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Mx Female BBC on the Hunt! All sorts of NSFW links!


Aug 16, 2010
New Orleans

So I’ve been craving some interracial pairings for a while now. Figure I’d make a thread completely centered around it.

What I’m Looking For:

It’s a pretty simple and straight forward concept. I’m looking to stuff little White/Asian/Hispanic women with some big black cock. With a 90/10 or 80/20 smut/plot ratio.

I can pump out 2-5 paragraphs, depending on how interested I am in the RP. But I average 2-3. No one liners, EVER! And if you’re no longer interested, just say something. Even if you have to lie about why. Don’t ghost me.



Large to massive cock (Would love to work with 18+ inches, can be convinced to be a bit more realistic)

Lots of cum (And I mean LOTS)

Shorter women (4’11 - 5’4 please)


Rough sex (Hard thrusts, slapping, hair pulling, light choking, the like)

Name calling

Dirty talk


F-list for more details.


Sugar Daddy/Baby
Your Suggestion

Some ideas for the types of ladies that I like. No, they aren’t required to be used. But it should give you an idea ;)

Feel free to share your own with me. Be that drawn, anime, real life, or 3D I don’t care. A sexy woman is a sexy woman, and I’ll never complain about looking at them!


These aren’t set in stone. They are open to discussion and change. Also, I’m more than willing to hear your own! Just PLEASE don’t ask me to play a thug, not my thing.

Also the pictures linked in these ideas are not suggested women to play, though I wouldn’t be opposed to that. They’re really just to give some naughty insight of what is going to happen ;)

YC is a young employee at MC’s small office. She’s fallen on some rough times, with school loans and other things, she asks MC for a loan. He figures why not? He knows where she lives and works, how much she makes, he’d help her out. She’s a good girl and a hard worker. He draws up some forms and has her sign them, before giving her the money.

Well she misses her first payment. He lets her slide, giving her an extension. But when she misses the second he shows her the fine print. He can now take that money out of her sweet little body.

She learns that paying her boss back this way may be easier. And before long she finds herself missing payments on purpose to get a taste of that big black cock.

My character has moved in next door and is the only black person in the neighborhood. YC is the housewife next door. She’s married to her high school sweet heart and loves him dearly. He’s gone quite a bit on long business trips, leaving the lovely lady very sexually frustrated. She’s only ever been with her husband, so what she knows of sex is it’s maybe ten minutes long and she had no idea what an orgasm feels like.

Something goes wrong one day and she ends up snapping on MC, the giant of a man who could crush her with ease. She’s made comments here and there over the last few months, but he’s let them slide. But when she crosses the line, he decides to teach this woman a lesson, one that leaves her with a new respect for the BBC. So while his wife is gone he trains his new snow bunny.

This idea can be expanded upon to include the other women of the neighborhood, if that’s something you’re into. If not, it can stay a one-on-one.

No real idea for this one, outside of the premise. MC is YC’s sugar daddy. He showers her with gifts and affection in public. In privet she’s ‘Daddy’s’ little whore.

YC is a young woman who has some issues, what they are can be discussed. She sees a therapist to talk about them and get through them. Hypnosis is suggested, and she willingly agrees to try it. But when she’s put under he takes full advantage and molds her into his personal cock sleeve.

YC has found out her boyfriend/husband has been cheating on her for some time now. But she doesn’t confront him about it. Instead she cooks up some plan to get back at him. You see, he’s a racist. And what better way to get back at him then sending him pictures and videos of her getting fucked by a big black cock? She just had no idea how addicting it could be.

MC is the coach new coach of the football team. The school hired him because of his amazing record, every school he’s coached at has been brought to the championships. But there’s a cost to his leadership. He wants those supple young girls bouncing on his big black cock as payment for the wins.

So he makes a deal with teachers, students, housewives, whoever. When the team wins, he gets to fuck them. Should the team lose, he starts cutting their boyfriends/sons, and makes sure these kids never get into college.

I’m starting to get bored of playing out my ideas over and over again. So don’t hesitate to come to me with something different. Be it fantasy, sci-fi, or modern, or a alteration of one of my posted ideas.

Means of Contact:

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably wondering. “How do I get a hold of you to get some of this delicious BBC?” Well wonder no more! Shoot me a PM, it’s THAT easy! I primarily play over PMs, due to real life. I can be convinced to do Discord, if our times line up together.

Discord: PM me for Discord name. I’d like to make sure we match up on availability before giving it out.

Should you contact me, and it becomes clear you didn’t read my thread, don’t get upset if I call you out on it. I’m just tired of people rushing to contact me, and wasting both of our time. 💙
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