RT production has ever had before. This was thanks to most of the gaming news being outdated or just plain wrong, the jokes being as dry as they could be and of course the massive competition that she had to counteract from the many larger and more professional gaming channels, all of which had been around the block much longer than The Know.

They started calling her titles 'clickbait crap' and on one episode, the like bar was almost invisible (which was quite the accomplishment, seeing as most of the RT fan base just liked whatever content they released just for the sake of liking it), which was alarming the people at the top of the company. She managed to solve the issue somewhat by wearing a bit more lipstick and blush than she was used to during the recording of The Know episodes. Burnie also used some of his influence to give her more time and breathing room, but it would only be a matter of time before the channel would come crashing down and be forgotten amongst the rest of the crap-pile productions RT had produced.

A temporary solution:

Ashley didn't want such a disaster to be part of her RT legacy and hoped at least one of the new hires would be able to help her over at the Know. And if that woman would be as hot as her, that would be a convenient bonus to boost the channel’s views. And if not, she’d be considered the prettiest of the two, so win-win for Ashley.

Her prayers were answered in the form of Meg Turney. The redheaded woman was smoking hot, had enough experience talking about game-related news in front of a camera and it looked like she had more free time on her hands than she was working. Plus, being so new in such a big company, Meg would probably be looking out for potential besties and allies and Ashley sure as hell wasn't going to let this golden opportunity go to waste.

They hit it off pretty well and occasionally had girl-talks during their many breaks. They even started texting each other; gossiping about everyone in the company and Ashley received a much needed motivation - and power boost when Meg had told her that she liked The Know. She also told her that the fans were rude for not taking into consideration that the quality of the show wasn't that high, because Ashley was the only one putting all her time and effort into it. To nobody's surprise, Ashley quickly proposed to Burnie the idea of having Meg co-host The Know with her and Burnie, having no objections to that idea, immediately gave her the green light.

Ashley however, came down with a fever last minute, and it was quickly decided that Meg would take care of that week's episode of The Know. Ashley's sickness gave her a great opportunity to see how well Meg would do and the results spoke for themselves: the redhead did not disappoint. For the first time in weeks, the likes outnumbered the dislikes, people started posting positive reactions again and anyone posting anything that fitted in between valid criticism and useless insults, was attacked by the rabid fan base; things were back to normal. Ashley had to admit it, Meg had done a great job. Excellent as a matter of fact, because after she watched the episode, she was already writing down useful pointers and any other interesting personal gimmicks Meg had added to make the show even better.

Meg had asked the cameraman to get her entire upper-body in view, instead of just her face and the outfit she wore more than accentuated the size of her well-formed tits; turned out they were two very effective eye-catchers. She also used more video clips than Ashley to limit the amount of filming-time and her jokes - even though they were kinda' corny and cliché - actually hit home with the audience. The wacky way she told them, plus Meg trying extra hard to come over as bubbly as possible, actually paid off extremely well. That fake geek attitude of hers probably also improved her performance and Ashley's pride was a little dented when she hesitantly admitted to herself that she actually could learn a thing or two from the newbie.

The only downside of having Meg doing The Know was that many comments were about how big Meg's tits were, that some fans claimed to see her nipples through her shirt and how much they wanted to see her naked and do 'it' with her. Ashley caught herself getting wet faster than usual while she was going through some of the lewd comments and seeing as she was alone, she did something she hadn’t done for a while and began to play with herself.

It didn’t take her long to climax; the dirty comments were written well enough and it really turned her on reading how people were objectifying her friend and co-worker in such a disrespectful way. She pictured herself in the scenarios these perverted fans wrote out, cumming hard around her digits. As she came down from her orgasm, she made a mental note to dress as provocatively as Meg for the next The Know episode; some online dirty attention would do her good once in a while.

It was a good thing that Ashley's priorities were making The Know as successful as possible, with tons of views. If she had to slut it up to get more views, then so be it. No one truly cared about the news in these videos anyway. If she followed Meg’s lead, showed a little more skin, The Know could be RoosterTeeth’s most successful project ever.

