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Mx Female Dark Stories and situations.

Feb 10, 2017
Midwest, USA

I am looking for a partner to tell different kinds of dark or taboo tales. I would love for these stories or situations to go on forever, but that is not the reality of the world. All stories have endings or fade to black after they become mundane, but that doesn't mean out partnership has to end there. Maybe our story sparks new characters to explore. Maybe the ripples of their actions causes other situations to move to. If you want a one shot story and then we move on, I will take that. If you want to tell a story until it becomes stale, then start something fresh, I welcome that also.

I am looking for stories that involve blackmail, kidnapping, enslaving, male control over a woman. We can make it consensual or we can force it upon her. We can keep this simple or we can make it dark and deranged, depending on your kinks and which ones I think would work into the story. I love to play males of all kinds of ages, to play younger or older than my female partner.

I only play in third person, and would like a decent amount of detail. I would say a decent sized paragraph will work for the minimum. I do not enjoy the long winded, eight paragraphs for the reason of too much happens without a reaction. Every time I have tried this, my partner posted something in the first paragraph that I would of responded to, and would cancel out the rest of their post. I hate that as now I am either playing my character different to keep their post alive, or I have to destroy their work and make them respond differently. A decent back and forth with 1-3 paragraphs with environmental details, thoughts, actions, and dialogue is the sweet spot for me.

I am willing to play through PMs on here or on Discord. Though, I am much more responsive on Discord. I am able to see responses better, able to respond faster and not forget to check if you have responded yet. If you would like to connect with me on discord, controllingmind#8200. Either through discord or PM, introduce yourself. Let me know what you are interested in, chat with me and I know we can come up with a few fun and exciting stories to explore.
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