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[Short Series MxM and eventual NSFW content] The Second Lucifer

madam R

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Nov 9, 2018
An Imaginary Place! (CST - US and Canada)
I've actually written this I think... about a year ago? I uploaded bits and pieces of this short to Amino, but it was never finished there since this has NSFW elements. I'm still writing the last parts but anyways, here's part 1 for now~ This is mostly here to show my writing skill/style.

Paneros is an incubus. He's a servant of the devil himself, and his job is to sleep with as many humans as possible. It's quite pleasurable, isn't it? At least Paneros never seemed to question the devil's wishes; he is a true pawn towards the devil. Paneros has violated so many people that he's lost count of all of them, nor can he remember every encounter.

However, he eventually meets a certain angel that makes him question his ways entirely, and he starts to remember more about his life before he became an incubus.

Warnings: (these will appear eventually throughout the story)
MxM, Smut, Mentions of Rape, Mild Violence
Part 1

Paneros never understood why some humans disliked shopping in convenience stores at night. The lines are non-existent, the parking lots are practically empty so they could literally park their car anywhere, and most importantly, they could people watch or meet interesting individuals.

However, now that Paneros thought about it, the last reason he came up with could also be the reason that kept humans from wanting to come in the first place. They stayed away from convenience stores to protect themselves from dangerous people that came out at night. A thin smile formed on his lips and the silvered haired male chuckled to himself.

They were smart to do that. Those humans were protecting themselves from demons like Paneros himself.

Or perhaps demons wasn't quite right either. Humans generally didn't believe in them, but...

Oh, were they wrong. The humans were so wrong.

The aforementioned demon was currently standing in a convenience store and was spying on all the different types of humans that came inside. To make himself seem less suspicious, he moved and pretended to look interested in the selection of chips the store had. Bright, aqua blue eyes skimmed the labels without bothering to read them. The brand names change so much over the years that he doesn't know which ones were commonly sold anymore. The chips in the yellow bags must be popular. The store was almost sold out.

Even as Paneros spent his precious time gazing at the measly, salty chips, he was still aware of the humans that piqued his interest. A clean-shaven, bespectacled male was checking out the beer at the back of the store. Another black haired, rugged-looking guy had just walked inside. Paneros' eyes wandered over to the manly, middle-aged male that was immediately making his way to the cash register. The reason the black haired beauty did this was unknown to the demon, but, it did give him the excuse to stare. The man's back was facing Paneros from here. He marveled at the sight. Taking down such a masculine guy was something Paneros hadn't done in a long time. It was part of his job as a demon, or more precisely...

It was Paneros' duty as an incubus. His eternal task was to sleep with as many people as he can. It's why he exists.

It may be a bit unfortunate that males are the only victims he chooses. He'd probably fulfill his purpose more efficiently if he broadened his horizons, but females simply didn't interest him as much. They break too easily and scream too loud. Males actually try to fight back until they physically couldn't continue contesting Paneros and watching their attempts was so entertaining... And amusing. And funny. And pleasing.

But most importantly, it's arousing...

Paneros cleared his head of those thoughts. He should make a move before he loses his target. The incubus brushed his long hair out of his face and started making long strides towards the unsuspecting male. He'll probably chat him up a bit and maybe lure him out of the store with the lost cat story again. He looked like the type of person who could fall for it. He was possibly one of those tough, strong guys that had a kind heart. Paneros trusted his own intuition.

Before he could speak, the incubus felt a strong gaze boring into the back of his skull. It was so strong to where he honestly thought it burned.

Paneros turned around. His silver hair cascaded beautifully with the movement. His own icy, blue eyes scanned the entire convenience store for the owner of that intense stare. Paneros spotted him. It was odd. Unlike most humans, this one didn't look away. He kept looking at him from behind the candy aisle.

The other male that stared at the demon stood at about Paneros' height. His hair was lengthy like his own, but the other's thin locks were pure black and tied in a ponytail. Paneros imagined it would look pretty if he let it down. However, the most curious trait about this man was his eyes. They were golden. They were a glorious shade of yellow that was just like the valuable mineral humans adored so much.

No, that wasn't right. His eyes were more beautiful than gold itself. Humans usually don't have that eye color. He's probably wearing contacts.

