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Fx M or F Looking for Literate Dom. Partners (Super Kink & Fandom Friendly) [Plots Updated 7/9]


Not your traditional bitch
Sep 1, 2018
The moon
Things about me

-Been Rping for over seven years
- I post between three to eight or more paragraphs a post, with details.
- I have an eye problem and have a tendency to miss words here and there in my posts. It's nothing major but just a heads up.
-I only do story/plot driven rps with a decent amount of smut (I am very kink-friendly)
- If you're interested in anything or have your own plot or ideas pm me,
-I rp in pm only.
-I am fine with F x F so long as your character is a hermaphrodite(dick girl/futa/shemale)
-I ask that you be able to post at 500 words a post
-In terms of plots and things, do not worry about whether I have anything planned out or not(I don't I'm kind of just winging). I never follow my plot ideas down to the last letter so I don't expect you too.
-I like to discuss plots and chat in OOC.
-You must contribute to the story and plot, otherwise, I lose interest if I'm the only one making things happen.
-I am super forgetful if I haven't responded to a post bump it! Nine times out of time I forgot to reply.
-I always do slow-burn relationships when it comes to romantic relationships. Even with canons, although will change that if your plot needs too.
-You can plot with me or pick a plot to rp with me. Either or is good for me.

Kinks/thing I don't enjoy
*I keep getting asked this so I figured I'd put this in its a very small list. If it's not up here I am up to exploring it or willing to rp it.*

-Harems(if I am stuck rping a bunch of girls devoted to your character I lose interest fast).
-Not into playing seductive characters(slutty sure) seductive not really my thing. I'm nowhere near seductive and so fail when trying to rp it.
-Scat(I just can't)
-Anything that results in me playing multiple characters who's interests revolves around one person. If you want to do it go ahead. (I can play multiple characters in an rp as well as Canons but they cannot have the same love/sexual partner. It's a weird peeve of mine). I'll do threesomes, foursome, gangbangs, whatever, but if I'm playing all the characters who main focus is your one character it's a huge turn off and muse murderer for me.
-Death(I don't like rping dead characters)
-Gore( I love rping it but not as a kink)
-Food play(I eat my food I don't play with it)
-Do not ask me to come up with multiple scenarios or what 'your' character should do in whatever situation. Part of RPing is having an imagination and winging it.

Turn Ons
*What I'm drawn to in my partner's characters. Do not need all or any of these just let you what I like.*
-Long hair
-Cold with everyone but her
-A fighter with everyone and her
-Animal Lover

Turn Offs
*Unless it's underlined you're free to ignore it*
*Body/Facial Hair
*Poor Hygiene
*Flirting with others
-Bodybuilders' bulgy muscles
*Insecurity, okay with some insecurity just not all the time.
*Soft, gives into others and her without a fight

Stuff I like rping
*Please ask if you don't see something you'd like to rp. If I typed everything I liked rping it we'd be here for days.

I can RP Canons, however, my OC/s must be the main character and the Canon/s as secondary characters. Do not ask me to do an Oc x Canon pairing with me playing the canon unless the plot you offer allows me to play an OC as the main character. I also will not do plots with nothing changing but a character insert, those bored me to death. I also have no problem playing a character whose image is a canon but turned into my own character.

Pokemon[I only play OC here and don't have any problem with pokephilea which is pokemon x trainer]
Black Butler
Digimon(Will do Digimon x human)
Soul Eater
Teen Titans(new)
Vampire Knight(OCs only)
Angel of Death

Maleficent 1 and 2 (would love to do something with this)
Suicide Squad
Star Wars
His Dark Materials
ROTG(would love to cross this with Frozen)

Maximum Ride
Scorpio Races

Any of the Legends of Zelda
Monster Hunter Stories(MHS)
Dead or Alive
Fate Grand Order(FGO)

Incest( love it)
Dragons(like with Riders)
Omegaverse(have a craving for this)
Mentally Ill (Psychopaths, Serial Killers, etc.)
*These are just off the top of my head, there's a lot more but I don't feel like listing them all. If something you'd like to do but I don't have up just ask about it. Seriously ask I am so bored right now.*

Here are some plots I wouldn't mind doing, they're all end up with a romance between two characters and all one on one. Keep in mind that some of these plots are long, but will not be followed word for word. When I make plots my muse gets away with me so most of them are never short. The plot can go in whatever direction after we start it. Please contribute to the plot.

In an alternate present-day, humans, elves, fairies, vampires, centaurs, werewolves, and so on have been coexisting since the beginning of time. Those with power, like vampires, and elves, sit at the top of society and are extremely rare to be or found in public. Those with numbers like Humans and Centaurs are considered middle classed citizens. Those outcasted by the higher classed citizens, like Werewolves and Fairies, are the lowest classed citizens. M/C is an elf who was kidnapped from her home and sold for a high price on the black market where she is sold to a mysterious woman called Rumplestiltskin. Y/C is a werewolf who is more or less sold to pay their parents debt to a man called Boogyman.

The Boogyman and Rumple turn out to be partners in crime, a legendary assassin, and master cyber assassin. These two are known far and wild throughout the world as partners to be feared, they offered their hands to people who have upset the High Table, a council of high-level crime lords that each lead one of the underworld's most powerful organizations. They are the only two assassins who have ever challenged the High Table. M/C and Y/C are trained as their successors. The pair become something of foster parents to our characters. M/C is taught how to hack into anything, how to makes people in horribly serious situations die, completely wipe them off the face of the plant, relocate them, gives them new identities and lives. Y/C is taught how to kill with a pencil, taught a variety of martial arts, weaponry, and skills fit for an assassin. As they get older, our characters are sent to spread their wings. With some help from M/C, they craft identities as college students, playing the part of normal students while taking jobs as hitmen under the alias Little Red Riding Hood and (pick Y/C's). M/C lines up the jobs and ensures their identities are safe from their employers and the High Table, Y/C executes the kills.

In less than a year, they gain a reputation for their efficiency and became highly respected and feared within the criminal underworld as almost all top brasses in the Mafia and criminal organizations knew about them. They become legends of their own. When they're not running around sending people to their deaths, they enjoy the stress-free life of a college student. Y/C gains a great amount of popularity and a large social life whereas M/C is more of a bookworm and is somewhat of an adorable, sweet, geek until she opens her mouth, her personality and appearance don't match at all. The two are the best of friends, they tell each other everything, literally everything. M/C is constantly hooking up Y/C with dates, gives Y/C advice when needed, and is something of wingman when needed. Since Y/C is a wolf and mates for life, finding a life mate is one of Y/C priorities. Y/C newest partner is a close friend of M/C and has had a crush on Y/C for the last year. She set you two up and Y/C has been with M/C's friend for almost a year, the longest Y/C has ever dated. Everything is going great for Y/C everything except the sex. It's too vanilla and being literally part beast, Y/C can only handle it for it so long.

Naturally Y/C talks to M/C about it expecting some advice on it, instead Y/C learns some new things about M/C. Such as her terrible sex life, and last two guys she screwed and how bad in bed they were. Then she casually goes into how she just wants to be dominated and used and how terrible it was being an elf and being treating so delicate. Y/C blocks out the rest of her rant, having not known that she even dated let alone had sex. As she goes into a more detailed description of what she's looking for, Y/C decides if she wants good sex why not give it to her. Y/C doesn't ask just takes, and M/C is more than happy to oblige. From then on the two become friends with benefits, with permission from M/C to take her whenever Y/C feels like it, life oddly enough doesn't change. Our characters are still great friends, now they just fuck each other. Everything's okay until people start noticing that the two of them are spending even more time together. For someone reason, it never occurred to either character that dating each other was in the realm of possibilities, it wasn't a thought, and anyone who asked if they were dating was often laughed at...until now.

Our characters thoughts are soon preoccupied with each other, they start noticing things about each other they didn't notice before, things slowly start changing as their feelings do. They do their best to ignore, deny it, but all that does is cause conflict as unwanted frustration and jealous grow into heated arguments which somehow always turns into rough apology sex. After one of those sessions, Y/C starts leaving possessive marks on M/C body, something she's uncertain if she should be pissed or pleased about. As they try to juggle their emotions with their need to keep things the same, they get a message from their foster father, Boogyman, their foster mother, Rumplestilskin was found and killed by the High Table and now the High Table is coming for them.

