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Young Slut , cheating, breeding, Cuckolding and more (NSFW)


Feb 26, 2012
I have a couple role play ideas i am craving, but i am always down for more:

Teen slut:
Looking to play younger girl that is a big slut, comes from a broken home, poor, always going to other peoples are friends houses. She has one friend a particularly rich friend who always asks her over, of course she always goes, however its more for chances to seduce the father. Would love to pretend to be Niave, and innocent with him, while really being a greedy slut, looking to take his seed, and his money to use as blackmail to get him to make her life better and make him her submissive, for all sorts of knky fun.
Goth Bimbo succubus Slut.
love to play a goth girl who rather uses magic to summon something that ends up making her its slave bitch, her hating at first but his magic muscle and power makes her crave it more and more till shes all his. or perhaps a fellow man or woman finds a magic book and uses magic to alter her mind and body to there will. (absolutely love bimboficiation.

Would also love to be turned into a succubus to seduce other men, that is a huge fantasy of mine too.

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