It didn't matter how attractive this man was. He distracted him from his original prize. Paneros turned around again to check on the man that was at the cash register. He was gone already.

This human just made him lose his victim.

Paneros wasn't going to let him get off that easily. He frowned and glared at the golden-eyed cockblock. He'll be his victim tonight, then. That handsome male doesn't know what he's getting himself into.

As if the man didn't do anything wrong, he tilted his head a little to the side and spoke to him from across the entire store. "Sir?"

This idiot wasn't going to 'sir' Paneros. In fact, Paneros didn't even reply to him right away. The demon instead walked closer to him so they stood in the same candy aisle now. He made it obvious he was annoyed with the other long haired male.

"Why do you keep staring at me?" Paneros asked as he crossed his arms. He also wanted to know why he felt his eyes, too. Even now, Paneros felt the need to squint for some odd reason looking at him directly like this. The demon didn't give in. He endured the strange craving.

The man answered him calmly in a straightforward manner. "It's your hair. It's not every day that you see a man with long silver hair like yours."

Paneros was confused. Is he flirting with him? He used such a lame tone, though. Perhaps he wasn't good at complimenting people.

While the demon would usually love hearing such kind words like that, he wasn't buying it. "If you liked it so much, then say so instead of staring at me." He wanted to add that he made him lose his next victim, but Paneros refrained.

The man didn't have anything to say to that. He instead pushed the conversation forward. "Why don't we take this chat outside?" His tone didn't change and stayed calm.

Wait... Is he serious?

Paneros had to stifle a chuckle. This human was doing half the work for him already. He couldn't help but grin at least. The smile won't give him away, but he was so close to laughing right in front of the man's face. "Yes, why don't we? I'll lead." Paneros offered. The human didn't seem to have any complaints, so the two of them left the convenience store. The human kept a solid arm length away from him as they stepped past the automatic doors.

He's almost there. Paneros was leading him to the side of the store where the cars weren't parked and there wasn't much light. He can take him out here in the open. Paneros could pull his pants down and claim him right in this parking lot.

Just as the demon stopped and was about to turn around to speak to the naive human, a sharp object poked at his back. It burned. It hurt so badly. The object wasn't even touching his flesh, yet it felt like it was scorching his skin...

Paneros couldn't believe he himself was the idiot all along. He should've known when he saw the golden eyes.

The calm voice didn't sound so casual anymore. It was sharp enough to cut air and harsh enough to make a child cry. "I'll vanquish you in the lord's name. Tonight, you will breathe your last breaths, demon."

Paneros can only look at the other male over his shoulder. The man's eyes weren't golden anymore. They were blue like his, but they weren't icy. They had a calming quality that made Paneros want to puke. He had a pair of large, black-feathered wings behind his back. It was hard to see them in the darkness, but Paneros could make out the outline of the new appendages.

He was an angel. Paneros grumbled and bit his lip as the holy being insistently kept poking his back with his sword. "Hey, that burns, y'know." The demon growled at him.

The angel didn't care at all. Paneros knows he shouldn't care. So, the angel pulled his sword away and tried to cut Paneros now. The demon smoothly avoided the strong swing of the angel's broadsword and let his true form show, too.

He started to transform as he spoke to the armed angel. "You aren't very talkative now, are ya?" His voice was growing octaves lower than his usual speaking tone. Jet black ram horns sprouted on top of his head. "I'm not going to make this easy, dove~" His own, silver-colored wings grew from his back as well as his tail right above his rear. His wings were like a bird's, his tail was like a lion's. He was a humanoid chimera, or more appropriately, he showed the appearance of a typical incubus. His now blood red eyes completed the look.

"So... let's dance~"

The angel didn't give him a break and swung his sword again. That swipe cut a few strands of Paneros' hair after he sidestepped the sharp blade. The loose locks that the angel cut off burned and faded away into thin air. That'll be Paneros if he doesn't play his cards right. "You're dangerous with your little toy..." Paneros growled in an annoyed tone. He scanned his surroundings and spotted a worn down caution sign to his right. He held out his hand, and the entire sign uprooted from the concrete ground and flew to his palm. Once Paneros gripped it, the entire sign glowed an eerie, dark red color.

Paneros twirled it in one hand like it was weightless and smirked.

