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The Milk Corp. Efficiency Meeting (NSFW)

Aug 16, 2017
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Down on the collection floor of the factory, two dozen girls stood in braces. The sound of moans, pants, and one girl crying filled the air. Their backs were bent so their enormous breasts hung down before them, and hoses dutifully collected their milk. Their naked bodies were restrained so their arms were locked behind their backs and their long legs were held slightly spread. Milk production soared like never before, following the implementation of a special project. Their tits were chemically altered to be bigger, fuller, and more capable of milk production. A side effect, however, was a drastic increase in breast sensitivity. It was so intense, that most of the girls would experience an orgasm occasionally, averaging about 15 over the course of their 12 hour shifts. Even now, one girl couldn't contain herself any longer and her pussy spasmed and sprayed her pussy juices onto her thighs, where it would trickle down her legs and over her permanently tiptoed feet.

Up above, the owner of the factory looked down from her office, watching the collection girls. Rebecca Peterson. She had neat black hair up in a bun and wore a smart business skirt. Spinning around, she looked at the professionals gathered in her office: Alex Summers, the head of research and development with her long red hair, and Jude Hooke, the head of the legal department with short blonde hair.

"So, what have you discovered?"
Alex didn't even look at the clipboard she had brought when she answered.
"Their milk production does increase significantly when they cum. But we already knew that. We found it's an incredible increase. Implementing fucking machines to rape them would increase profits so much, it would pay for the fucking machines in less than a week."
"Is that legal, Jude?"
"When we assumed ownership of these girls' breasts-
Rebecca interrupted, "Jude, we call them boobs or tits. Don't use the word 'breasts' again."
Yes, of course. I'm sorry. As I was saying, when we assumed ownership of their tits, we also assumed ownership of their pussies and asses specifically for this prospect. It's perfectly legal."
"Do it."

For a moment, it seemed like the meeting was over already. Jude began to pack her briefcase, but Alex shifted her weight uncomfortably.
"There's something else... We've discovered that there is a way to punch up efficiency a little more."
"Well... When they cum, they produce more milk. And... the harder they cum, the better production becomes. The problem is that the increase in gains doesn't outweigh that it takes more energy and attachments to force more intense orgasms out of them. But... if you push it far enough, and I mean to an an absolutely absurd level, production does... technically... flip back to being profitable..."

Rebecca processed this information for a few moments. Finally, she leaned back in her chair.
"Tell me more. Everything."
Alex took a moment to review the data her team had collected over the past weeks and prepared to lay it all out on the table, for better or for worse.

"Okay. So. The only way they could possibly cum hard enough for this to be profitable is if we alter their pussies to be ultra sensitive. That's not difficult to do. After all we just finished altering their boobs. In fact, the unexpected side effect of their boobs' sensitivity increasing is how we know how to do this. The problem is the cost of the ingredients. Purchasing the necessary chemicals and bodily fluids to make the potions, not to mention the brewing equipment... it would be completely infeasible. But we don't have to purchase them. We already have all the infrastructure we need: The girls."
Jude piped up, "What do you mean?"
"The second most expensive ingredient is pussy juice. We expand collection to gather all that pussy juice that they squirt and is currently going to waste and we can make it happen."
"But wouldn't they need to already be altered to collect the pussy juice needed to alter them? They don't squirt nearly enough for large scale-"
"They produce enough to alter one girl, and then she provides all the cum we need for the others. Honestly, they are going to produce too much pussy juice once we get going. In fact, disposing of the excess is a problem. But we can force-feed the excess pussy juice to the girls, which would also cut down on their nourishment costs."
"You'll feed them their own cum?!"
"Well, technically we collect all the cum first and then feed it to them. Each girl will eat all the girls' cum mixed together. The bigger problem is the semen. That is, by far, the most expensive ingredient. But... bare with me here, we can use the girls to collect semen too."

The room fell silent. Rebecca spoke for the first time since the pitch began.
"I don't have to remind you that girls cannot produce semen, do I?"

Jude handed Rebecca a piece of paper that depicted a device. A girl was restrained and bisected by a wall.
"We can create a harness to display a girl's pussy in a public place. Guys can cum into her as they wish, and we collect the semen in between 'patrons'."
"Tell me more about this device."
"Well, our projections indicate that semen collection will be maximized if the girls climax a lot. It forces them to massage the cock with their convulsions, which coaxes out more cum. We might be able to allow patrons to grope her boobs too. Even when not servicing a cock, they still should be climaxing. The sight of the spasming, squirting pussy will entice onlookers. So the device stimulates her clit and nipples and thrusts a dildo into her ass at all times. Of course, it milks her during the whole process too, and that adds to the stimulation as well."
"Legality of this, Jude?"
"We would need to pay the men for their contributions, but it's legal."
"No, it would never be profitable if we have to pay them. We would classify the girls' pussies as a free public service."
Jude rubbed her chin, deep in thought. "I... I think I can make that work. But let's back up for a second. We can't feed the girls pussy juice. It doesn't meet nutritional guidelines."

