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Mx Female The "Amazon Chaser" Trope is Real!

Gym Rat

Jan 3, 2016
US west coast
Greetings! My previous request thread on this topic is getting old, and I'm tired of bumping it. (These threads are heavy!!!) And it was also somewhat non-specific, so I've decided to start from scratch, and include some actual starter prompts this time.

Exciting, right?

(You don't have to agree with me. I won't be offended. Not much, anyway.)

Okay Gym Rat, enough with the silliness. What are you looking for?
If you've seen my old thread, then you might have a basic understanding of what I love. Strong women. Very strong. My actual sexual kinks are pretty vanilla, so I apologize in advance for boring all of the more experimental writers out there. What I want is something sweet and fun. Romantic, even. YC's super strength is the sexual trigger that gets MC (and hopefully her as well) so worked up that they can't help shagging!

So....I'm not clear on what your style and goals are Gym this smut? Or story? You're not making any sense!
Fair enough--I can understand the confusion that I've caused. I don't know if it falls more squarely into one bucket or the other. I'm not a professional novelist, so the storylines themselves will likely be rather simplistic. Don't expect me to write mind-bending plot twists. You probably won't find that our story will be filled with complicated details that make the reader question reality. But that said, what my writing will lack in epic storytelling, I'll make up for in description, detail, quality grammar and punctuation, dialogue, sharing MC's thoughts and reactions, and good, pure fun.

Damn you Gym Rat! That didn't really answer the question. So, mostly smut then?
I love a good build-up. Teasing. The step by step increase in sexual tension. It won't jump right into smut. Despite the fact that the storyline will be fairly basic, we'll take our time getting to the juicy stuff. That makes the juicy stuff so much better, doesn't it? I think so, anyway.

I guess this means you want to be dominated?
No. I can understand how you would think that, but I don't really fall into any kind of standard "domme/sub" spectrum. I have no interest in pain, or having MC be made to suffer. Remember how I mentioned that I like things sweet and romantic? Think along the lines of the female using her power to seduce the guy. Imagine that the super strong girl has been unlucky in love, because most men are turned off by her power. Will she ever find a man who appreciates all that she has to offer? Imagine that the guy has always dreamed of meeting and falling for a girl whose physical strength is exceptional. I mean, they don't exist, right? Imagine how both of them probably never believed that it might ever happen for them. Well, now it will!

Okay, I think I understand. So, back to your "strong woman" fetish. Does that mean, like, muscles and stuff? Girls with big biceps? Ewww, that's gross!
Touche. It's a look that's not for everyone, and I understand that it's a turn-off for many, if not most. Though probably most. So, you'll see that some of my ideas revolve around girls who are buff, and others revolve around girls who are slender yet impossibly strong. Don't confuse strength or muscularity with "manliness." I love femininity, and I think that this kind of power accentuates femininity rather than detracting from it.

I assume you have a million rules, just like most other people, right?
Not many.
  • I greatly prefer PMs over threads.
  • I'm not a grammar nazi, but I hope you're reasonably competent. Post length can vary. A few good paragraphs is nice. I typically write a couple of fairly long posts earlier on as we're setting things up, and parts with more dialogue will have shorter posts.
  • I don't freak out over post frequency. I'll often do one post per day, sometimes I'll do multiple posts in a day, and sometimes I'll go a few days between posts. Whatever fits into your schedule works for me. Real life always comes first. If a week or so goes by and I haven't heard from you, I'll probably shoot you a polite, quick OOC message just to make sure that you're still interested.
  • I generally write in third person. But if you much prefer first person, then I can do that too. Second person is kind of weird. And don't get me started about fourth person--totally inappropriate for roleplay stories. And fifth person......okay, I'll stop being silly.

Thanks Gym Rat, I think I'm kind of getting it now. So, you said that you had some prompts in mind? I hope so. Your last request thread wasn't very helpful in that regard.
I did? Oh yeah! I did! Of course, all of them will be remarkably similar. Hey, don't hate--I know what I like!

I've never been a comic book reader, so I apologize in advance for my lack of perfect, specific knowledge. That said, as a fan of superwomen, I obviously have at least a passing understanding of the biggies. Hopefully enough to entice you, though if you're a real stickler for pure canon ideas, then this might not be for you.

It would be fun to spin a vignette about a heroine like Power Girl, She Hulk, Wonder Woman, or Supergirl with their new boyfriend. Building up to the moment when YC's secret identity decides that it's time to reveal to her beau that she's actually the famous superheroine! Will he be freaked out? Intimidated? Scared off? Or will he actually like the fact that she can lift a locomotive over her head? (Spoiler alert--he's going to like it. :))

Or we could pair her with Superman.....just as long as she's stronger than he is. What's sexier than a woman out-muscling the Man of Steel?

We could do something along the same lines, only without limiting you to those famous ladies discussed above. Create your own! Make her big and buff, or make her a skinny waif. Come up with your own origin story. Flex your creative muscles.

Remember the 2000 Bruce Willis superhero movie? To be honest, it wasn't that great. And don't worry, I'm not interested in re-hashing it or doing something canon related to it. But I do have an idea loosely based on it. Really, just one scene. (Or two scenes, if you count the deleted university weight room scene.) Anyway, Bruce's character is realizing that he's some sort of superhero. He doesn't lift cars and fly, or anything like that. But, he finds that, among other things, he's able to summon mildly superhuman strength as needed, enabling him to be a vigilante hero. The scene in question takes place in his basement, where his son goads him into seeing how much weight he can bench press with his weight set. He keeps adding more and more weight, and each time, he surprises both himself and his son by being able to lift it. By the end of the scene, he's using all of the weights, plus anything else that they could find to hang from the ends of the barbell. Somewhere over 300 pounds. (The deleted scene has him doing almost 500 pounds).