In a magical world there lived three different species, two magical and one not. The two magical species were dubbed as Fae by the nonmagical species, humans. The humans, greedy, fearful, ignorant, and ambitious, decided to wage war against the peaceful Fae for their homeland in a magical forest, the Moor. The Light Fae, though many, were often small and not known for their skills in battle, and so it left the Dark Fae, humanoid beings with massive wings and horns, and some magic, to protect the Light Fae and their home. Like the humans, who had their kingdom and their leaders, Kings, and Queens, the Moor and the Fae had their own rulers, they were Dark Fae known as descendants of the Phoenix, a great and powerful mythical creature long ago deceased. These descendants were called Fire-bloods by the Fae and served as Emperor and Empresses, the imperial family, they were also gifted with great magical powers, stronger then any other Dark Fae, that allowed them to level out the differences in numbers between the Fae and Humans as War soon consumed the two races. Despite their power, the descendants of the Phoenix were few, and when the humans discover that Fae were fatally weak to iron, one by one ruling Fae and their bloodline were cut down until finally, with their numbers near to extinction, the Dark Fae were forced to flee the Moor to survive. In a last-ditch effort to protect the Light Fae and the Moor, a barrier was put up by the last remaining Fire-blood, before the Dark Fae fled. They haven't been seen or heard of until now, nearly one hundred years later.

Y/C is the Fire-blood that put the barrier up all those years ago. While slowly regaining their numbers, they return with Y/C as their emperor to reclaim what rightfully belongs to them. The Moors barely stands after all those years, the humans managed to break through the barrier and their greed ravaged the land killing nearly everything in the Moor. The Light Fae that lived there, those that did not die, were enslaved by humans in their kingdoms. Paraded around like fancy pets, disgraced. Y/C makes plans for war at once, attacking the closest and strongest kingdom, Trozai, only to discover that the humans have added another weapon to their arsenal, red dust known as Fae Killer. As Y/C watches their brethren fight literally to the death, Y/C plans to call a retreat but not before taking the life of the King. Though killing the King is not as easy as Y/C hopes especially when it's discovered that the King has a pet Fae of his own. Not just any Fae, a wingless, humanoid, female Fae with magic strong enough to nearly rival Y/C's and the power to neutralize the effects of the Fae Killer.

M/C was a spoil of wars, a Fireblood baby ripped from the arms of her dying mother. She is raised in Trozai as a slave, her wings are cut off from her body at a young age and her horn ripped out of her head. She is told she is a human with magic, a witch. Taught to serve Trozai royal family, though constantly abused in every possible, her spirit refuses to break. Her attitude and mouth get her into trouble numerous times, although forced into servitude and having gone through nearly three generations of Kings, she dreams of freedom every day. That day comes when the Dark Fae come, a brief fight between M/C and Y/C results in M/C losing. Instead of killing the King, Y/C decides to steal M/C from the Kingdom and the remaining Dark Fae Forces retreat to the Moor to regroup.

Upon waking in a castle literally made out of a tree, and in Y/C's bed, M/C is not happy. After learning that Y/C intends to take M/C as their wife and Empress regardless of her opinion, an argument ensues(more on her part). Finding her bitchiness and refusal to submit even after learning that Y/C is the Emperor of the Fae, oddly attractive, and M/C just naturally attracted to Y/C, somehow they end up fucking. This situation occurs multiplies times while they are together, Y/C not allowing M/C to leave the moor. Y/C finds it hard to convince M/C that she is not human nor a witch but a Dark Fae and Fireblood, and near impossible for her to marry Y/C. Although, Y/C learns that a firm hand(and sometimes something firmer) and a few sweet words get her to melt almost instantaneously. In time the two fall in love(even if M/C denies it), work on defeating the humans, and M/C even gets her wings returned to her(obviously making her believe she's a dark fae).

In a mixed timeline of ALA and LOK, the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation ally themselves together and disturb the balance of the four-nations (No Republic City). Instead of the Avatar, who was too young to be of any help at the start, a group known as the Equalists rise up and quell the rebellion thus the people start putting their faith in them instead of the Avatar. By the time the Avatar comes of age and starts looking for masters, the balance is utterly out of wack, like Non-benders start waging war against benders with the Equalists at their head and suddenly all four nations with benders are working together to fend for themselves against non-benders. The Equalist create an Empire for the Non-benders, by challenging and beating the Fire Nation, taking over their land and creating their Empire. The Firebenders are forced to take refugee in Ba Sing Se, and as the anti-benders power spreads to the other three elemental nations, more and more benders find themselves heading to Bai Sing Se. When M/C the avatar finally comes of age, she needs to find the other three elemental masters, Fire, Water, and Air to held her master all four elements. One master, Y/C she's finds in the walls of Bai Sing Se. Upon learning that the most powerful benders, those able to fend for themselves, are outside of Be Sing Se, it prompts the leaders of the four bending nations to send the Avatar and her teacher out to find the remaining masters and learn all four elements with the hope that the Avatar will once again be able to bring balance back to the world.

Note: I'll be playing a blind earth avatar, You'll be able to pick whichever element out of the remaining three, Water, Fire, and Air you want as your main character and the Avatar's first teacher. I would like them to develop a romantic relationship. We'll have two side characters, the last two masters that will need to be found and join team avatar. I will take one(unless you want to play both of them) and you will take the other, optional polyamory will be allowed for the four of them. Whether the relationships ends up platonic or romantic will be up for discussion.

Y/C and M/C, an Elf and a Demon, were secret childhood best friends who played with each other when they were younger but were forced apart for some reason, with promises of meeting each other again(or it could be something cute like getting married). As they grew older, although they forget exactly who their best friend was, they remember that they had a best friend and the promise they made. A war begins raging, not long after their separation, with the human race against the demon race. M/C ends up being an incredibly powerful healer, who could tip the war to one side or the other. She's is given to the humans to serve as the healer in the Hero's party to take down the demon king since the elves assume the humans are going to win this war, but on the journey to the human empire, she ends up getting kidnapped by the demons and taken to their domain where she meets Y/C the leader of the demon race. M/C is taken on the battlefield, under the protection of Y/C, she heals the injured soldiers giving them the upper hand against the humans. While traveling with Y/C she learns that demons are really misunderstood, and it's the humans that keep attacking them and innocent demons villages. M/C ends up wants to stay with the demons and fight for their cause willing after seeing how polite and civil demons could be. As our characters go to battle after battle, and spend more time with each other they could fall for each other as well as slowly remember that they were best friends.
Note: This is more story-driven over smut, however, if you'd like to more smut to the story we can make it an omegaverse, Y/C an Alpha and M/C an omega, while traveling together M/C would have to deal with her heats in a camp full of demonic alphas or Y/C

Y/C is the older sibling (or parent) of M/C. The two of you have always been closest to each other, until one day Y/C is drafted(or joined) the army and has to leave M/C behind with promises to be back by the end of the year. That doesn't happen, a weird outbreak that results in [zombies, vampires, or demons] arriving keeps Y/C and the army busy. Several long years pass and by the time Y/C returns home after their base is overrun, M/C is no longer that little girl they remember. While Y/C was in the army, M/C has to leave her home after the remaining members of the family are [infected, turned, or killed] and learns to survive on her own for a little until coming upon a community in which she makes her home. With the world ending and everything stable around her falling apart, M/C starts screwing and selling her body for a sense of security, going through partners left and right. She's considered the community slut... although one with standers. While out on a solo patrol, M/C meets Y/C, years apart and the apocalypse has changed both characters to the point where they barely recognize each other. An exchange of names is all it takes for them to remember each other.

After reuniting, M/C takes Y/C back to the community where Y/C lives with her in her house. As the two of them try and fall back into something normal, both can't help but notice the changes about each other and grow sexually attracted to each other. The sexual frustration finally bubbles over when Y/C starts hearing the rumors about all of M/C dirty deeds and numerous people she's lets in her bed. In disbelief that the sweet, innocent, girl Y/C once knew would change that much, Y/C confronts M/C. An argument breaks out which turns physical and eventually sexual, and Y/C learns just how much M/C has matured over the years....

AU that is set sometime after the Return of the Jedi. Many years have passed, Luke Skywalker successfully rebuilds the Jedi Order, serving as the Grand Master in the Jedi Order, alongside his sister Leia Organa who holds the role as the First Senator in the New Republic, Leia's husband, Hans Solo, and their son, Ben Solo, they work to bring the light back to the Force. For a long time, peace reigns in Galaxy after the fall of the Empire, until a new Sith Lord rises, Darth Nemesis (oc), Emperor of the Eternal Empire. Having killed his master, Snoke, after catching wind that the former Emperor of what once called the First Order planned to replace him with Ben Solo, Darth Nemesis made sure to put an end to that before it happened. After killing his former master, he renamed the First Order and bid his time, only after the Galaxy thought itself safe and the Sith gone, did he strike terror into it.

After searching, Darth Nemesis found and killed the Grand Master, Luke Skywalker, alongside several Jedi Knights and Padawans. He severed their heads, took their lightsabers, and gifted them back to the New Republic. Ben Solo, who had been expected to take over his Uncle place as Grandmaster, vanished without a trace. In his place, Harmony Skywatcher(oc), a Jedi Knight personally trained by Luke Skywalker and thought to a lost relative to the Skywalkers due to her powerful connection to the Force and her name, took over as the Grandmaster. The war between the dark and light began anew.

