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Good Morning - a quick D/s erotica


Oct 18, 2018
-- Good Morning --

It was early in the morning when I felt the thirsty touch of Sir starting to explore my body, touching my leg under the duvet. His rough touch contrasting with my soft skin. I was still very sleepy, but could not avoid a brief smile and a shy moan.​

I felt he closing on me even more, spooning, straightening my hair to be able to kiss my neck. I love the feel of his beard tickling my skin. I moaned again. His nimble hands were already between my legs, his fingers gently stroking the lips of my vagina through my cotton panties.​

When I finally opened my eyes, I stared at him and before I could say anything he kissed me. His tongue invaded my mouth and our lips glued. We continued to kiss for a few minutes, my panties already fully honeydew.​

He removed my bra and threw it off the bed. Then he hugged me and squeezed my small breasts, then turned lying on his back and pulling me over him. Sir folded his legs and used them to open mines, beginning to masturbate me. I no longer tried to contain my voice.​

"Look, baby girl, we’re in my parent’s house. You don’t want to wake anyone up with your moans, do you?"

"I’m sorry, Sir…"

His fingers touched my clit under my panties and warmed my whole body. Soon I was panting, dropped upon his body, still soft sleep.​

"Don’t cum just yet, baby girl. Hold it as much as possible."

I tried to say yes, but all that came out of my mouth was a sigh. Gradually I was starting to move my hips, trying to feel his stiffness. Even ordering me to hold, he wouldn't stop increasing my arousal.​

I couldn't help it, I came.​

I felt the wave of pleasure and the warm shiver go through every inch of my body. I tried my best to moan as low as possible, which resulted in a strange growl.​

When I realized, Sir was upon me, without bothering to remove my panties he had stuck the head of his cock inside me. He tried to kiss me, but my body did not respond to my commands and I could not open my mouth. Then he gave me a light slap on the face, bringing me back to reality.​

I opened my eyes and noticed that my legs were wide open, my knees almost touching my own shoulders. I searched to his eyes.​

"I had a bad dream, baby girl, you had left me. You’re not thinking of leaving me, are you?"

"Of course not, Master! I will never do that!". I could not help to say that almost screaming.​

"I know you won’t, baby girl, calm down. He smiled. But even so, I want you to tell me how much you loves me."

He had already asked this before, so I knew that a simple “I love you, Master” would not leave him satisfied.​

"I’m your kitten, Sir. I love you with every inch of my body and every dark corner of my mind. And I am also your fucktoy, I love you with my breasts and I love you with my pussy. I love you with every pore of my naughty body."

He smiled.​

"Don’t make a noise." Slowly he buried the rest of his cock into me, making me feel completely satisfied. And kissed me.​

It was a long, tender kiss, exciting me even more. While he kissed me I became aware of my body. I realized the stiffness of my nipples, I realized my legs almost numb exposing myself, I realized his heavy balls stroking against my ass, I realized my pussy vibrating, dripping.​

"I want you to show me the results of your training, kitten."

He was referring to a pompoir training I was already doing for some weeks now. So I started trying to massage his whole cock buried in me. I contracted and relaxed the muscles of my pussy. Tried to expel his cock and tried to suck it in. Every second that passed I felt my clit throbbing over and over.​

Sir praised how much I had improved and started playing with my breasts, massaging them and sucking them. After a few minutes I was panting again.​

"Did you know that there are women who can cum only by their breasts?". He asked. I said no.​

"Want to try?"

"No, Sir… just fuck me… please…"

He pulled my arms and held them above my head with one hand. Then he continued to suck my breasts, ignoring my answer. I moaned and writhed as best as I could. I came a few minutes later with his tongue still punishing my sensitive nipple.​

When I opened my eyes as regained my senses, he kissed me again. I was still panting, my body with short spasms. He released my arms and legs, with his cock still buried in me, and dropped his mouth near my ear.​

"Now it’s your turn to make me cum, baby girl."

I smiled and tried to push him to the side so I could ride him. But he holded me.​

"No, baby girl. I want you to make me cum like this."

"But it is difficult for me to move, Sir…"

"It doesn’t matter. I want to see how much my slut is skilful and obedient. You are very obedient, aren’t you?"

"Yes, Sir…"

With difficulty I began to move my hips, the position did not allow me to move too fast, but the slowness allowed me to concentrate on my pussy. So while I strutted it I also contract and relaxed, sucked and expeled. I kissed Sir’s neck and shoulder, squeezing his ass and clawling his back.​

Meanwhile he whispered in my ear, teased me. I was told how naughty, how perverted I am. He said how much I was hot and how he had been extremely excited to have woke up beside me. He was saying how my pussy was greedy and how my breasts were delicious. Told me I was his, and his alone, so he could do whatever he wanted. And at that time, what he wanted was to fill me with his hot cum.​

Thus, rolling, rubbing my clit on his hip and listenning to his provocations I had my third orgasm. This time it was a silent, trembling, surprised orgasm.​

I regained consciousness again. Sir was fucking me slowly. Pulling it all out, making me feel empty, and then burying again overflowing me.​

I didn’t need to say a thing, and even couldn’t if he demanded. My body was limp, entranced. He continued, slowly, firmly thrusting, looking me in the eyes.​

The thrusts were so slow that made no sound, the bed made no sound, our hips made no sound. The only sound that filled the room were our heavy breathing and the heavy beats of our accelerated hearts.​

Thus, slowly, hands holding my face, bonded foreheads, eye to eye, that he came deep inside me. His warm load filled me and almost made me cum again. I felt it ooze out with each contraction of my pussy. I felt his swollen cock throbbing inside me.​

We did not deviate our eyes for a second. I felt so exposed, so vulnerable.​

At the same time, I felt so safe.​

"I love you, my sweetheart." He said.​

I had no strength to speak nor to smile. But I’m sure that the smile that filled his face was because of the sheer brightness that took care of my eyes.​

He gave me one last kiss.​

Finally I could rest my eyes.​
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