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Hokkaido Demons (Interest Check)


Hoosier Anime Roleplayer/Writer
Nov 29, 2015
Indianapolis, Indiana
Hokkaido Demons
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Interest Check:​

So, Halloween is almost here, so why not do something special for this occasion by making a role play that is Halloween related this year theme involving demons. This role play involves around various demons that populates the Japanese island prefecture, Hokkaido, this is like my Monster Musume thread; only with demons. So this is where demons co-exists with those who are non-demons, but they're being carefully monitored by the Counter-Demon Task Force of Hokkaido. If your character is going to play be the role as a demon, they can be of five rankings.
Counter-Demon Task Force of Hokkaido (CDTFH) Ratings
Rank D Demons: These are lowest ranking of demons, they show little to no hostility towards anyone, they don't possess magic, but has supernatural condition. They can blend in well with the rest of society and can live normal lives.
Rank C Demons: While still low, they can little bit of hostility, possess low-tier magic/abilities. Like Rank D Demons, they can live a fairly normal life and blend in with society all together.
Rank B Demons: These demons can be somewhat hostile, if provoked, so be careful being around them. They can possess low to mid-tier magic/abilities; they are considered neutral because they can become a threat and/or not a threat to everyone around them. Sometimes, some B Ranked Demons are sometimes are captured as a precaution.
Rank A Demons: These types are aggressive or unpredictable in nature, if you're not careful. They can possess mid to high-tier magic/abilities; they may blend in with society only to hide their malicious nature and must be captured, or under extreme circumstances, neutralized.
Rank S Demons: The most dangerous type of demons, they can could potentially kill anyone without provocation. They can possess all three levels of magic and a threat to society, they are consider high-priority and must be captured or neutralized.
These ranking are the different threat levels, meaning that which demon is ranked can be threat to public safety. So, let's a Demon is ranked C, are they be a threat to society? No. Can they still commit a crime? Only minor crimes, due to their minor hostility.

Understanding Magic/Ability Tiers

Tier 1 (Non-Magic Tier): This is mostly common in Rank D demons, they don't have magic, but do have supernatural conditions.
  • Enhanced/Supernatural Condition
    • Enhanced/Supernatural Strength
    • Enhanced/Supernatural Combat
    • Enhanced/Supernatural Speed (with Acceleration Immunity already present)
    • Enhanced/Supernatural Durability
    • Enhanced/Supernatural Stamina
    • Enhanced/Supernatural Endurance
    • Enhanced/Supernatural Flexibility
    • Enhanced/Supernatural Agility
  • Self-Sustenance

Tier 2 (Low Tier): This is common in Rank C and some in Rank B, A, and S Demons, this is basic set of magic, with the supernatural condition still present.
  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy
  • Healing
  • Wing Manifestation
  • Flight
    • High-Speed Flight (with Acceleration Immunity already present)

Tier 3 (Mid Tier): This tier common in Rank B, A, and S, this is where the magic and abilities becomes intermediate. (Note: Learning some of these below B Rank is rare)
  • Elemental Magic
    • Fire Manipulation
      • Blue Fire Manipulation
      • Hell Fire Manipulation
      • Magma Manipulation
    • Water Manipulation
      • Hell Water Manipulation
    • Ice Manipulation
      • Demonic Ice Manipulation
    • Electricity Manipulation
      • Demonic Lightning Manipulation
    • Earth Manipulation
      • Demonic Earth Manipulation
    • Metal Manipulation
      • Demonic Metal Manipulation

  • Mystical Marital Arts
  • Claw Retraction
  • Tentacle Generation
  • Weapons Creation
  • Dream/Nightmare Manipulation
  • Memory Manipulation

Tier 4 (High Tier): This is where Magic and Abilities can be mastered by Rank A and S Demons, as these are considered elite level and are sometimes extremely dangerous. (Note: Learning some of these at a very low is ranking extremely rare and can be risky if not executed properly)
  • Necromancy
  • Shapeshifting
  • Possession
  • Immunity
  • Invisibility
  • Necrogenesis
  • Teleportation
  • Unhealing
  • Voice Mimicry
  • Contract Bestowal
  • Mental Manipulation
  • Weather Manipulation
  • Soul Absorption
  • Mind Control

These tiers does not apply to humans and any non-demons, as they have their independent magic and abilities. Yes, these abilities can be learned by outside of the tiers, even if the user is not a demon.

Your three characters be one of five things: A demon on the neutral side, A Demon on the civil sidelines, A Demon on the side of crime, A Non-Demon CDTFH Agent, or An everyday civilian.

This all takes place in Hokkaido region of Japan in year 2030, while most supernatural creatures exist in Japan; demons mostly populates in Hokkaido as they see it as some sort of refuge.

This is a small roleplay, each will have three characters per roleplayer, all characters must be over the age of 16, no oneliners, and no complaining. If you have any, feel free to ask them.

NOTE: I might feel a bit rusty, since I haven't roleplayed for a very long time
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Hoosier Anime Roleplayer/Writer
Nov 29, 2015
Indianapolis, Indiana
Now, here's a question that I might get a lot, are demons allowed in the CDTFH? Sadly, demons aren't allowed in, since the organization has a strong-hold policy concerning demons, since some can easily disguise themselves and infiltrate their security.
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