Meg’s test episode:

Ashley was ecstatic about the recent development and with time aplenty, took to organising a fun little women-event to happen Friday evening (the fever had already abated during Thursday, but she didn't feel like coming back to work for just one day), to celebrate Meg's first month at the company and the successful work she pulled off presenting The Know. She, Meg and a few other female RT-employees would have a girls’ night in one of the office rooms after everybody would be done with work. Acquiring a key to lock and unlock anything she wanted wasn't hard for Ashley, she was dating Burnie after all.

She spoke to Meg, Arryn, Lindsay, Mariel and Griffon (who was luckily in town that week, on account of her busy work schedule) when she popped into the office to get some of her belongings, and they almost all accepted immediately. Unfortunately, Lindsay had to decline the invitation. As much as she wanted to go, her husband Michael had already organised a rather romantic night for two, which she did not want to miss. Inviting Barb was the last thing Ashley wanted to do; she had been avoiding her ever since Barb scoffed at the idea of doing The Know. Not inviting her to it would however risk an all-out cat fight at work, so Barb was invited as well, for the sake of keeping the peace.

She wrote an invitation email with as much fake enthusiasm and friendship as she could muster and kinda' hoped Barbara wouldn’t want to come. The chance of that happening was actually rather high; she’d probably be too busy being self-absorbed to grace them with her presence. It wouldn’t be surprising if she was masturbating the entire evening too. Ashley was actually kind of shocked when she first heard how many times the sexually-charged blonde played with herself daily; that much couldn’t be healthy anymore…

Barbara had let Ashley down yet again, as she replied back within the hour that she’d definitely be there and thanked her for the invite. She wouldn’t let Barbara’s presence ruin her fun though and just doubled the amount of cocktails and alcohol she’d bring for the girls’ night; that would make Barbara tolerable enough for sure. Booze alone wouldn’t be enough to make the night fun though, they’d have to do something wild and exciting to keep them going for a couple hours, and what was more well-suited for this task than the Truth or Dare version of “Spin the Bottle” - she hoped that a dare would lead to a sloppy make out session with one of the others, as long as it wasn’t Barb. All they needed was a bottle and they’d go through a lot of those before the night would be over…

Barbara was more than a little relieved when she had received and read Ashley’s invitation mail. She sort of regretted blowing off Ashley’s proposition so rudely and realised how bitchy it may have been. Ashley had been avoiding her since then too, which didn’t make Barb feel any better about the whole unfortunate situation. Barb had been horrified when she found Ashley inviting other female RT employees to a girls’ night, while seemingly skipping over her. She was already panicking when the day was almost over and still didn’t get an invite.

That’s why she let out an ecstatic little squeal when she finally saw Ashley’s mail appear in her inbox. Sure, Ashley didn’t ask her directly in person like she did with the others, but at least she got invited, that was all that mattered in the end. Ashley had probably forgotten about her because she looked like she was in a rush to pick up her stuff and go back home again.

Barbara wanted to be on friendly footing with everyone who meant something at the company and Ashley was definitely part of that group, so Barb could relax again when it seemed that she had worried about nothing. Shame it was on a Friday evening instead of Saturday; that meant she would likely need to rub one or two out before work was finished to function normally for the duration of the night.

Meg for her part was definitely looking forward to Friday night. It had been a while since she’s done something fun with exclusively women and it would give her some great opportunities to get to know some of the most important female members of RT a little better. And if there would be enough booze present, then there would definitely be some opportunities to get frisky with the others. She hoped she would get to touch Ashley’s firm tits during the night. Meg’s panties would have gotten wet at that thought, if she had been wearing any.

Barb had been feeling hot the entire morning the next day; she had stumbled on quite a large collection of tributes to herself on the 'cumonprintedpics' website, which kept her busy fingering herself for quite some time. She even managed to squirt after she had been masturbating to one particularly erotic tribute of her; the amount of cum the guy had shot on her printed face made her nipples harden and her pussy gushing from wetness. That would surely be a thread she would visit again if she felt like having a hard, long masturbation session.