How about something along those same lines, only the character testing her surprising strength is a girl? And the witness is her boyfriend, husband, or friend-who's-about-to-become-more-than-a-friend? Oh yeah......and several more rounds of adding weight so that the final result is a lot more weight than good ol' Bruce was lifting. A lot more!

I've started stories like this a few times, but, as most of you know, many writers on here end up disappearing, so I've never finished one. I see this as being something 18-22, so high school senior or university age. YC's family moves in next door to MC's. MC's secret fetish is strong and/or built women, so he's familiar with many of the semi-celebrity females in the elite competition circles. When she's dressed in normal clothes, few people would guess, but YC is actually a champion bodybuilder or powerlifter. And she just happens to be MC's secret semi-celebrity crush!

He could, after a bit of setup and buildup, get over his shyness and tell her that he knows who she is, and that he's admired her from afar.

And for her part, she's been training privately at home even so much harder since winning the national championship last year, and her results are literally un. Freaking. Believable. And MC is about to become the first (and perhaps only) guy to whom she's going to reveal those results!

Yes, yes, yes......on my semi-regular visits to Vegas, just like many single men, I'm known to spend part of an evening at one of Sin City's excellent gentlemen's clubs full of dozens of lovely ladies. You caught me. I'm a degenerate. :p

Last year, I had a nice little experience there that I've fantasized about ever since, and I'd love to spin a story that starts pretty much exactly as that experience started, and then veers into delicious fantasy land. Sue me. It's been on my mind ever since!

Here's what happened. It's already obvious that I love very fit ladies, right? So, at a gentlemen's club, I'll be keeping an eye out in case I spot a dancer who fits that description. On this occasion, I saw a cute dancer across the room who looked pretty fit and toned, though she didn't really appear to be what anybody would consider "muscular." But she was definitely fit and cute, and we made eye contact. She came over to where I was sitting, and, as dancers are wont to do when they're trying to sell a customer on a lap dance, she starting talking to me while rubbing my chest and complimenting me for being in shape. So, I said something to her along the lines of the fact that she looked like she was in shape too. It was a throwaway compliment, as I really didn't think she was a fitness babe.

She squatted down next to my chair so that she wouldn't draw much attention from the other people in the club, she raised one of her arms, and flexed a bicep that one mind find on an offseason fitness or figure competitor. Needless to say, I was surprised!

She could tell. "You weren't expecting that, were you?" she teased me. I told her that I wasn't, and that I like it a lot. She stood back up and began rubbing my chest again, and teased me about my nipples getting hard.

She then squatted down next to my chair again, and repeated the flexing display, smiling devilishly and asking me, "Isn't that hot?"

It was. :) Yes, she sold me a lap dance.

I'd love to do a story where the first few sets of posts are basically just like that experience. Only perhaps with even more surprising muscle. And it would continue from there, where perhaps YC would invite MC back to her place later that night or the following night. She, of course, would probably have a weight set at home. And, just like my other prompts, impossible lifting skills.

If you have a kink for age gaps, that theme could very appropriately be applied to this prompt. MC could be a professor of whatever age you like, and YC could be a cute young coed at the university. His area of specialty is bionics, and he believes he's on the verge of a major breakthrough. She's the volunteer test subject.

I recently vacationed in Europe, and after joining the throngs of tourists walking through Amsterdam's Red Light District, this one has been bouncing around in my head.

(No, I didn't partake. I know you think I'm a degenerate because of my Stripper prompt, but I'm not THAT much of a degenerate!) :LOL:

Anyway, I'm imagining that the guy is doing that tourist crawl, really just there to see what the fuss is all about, when suddenly he sees a red lit window with a girl who's unlike any of the other professional sex workers that this famous district has to offer. She has generous feminine curves AND muscular curves. The other tourists walking past are turned off, or they think she's a freak show. But to him, she's the sexiest woman he's ever seen.

Maybe you've noticed this, and maybe you haven't. But it seems like anytime there's a movie or tv show with superheroines or other female action characters, there's always some tabloid feature about how the actress(es) got into "super" shape to play (fill in the blank) superheroine role. Usually the feature has some breathless blurb about how she's deadlifting more than two hundred pounds. I'd like to take this more into the extremes (of course!).

I have an idea where an actress actually DID get into "super" shape! Perhaps she's buffed up a bit (to be determined). But she's definitely able to move mountains of iron in the weight room! My character could be her boyfriend, or maybe he's a lowly but lucky production assistant on set. Either way, her trailer on the set is always shaking and rocking. Partially from the absurdly heavy weights that she's pumping in there between filming scenes. But also because of all of the energetic sex that she and the lucky guy are having in between workout sets!

I happen to have a thing for Supergirl's Melissa Benoist, but I'm open to other actual celebrities, or a fictional one. Let's hear your ideas too!

Thank you for exercising your patience by reading this. All that's missing is your PM in my inbox!
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Gym Rat

Jan 3, 2016
US west coast
Continuing to keep my eyes wide open for more opportunities with new partners. (Also corrected a couple of typos that I'm disappointed in myself for having missed the first time.)
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