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Fx Female Change of Reality FxF *Sub needed!*


Nightmare Queen
Oct 7, 2018
Your Nightmares
When her [Your Character] and everyone else's bullying sends Rick Norton over the edge no one expects a shooting to get involved within the college. So what happens when [Your Characters] worst 'enemy' and secret crush Max come in and rescues her from being killed? The struggle of the gun results in Rick being shot and Max a hero... [Your Characters] true feelings for Max is unraveled... As people try to forget about the creep he is not gone. Can Max protect the queen bee and her group? And is [Your Character] going to finally come out of the closet?

*Now what I see for the reasoning of the bullying actually started out as a peaceful protest to get Rick out of the university. If you watch Degrassi then you know where I am basing Rick's issues on :p. He put one of Yc's friend (and his ex) in a coma after months of abuse. It resulted her eventually moving and going to a private college far away when she finally came too. Originally he was expelled but that was changed to a suspension. Naturally everyone was angry when he came back.*

-Character Sheet-
Name: Maxyne (Max) Payten Trueheart
*Nicknames- Max (everyone), Maxi* (HATES being called Maxyne)

Age: 23

Height: 5'6"

Body Type: Slim/Athletic

Power: Seeing ghosts and demons as well as hearing them and talking to them

Birthday: February 14th

Sign: Aquarius

Occupation: College Student/Photographer

Hobbies: Videogames, Photography, Magic, Supernatural topics as well as watching horror movies. She is on the swimming team.

Personality: She is an intense person to say the least and with many secrets. A woman of mystery as you would call it. She is supportive but prone to insecurity but she is pretty outgoing. She is known to being quite flexible and hates routine. She is always there for her friends no matter what, most loyal and caring person once you get to know her but she is known to have a short temper and is quite stubborn. Usually she is the center of attention without meaning too, and she can be a bit nosy from time to time. She has great leadership skills. She can be assertive and intimidating. You can always see the softer side of her when she is around animals and when she talks about her photography. Do to the fact she has had a shitty beginning it has made her a stronger and tougher person physically and emotionally.

Bio: Growing up in a middle class neighbourhood. She was raised by her father who is a former solider, she had practically been raised by him alone, due to the fact that her mother is a real piece of work. Emotionally unstable, alcoholic mother, a mother who played tortuous, unpredictable games, she seemed to always pick Max to strike and abuse our of her two younger sisters of course her father having no idea what his wife was truly like do to the fact he was always working. Her mom starved her, forced her to drink ammonia, stabbed her in the stomach, and burned her arm on a gas stove. Her mother threatened to kill Max many times. One night, while waving a knife around, she lost her balance and fell. The knife flew and it stabbed the then 14 year old Max in the stomach. When she woke, her mom was dressing his wound. She took care of Max that night, but in the morning she was covered with blood and she was back to her usual self. It was then her father realized what his wife was doing to poor Max one night when he came home early and he noticed Max was locked into the basement, nearly dying due to an infection. Once she was healed and released from the hospital her father... Her savior had taken her and her two sisters away to Salem, divorcing his wife who attempted accusing her husband of the abuse. Sure enough the jury didn't buy it and she was locked up. Though do to 'good' behavior she is being let out early. For as long as she could remember she was able to see, here and talk to the spirits from the other side, she oddly found comfort during her mother's abuse cause when she was locked away in that basement she had someone to talk to.

Now that she is away from that terrible environment sure enough she is a bit fiesty and rough around the edges but now she is finally following her dream about becoming a photographer, living life in a college dorm and she has 5 close friends... Oh, and her adorable cat.

Looks: Anime and Real Version
Anime Version


Real Version

Right Arm
Left Rib Cage
Left Calf

Piercings- Snakebites, tongue, 00 gauges as well as eyebrow piercing.
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