The sexual afterglow of having found that site and masturbating to all those dirty tributes lasted the entire night and even carried over to the next morning. That’s why Barbara had been feeling hot the entire time, subtly rubbing her legs together to give her already wet pussy some much-needed stimulation. She tried to focus as hard as she could on her work, but eventually her incredible lust overcame her willpower and she hurried herself to one of her favourite places in the office; the women’s bathroom.

Limit reached:

She loved it so much on account of the big mirrors hanging in there; they were perfect to take selfies with. Plus, she liked the trashy look the toilet stalls in the background added to her selfies. It was also an ideal place to masturbate in and she lost count of how many times she had climaxed in one of those stalls. The men’s bathroom was ideally suited for that purpose as well, it’s just that Barb had only at two times worked up the courage to sneak in there and finger herself to an overwhelming, highly enjoyable orgasm.

The musk of the males, which she found intoxicating, was heavily present in that room and fantasising about the huge scandal she would create if some guy would ever catch her there getting busy was such a kick for her. She loved masturbating in enclosed public places and imagining herself getting gangbanged and cummed on by every guy working in the company, while their partners could walk in on the giant fuckfest at any moment, was one of her most frequent sexual fantasies.

Barbara was in luck that day; nobody was present in the women’s bathroom and she quickly entered the last stall, pulled off her pants and wet panties, along with everything else. Her face was already a little red from the accumulated lust and anxiety and she wasted no time sliding two fingers into her wet, tight cunt. Normally, she’d treat herself to a little foreplay, rubbing her clit or massaging her tits and pinching her nipples, but she was too worked up already to spend any time on the “small stuff”.

While she was pumping two fingers in and out her pussy, she imagined
that her fellow male employees had posted all those amazing tributes of her on the cumonprintedpics thread and that Gavin had been the one who had posted the awesome tribute she had squirted to the previous night. For the next couple minutes, no noise besides the soft wet sound of Barbara furiously fingering her wet twat, was heard in the bathroom and she only had to stop and take a break once, when somebody had entered the room and sat herself in the stall next to Barb’s.

Barb, completely red in the face and already looking quite sweaty, resumed her passionate masturbation fun when the woman had left the bathroom (luckily for Barb, she hadn’t been in there for long) and it didn’t take much longer for her to squirt hard inside the toilet she was sitting on. Her hand got wet as a result of it and she took her time licking herself clean, with a very satisfied look on her face.

Barb masturbating in the women’s bathroom:

It took her at least five more minutes to catch her breath and make herself presentable again and she hurried herself towards her office so she could change her wet panties with a spare pair she had hidden in the bottom drawer of her desk. The spare panties were a lot skimpier; she kept them there in case she thought she might get lucky. It was either wear the slutty panties or go commando, so the choice was quickly made.

One orgasm for an entire day wouldn’t be enough for Barbara of course, seeing as she was going to be too occupied with the girls’ night to get any more masturbating done. Unfortunately for her, her workload prevented her from running off to the bathroom again anytime soon. It was almost 5 PM before she realised that she still needed to climax at least once before she would get ready for the girls’ night. Barb silently cursed her damned work; every Friday evening, the janitor would clean the women’s bathroom, making her lose out on the best and most secure place to masturbate in.

The male bathroom would be impossible to use that day as well, seeing as the Achievement Hunters were busy filming a couple shorts close by, and keeping their goofiness in mind, they probably still weren’t done yet. The inside of her car; which was her last backup place to masturbate in, wasn’t viable as well, seeing as everybody would be leaving the building and going to their cars soon.

With no secure place left to masturbate and with time running out quickly, Barbara decided on doing something she had only done once before; masturbating in her office. The last time she had been forced to masturbate inside her office was during the week before last year’s RTX. Drowning in work, trying to get everything organised and scheduled for the massive event, the women’s bathroom had flooded and the horny blonde had been forced to rub one out quickly behind her desk.

