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Fantasy of a Stalker (graphic content)

Nov 24, 2018
He had been watching her for some time now. He knew everything about her, yet he remained a ghost to her. She was beautiful, strong, confident, giving, smart. They had so much in common and she didn't even know this. It was eery how similar they were. He knew in every depth within him that he was meant to possess her entirely and utterly, that they were meant to be together. He had been stalking her for months, watching her every move.

She consumed every second of his time. And tonight was the night, she would be his. He knew her schedule by heart and in the darkness in the shadows near her home, he waited. When she pulled into the driveway and for out of the car, he was ready. The pale blue moonlight washed over her pale features and brought depths to her long dark hair and eyes. Silently, before she knew what was happening, he was upon her, the cloth soaked in chloroform covering her nose and mouth as his other arm was like a steel trap around her small frame.

When she went limp, he held her weight with ease and carried her to his car. They drove in silence and it took everything he had to keep his eyes on the road. His heart was racing, he finally had her in his possession. When they arrived at his home, he carried her inside. He had planned this for a very long time. He had a room especially set up and designed for her, to keep her in. It was sound proof, windowless and had all the accommodations she could need.

He never planned to let her see the light of day again, she was his. He carried her to the bed and laid her on it carefully so that she lay on her back. He had a shackle connected to the wall which ended with a thin but strong metal collar attached to the end. After removing her clothing, he proceeded to place the collar around her neck. The room itself was extravagant, mostly in shades of deep red and dark wood. The bed itself was a king size canopy with red sheer netting around the bed that was parted and tied apart.

The lighting was dim, the entire room lit with only candles to give the effect he wished for. There was a plush velvet chair beside the bed and he watched her until she finally began to come to on her own. She shifted in the bed, eyes fluttering open and he could see the dazed look on her face, followed by fear as she saw him and realized she was completely bare to him. She began to whimper and back up against the dark oak head board of the bed, a hand fluttering up to feel the collar and around her neck. A gasp left her lips and she felt her heart race in terror.

A scream left her lips in vain and a smile curved his lips. 'There is no need for that, love. I am the only one who can hear you and that is all that matters.' He rose from the chair and moved towards her, causing another whimper to leave her lips as she edged away from him. 'Please....I don't know what you want....I'll give you whatever you want...I have money....I can give you money...I won't say anything....' A small chuckle left his lips as he sat on the bed beside her.

His hand rose to stroke her cheek and she flinched. 'I don't want your money, love. You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this moment, for our union. You are mine now. We are meant to be together.' He spoke the words softly, with affection. Her eyes had widened, panic setting in as she realized there would be no reasoning with him. A scream escaped her throat and she darted away from him, forgetting for a moment that there was a collar upon her neck.

Suddenly, she felt pain sear through her scalp as his hands grasped her hair at the base of her neck to yank her back towards him. He had her flush against him now, his arm locking her own arms behind her as he forced her to kneel with him on the bed. His lips leaned forward to brush her ear and a deep growl reverberated from his throat. When he spoke, there was none of the warmth there had been before. There was a dark primal need there and she was suddenly very aware of the hardness of his erection pressing through his clothes against her. 'Where did you think you were going?'

His grip on her hair tightened and a cry left her lips. 'There is no where for you to go. You will learn that this is now your life, with me. I am your life, you are mine and no one else's.' His words sent a chill to slither down her spine and she struggled against him. 'Let me go....' She whispered. 'No...' Was his growled response as he suddenly threw her belly down upon the bed. He forced her legs together and placed his weight upon her so she had no where to go as he opened his pants and brought his hardened length out. Leaning in and guiding the tip between her legs, he found her body had betrayed her, only confirming what he already knew.

In time, with conditioning, her mind would follow. She was slick and it was easy for him to guide himself within her and when he did, he drove himself hard, taking pleasure in the screams that were muffled by the pillows. He leaned in close to her as he continued to violently thrust, one hand holding down her right arm as the other swept her hair away from her neck, then drew fingers within it and tightened.

His lips drew close to her neck and his teeth found the soft flesh and bit in as his grip on her hair tightened. She screamed again and he continued to thrust, feeling himself build. He pulled away from her neck to brush his lips against her ear, a low growl escaping his lips as his arm wrapped around her slender frame and tightened. Suddenly, he was there, consumed by euphoria, shuddering against her.

He could feel himself filling her up and in that moment, he felt as if they were whole and one. For a long time he lay there silently upon her, hearing the soft whimpers and sobs that left her lips. Finally, he whispered into her ear, breaking his silence. 'This, my only the beginning. We have an entire life together to enjoy and you will one day realize I am right.' He then slipped away and left the room, locking the door behind him to leave her with her thoughts.
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