The angel didn't look pleased by this at all. He resumed his sword slices.

With each strike, Paneros was able to block it with the sign. The demon had to take a step back with each blow, but at least he didn't have to avoid every swing now. The angel was tough. Paneros will run out of stamina unless he changes his tactic soon, but one false step will kill him...

The angel actually spoke this time in between attacks. He grit his teeth and somewhat had to growl his words since it took an effort to swing his sword. Paneros knew it had to be heavy. "Surrender. An incubus has no place in the world. I can only pray that the lord shows you his mercy once I-"

Paneros wasn't paying attention to the angel's words. Instead, he found an opening with the angel's last strike. Only the tip of his sword hit the sign the demon held. Paneros used the momentum of the poorly executed attack and put all of his weight on the sign. The demon vaulted right over the angel's head. He landed behind him now.

"Sorry, but your holy preaching nonsense isn't holding my interest." Paneros teased and tried to drive the sign right into the angel's back. The angel couldn't turn around fast enough to block it. Paneros struck his side. It must have burned him based on the way he bit his lip so hard that it bled. He dropped his sword, too, and it vanished in a bright flash of blue light. The angel probably didn't want to scream to alarm the humans, so that is why he bit his lip. It was interesting seeing the red, sticky liquid flowing down the angel's chin. Paneros didn't know that angels bleed. Incubi can bleed, too, but the only ones that could shed blood had to be humans in their past life.

That meant this angel was possibly a human before. He believes angels probably worked the same way demons do as far as bleeding went.

Paneros was a human before, too. He only knew that because he could bleed himself like the reeling angel in front of him. Paneros doesn't remember his human life at all, though.

Nonetheless, it was time to put the angel in his place. Normally, touching a holy being directly would burn Paneros. It was vice versa for angels, too. However, the demon didn't care if he'd feel pain. He still needed a victim tonight. Something about taking an angel was insanely hot and Paneros simply needed to try it out. He's never done it before.

So, Paneros dropped the sign, took advantage of the angel's weakened state, and pinned him against the wall of the store building with his bare hands. He held both of the angel's wrists to do this.

Paneros felt no pain.

It was a shock. The demon ended up staring wide-eyed at the angel he had in his grasp. The angel did the same thing and gawked back in complete disbelief with those pure blue eyes of his.

Why did this not hurt either of them? Paneros knew the sign burned the angel, so shouldn't his direct touch cause some kind of reaction?

The demon was frozen for a while. He eventually got his bearings straight and shook his head.

"I don't know what game you're playing, but you're mine tonight. You have no escape." Paneros angrily spat at the angel. Normally, he'd be teasing and playful before he takes a victim. The confusion was greatly bothering him.

The angel didn't say anything back. However, he did start to struggle. His attempts had some power behind them, but he couldn't break free from Paneros' pin. For as much as the demon wanted to take the angel in the human world, he knows he can't. The angel would fight him off before Paneros could even strip away his clothes.

"...Goodnight." Paneros murmured next and punched him hard in the head. The angel went unconscious in an instant. His limp body slid down the wall and crumbled to the floor.

Paneros clicked his tongue at how easy that was.

This angel was holding back when they fought. Paneros could tell, but...


He could have easily overpowered Paneros ages ago. The angel could have used stronger blows back when Paneros was on the defense, and he would have been as good as dead by now. The angel showed no signs of fatigue even after Paneros hit him with the sign.

No matter... It was time for Paneros to take his reward. With a soft sigh and a gentle chuckle, he knelt down close to the angel's unconscious form and closed his eyes. He licked the angel's lips clean so no blood remained on his face for good measure. Perfect. He still didn't feel any type of burning sensation from that.

It's time to have the 'real' fun...

madam R

✦ BL Queen ✦
Nov 9, 2018
An Imaginary Place! (CST - US and Canada)
(As a head's up, all parts ending in a decimal contains a sex scene if you're only reading for the smut~ Hue~)

PART 1.5

He allowed himself to be bested by a demon, and to rub salt into his wounds, it was an incubus of all types. They were the lowest of the low. All they do is fly around and violate unsuspecting humans. It was cowardly and unnecessarily sneaky since they mostly make their assaults as their victim sleeps...

And that same exact situation is happening to Cheren right now.