During a critical mission taken by the Grandmaster herself, Harmony finds herself captured by the Sith. Interested in her incredible powers with the Force, Darth Nemesis, driven by his intense fear of being forgotten, forces her to bear him an heir against her will. She does better than that, bearing twins, Muse A, and Muse B. It was said that on the day of their birth, the disturbance in the Force was so strong it brought all the Force-sensitives in the Galaxy to their knees. Muse A and Muse B went beyond just gifted in the Force or merely 'strong with the Force'. The Twins were near god-like in power, beyond the power of the 'Chosen One' Anakin Skywalker, together the two of them could easily destroy the Galaxy itself and recreated in their image. Darth Nemesis was so pleased with Skywatcher that he allowed the woman to care for the children for one year before he'd began their training as his apprentices.

In that year it was discovered that it was unwise to separate the pair for too long, the consequences were lethal. Harmony was terrified of the children after she tried to kill them, the Emperor took over their care and started their training. Three years went by, fueled by their father's promise of becoming the next Emperor and Empress of Sith, the Twins grew stronger and smarter. While fighting each other with bo staffs, it was found that the Force Bond that was thought they had, went well beyond that. Besides being able to see and talk to each other, they could feel each other emotions, sense each other pains, and when the Twins physically hurt each other, an identical wound manifests on the other twin. It was something never seen or heard before, the bond they had gone past just the Force. Three more years would pass and at the young age of seven, the Twins who slept, ate, bathed, and even dressed each other, would be torn apart by their mother, Harmony.

A spy infiltrating the Empire, fed information about the children to the woman for the several years she's been locked up. Deciding that they were far too powerful together, Skywatcher has the spy drug the children and while they're sleeping, she escapes and manages to kidnap Muse B before the alarms go off. The spy is caught but Skywatcher and Muse B manage to escape the Empire. Upon waking and discovering the unfamiliar surroundings and no Muse A in sight, Muse B panics causing the ship to crash on a nearby planet. Muse A, witnessing it all through their bond, can no longer sense or feel Muse B. Muse A fell completely to the Dark Side, blaming Skywatcher and the Light Side for taking Muse B.

In truth, Muse B made it out alive with Skywatcher, they crashed landed on some planet that cut off their connection with the Force. Skywatcher had planned to kill Muse B, but the crash rattled something in Muse B's head and she lost her memory. Using this to her advantage, Skywatcher, took Muse B as her apprentice and began training her in the way of the Jedi. After they escaped the planet, they returned to the Jedi Order where Skywatcher reclaimed her place as Grandmaster, a very select few knew of the Twins birth. Using the Mandalorian iron that had cut Skywatcher's connection to the Force while imprisoned, Muse B was cut off from the Force for the first years of training as a Padawan under Skywatcher. Muse B was given a new name and past, supposedly adopted by Skywatcher. After finding ancient text in the first Jedi temple on Ahch-To, Skywatcher managed to craft a special gem that dampened Muse B's connection to the Force and blocked the Force Bond with Muse A. With no memories or feelings for Muse A, their Soul Bond eventually faded away.

It would be over ten years before their bonds reconnect and they meet again. Darth Nemesis, driven to full insanity when learning that his legacy would die with his children since they were both sterile, he went off searching for immortality, he found it while searching through holocrons left by Darth Plagueis. He went to the Milky Way and dug an experimental chemical pit where he discovered the restorative chemical pools that he dubbed Pit that was able to prolong the physical life of the Dark Side user, bringing the liquid back to the Empire, he was later imprisoned dethroned by Muse A, who grew tired of following orders. He's been imprisoned since kept alive for Muse A's dementated amusement. The water from the Pit is stored away, Muse A finding no interest immortality.

While on a rescue mission in the outer rim, Muse B comes face to face with Emperor of the Eternal Empire, Muse A. It doesn't take more than a glance for Muse A to realize who Muse B is, the bond thought to be dead rekindled itself with that meeting. Seeing as Muse B serves the Jedi Order and has no memory of them, Muse A decides to have some fun. Instead of just kidnapping and forcing Muse B to remember their past, Muse A chooses to seduce Muse B to the dark side, to make Muse B into their apprentice and Empress by any means possible. A quick fight ends with Muse B losing and Muse A killing the ones Muse B was sent to rescue. Mission after mission, Muse B finds the Emperor everywhere, seeds of doubt, frustrated, and lust plague Muse B after ever encounter. The Padawan starts hearing the Emperor voice, seeing them in dreams and while awake. Little by little the hope the New Republic and the Jedi Order had in winning the war becomes corrupted.

MC is a new arrival trainer to the [pick a reigion] she recently moved in from Alola and is now returning to her home. She had some minor experience as a trainer and owns an Alolan Starter plus one of her father's pokemon he gifted to her before he disappeared. YC is MC childhood friend and rival. As children our characters were the oddest of friends, MC, being a tsundere, often picked on and teased YC for being shorter, and smaller then her, constantly bulling YC, but YC has never really let it bother them because YC had a crush that developed into love after MC moved away. Now years later with MC returns, the two of decided to fulfill the promise of going on a pokemon journey together(MC can't travel alone due to the fact she has no sense of direction).

However, upon meeting YC again after so many years, YC has grown taller and bigger than MC which attracts her and pissed her off at the same time. YC takes some retribution and begins teasing her merciless for the same things she once teased them about. MC can only handle so much teasing before she blows up and demands a pokemon battle if nothing more than to wipe that smug smile off YC's face. A rule created by her when they were younger requires that any friendly competition between them revolve around a bet with something the other actually wants. The bet turns into something they both can do their entire journey, whoever wins their pokemon battle gets to control every aspect of their adventure and the other can’t complain at all without reprimands, it’s not forever though because after every gym battle they're allowed a rematch. The limit is one pokemon. They both agree and the two battle, MC loses horribly.

Unexpecting to lose, MC tries back out of the bet with excuses, nothing works. YC decides that they'll take her body, dominating/claiming her and forcing her into a situation that she didn't want to do in the first place, but can't help but physically enjoy it. YC decides that they'll make her fall in love with them one way or another. Every gym battle MC tries to turn things around but also ends up a losing YC. She's a great trainer although will always be second best when it comes to YC. As they travel and compete together, deal with a criminal organization, and collect badges, MC slowly returns YC feelings in their somewhat messed up and dysfunctional relationship.

[I do have a slightly more smut driven version of this idea, same plot but set in an Omegaverse, little more focused on heats/ruts, and how the marriage and our characters meet would be different along with how the Kingdoms react will be different as well. Ask if you'd like to hear more about it.]
In the fantasy world full of magical creatures and humans alike, lives a secret of beings who have cut themselves off from the rest of the world by putting up an invisible barrier that turns those looking for a home away. These beings are called Kemonomimi, humanoid beings with animal features(like a Neko). Kemonomimi used to be shapeshifters. After upsetting their gods, in retaliation the gods split their soul in half, separating the animal from the Kemonomimi. Unable to properly cope without half of their soul, the Kemonomimi isolated themselves from the rest of the world. The Kemonomimi separated themselves into Animal Kingdoms based off of Family. There is the Serpent Kingdom, the Ursine Kingdom, the Avian Kingdom, and so on. The largest and strongest of all the Kingdoms are the Canine Kingdom and the Feline Kingdom. The two kingdoms have been at war in an ancient feud since the beginning of time. Since the start of the feud, the smaller yet still noble kingdoms have slowly begun to ally themselves with whichever kingdom they believe will win the war by sending members of their royal families to serve the Canine and Feline Kingdoms as ladies-in-waiting, Knights, and so on for centuries.

Upon discovering that it is possible to be reunited with their lost animal counterparts, the Kemonomimi created a coming of age ceremony called the Soul Search that requires adolescent Kemonomimi to go out on their own into the wilderness to find and reconnect with their other halves. It can take anywhere between a few weeks to years, but they are not allowed to return to their Kingdom until they bring their Spirit Animal home with them. Recently the Heir of the Feline Kingdom and the Heir of the Canine Kingdom had come of age to do their Soul Search. Both returned with Spirit Animal, the Feline is a White Tiger, and the Canine's a Direwolf. With this done the two are expected to take their parents Thrones as King of the Canines and Queen of the Felines in the next few moons. However, trouble looms in an unknown threat when strange animals bringing disease and death in all the kingdoms. These strange animals are given the name Hybrids and the odd disease they bring called Rabies.

