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Birthday dogging

May 29, 2017
Dad always went out on Thursday evenings. Never missed. Regular as clockwork. I assumed he was out with his mates. He never said where he was going and mum never asked. She couldn’t have minded, because I’d hear them chatting and laughing in their room when he came back.

It was just after my fourteenth birthday that I realised they were doing more than chatting. Don’t get me wrong. I wasn’t some naïve teenager. I knew all about sex and understood that they’d be doing it. It just hadn’t occurred to me that that was when they did it – every Thursday after dad got back. However, late he was, mum was ready and waiting.

I’m not a snooper. It just happened that I got up for a pee and happened to pass their door. It was slightly ajar and I paused to listen to what they were laughing about. And in the moonlight, through the gap in the door, I saw that dad was whispering into her ear as he fucked her hard. Somehow, I just knew he was telling her what he had been doing that evening.

I couldn’t hear what he was saying, so in the coming weeks I stayed away and crept along to their door to try to hear what he was saying. I only managed to catch the odd word, but gradually I heard enough to set me on the right trail.

Rachel – I heard that name a lot. Dogging too – I didn’t know what that word meant until I googled it. “Sex in public,” the website said, “with men sharing the same woman or women, usually in a secluded car park or wood. Illegal in Britain.”

So that it was it. Dad was out fucking with other women and mum didn’t mind. I tried googling Rachel, but that produced nothing, until I combined it with dogging and the screen lit up. She was famous, with her own website; she even went on tours around the country. There were even clips of her in action.

At first, I thought I must have got this wrong, but as I listened more often, the details built up. It wasn’t just Rachel. There were other women, Cheryl, Pat and Diane, but Rachel was his favourite.

After that, I used to lie in bed wanking off to clips of Rachel sucking guys cocks or being fucked while others stood around waiting their turn. Sometimes, she’d take several guys at once, doing blowjobs and handjobs while being fucked by her car. The thing that struck me was how much she looked like mum. Same age and height. Same blond hair – obviously dyed because her pubes were black, not that I’d ever seen my mum’s pubes. Same big tits, wide hips, flabby ass and heavy thighs. Is that why dad was so taken with her?

It was later that year when dad asked me what I’d like for Christmas and I just came out with it. I told him I wanted to go with him on Thursday evening. He laughed, but I persisted, telling him I knew where he went and what he did. He went very quiet for a while, thoughtful like, and when he spoke his voice was hard.

‘You little bastard, you’ve been spying on me and your mother, haven’t you.’

I must have blushed. No way would I admit everything, but I had to explain how I knew.

‘No, dad, I wouldn’t do that.’ I protested. ‘I just happened to hear you one night when I went to the bathroom, that’s all. Then I put two and two together and did some research. That’s all, honestly.’

That must have mollified him, because his reply was less menacing.

‘Kids nowadays. You grow up so fast. Well, there’s no point you coming. You’re too young. The women wouldn’t have anyone there who’s under age. You’re not 15 yet, let alone 16.’

OK, I got the message. It was fair enough, although I couldn’t see why they should be bothered about my age when dogging was illegal anyway. But I could bide my time and that is what I did.

Approaching my sixteenth birthday, dad asked me if there was anything special I’d like. ‘As if I can’t guess,’ he added with a grin.

‘Please, dad, I’ll be old enough then. Take me with you, just once, please.’

He promised to talk to mum about it, which I wasn’t sure was a good idea, but the next day he told me she’d agreed and we set the date for the first Thursday in the summer holidays after my birthday.
May 29, 2017
Dad put his head into my room just after I'd finished my shower.

'It's a warm night, so we'll only need jeans and t-shirts.'

He looked at me standing there is a pair of blue shorts.

'Oh and it's best to go commando. It's easier that way - for everyone.'

An hour later, as we were leaving, mum came up and gave me a big hug.

'Good luck, love,' she whispered. 'Just do what you dad tells you and you'll be OK.'

