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The Awakening


Mar 9, 2016
Hey guys.

Gosh, its been a while. Been busy with this and that, but one thing in particular has taken up A LOT of my time. I wrote a novel, yay! I even published the thing on Amazon, double yay! And yeah, now I'm here to do a little bit of shameless advertising, cause why not? :p

So what's it about, you ask? Honestly, it covers a wide range of genre's, from crime, sci-fi, fantasy and horror, even *gasp* a little bit of romance, coupled with my own dark humour. No sex, sadly, but hey, you guys get enough of that here, I bet. So if you need a break away from the norm, go check it out. The story follows detective James Johnson, who is called to a crime scene only to discover he just had a rather weird dream about the victim, and it only gets weirder from there, pitting James against ghosts, dream phantoms and of course your every day murderous psychopaths.

Rather than repost part of it here, I will supply you with a link to Amazon, so you can check it for yourself. Click on the book cover for a rather sizeable sample. Enjoy.
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