Against their wishes of both their parents and the young heirs, both councils of both Kingdom decide that they need to pool their research and resources together if they're going to save the Kemonomimi Race. With Canine's research on the Hybrids and the Feline's knowledge and slowly growing cure for Rabies, the councils' advice that a marriage between the two heirs is the quickest and simple means of bringing both Kingdoms together. Just like that, their engagements to their former fiances are canceled and a meeting is set up between both kingdoms, a truce is made and a date is set for their wedding with no input from either heir. A third kingdom is to be built at the center of all the kingdom known as the Imperial Kingdom where the young heirs will live once they take the throne along with a mix of the people. Despite all of this planning, years of hate, death, and bloodshed, can not be fixed with a simple marriage, along with the Rabies, and the Hybrids, a mysterious third party who takes ownership of the Rabies and Hybrids has shown up, not to mention upset Exs, Death threats, assassinations, Heats/Ruts, and trying to deal being betrothal to a complete stranger who days ago they were ready to kill, have a hell of a lot to handle.

It's set in the first region, Kanto and kind of follows the original plotline... but not really at all. Basically, I have three trainers, the first trainer, Lucy, is from Johto, with the goal to become a pokemon master. Having defeated three different pokemon leagues already, she heads to Kanto to conquer it as well. Often praised for having obedient pokemon and flawless teamwork, what people don't know about is her reward system she has set up. Every battle her pokemon win means that after the battle she lets them use her body however they want. Once in awhile, she'll even play with the gym leaders' and their teams if it means she gets a badge. She won her way to many championships using this tactic and plans to do it again, although, Team Rocket seems to enjoy causing her trouble. Having already beat all the gym leaders in Kanto, she's currently taking rematches with gym leaders to prepare for the Elites as well as having some 'fun' along the way and exploring the region with her pokemon. She finds herself drawn into battles with Team Rocket and confronting a mysterious girl(Jade) along the way.

The second trainer, Jade, is an utter slut, a nympho with no shame. Her entire life has been shit and she sleeps with pokemon and trainers to make a living. She acquired her pokemon team by trading sex for unwanted pokemon thus her pokemon team sucks and she loses almost every battle she gets into often paying with her body over money. Growing tired of being seen as a dumb bimbo just because she likes to fucks, she turns her attention to Team Rocket. However, upon trying to join, just like everyone else, she's treated like a sex toy with no value, made a fool of. If given the chance she'd make a powerful ally and trainer, she catches her break when spotting a small team of Rocket grunts running out of Cerulean cave whispering about finding their lost legendary. Interested she searches the cave and stumbles upon a very agitated Mewtwo. She figures out why he's so edgy, despite being a legendary he was still a pokemon who goes through heats and ruts, upon being discovered, she offers the pokemon a deal by stripping. After she's got him settled down she explains her proposal. Instead of trying to control the pokemon or capturing him. The two become partners, equals, in return for letting the pokemon use her as he pleases, whether it be for stress, loneliness, or whatever else, he helps her take over Team Rocket, having to beat the admins and Giovanni first, together they turn Team Rocket from a failed organization into a real threat(that isn't defeated by ten-year-olds) to the Pokemon World, one that not even the new champion can stand up against.

The third trainer, Alani... doesn't play as big of a part she more of an extra we can keep or take out. She's lived her whole life in Alola. After learning that the Viridian Gym leader is planning to step down, she decides she wanted to become a gym leader, along with her rival of an older brother. So she takes her father's retired Pokemon team and set off on a journey to the gym. Unfortunately, she's never left her region before and is horrible with direction. She also finds out that she's not a very good trainer and lacks a great deal of confidence. Her team has enough battle experience that they can win battles without her help. Her father forgot to mention that his team would require compensation for battling, whereas he'd just take them to breeders' for the day, she reluctantly pays with her body wherever, however, and whenever her team demands it. Along with dealing with her moody pokemon, her older brother keeps getting in her way and causing trouble, deciding against telling her that he's already claimed the title as the Viridian gym leader along the way.

Note: I will help you play several NPCs(both genders mostly trainers with some pokemon) if and when needed and a few side canon characters(mostly females with a few males) as well. You'd primarily play the pokemon on MCs teams and the one legendary(unless you want to add more), although since it more or less an open plot you can add just about anyone you feel like(including main OCs if you want) into the story(might be doing incest Alani). The Dark part of the story will be that the protagonist and her team (Lucy) will not be defeating Team Rocket like in the game or anime.

MC and YC are siblings. MC is considered a rising star and genius in the family and YC is often pushed to the side. Regardless, the two of them have a pretty good and rather close relationship with each other. While YC is bouncing from job to job and doing their own thing, one day an odd man walks up to them. YC is good with words and has a charismatic nature that draws people in. The man offers YC a job to help bring people into this cult of his. He has a lot of money and is willing to pay YC big bucks to help draw more followers in. Enjoying the thought of having money, YC jumps on board. As more and more money is made, YC reaches out to MC and starts spending more time and money on her. Buying her gifts, taking her to fancy restaurants, offering her the life she's never had. It's all fun and games until YC's boss decides to summon a demon they worship and needs a sacrifice.

Okay, no skin off YC's back so long as YC is not the one dying then it's all good. So YC attends the meeting as requested to summon a demon YC didn't even believe in. It all goes well and dandy until it's discovered that the sacrifice is YC's sister. YC breaks the ritual to save MC and all hell breaks loose. When everything settles down YC finds out that the demon that was summoned has decided to use YC as his host. YC starts hearing voices in their head telling them that not only is the demon going to slowly turn YC into a demon by merging with them, apparently, the demon is also going to take over hell and then dominated the world and maybe start a war with God, the last one up for debate he guesses. But before that, the demon decides that he really likes YC's sister and that she'll become his sub and future wife/queen. Honestly, YC is totally down for all of this because why not?! MC completely hates it and will be fighting all the way, but it's not like she gets a choice in the matter. Plus, YC's demon has a sister who hitched a ride out of hell with him and is not stuck MC's body, and she's a fucking succubus who commits incest with her demon brother on a day to day basis.

Two of our characters are rival scientists working to obtain the same promotion. To figure out who obtains that promotion, their boss has made them partners of a government-funded project that works on gene splicing and dna reconstructions and experimentation. The task given to them by their employers was to figure out how to make a better pet for the future. People love their animals but their short life spans and lack of communication and understanding can cause issues with pet lovers. It's our scientists' job to figure out how to fix these problems. So they do the first thing that pops into their minds, they fuses animal dna with human dna and makes hybrid pets. They look most human with animal features, ears, tails, claws, wings, and so on of animals(like a neko or you can have an anthro). They are also smarter than the common housepet and can communicate with people. The trial runs with dog/wolf and cat/big cat (this can be changed you can pick whatever animal you want) dna goes positive. However, out of the four they used, two of them go feral with aggression and rage and have to be put down. The last two, a bit younger than the first two, remains stable. Despite the concern, your scientist and mine decided to each takes a hybrid(my hybrid with your scientist and vice versa) and see how they do in a controlled home environment.

So after taking a leave of absence, the hybrids head home with scientists and gets settled in. They act as predicted for a hybrid would at first, however, as time goes on certain changes start to show. It starts out small and grows bigger, aggression, possession, and dominance start to become repeated words in their notes. Upon meeting each and discussing their notes, the scientists find that the hybrids are starting to act like the two that had to be put down, having growing rather attached to them, the two put aside their differents and together puts more effort in trying to discover what was going on. Then they discover the problem, its common knowledge that animals have greater senses than humans, what isn't is that certain scents can trigger different reactions in them. The symptoms the hybrids possess points to one thing, apparently, they're in a heat/rut cycle. Why?

While despite all the rude words and fighting, the two scientists are very much attracted to each other. They often bring that attraction home with each other after each meeting, which leads up to sexual frustration which their hybrids can smell and triggers their cycles. After being jumped and practically forced(not that their complaining) to mate with their hybrids, discovering that an animals sex drive and the cycle goes well beyond a mere human's so are unable to satisfy their hybrids fully. They decide to put the hybrids together during their cycles, unsurprisingly the two become mates, giving the scientists even more data then they expected. Things get even odder when the female hybrid starts acting very stranger, eating more, getting fatter... and her mate starts getting very possessive and protective of her, opening a whole new can of worms for the scientists while they juggle their unusual relationship.
Note: Four-some relationship. F Scientist x M Scientist and F Hybrid x M Hybrid will be romantic. Scientists x Hybrids with be Master/Pet with the same gendered scientist and hybrid being platonic.

Preference: I'd rather play muse B in this thread.
Setting: Takes place in a modern world Marvels world, just without the former Spider-Man.
Muse A and B are the twin children of Peter Parker. They both inherited their father's abilities and powers. Muse A sees their abilities as a gift and trains with their father to take over the mantle of the webslinger. Muse B hates her abilities and sees them as a curse. The two are unable to see eye to eye which causes a bit of a rife in their relationships, as they grow older Muse A finally takes over the mask when their father falls in the line of duty. While A runs around fighting crime, B throws herself into her studies, becoming one of the youngest genius minds the world, rivaling Stark, Sheri, Banner, and Strange. The two go their own ways only to meet up again years later under horrible circumstances.

