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Mx Female Humiliations Galore


AKA SecretSanta.
Oct 15, 2018

Hello, hello. If you clicked on this, it's probably because you found the title enticing, which is a good sign-- it means you're interested in RPs with themes of, yes, humiliation and embarrassment. To me, those are the central elements of good erotica and especially erotic roleplay.

A bit about me, first: I'm a youngish male-identified pervert who loves telling stories in general, especially through the medium of roleplaying. That' because RP, done right, is never two people telling a story to each other; it's people telling a story with each other, having a conversation, building off each other's energy to make something spicier than the sum of our parts. I started roleplaying non-erotically several years ago, and probably never would have guessed I'd become so into it that I'd be turning to RP to get my rocks off.

But, hey, here I am! And here you are, deciding if you should PM me. Read on if I haven't bored you.

What Makes Me Tick

To me, kink is all about intimacy. That might seem weird for a guy talking about how he's into humiliation and domination, but for me, those tastes stem from the perversion of things that should be intimate by making them blatant. Instead of two lovers losing themselves, a man forces a woman he's only ever known platonically to strip and dance for him, all before he convinces her to suck him off if she wants her clothes back. Instead of keeping herself hidden away until she finds the person she trusts, a shy girl is made to expose herself in public as her face turns red from shame. Instead of undressing in peace, a young woman unknowingly performs for giggling, whispering eyes in the dark, watching...and taping as her panties drop.

What am I into?

Shame. Humiliation. Degradation. Domination. Exhibitionism. Voyeurism. Spanking.
Swallowing. Hair pulling. Stripping. Blackmail. Bullying. Forced masturbation. Sexism.

Many, many, many things, and probably many more than I just listed. The common thread, though, is the perversion of intimacy, of power, of trust. Of morality, sometimes. That's what makes me tick, what gets me excited.

And if reading this makes you get a little excited, too, then you're probably in the right place.

But, uh, no bathroom stuff. I'm not into golden showers. That perversion doesn't get so much as a wiggle. Don't ask me why. Every law has an exception.

What I Offer and Expect
    • Friendship. Yeah, I know, it doesn't SOUND sexy. But it's a simple truth: sex, roleplaying, and sexy roleplaying are all better when you genuinely enjoy the company of whoever you're partaking with. So, while respecting whatever privacy boundaries you might have, and making my own clear ( I don't like disclosing my specific age, for example) I genuinely want to be as friendly with you as I can be. The more transactional this relationship is, the more soulless it becomes, and less like a hobby and more like two strangers desperately trying to get off.

    • Literacy. While I don't hold myself or others to the tightest literary standards in roleplaying, I care about and expect things like good syntax, basic grammar, and not feeling like I'm just having a dirty conversation with a middle schooler when I play. The level of writing in this ad is a good benchmark. If you don't feel comfortable matching that, don't let it stop you PMing me, but be willing to talk about what you feel comfortable writing.

    • Frequent Replies. Especially if we decide to play over Discord, I'm online practically all the time when I'm not sleeping. I can write a fairly substantial amount in a short time, and once we really get going and I'm into it, it's not uncommon for me to churn out paragraphs in ~10 minutes turnarounds. While I'm theoretically alright with a once-a-day rate, it gets really hard for me to stay creatively engaged at that much of a crawl.

    • Communication! In accordance with friendship, I try to be as open about how I'm feeling about the play as possible, and as responsive to other people's concerns as I can be. I'll ask how you feel about what's happening, what's exciting you, what's turning you off, what could kick it up a notch...etcetera.

    • Ideas. I always have more, and I'm always willing to listen to yours. More than willing, I actually expect you to bring some ideas to the table. Partners who do nothing but lie there offering no creative energy just...aren't fun to play with.
Style Notes

Unless otherwise specified, I like to write as a DM (Dungeon Master) or Narrator role, typically controlling the setting and every character you don't play yourself. I typically utilize third person present or past tense but would be willing to experiment with the second person if it makes sense for the particular plot. Speaking of...


All of these are available unless crossed out. As mentioned above, please don't hold back on adding your own ideas to these, or suggesting ways to make them more exciting for you. RP is only fun when we're both into it. Any I haven't filled out yet are still on my mind, I just haven't writren snappy descriptions for them yet--ask away if you're intrigued!