Dad was quiet in the car. He was always quiet when driving, but this was different somehow, like he was preparing himself mentally for something.

'How far is it, dad?' I tried not to show my impatience.

'About another half an hour. We move around so that the police don't catch on to us,' he added.

We sat in silence for another half an hour before he began talking seriously to me.

'There are only two rules, but you must keep to them. If you don't, none of the women will have anything to do with you, ever. You'll be banned. OK?'

It felt strange knowing that I'd be going with women, mature women and not girls of my own age, some might be as old as mum, or older.

'Sure, dad, just tell me what to do.'

'Right. The first rule is to treat the women with respect.'

'That's easy, dad,' I assured him, 'I wouldn't ever thing of not doing that.'

He smiled like he was proud of me.

'Good, well the other rule is to remember that the women are in charge. They decide who they'll go with and what they'll do and you have to accept that. You OK with that?'

'Sure,' it was obviously important to dad that I behave myself and not get him banned along with me.

By now we were pulling off the road into a car park. Dad pointed.

'We leave the car here. The women are parked among those trees.' He pointed to a clump of fir trees on the left. 'Let's go.'

As we approached, the lights of the women's cars became visible through the branches. We passed some men and dad whispered to me.

'They're gawpers. Just come to watch and maybe have a wank too. There are always some of those around. Just ignore them, they're not interested in us.'

We emerged into a clearing and found about half a dozen cars with clusters of men around them, maybe twenty or more.

'It's just getting started,' dad told me, 'it will be busier later. I prefer to get here early and then get back home.'

'Yea,' I grinned, 'I know, I've heard you with mum, remember.'

He didn't say anything, just gave me a conspiratorial nudge.

We wandered around and he told me the names of the women. Some of the guys came over to him and they chatted briefly. Each one asked the same questions.

To dad they said: 'This your son?' and to me: 'This your first time?'

We both said: yes, dad proudly, me sheepishly.

As we came to the last car, dad held me back. 'This is Rachel,' he said. 'Let's go and pay our respects.'
May 29, 2017
‘Rachel is your favourite, isn’t she?’ I asked as she walking over to a black car with a guy standing my the windown. I had tried to sound casual, but dad spun on me.

‘So you have been listening. I felt sure I’d heard you outside our bedroom door, but your mum was just as sure I had imagined it.’ But his anger faded as quickly as it always did, to be replaced by a grin. ‘Well I guess I’d have done the same when I was your age. And since you ask, she’s special, yes very special.’

He let the way and I hurried after him, eager for my first glimpse of Rachel in the flesh so to speak. She was sitting in the passenger seat with a guy leaning in fondling her tits while she jerked him off through the window.

She looked just like I had seen her on the web. Slightly chubby face, dirty blond hair, white blouse, lack lace bra and thong, short black skirt, suspenders and stockings. She sounded just the same too, with a soft Midlands accent that it was impossible to place exactly, as she encouraged the guy she was wanking to ‘cum on baby, fuck your slut.’

Some of the hangers on were getting themselves off as they watched, but dad just stood back and waited. When the guy had finished and was packing his cock away, dad pushed into the gap. Rachel smiled at him and then caught sight of me.

‘It’s OK,’ she was obviously worried about my age, ‘this is my son, just turned 16.’

Rachel relaxed. ‘That’s a good age to start dogging.’ She was flashing her thick white thighs as she spread her legs and climbed out of the car. ‘Fancy a doggy?’ Dad was already unzipping and sprang out already hard. Rachel turned, bent of the bonnet of her car and spread her legs. Dad pushed her thong aside and drove straight in.

‘First of the night,’ Rachel moaned, as dad pumped her without ceremony like they were two animals rutting. She turned her head towards me and laughed at the sight of me watching my father. ‘Not seen him like this before have you?’ I shook my head. ‘He’s good,’ she gasped as dad adjusted his position to get in deeper, ‘sooo gooood-d-d.’ And with a sudden shudder he came. And as soon as he’d cum, he pulled out and stepped away. Looking around, that seemed to be what all the guys did, part of the etiquette, get off and get away.