While investigating the fall of a meteor, A gets attacked and infected by an Alien called Venom. After hearing voices and feeling this unnatural hunger, A panics and seeks help from their Twin. Upon breaking into her home, despite the distances between them, A finds Vemon utterly fascinating. The two decide to live together while she works on 'fixing' her twin. However, the more time they spend together the more they start to really notice each other and the sexual tension between them grows. Finally, Venom, who can't listen to his host's, Muse A, dirty thoughts anymore decides to act on the advice he's been giving his host and takes her.

Overriding A's control, Venom violates and ravages B's to his heart's content. Even though it's practically forced, B discovers she's a kinky little slut who really likes being dominated. After that and that line is crossed, the A and Venom find it hard to keep their hands to themselves. Life just gets more complicated when Venom decides they're going to take B as their mate. A's moral compass comes unhinged as A finds themselves falling to a darker more villain like mindset. Killing, stealing and using B's body when it's needed. B is no better when she finds herself enjoying her new twin. The two slowly lose any focus on getting ride of Venom and spiral further into insanity.

Muse a is the somewhat insane leader of this really dangerous and famous gang and almost everyone knows who muse a is, the horrible things they have done, how skilled they are at whatever weapon they like the most, how they have no mercy and will either kill you in matters of seconds or torture you until you’re begging for death. They’re cold, they’re calculating, rumor has it they lack a heart and soul, but then there’s muse b; pure, innocent, shy and awkward is cute as hell, a marshmallow that needs to be protected, and well, Muse A really wants to protect them at the moment their eyes land on Muse b, even if they don’t know them at all because they look so fragile someone is going to hurt them and one day, after days ( or weeks ) of muse A admiring muse b from afar they decide to approach them someway somehow, and poor muse b is clueless about who muse a really is at first.

Little by little, the two come to fall for each other and date but disaster strikes when the gang's second(we'll call them Muse C) shows up on their date and demands to know why their leader is never around anymore. When C notices B one thing leads to another and both of A's lives come crashing together. When B learns the truth about A's other life they can't wrap their mind around it. B feels betrayed and dumps A and tells them to stay away. The only thing is unknowingly the two are soulmates. For the last few weeks an odd mark has been growing in size every day on their wrists(soulmate tattoos). The two are utterly miserable without each other, but B refuses to forgive A for hiding who they really are. But with soulmates comes bonding and when you bond with your soulmate it basically means becoming one. and gradually their souls begin to become one which leads to pain. They can’t go too far without their soul mate until the bond settles or they start to experience intense pain, chest pain, something that feels like a heartache, migraines etc.

By the time they realize this, Muse B is hospitalized after passing out from the pain and their parents are called to inform them of B's condition. Long story short, A who obviously has a much higher pain tolerance, finds B at the hospital and runs into their parents. After some hell breaks loose, the parents leave and B ends up waking up with a worried A hanging over their bedside. Words are exchanged and after some tears, all is well...or is it. What happens when C decides that A isn't worthy of leading the gang and is willing to do whatever it takes to cut them out of the picture permanently.....and that's all I got right now.

Preference: The Omega
Setting: Modern
In a small town lives a large population of Alphas and Betas, barely any Omegas. Most already have mates and are bonded to another. One day a new family moves in, a rich alpha and his child, an Omega. The Omega is starting college, hoping to make friends and have a decent life. They're always moving around because of their father's work, but now she's returned to her father's hometown with the promise that this time they're going to stay. The next day the Omega moves into an apartment/suite(much to her father's disapproval) and start the first day of college. But almost at once the Omega finds that life isn't going to be all that easy. Constantly there are Alphas popping up everywhere, wanting to be friends, or asking what she's doing tonight. The Omega wanted popularity, but not like this. The phone is always ringing with random Alphas, and the Omega starting to think their being followed around. Studying for College is becoming a problem and after the Omega's grades start falling, the Omega decides to make up a fake a boy/girlfriend. Spreading the rumor around campus. The calls stop, and the shadows aren't following around, not as many Alphas are bothering her. Until one of them finally asked to meet this girl/boyfriend. That's a problem until the Omega finds the solutions in the form of an outcast. The one Alpha who utterly ignored the Omegas existence since arriving, the Alphas a bit of a mystery and rumor has it the Alpha's bad news, but it's worth a shot.

The Alpha's father is a rich Alpha and leader of a crime syndicate, from a young age discipline and respect had been drilled into the Alpha's head along with the countless number of fighting and self-defense classes that the Alpha had been forced to take over the years. Their father expects them to become head of the clan one day in the future. The Alpha has been bred, raised, and groomed to perfection for that very goal. There was no room for debate, and certainly no room for dreams of their own. Surprisingly, after having been taught by private tutors for most of their life, Father had insisted on the Alpha going to college once they had turned eighteen, claiming that it would help them to work on blending in with the crowd, be normal, and working on social skills. Despite believing their social skills are fine, on the first day of school a fight breaks out among Alphas(a common occurrence in a school full of them) and the Alpha ends up putting a several of their classmates in a hospital. No one challenged them after that, and rumors had spread across the school like wildfire. They had labeled the alpha an outcast, a loner, and more. Socializing and learning to be 'normal' is now an impossible feat, the Alpha hates failing and even more hates failing their father. However, the Alpha's saving grace comes in the form of a little Omega with a request. Seeing as the Alpha needs to learn how to interact with others their own age, they decide to use the Omega request for their own personal gain and so accept it. They both made up a rule, for their arrangement, neither one is allowed to fall in love with one another or become each other mates, once they graduate they will both go their separate ways. However, both find that watching over an Omega and teaching an Alpha is a lot harder than they had thought.

There is also the increasing problem that their fathers have some history together. The Omega's father worked under the mafia for years. However he asked one day to get out, naturally displeasing the boss but due to a close partnership and friendship, the boss decided to grant his request after he does one more job for him. The impossible job of killing all of the clan's biggest competitors in a single day in order to further establish the clan. He went on the job, finished it, although had an accident before he could come back home, resulting in his death to the mafia. In reality, knowing that the moment he steps foot back on the Family's territory he'd be put on another job with his freedom constantly dangling over his head, he faked his death, changed his last named, and started a new life in a place where no one knew him. However, years later he returns for revenge against the mob boss with the plans to kill the boss's heir and derail his crime syndicate. Plans don't go his way when he finds out that the one he's planning to kill is his Daughter's Alpha.

It gets worse and everything kind of just goes to hell when the Alpha and the Omega(gradually) learn that they're soulmate(they are strongly opposed to the whole soulmate idea and want to defy the system) but destiny and fate are being bitches.

In a modern era, two supernatural factions are in a constant war under the very noses of the mortals. The vampires and the wolves. MC, is the adopted daughter of Royal Pack. Your character is the son/daughter of their rival the High Coven. Despite the constant feud between the two races, both of them are invited to GASA(Genovia Academy of Supernatural Arts). Naturally, these two don't get along. They fight and argue and this isn't your usual bickering it's full out screaming matches and fangs and claws, which of course is against the rules. Both sides okay pranks and tricks on each other, steal items and chuck insults. As leaders for their species at the supernatural school, they can't be seen backing down or doing anything nice towards the others which is where things take a turn for the worse.

One day a particularly bad fight has the vampire sinking their fangs into the m/c neck. Unexpectedly, the bite feels good and the blood taste delicious, the two become addict to each other and has them keep coming back for more, they, in the end, start sleeping with each other, trying to keep it all secret from the teachers and their fellow students whilst trying not to develop feelings for each other-having made a deal to keep it simply physical which is harder said than done. Especially when m/c's wolf starts to think the vamp is their mate...

This is based off a fanfic I read by collaredjoon.
In a modern world, when the Sins started appearing decades ago, no one had understood why. It wasn't until people who had had near-death experiences told their stories, how they had been judged before God and their Sin had been their downfall. People started to understand it was God giving people a chance to redeem themselves by showing them what kind of sinners they were. By the time M/C is born, having a Doppelganger Sin was a normal thing. Her mom had Pride, Her dad had Gluttony, and so on with the rest of her family members. As kids, it was fun to pretend to have a Sin and fight them. It wasn't she met her first Sin in her group of friends, Ashley's Envy. It wasn't a surprise considering how Ashley always strived to be the best and envied everyone who was better. Next was James, they'd all been hanging out at his house playing with his new dog when another James, one with bright teal hair(Sins always have unnaturally colored hair), suddenly appeared out of the closet, shoved M/C out of the way and swiped the dog away and wouldn't give it back. Greed, James had been in denial for a while. Now it's M/C's turn to be in denial.

Waking up one day, M/C's find a carbon copy of herself laying in bed with her, only she has dark purple hair and is naked as the day she's born. Upon being sexually assaulted, it's not hard to figure out which Sin she got, Lust. M/C is the least sexually active person in her family and barely has a social life beyond the circle of friends she made growing up, she had sex once in her life and never tried it again because it "hurt". She doesn't date and doesn't even watch porn because it makes her feel dirty. So you can imagine everyone's shock when Lust, who named herself Hellana, tags along to a friendly get together, which M/C leaves early do to her Sin being well Lust. People could deal with a prideful attitude, or put up with some anger, but Lust the most stigmatized Sin, was branded perverse, sick in the head, susceptible to committing sex crimes, as if M/C didn't need to feel more like an outcast.