  • The Search: We've all felt that tingle of fear when the cops pull us over for speeding, or a TSA officer pulls us out of line for no apparent reason. Now imagine that the authorities don't just give you a ticket. They decide, for whatever reason, that you need a strip search and cavity check, and the (male) officers are going to rather enjoy conducting it, and maybe even throwing some weight around to be extra....thorough. Optional twists: Add a raceplay dynamic by having two white officers racially profiling and humiliating a black/biracial woman (or vice versa), and/or have the search be in public, with bystanders gawking and recording as the poor woman is shamed before their eyes.

  • Her New Position: Ah, office politics. Are you a closeted exhibitionist who just dreads the idea of your peers and boss finding out what you sometimes get up to? A desperately ambitious intern willing to do ANYTHING for a shot at her perfect life? Or maybe you're just a hardworking professional woman who adjusts the office books every once in a while to make up for the way this company keeps you where you are. It doesn't matter. The wrong person or people know how to exploit you, and they're going to in every imaginable way. Sure, you never thought you'd be giving the IT guys a striptease to music, or working as "entertainment" for the boss's party, but...

  • Show Me What a Feminist Looks Like (Naked): Women's rights have never been more in need of powerful advocacy and validation than in the current political climate. Maybe that's why it turns me on so much to see passionate, dedicated women reduced to absolute sluts. This plot is by far the most fluid. Maybe you're an anti-gamergate activist who gets compromised and blackmailed by a hacker into living out some truly humiliating fantasies, not to mention some utterly degrading shows over webcam. Or a college activist against Greek Life misogyny who ends up wearing a collar (and nothing else) for the local frat house. Or even a strong female politician brought to her knees on the public stage by her radical right-wing opponent. I'll actually put in a request, though hardly a requirement, for players who really understand and are familiar with contemporary feminism, just so that we can really exploit and explore the sexism at play here...which makes it SO much hotter.

  • The New(d) Girl: Ready for your first day at school? The bullies are. Maybe you just reek of vulnerability which the mean girls pick up on, or maybe you're so pretty and lost the boys just have to have some fun with you...or maybe it's a little of both. Forced to try out for cheerleading without wearing panties. Cornered in the locker room and made to dance while the cameras roll. Maybe even pushed out while changing! And that was only the beginning... I love me some bully-driven plots, mostly because kids can often be so much crueler than adults.

  • Hell Week: Who doesn't love a sorority? Not you. No, you don't like anything about Greek Life--but you NEED to get in if you want access to their funds and status. You couldn't have known that the rumors about pledge hazing were true...and that their partner Fraternity likes to get involved. Fun, simple plot where you can play as many of the rushing pleges as you like, as each and every one of them gets slowly beaten down into the perfect Sister.

  • The Watchers: You weren't sure you were being watched, at first. It was probably just your mind playing tricks on you. You thought you heard giggles when you were changing, or just hanging out in your room, well...exploring yourself. But then you saw them in the mirror. They're watching you. And...ince you're too embarrassed to confront them, what if you gave them a show? Works best as a one-shot or very short-term rp.

  • The Thrall: MTC

  • The Physical: Physicals are awkward at the best of times, aren't they? Especially when the "doctor" is a guy your own age who has a grudge. Or when a boy you know is allowed to sit in. Or when some of it needs to be conducted out in the open...

  • The Handmaid's Tale: Handmaid’s Tale is a fun one, but somewhat of a misleading title. What can I say, sometimes a little false advertising gets the right kind of attention. The concept is a fantasy world where the daughters of lower-ranking nobility are sent to wait on their more highborn, elite peers, so as to be endowed with "proper" dignity and bearing. Think of noble boys being used as squires and pages in RL medieval times. However, YC is sent to wait upon a vindictive and particularly elitist lady her own age, who delights in humiliating her publically-first in small ways, then with more extreme, salacious requests. After all, you do so need to learn your place...

  • I Was A Teenage Warlock (Or Witch): Who's up for some urban fantasy? This is a simple premise with a lot of variants (and one I've honestly been burning for). The default is a twist on our usual roles: I would play the main character, a nerdy but clever high school senior who's been mistreated by some of the girls in his grade, and you'd take the role of GM/Narrator. MC would summon a familiar of sorts, a demon of lust and mischief, to teach him the ways of magick (and get some revenge in the process). What he wouldn't know is that the demon intends to corrupt him, turning him from well-intentioned pervert to mystical rapist...a more lighthearted, but also more ambitious RP in some ways. MTC on other variants.
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