When the angel woke up after being punched in the head, he noticed that his body was soaking wet. Mainly, it was his entire front that was damp. Also, the tips of his wings were wet as well. He was laying down on a puddle of water... Or he thought he was. That wasn't right. After his vision cleared, he realized he was hovering atop an entire sea of it. All he saw was water from north to south and east to west and nothing else. The water was so clear, too. Cheren can see his reflection in it as if the water was a mirror. The sun barely peeked over the horizon as if it were dawn already. The sight would have been breathtaking if it weren't for the impending doom he felt in his chest.

This was obviously a dream. Nothing like this exists in the human world, and Cheren was clearly able to stand on top of the water here. The angel brought himself to get up on his hands and knees. He could feel the wetness of the water between his fingers, but his hands didn't sink into its surface as they would normally do in the real world.
A teasing, playful tone sounded from behind him. "They say that a person's dreams reflect their true thoughts... Maybe you've always wanted to be fucked in a place like this?"

The voice belonged to no one else but the silver-haired demon. His words made Cheren want to fight back and be done with the incubus, but the actual sound of his voice made the angel think twice of quarreling with him. It made Cheren want to wait and see how this played out.

It's also the reason why the angel allowed himself to end up in a situation like this in the first place.

He knows he heard that voice from somewhere before. Cheren strongly desired to remember why he recognizes it. Is he supposed to know who this incubus was? Was he someone he hated, or someone he loved? If it was the latter, then how could he possibly love a demon that behaves like this?

The only thing Cheren was certain about was that the owner of that voice is a person that the angel considered important.

If he allows the incubus to have his way with him, it won't kill the angel. It may hurt his pride, make him feel unclean, and, the worst out of the bunch, feel that he's betraying his lord, but he'll physically come out unharmed. This was still a dream after all. Anything that happens here won't translate over to the real world. Only his memories of the dream will remain. Plus, he may get the answers to his questions. No matter how crude or immoral the activity was, the angel figured he'll sit through it for only one reason...

How else will he get his curiosities satiated? He can't exactly force the incubus to sit down and have a friendly chat with him. They'll end up fighting just as good and evil should do. And if Cheren wasn't careful, he may actually kill the demon for good. One well-timed cut from the angel's sword will wipe the incubus out of existence. Cheren didn't want that.

So, he'll have to get all his hints to his questions indirectly while the incubus, well... 'Fucked' him as the other male put it.

In response to the demon's question, Cheren sighed and finally gave him an honest answer. "No." He was about to change his position so he could sit up and face the demon, but suddenly, a weight crushed him so his cheek was pressed against the water below. Cheren could see silver hair in the corner of his eye. The demon had used his entire body to keep the angel pinned down.

The demon laughed. "Nope. You'll stay in this position the entire time. You can fight all you want, but remember who has control of this dream world, now~"

Cheren grumbled to show his disapproval, but he made no movements to retaliate. "Alright..." He breathed in a low tone. He allowed all the tension to leave his body. His wings drooped again which only made them wetter than they were before. With his cheek still resting on the water's surface, his rear was pressed up against the demon's crotch.

Cheren noticed the incubus was hard already. The angel closed his eyes and silently begged for his lord's forgiveness.

The demon probably didn't like the reaction he got out of Cheren. The usually talkative incubus went dead silent for a moment and only growled at the angel below him.
He then roughly tugged on the angel's ponytail to make him pick up his head. It hurt, but Cheren didn't let the pain show on his face. The angel was able to see his reflection in the water like this.

"Make sure you look at yourself while I'm doing you. That reflection is going to be begging for mercy in a minute." The demon was trying to return to his playful tone, but it's obvious he's fighting back the annoyance that could be heard in it, too.

Cheren glanced down like he was told. His eyes widened when he realized he was naked. The angel didn't notice his clothes were off until now... He couldn't help but glare at his disgraceful image. The demon was manipulating his dream no doubt.

The incubus lowered his own head and kissed Cheren's neck. Cheren shuddered slightly at the feeling. He can't control how his body reacted to the overly soft kiss. This dream felt too real...

The demon smirked against his neck. "Feeling angry yet?"

Cheren ignored the question. He fought to remain calm and focused on the demon's voice and manners. He needed to find out why the incubus sounded so familiar. "Just continue..." He murmured in reply as coolly as he could.