Y/C and Y/C's Sin are [blank] to my character....[Input a senerio]

Note: So I gave you a mild run-through of the story. I can give you more information on the Sins if you're interested in that. Basically you are to come up with a scenario that we can build into something of a plot., based on a particular pairing you might like. If you don't have any ideas I can give you some depending on what pairings you're into. Your Sin is going to be more or less like a secondary character.

The land that M/C, a holy priestess, adored and cherished by her people. She is among the best of those that can use holy magic, once called home has been invaded by a savage demon lord, Y/C! M/C people lay before her a massive pile of lifeless corpses, those that still breathed were captured- but those that were female and lived were raped right before her very eyes by soldier after soldier. M/C could not overpower him in battle. Now Y/C holds M/C like some trophy, using her whenever and wherever Y/C so desires. She's Y/C's next meal and future wife whether she wants to be or not.

It was around a decade ago when the New Founding Fathers of America (NFFA), took over following an economic collapse, instituted totalitarian rule, and reinstated themselves as the new government. Using the 28th amendment to The United States Constitution, they established one night a year—сalled "the Purge"—in which all crime is legal and all police, fire, and medical emergency services are shut down for 12 hours, from 7 pm till 7 am.

The purge resulted in crime rates plummeting, unemployment rates under 5% and a strong economy. Although the population believes it is simply an act of catharsis, in reality, it used as a method of artificial population control, as the people living in poverty and poor areas are usually the main targets. That was supposed to be the deal, but then one night during the so-called Purge...there was no alarm for it to be cut off. It went from 12 hours to a week before the sirens rang again. Due to economic problems, the NFFA extended the time limit for the Purge, bringing tourists, money, and a stable economy in the US.

You are respectable and rich [buiness tycoon, crime lord, etc] during most of the year, then that one week of the year, you let loose. You put on your mask and let your inner demon out and become a crazy, sadistic, animal. You kill whomever you want, good, bad, hate, love, rich, poor, if you feel like it, they are dead. You are so good at what you do you've earned a reputation as the Grim Reaper, with the highest kill rate in the history of the Purge. There's even a bounty out on your head, everyone wants a piece of you. Those who are stupid enough to try always die. Over time you've grown bored of just killing so you try something else, raping. It's fun for a little bit but even the screaming and crying and the pleading get boring. You try hiring yourself out as a bodyguard in exchange for sex, it's okay but having someone too willing get's dull after a while. As another year goes by you have time to think about what you're really looking for.

You find it this year. A new name has been added alongside the Grim Reaper, Black Fox a masked woman who wanders the streets dressed in Japanese style clothing. No one knows how she kills, nor how she nearly managed to match your kill rate, she's hard to find and even harder to kill. You find her in an alley with her latest victim, you two try to kill each other, you're just a little bit better and you manage to pin her. You wanna kill her so badly, but she's got your blood pumping to the wrong area. You two fuck instead, she doesn't just take everything you give, she gives you quite the fight, unwilling to be tamed. By morning she's gone and you can't find her again when the Purge ends. Obsessed and unable to wait an entire year to meet her again, you have your people hunt her down, with no face and name to go on, nothing but a unique tattoo on her body. It takes some time to find her, but they do eventually.

You discover that not only is she married to one of your worst employees, but she's also one of the purest people in the world, doesn't smoke, drink, do drugs, gives to charity, volunteers, goes to church, never gone to jail or had problems with the law, side jobs as a doctor at an affordable clinic or for the poor, yet works round the clock to at a respectable hospitable to cover her husband's gambling debt and house payments. She like a saint, the worse thing she's ever done is get that small tattoo. With that, you decide that you want to own her completely, marry her, corrupt her, bring back the woman you met at the Purge, you want a fight, just imagine the hell spawns you can make with her. The first plan of action is inviting yourself to her home, blackmail her, and then screwing her in front of her passed out husband, and you'll see what you think of from there.

You and M/C were childhood friends, inseparable, their favorite activity was gaming, they were the best of friends until M/C got older and grew up. She started calling Y/C a loser and nerd for still being obsessed with games. She destroys your social life for no reason and starts bullying you to fit in with the 'cool' kids. Years passed and the two of you go your separate ways until a high school reunion. You're the founder of a successful gaming company(how you got the money for fundings can be by legal or illegal means) and M/C ended up marrying the high school quarterback who turned out to be a douche and a sexist that forced her to quit her job as a successful doctor because 'women are meant to be home cooking and cleaning'. The two of you have a friendly reunion which M/C ends up apologizing for her childish behavior and ending your friendship on such a terrible note.

The two of you makeup and end up leaving for a bar to properly catch up. On the way there a wormhole opens up and pulls the two of you inside where the two blacking out. When you and M/C wake up you're in a strange world that oddly resembles a game you've played, you are both stuck in the avatars of the game's protagonists. The cliche god/king/otherworldly being have summoned you there to save their world from whatever, only instead of summoning one protagonist(Y/C) M/C is dragged along rewriting the plot and changing the story, now the two of you must finish the game in order to return home.

~The Games~
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time: Y/C will be Link's avatar and M/C will Zelda's.
Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess: Y/C will be Link's Avatar and M/C will be the Twilight Princess
Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild: Y/C will be Link's avatar and M/C will be Linkle
Fate Grand Order: Y/C will be whichever servant and M/C will be the Female Master
Dead or Alive Series: Y/C will be whichever fighter and M/C will be(Kasumi/Ayane/Hitomi/Helena/Honoka/Marie Rose/Leifang)
AU: Y/C can be the OC hero summon to fight the demon lord or can be the OC Demon Lord here to fight the hero. M/C will be the /healer/princess a part of the hero's party or the heroine summon to fight Y/C the Demon Lord.
I'm willing to give this a try with any game so long as I know the game, so if you have suggestions feel free to throw them out.

Note: Depending on the game you want to RP in we'll have to discuss how the plot is going to work and any kinks or additional information needed.

This plot is a mixture of the book, Blood and Chocolate and the Twilight books' Shapeshifters. Pureblood werewolves here are able to get as tall as horses and as heavy as bears, whereas bitten or turned werewolves remain the same size of average wolves. Regardless of being born or turn, they all can imprint and have telepathy with their packmates. The heads of packs have the Alpha voice that keeps their packmates in line. However, the role of Pack Leaders are not carried on by succession through bloodlines. When picking new pack leaders(which is rare), if the former Alphas have not chosen someone to take over for them, the leaders are elected in the Old Ways. This involves a ceremony called the Ordeal, a free-for-all brawl where any male or female who is of age can participate. Anyone who has blood drawn is disqualified, the last two left standing can fight to the death if they wish or one can submit to the other; the winner automatically becomes Alpha. After they are declared, the remaining members have a second chance to pull rank and participate in the Bitch Dance, a fight to determine who will be the new leader's mate and the second Alpha.
When pureblood werewolves in this hit the ages 20 -25, their physical aging stops altogether. Werewolves are able to die through natural causes but unable to die due to old age. They are considered pups until they are able to go out and make a kill on their own. Silver and Wolfsbane is poisonous when introduced into the bloodstream, but beyond that, they do not contract the same illness humans do and hold the same supernatural strength, speed, etc as most supernaturals do.
The human side and the wolf side are considered separating beings in this, humans can lose control with periods of blackouts where the wolf runs wild and free. When wolves get stuck in mid-shift, something in between mand and wolf, they are called Ferals and are killed to protect the rest of the werewolves from being found out. The Human side is considered more logical while the wolf side is considered more primal. Both sides can fight each other for control which is why young purebloods and newly turned werewolves have trouble controlling their shifts and temper. They have to be taught to live in harmony with their wolf side, suppressing/chaining wolves can cause bad side effects such as blackouts, memory loss, and more.
On the nights of the full moon, all pack members stay inside far away from humans. The pull of the moon is extremely strong and werewolves are known to 'wolf out' during it. They grow ears, tails, claws, fangs, and their eyes glow and change colors. They have little control over their inner wolves during the full moon.
Imprinting doesn't automatically make you soulmates, both mates need to claim each to become official soulmates, after that comes the bonding and when you bond with your soulmate it basically means becoming one, and gradually their souls begin to become one which leads to pain. They can’t go too far without their soul mate until the bond settles or they start to experience intense pain, chest pain, something that feels like a heartache, migraines etc. After the bond settles, soulmates share more than just thoughts without each other, they share their feelings, pain, and life. Very few wolves have every found their soulmates, just someone to share their lives with as life mates.