Rachel stepped out of her thong and beckoned me over. She took my hand and rubbed it along her crotch, hot and wet after dad’s visit. Then she pulled it up and licked each finger before kissing me on the lips, giving me a taste of her juices and dad’s spunk.

‘Come back later, when it’s quieter,’ she whispered.

Dad and I walked away. It was only when we were clear of all the other guys that he said anything. ‘That’s an honour, to be invited to pay her a visit like that. This could be your lucky night, son.’ Then he turned business-like. ‘I’m going to leave you on your own now. Try one of the girls if you fancy.’ But I shook my head. Rachel was the only one I wanted. Dad, it seemed, wasn’t so fussy.
May 29, 2017
Dad’s a real stud and no mistake. I didn’t follow him around, so as not to cramp his style, but I spotted him in action a couple of times. Once he was getting sucked out by a girl who didn’t look much older than me. It wasn’t long after that when I saw him flat on his back in a pick-up being ridden by a large black woman whose huge tits would have knocked him out cold if he’d sat up. And I knew he’d go home and relive it all with mum. At any age that was impressive.

I wandered around and a couple of the women invited me over, but I shook my head. They didn’t seem to mind; it was like there was some bush telegraph that told them I was Rachel’s. I kept an eye on her car from a distance, but there always seemed to be guys around her, so I was beginning to despair until a spotted her on her own for the first time that evening.

As I hurried over, she began shutting the windows of her car. She caught the look of disappointment on my face. ‘Don’t worry,’ she flashed a broad smile at me. ‘This is a signal for others to stay away. We don’t want an audience for your first time, do we?’ She turned to me. ‘I am right, aren’t I, this is your first time, not just dogging but first time ever.’ I nodded; there was no point lying to an expert like her.

She climbed in the back of the car and I scrambled after her, pulling the door shut behind me. She was kneeling in just her suspender belt and stockings, not to forgot those high heels. ‘So,’ her smile was reassuring this time, ‘let Rachel see what you’re packing.’ She unbuttoned my jeans and pushed them over my hips in one swift movement, leaving my cock to fly out. I wasn’t completely hard, nerves had set in, but at least it was waving at half mast. She bent down and took me in her mouth. I immediately let out a loud groan at the sensation as her tongue worked around my shaft and her head bobbed. I prayed not to cum, but there was no need because she pulled away just as I thought I couldn’t take it any more.

‘Well,’ she gave me an appraising look, ‘you’re as big as your father and you’ll grow some more before you’re done.’ He tone turned serious now. ‘But don’t tell him I said that. Fathers want to be proud of their sons, but not outdone by them. OK?’ I nodded and she lay back, spreading her legs and pulling me down onto her. Her hand guided me and before I knew it, I was deep inside her with her legs around me and her heels digging into me.

‘Just hold it there and get used to feel.’ She sounded like a teacher, which is what she was, I suppose. I thought she just meant get used to the warm wetness of her vag, but she didn’t. She began rippling muscles, it was like she could massage my cock without moving. And it was like she could read my mind too, because every time I felt like blowing off, she slowed down.

‘How does it feel,’ she asked during a pause, ‘to follow your dad and all those other guys?’ I wasn’t sure what to say, except that it wasn’t a good idea to mention mum, so I just said it was all so exciting I didn’t know what to say. She smiled. ‘That’s what gets these guys off, knowing they’re sharing me. And that’s what gets me off too. We’re like animals in a herd with the males competing to get the best female. Which means me.’

‘I know,’ I told her, ‘I’ve seen your on video.’ And then a thought struck me. Were there cams in the cars, was someone filming through the window? I looked around and she began quaking with laughter. ‘Don’t worry, no one is filming tonight, this is all private, just us two. Now, why don’t you suck my tits for a while, I like that.’