Cheren couldn't see the impact his words had on the demon since the other's hair blocked his face out of view, but the angel could tell he held his breath for a moment since he rested his head on Cheren's shoulder. Nonetheless, he resumed as the angel told him to do. He felt the demon's hand begin exploring his body. It wasn't gentle at all like the kiss. He groped his chest and felt around for Cheren's nipples. As he pinched one roughly between his index finger and thumb, he bit Cheren's neck.

Other than a slightly shaky breath, Cheren didn't give much of a reaction. He's purposefully trying to be a dead fish with the demon's touches. As long as it hurt, he can hide his reactions. Feeling pain is something Cheren was used to. Gentleness; not so much.

The demon finally released his hair now. Cheren put more weight on his hands again as a result. Instead of giving the angel a break, though, the demon used his sharp nails to drag long scratches down his sides. His nails didn't break the skin, but he left red marks all the way from Cheren's chest to his waist. Cheren also felt something oddly furry rubbing up against his right thigh. He guessed it was the incubus' tail.

Probably out of Cheren's indifference to his painful foreplay, the demon started growling again and he bit Cheren's neck with razor-sharp teeth. That definitely broke his skin this time based on the stinging pain alone. Cheren felt the incubus lick up the blood right after his fangs pierced his flesh.

Still, Cheren didn't react. He made no noise and his body didn't jerk or jolt at all. He would shiver on occasion, but those were biological responses that were out of his control. Even angels suffer from them.

The demon was getting aggravated. Cheren can tell from his voice. "Why the hell are you not fighting back!? You're a goddamn angel aren't you?!"

His outburst helped the angel pinpoint the source of the incubus' frustration. Cheren supposed the demon liked it when his victims struggled. The angel picked up his head and gave the incubus a calm glance. On the inside, Cheren was fuming, but he wouldn't let the demon think he was winning. "Don't use the lord's name while you're doing such a thing like-"

The incubus suddenly rubbed two wet fingers to feel around Cheren's entrance. He used the water as some type of lubricant. It confused Cheren on how that worked, but it seemed effective. Anything was possible in this twisted dream. The demon's fingers lacked the sharp nails that dug into him just moments before. Maybe the incubus could retract them...?

Cheren had to gasp since he didn't expect for the demon's cold fingers to poke around his behind. Still, the angel never fought the demon off. He didn't make a fist or raise a leg.
The incubus' voice rose in volume. "Tell me! You didn't answer the question! I know you're holding back!" With his other hand, he was reaching around to grasp Cheren's still soft member. When he made contact, Cheren couldn't stop the shiver that wracked his body from the coldness of the demon's touch. He also felt this intense, crushing guilt that nearly took his breath away.

Forgive me, lord. Forgive me... He played the simple prayer in his head like a mantra.

Cheren's breaths were slowly growing shallower. Despite that, he maintained composure. He never allowed himself to raise his voice like the demon did or show signs of weakness. Cheren didn't lose anything for telling the demon the truth, so he settled on doing that.

"I think I-"

The demon slid a finger inside. Cheren brought his head back forward and screwed his eyes shut.

"...I heard your voice from somewhere before."

The finger in his rear and hand on his cock was tougher to deal with since both sensations weren't hurting him. They merely felt like nuisances. He'd rather experience the burning pain that came with touching a demon over this. It doesn't feel right since he's a servant of the lord...

The demon huffed into Cheren's ear. He paused for a second. The short moment was so fast that Cheren thought he imagined it. However, it didn't take the incubus long to resume touching the angel. He started thrusting his finger in and out, the hand on Cheren's length was slowly stroking it, and he nipped the angel's ear.

"You're imagining it. You're mistaking me for someone else." The demon replied in an oddly casual tone.

Hearing the demon's new tone of voice, combined with the sensations, finally forced Cheren to make a sound. He hummed lowly. His cock was swelling in the demon's hand. This wasn't a 'nuisance' anymore. Cheren eased his breathing and squashed small sparks of desire trying to ignite inside of him. "I-I'm not." He was certain this time since the demon's voice had that effect on him. He knows this incubus. He knows this voice.