Rebecca frowned. "So what's the solution?"
"There is no solution. We just can't do it."
"I pay you to come up with solutions."
"I- But... Okay, there is enough protein in semen for it to meet guidelines. If the solution is at least 50% semen, we can feed it to them."
"Alex? Will that work?"
Alex checked her numbers and her face lit up. "Yes! Actually, by using a girl's pussy to collect semen, we spend less per ounce than we do on our nutrition substance."
"If it's cheaper to feed them cum, why are we still spending money on the nutrition substance? That would allow us to stop diverting a portion of the milk into their diets as well, right?"
"Well, in practice, we would likely have to still do that to ensure we have enough semen for the potions, based on my semen collection projections at least. But we can definitely shift their diets to 50% semen, 25% pussy juice, and 25% milk."

Alex let out a sigh. They were just getting started.
"Okay, that is the easy stuff. But next, we would have to brew the alteration potions... inside the girls' pussies. Avoid purchasing the brewing equipment."
"I trust you've done the necessary research and this is possible?"
"Yes... it's possible. We pump pussy juice, semen, milk, and a few chemicals into their pussy, cork it, and then force her to cum over and over. Her body heat and pussy convulsions mix and process the potion until it's only a matter of pumping the finished potion out of her. It's an extreme violation, but necessary for this to work."
Rebecca spoke harshly, "We own their pussies, so we can use them for whatever we want."

"Also, we would have to expand. Get many more girls, separate them into three classes. One for milking, one for collecting semen, and one for brewing. All of them would be milked, but each would have a different primary purpose. For the girls principally responsible for producing milk, we would have to really focus on pushing the stimulation to its extreme. We've done experiments and it would require two spinning extra-large, ribbed dildos in both their holes, a clit vibrator, spanking machine, tit massagers, G-spot vibrators, nipple vibrators, and near-constant aphrodisiac injections into their nipples, clit, ass, and cervix. We can brew the aphrodisiac ourselves as well, by the way. But even with all of that, it's still not enough. We can push their sexual response even further if we force them to watch a live video feed of their own violation, and simulate the sensation of a real cock in their mouths and between their tits. Some girls may respond better to the sensation of eating out a pussy, rather than sucking a cock. We're currently experimenting with a setup where these girls are forced to lick the clit of the adjacent girl. Either way, we've successfully eliminated the time between orgasms. They would experience countless simultaneous climaxes overlapping with each other and never ending. The pleasure they will feel would make an ordinary girl pass out instantly, but we can inject a stimulant so they cannot fall unconscious. It's important that they feel the pleasure for milk production rates to actually benefit."

Rebecca was not fazed by this prospect at all. In fact, she was smirking at the thought of the expansion.
"How much would this increase profits?"
"Uh... negative 134%."
"This is an incredibly expensive endeavor, Ms. Peterson. There's no way this would ever turn a profit with our current procedure. We would have to drastically overhaul everything. For starters, the girls would no longer do 12 hour shifts. They would be milked and raped 24 hours a day, every day."
"Hold on, that's completely illegal! We can't work girls without breaks."

Rebecca said exactly what was on all of their minds.
"The girls don't work at all. Their pussies, tits, and asses work. Those are just machines. Machines that we have full ownership of, after all. The girls are just unlucky to be attached to our machines."
"Yeah, but... but..."
"It's legal."

Jude fell silent, with a frown on her face. Alex continued.
"There's one other thing that has to go. Right now, we milk a girl for one month and then release her. With this new model, a girl will not be profitable until about a year in. To maximize profits, she would need to be milked for 3 years, constantly."
"And what exactly would those profits be?"
"If we just add fucking machines, the profit increase is 84%. If we add fucking machines, increase sensitivity, collect semen, brew alteration potions and aphrodisiac ourselves, and rape the girls constantly for 3 years, it is 84.03%."
Jude was absolutely aghast. "Can we talk about the pros and cons here?!"

Alex was prepared.
"Pro - Marginally increasing profits. Con - Violation of the girls to the utmost, permanently altering their bodies to be objects of pure sex, raping their bodies to the brink of exhaustion, exposing their genitals to the public, encouraging strangers to rape them and cum in their unprotected pussies, systematically and extensively humiliating them, extending their service time by a factor of 72, forcing them to experience unimaginable unwanted pleasure, force feeding them a cocktail of bodily fluids and pump that same cocktail into their pussies, dooming them to never lead a normal life again even after being released, increasing the number of girls subjected to this treatment, and a complete and utter removal of their human rights."
"So you're saying there are no cons whatsoever?"
"...That's correct, Ms. Peterson."

Jude was walking toward the door. "I cannot be a part of this. I'm sorry, Ms. Peterson, but I quit."
Once she was gone, Rebecca gave the order.
"Do it."
"The first step is to start getting more girls."
"We already have one volunteer. Jude will facilitate the rape of these girls one way or another. Put her in the brewing department."
"Yes, ma'am."
"Alex, now that you are finished with all this research, which members of your team are no longer necessary?"
"....Beth, Caitlin, Skylar, Emily, and Carla."
"They'll make excellent cows."
"Yes, I believe they will."
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