I didn’t need a second invitation. I ducked my head and sucked hard on her right nipple, while I pinched and squeezed the other. She soon pulled my head to the other side and without asking permission I risked grabbing her ass with both hands. That got her moaning and gyrating her hips. ‘Time to fill my spunk box. Come on, pump me, hard as you like.’

I pumped frantically, as she began talking. ‘You’re the eighth guy to jack off in me tonight, you, your dad, and six others. Quite a quiet night really. But I haven’t come yet.’

My cock stiffened even harder with pride. Was I going to be the one who got Rachel off tonight? Did, I wondered, the guys compete for this privilege? I began to pump more frantically.

‘Hey, stud, slow down, take it steady or you’ll blow off before I’m done.’

I stopped and muttered that I was sorry.

‘No need to be,’ she sat up a bit, ‘you’re excited and that’s only natural. Just let me rub my clit and you do exactly what I say and we’ll both be fine.’

So I did what dad had told me, let the woman take charge. She lay there, one finger working her clit while her other hand pulled and twisted her nipples, with her giving me instructions – fast, slow, short pumps, long thrusts, deeper, harder, faster, slow down, more to left, that’s better. I felt like the studs in porn movies on the web – the talent they’re called, because no one really cares about them – they’re just there to get the women off. And that’s what I was, except I didn’t kid myself that this about in any way about me. I just happened to be the one tonight to come in last and finish off what had been building up inside her all evening.

When she came, she didn’t scream or shout or squirm, she just went very still and then began shaking. And then she propped herself up on her elbows. ‘OK, that was good, you can finish off now, any way you want.’ It only took a few more pumps and I dumped my load. As soon as I had finished, she pulled up my jeans and said she hoped to see me again some time.

And that was it – I was dismissed, like all the others.
May 29, 2017
Dad and I sat quietly in the car as he drove us home. We were about half way there when he asked me how I had found the experience. ‘Good, dad,’ I said, good.’ He looked across and said it sounded like there was a ‘but’ coming. ‘Well, yes,’ I admitted, ‘there is, sort of. It’s just that I felt like I was being used, like we were all being used.’

Dad nodded. ‘You’re right. Those girls can’t get enough cock. No normal guy can give them what they need. Rachel will go home and be fucked by her husband for the rest of the night and even then she may not get off.’

I didn’t tell dad that she had cum with me – and yes I was sure she had, even though it was my first time.

‘You didn’t do so bad,’ I told him. ‘Didn’t I spot you with two others after Rachel.’ Dad’s face lit into a broad grin. ‘Three actually. I was with the redhead while you were with Rachel.’ So he had been keeping an eye on me.

‘And,’ I added, ‘you’re now going home to mum. That’s impressive.’ Dad said nothing, so I went on. ‘Doesn’t mum mind you going with other women?’

‘No,’ he confided, ‘it was actually her idea. Our sex life was a bit jaded after you were born. We talked about what we could do to liven it up. Mum liked the idea of public sex but is too shy to do it herself. We were into threesomes for a while, but that didn’t work out as one of us always felt left out. So when she found out about dogging on the web, she suggested I try it and then come home and relive it for her.’

We sat quietly again as I digested this new information about my parents. I felt I should say something to dad for taking me with him, but ‘thanks’ didn’t seem right somehow. In the end, I said, ‘Dad, it’s been really good sharing Rachel with you. It’s made this really special for me.’

‘I know, son, I know, it’s been special for me too, being there when you became a man.’ For a moment I thought there was a tear in the corner of his eye, but it must just have been a reflection.

I went back a few times and sampled some of the other women, but none compared to Rachel. All that came to an end, though, when I went to uni. As far as I know, dad still goes along every Thursday.

In case you were wondering:

Yes, there really is someone called Rachel. Check her out online.

Yes, I have had the pleasure of visiting Rachel.

No, she was not my first fuck. Pity.
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