Even then, it had been difficult to do it as effectively as normal. Every time she got close, a figure would walk past and would scare her straight. Even so, the eventual orgasm had been amazing, the risk of being caught with the constant edging was such an effective combo. But the risk had been too high, and Barb had told herself that she would never do it again.

Tough luck for Barb though, seeing as she was in dire need of some sexual release, and she subtly managed to pull her panties down a little in her pants. The wetness of her panties was already running down her long legs a little, when she slowly and with care to not be noticed, started playing with herself. She soon felt quite flushed inside her chest and she wanted to play with her hardening nipples, yet doing so would be a sure way of getting noticed by somebody.

She briefly paused when a couple of people walked past her office and she almost peed her pants when Gus had walked in and asked her if she was alright on account of her face being all flustered. She was too horny however to call it quits and she kept getting more caught up in trying to achieve that sweet pleasant sensation of climaxing as quickly as possible.

Barb shouldn’t have let her lust take over that much, cause while her eyes were focused on her screen, with her fingers moving in and out of her wet pussy at an increasing pace, she didn’t notice Griffon stepping towards her office. The blonde MILF had sent her a text earlier that day, asking if she would like to catch up with her a little before they could go to the event together. Griffon liked both Gavin and Barbara, and always thought they would make a great couple, yet she quickly observed that Gavin’s aloofness and Barbara’s indecisiveness would make sure that the both of them would never be more than just good friends.

Griffon, always in the mood for some matchmaking, wanted to speed things up a little by having a long good talk about Barb’s current situation with Gavin and where she wanted things to go. If Barb was as into Gavin as Griffon thought she was, she’d definitely give her all her support in trying to get them together. That deep, meaningful conversation had to be put on hold though, as she walked in on the Canadian girl playing with herself, moments away from reaching her much needed orgasm. Gus had left the door open halfway, allowing Griffon to get close to Barb’s desk without her noticing.

“Need a hand?”, asked Griffon with an obvious smirk on her face, making the masturbating blonde almost jump up from her chair in shock. Barb quickly pulled up and adjusted her pants; they had already slid down quite a bit from all the frantic fingering, her face turning a nice shade of tomato-red. “Err, n-no thanks, much appreciated though.”, answered Barbara, still half out of breath. “How much did you see?”, she nervously asked Griffon and hoped she hadn’t been standing there for long. Barbara was usually good with handling stressful situations but right now, she could die from the embarrassment.

“Enough to tell that work must be slow around here lately”, said Griffon, as she tried her hardest not to start laughing at the awkward situation she and Barb found themselves in right now. She hated the situation she was in, but truth be told, Barb could at least consider herself a little lucky; it was “only” Griffon who had caught her masturbating, imagine the blow-out if a male employee or one of her bosses had walked in on her getting busy.

Griffon saw the embarrassed blonde fidgeting nervously as a result of what she just had said and quickly added “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna' judge you. Me and Geoff have done a lot worse in these offices than what you were just doing.”. This eased up Barbara a little bit and she let out a half-hearted chuckle when Griffon was telling her about some embarrassing sexual exploits with Geoff she had tried in the very same building they were in. The recent development had however made Griffon’s mind wander away from her original purpose of having a deep Gavin-talk with Barbara.

They spend the rest of their remaining time chatting and trying to get back to a normal, chill atmosphere, until it was time for them to go to the room Ashley had chosen for the girls’ night. Barb was relieved that Griffon didn’t make a huge deal of her “little slip-up”, but still walked rather awkwardly with the older blonde towards the party-room, on account of a little itch she couldn’t scratch anymore. As Barb left her office with Griffon however, she was kind of amazed when she thought about how turned on her recent experience had made her. Getting caught while masturbating with no apparent negative consequences, was one of the most intoxicating feelings she had ever experienced.


This chapter is heavily focused on providing build-up and general information about the characters, on account of it being the very first chapter of the first book.

The next chapter will be about the girl's night and their antics during it and will feature a bit more "action".

Shout-out to RoleplayMaster and Kimmy124 for being my proofreaders; they've been big helps and I hope you all enjoyed the first chapter! There are many many more to come!
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