Lunala was the pureblood child of the Alpha pair in the Eastern Pack, they lived a very nice life hidden among the humans until the killing started. A group of young werewolves get a little too feral having fun scaring humans with their wolf forms, one accidentally kills a human child and gets caught shifting by the parents. When the town becomes suspicious, her family is painted as the prime suspects and the humans' revolt, forming a mob and burn down their home. The Eastern Pack disbands and Lunala becomes a lone wolf for a while until finding a new place to settle down where no one knows her in the North. She starts going to school at a college, find work, and get a place to rent and try to live a normal life without the wolf.

You are the pureblood child of the Alphas of the Northern pack, although you have a great chance of succeeding your parents, you will have to prove you are strong enough in the Ordeal. Despite the pack's hope that you will participate, you have no desire to take over the pack having fallen in love with a human and you're secretly dating them against the pack's wishes. Everything besides the secret dating is going great within your life, that is until some of your packmates pick up the scent of a lone wolf living within your family's territory.

Lunala is found living without permission within the Northern Pack's territory, fearful for her life she runs. She manages to outsmart and lose the patrol sent after her, just a hair away from the border when she's caught by you. Upon meeting both imprints on each other, although their inner wolves are overjoyed with this discovery, you both are livid and instantly hate each other. The thought of being spread of their freedom and being forced to love a stranger because fate says so isn't their cup of tea. Their wants mean nothing to their inner wolves, their primal instincts are to claim, breed, knot and create offspring to strengthen the pack. Something the two fight against every step of the way back to your Pack's home where she meets the alpha/s.

Upon telling the Alpha of what happened to their former pack as well as being the direct descendant of the Alpha of West, Luna is pardoned and allowed a trial period within the pack under your supervision. There is no doubt that your father is indirectly pairing the two of you up since she's staying with you in your house. You haven't shone any interest in picking a mate so he picking one for you. Now stuck in close proximity, you both find it harder than ever to resist your inner wolves needs. In retaliation, Lunala, who's lived the last several years of her life by her own rules, makes your life utterly terrible. She beyond bitchy, mouthy, uncontrollable, and she blames all of this trouble on you.

You're not used to having anyone talk to her like she does, her defiance only makes you want to put her in her place more. You two maybe be both Alphas, born to lead, but this is your territory and your pack. She's just a lone wolf, no pack, no territory, nothing. When push comes to shove, between your inner wolf's practically begging you to take her and your natural need to dominate, you end up bending her over the nearest surface and the two of you give in to your inner wolves. To avoid claiming each other, you two screw like beasts, by the time you both finish you don't know where in the house you haven't taken her and her belly is filled to the brim of your seed.

By morning, you both feel guilty but oddly satisfied. You've never had and never will be able to take your human lover like that without breaking them. You find out that Luna has recently also started dating a human from her apartment complex. You discover that you don't need to worry about pups since she's sterile, however, you discover that doesn't mean your inner wolf is going to stop trying to breed her there is very little logic to primal instincts. After some talk, you both come to an understanding of sorts and try to figure out how to make it clear to your inner wolves that this soulmate thing wasn't going to happen. The beasts retaliate often in the form of forceful yet satisfying breeding sessions.

You two go as far as sneaking out of the Pack Camp for a double date with your human lovers, which you both have been neglecting. Forgetting that that night it would be a full moon and their wolves stronger than ever, the two meet their dates at a club. Despite being with their lovers, they found it difficult to take their eyes off each other and even harder to restrain their wolves and their growing jealousy. She loses firsts and ends up running to the bathroom to hide her growing talons. You follow, leaving your lover behind wordlessly, the two end up wolfing out and screwing in the alleyway. The lovers find the two together not long after they finish and both humans act like humans and become fearful and hateful towards them.

Hurt and afraid of losing their self-control, the two flee but not before getting sighted by a nearby stranger. The next morning on the news it's revealed that two humans have been killed by some "wild animal". It's their exs, In the aftermath of all of this, its discovered by the pack that the two humans that were killed were their human loves, which they all assume/concluded that they killed. The pack turns on them, scared and alone the two follow their wolves and instincts which lead them right back to each other. The stranger that spotted them wolfing out turns out to be a hunter who's out looking for wolves to kill, that along with them running from their pack to avoid 'punishment', the two find themselves in a fight to survival and love together.

You and your best friend have known each other since childhood, it was expected that you two would marry and have a great family by the time you're both in middle school. Your parents were best friends and continued to be so grown up with high expectations for both of you. Like both your parents, you simply assumed that you two would always be together. You had no problems with the thought of marrying her, she's one of the hottest girls out there. Everyone with a brain lust after her, she's kind of whiny, needy and mouthy, but you've learned how to deal with that she just needs a bit of a firm hand and some sweet words and she putty in your hands. By the end of high school, you two still aren't officially together but you've already planned to ask her out after graduation. You're old enough and mature enough to care for her and with money, your family makes from the business you're not worried about being unable to provide for her.

The day you decide to ask her out, you find her making out with another girl! When you confront her she tells you that she's a closet lesbian. You'd have no problem with her sexuality if it didn't fuck with your plans. You two fight a little and when you threaten to tell not only your parents but hers too, she shuts her mouth. Her parents are god-fearing people if they found out she likes girls they'll lock her in the house and never see the daylight again. Hear that she'll do anything to keep you from telling her parents, you tell her to prove it. If she lets you fuck her and doesn't climax once then he'll forget everything he's seen. But if she does, then she becomes your sex slave until you get bored of her. She takes the bait, finds out that you're scarily compatible in bed, and loses. You get her as your slave and decide to make her fall in love with cock and then you. You don't mind being the bad guy if it gets a ring on her finger and ownership of her body.

You are one of the most powerful legendary pokemon known to mankind. Constantly hunted down by selfish humans who want your power for their own, you go into hiding in a nearby cave/forest/wherever. You find yourself protected and worshiped practically as a god by the nearby townspeople after you protect them from a hostile criminal organization. You live in that cave for a while, waited on hand and foot, undisturbed, and protected, you think that you can outwait the fickle humans after you and in time they'll forget about your existence. Everything was going well until the breeding season starts and your heat/rut hits you hard. You are nearly driven to the point of madness and would have left your hiding place for just a little bit of relief when the perfect toy shows up in your domain.

Jade, is an utter slut, a nympho with no shame. Her entire life has been shit and she sleeps with pokemon and trainers to make a living. She acquired her pokemon team by trading sex for unwanted pokemon thus her pokemon team is always disobeying her and she loses almost every battle she gets into, often paying with her body over money. Growing tired of being seen as a dumb bimbo just because she likes to fucks, she decides to take on the Pokemon League and become a champion to prove to everyone there is more to her than just her body. It's harder said than done when she's won less than five battles. Jade catches her big break when she sneaks into your hiding spot. Upon discovering a legendary and one that obviously agitated she decides to take advantage of it.

She's willing to let you own her body to use and do with as you please, where and whenever you want, in exchange you become apart of her team and help her beat the Pokemon Leauge and possibly take over a criminal organization along the way. Perhaps it's having a willing hot body in front of you or the thoughts of having a toy to use, however, wherever, and whenever you want, but you agree on the spot. You use her until the lust finally fades away and you can think straight again. After you two set up some terms and the two of you begin your sex-filled journey.

Note: This is a spin-off to plot 9, original the legendary was going to be Mewtwo(my favorite) but here you are free to choose whatever legendary you want. If you don't want your legendary to be a traditional pokemon you are allowed to make your legendary a furry/anthro or gijinka(humanoid) version. Whatever you pick automatically all legendaries will become. If you have more then one legendary you'd like to put in here I'd be willing to have her catch/befriend five more legendaries, they'd be offered the same deal as the first one. I do plan on having Jade take over and expand a criminal organization, Champion by day Crime Lord by night. I think it would be different and fun.

Nyx, believed to be a magi, cursed to wander the earth to never die nor age, unable to remember who or why she was cursed. She's lived so long that her mind is somewhat shattered, memories worn and inconsistent. Rumor has it that she's been in every single holy grail war except the first, though she has never won one, due to her being recorded in every single war she's earned the moniker Grand Master. She is seen as a heretic, a monster, a being that should not exist due to the fact that she is the eighth master in every grail war. Due to unknown forces and mysteries, Nyx has somehow managed to 'haked' the Grail to recognize her as the seventh master even though she's the eighth, something that's baffled magus and others everywhere. Despite never winning, her losses are often attributed to her servants over her skills as a master. Due to living for so long her magical energy often accumulates in her body and becomes rather potentiate and nearly limitless and very powerful, the servants she summons are often lower-tier rank and so often she ends up breaking their magical core with her energy. Her inability to properly control the amount of energy she provides coupled with her 'weaker' servants has cost her the win nearly every time.