The demon stopped touching him after he answered. Cheren sighed in relief, but the respite didn't last more than five seconds. Three damp fingers were inserted abruptly into his puckered hole. The demon forced the angel's legs further apart with his free hand. Cheren bit his lip again so he wouldn't cry out. The pain had returned.

The incubus then started to lick and suck at the skin on Cheren's back. He left various types of bites to turn his heated flesh redder than it already was. Each hickey was probably bleeding a bit, but Cheren had no way of knowing for sure. "You aren't supposed to feel only pleasure, now..." The way the demon murmured that against his back made Cheren feel the exact opposite of what the demon claimed he should feel. Maybe it was because of the dream, but the fingers in his rear only hurt for a short amount of time. The vibrations of the demon's voice sent chills down his spine, and the bites didn't exactly cause him any discomfort...

Cheren groaned. He couldn't hold it back when the demon put his hand on his member again and thumbed the tip a bit. His half-lidded eyelids gazed lazily at his own reflection. He can see the bite marks on his neck. If he looks underneath himself a bit, he can see how the demon was simultaneously stroking his hardened cock and moving his fingers inside him.

If the demon's goal was to make him feel pain, then he's failing miserably. Cheren's body felt like it was melting in the pleasure. It's good, yet, so sinful...

Then the demon pressed down on something inside Cheren that made him see nothing but white. His lower half trembled and the angel fought with every fiber of his being to not buck his hips from the feeling. His wings, however, did flap once out of the desire of needing to move something. Cheren couldn't help it. With only a few more tugs on his twitching length, the angel achieved his climax with a long, trailing moan. His body immediately started shuddering in the aftermath and Cheren could only support himself up by his elbows now. His semen disappeared into the water below.

The incubus snarled at him again. Cheren barely noticed it over his own pounding pulse and heavy breath. "Why...?!" The demon snapped angrily; he can't tell if it was directed at Cheren himself or not. Cheren wished he could read the demon's mind. What reason did he have to be frustrated now? He's the one with all of the control. Even if Cheren didn't fight back, then shouldn't the demon still be satisfied if he has an easy victim?

If anyone had to be angry here, it should be Cheren for putting up being used like this, for taking pleasure from such an evil deed, and for allowing this to even happen in the first place because he was selfish...

He still begged for his lord's forgiveness in his head as the demon finally inserted his own cock into Cheren's loosened hole. The angel didn't make a sound as it entered him and simply focused on keeping his rear in the air. Cheren couldn't take it anymore. He surrendered his mind and body to the demon.

It's because... It felt right. It felt like he was supposed to do this despite his duty to his lord.

Next, the memories came flooding back. Cheren knows exactly who this incubus is, or rather, was. They used to be so close.
Thoughts of the incubus started to fill his head with each thrust the snarling male gave him. The demon's nails clawing at his skin again felt like an entire world away. The pleasure was only an afterthought compared to the torrent of memories. So, it was a surprise when he felt the demon climax into his quivering hole. Cheren moaned a name he hadn't spoken in who knows how many years as he reached his own unexpected climax again. His body burned from not the pain, but the indescribable pleasure only a partner could give him.


The incubus laid on top of him after he finished his orgasm. They both collapsed out of exhaustion as they hovered over the crystal clear water turned milky with a combination of sweat and their semen... Cheren didn't know if the demon knew he called his name. He never responded. He was quiet. All Cheren heard was heavy breaths.

Then the world around him started to grow dark. The warmth of the demon's body on top of his was fading. The dream ended.

No, the angel thought when the water started to feel dry and rough. It can't. Cheren didn't want it to stop so soon. He needed to know if the demon's name was Rhys...


Cheren blinked awake. It was night again. He's still at the convenience store parking lot sitting against the wall. Even though it was just a dream, his body ached everywhere. He felt a very dull burn where the demon clawed his skin. His rear was sore enough to make him hiss in pain as he forced himself to stand up. Despite all the discomfort he felt, he knew his body was mark free. That was how an incubus worked.

Cheren stumbled once he was on his feet and held his head. Right. He was initially knocked out. He forgot. Despite that, the angel looked around for the incubus desperately. He was nowhere to be found...

He closed his eyes. No amount of praying he did now would excuse him for the acts he was planning to do now...

He was going to find that incubus again.
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