In this day and age, the Sixth Holy Grail War has come, seven masters and servants are chosen and Nyx once again inserts herself in the War. Although accepted in the War, she's unable to draw upon the Grail for support for the upkeep of the servant and must tap into magical reserves to keep her servant manifested, something she's more than happy to do. This war might have turned out like the last one only this time the servant she summons is you. Compared to the servants she's summoned before, you are royalty(or higher). You won't be overwhelmed by her magical energy, there is no possible way she'll lose with you at her side.

Honestly, you're a little unsure about her at first glance. Though since it's been a while since you were last summoned, the two of you form a contract and become Master and Servant. You discover quickly that, although you are Master and Servant, you're unable to connect to her magical paths. Not that you currently need to, you're just curious about it. Upon asking results in a spontaneous makeout session started by her. You find that as soon as your lips touch, her paths open up to you, the magic coupled with your reserves gives you buzz like never before. The high remains even after she pulls away just duller, Nyx explains that her magical paths can only be accessed through kissing. Weirdest Master Ever

Instead of searching for a fight, Nyx has you wait for the masters to come to you two, you spend time learning about the time period you're in and learn about your master. She's a bit eccentric, intelligent yet lacks common sense, extremely promiscuous, rich, and is apparently a prostitute... You find out why she's taken that line of business one day after accidentally scaring off her client. That night she gets this high fever, that what you think it is until she explains it to you. Her body often stores up to much magical energy, though magic it's still energy, she's found the easiest way to release it is through sex. Feeling a bit guilty and not wanting her to suffer you offer to 'help' her which she's more than happy to accept. It's after your first battle with another servant that she later returns the favor, the servants in the War are much more difficult to fight and don't go down easy. A draw and retreat nearly has you oddly drained, a long makeout session to restore your depleted energy somewhat turns into sex. As the two of you try to navigate this odd relationship you've both got going on, deal with day to day life, and fight to grant your wishes, little by little feelings start to grow.

Note: I have not watched or read of the Fate Series, only played a few games and have FGO to go off of. Don't have extensive knowledge about the world which is why I set it in an AU so I get away with it.

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You had a friend when you were younger, a little girl who'd come and visit you every day. You two would play together through your fenced home. She was different from others, unlike everyone who'd constantly abuse and belittle you, she'd yell and often ended up going home in tears whenever she'd lose any games she played with you. But she'd always show up the next day, ready to play, despite her strange personality she becomes a best friend through her warm actions and positive attitude. Then one day she was gone, moved away, you wouldn't find what become of her until years later.
You are the youngest child of one of the largest criminal organizations in the world. Your father is the head a crime syndicate and your mother a concubine who sees you as more of a tool than a child. Despite having an older sibling who is heir to the family, a lot of members in the extended branches of the family believe you are better fit to lead, causing trouble with the main family and your wicked stepmother the first wife.

You're all grown up and dealing with unwanted problems as you fight with your sibling for your father's approval as his retirement comes up. Years of struggling all on your own have paid off, you've turned into a successful mobster with several accomplishments under your belt, your father ends up rethinking who'd be taking over the family business. Everything's going all as plan until you hear that lately, your sibling hasn't been botching up missions and assignments, lately, your sibling's been even praised by your father which is strange for that fool. Looking into it, you find out the reasons for your change in luck. A new lackey who moved insanely fast up in ranks to your sibling's right hand. They call her She-wolf, a mysterious woman who runs around in a mask, anything and everything asked of her is executed with perfection. When she's given a task she takes to with such ferocity until it is done. Unlike the other lackeys who are docile and trained like mere dogs, she's proven to have a rebellious untamable streak, going off on her own and following her own plans to get whatever job done.

Interested, you have your people look into her, but they find very little on her. You end up tailing her one day and find out she's an agent deep undercover and you take pictures of her talking to law enforcement. You planned to have some fun with this and see if you can get any dirt on your sibling when you call her to your place the next. Your plans change when your force her take off her mask after showing her the pictures and blackmailing her, she's all grown up but its the same little girl you once called your best friend. A chat with has her telling you that she went undercover to get some dirt on your family to form a case against you all. But even with all the evidence, she's gathered, her people demand more, its got to the point where she believes that someone in the agency is working for your family. The only reason she hasn't been ratted out is that they don't have solid prove any of the intel is coming from her nor her identity. She's had her ups and down especially as a woman in her line of work, but like you, she's made something of herself.

Even though her story moves you just a little, you can't be soft, survival of the fittest, whatever bonds you once had are pushed aside. You try to make a deal with her, leave your sibling, come work with you as your second in command, and help you become the head of the family, in return you'd help her get free. Not trusting you at all, she gives you a negative answer. You tried being nice so it's time to be mean. You change up the deal into your actual desires, become your woman and give her body to you, help you beat your sibling and become head of the family, and won't put the images of her talking to cops and her face on the internet. Not given much a choice, she agrees and you take her straight to your bedroom to bind the deal. With her in your life, everything seems to run smoother, you have a stress relief, but she also proves to be great company, when you let her help you out with meetings, deals, and stuff like that she becomes an invaluable asset. Things change as you two work together facing new problems and threats together.

You are the firstborn of Lucifer Morningstar, the dark prince and king of hell himself. Your mother died giving birth to you and so you are raised and groomed for succession by your father. You are adored and loved by everyone in the demonic kingdom. You're so perfect that life has become rather boring because of it. Since you're the only child of the devil, you have no competition for the throne and even if you did you'd wiped them away like nothing. Life becomes so boring and dull, almost repetitive until your father finds a new wife, a human woman turned succubus and gives you a sister, a half-demon half human succubus. Despite being your half-sister, she proves to relieve you of your boredom of life. She's different, special almost, you two get along very well even though she proves to be a spoiled brat at times. Due to being half-human, your sister's succubus side doesn't wake until she hits the age of seventeen.

Life spirals out of control after her awakening, even with your stepmother's guidance, your sister can't control her power. Her hunger for sexual energy is ravenous, she drains her mother who tries to help her through it. Even your father had trouble sedating her. Despite being immune since your a higher level and a full blood demon, listening to your sister whine about being hungry gets to your head. Seeing as your parents failed to help her, you step up and try, after bedding her numerous times, you discover that even though she's only half a demon, she's the only one able to handle your insanely high libido, you can take her as hard and rough as you want without fear of her passing out or breaking her mind. It's like you were born for each other, you managed to calm each other down.

Your parents decide it's time to teach her how to hunt in the human world and since your the only one who isn't drained after feeding her, you get to be her teacher. This would be an enjoyable and new experience if your sister wasn't such a failure. You assume it has something to with her human side, but she fails with seduction, on top of that she's extremely shy and borderline anti-social. She gets clingy around strangers which is everyone in the human world and can be downright rude when talking to anyone who's not you. It's a different side of your cute little sister from hell. Even with the hiccup, you're determined to teach her how to feed, but why do you both get so irked seeing each other with a different human, what are the strange dreams you have of each other lately, and what's this you hear about demon hunters in town?

There's always been a Hero and there has always been a Demon King. The hero trying to beat the demon and the demon trying to beat the hero, it's just how things are. It's said that the hero is to defeat the demon king in both body and soul before the demon king tries to take over the world. But, nowadays in the modern world who believes in that stuff?

You are born as the 30th hero born from a family with a long and ancient bloodline connected to the very first hero. You were told from young that you'd find your demon king one day and you'd go on to defeat him. Your family is very rich, they own a powerful company, and you possess the ability to rehabilitate the people around you. You like a shining light urging people to do good, which wouldn't be bad but you kind of have a violent personality and always dreamed of ruling the world one day. You went as far as joining a gang to get your violent tendency out of the way, but the gang leader ended up donating all the gang's money to charity and joins an animal shelter to turn over a new leaf as did all its member. You resign yourself to your fate as the hero and one day meet your demon.
You find a girl being harassed by dangerous looking thugs on the way home. You take care of the thugs and are ready to be on your way home until she grabs your face and kisses you. The mark of the hero is present on your palate and she finds it and is beyond ecstatic. She declares that she is your demon.... queen?

She is the very first female Demon Queen and the 31st in her family. Believing that there was some sort of mix up when she and her twin brother were born, she's tried extremely hard to ignore the whole feud and legacy and live her own life. She's gone as far as moving away from her family and cutting ties with them and is putting herself through med. school and college. The only issue she has is the ability to turn anyone who meets her eye into her servant and the fact that she attracts all kind of bad looking people to her all the time. She wants a normal life away from this nonsense and so has been looking for you for a while. Now that she's found you she demands you two move in together so that she enslaves you, win this stupid feud, and move on with her life. The only problem is her abilities don't work on you and yours don't work on her. So you two decide to move in together, the demon trying to enslave you and you trying to conquer her body and soul. Perhaps it because of who you and she are, but battling each other becomes second nature to a point where you both request conquest challenges. You discover that the demon mark on her palate is her weak point and the easiest way to subjugate her, sex. It's hard not to fall for each other while living together. But your families aren't going to have it.
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