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The Test Subject - (Warnings inside)


*incomprehensible grumbling*
Jun 25, 2018
Somewhere under a rainbow, way down looww
(Story includes: Breeding, some coercion, dubious consent, drugging and aphrodisiacs, begging, ridiculous amounts of sexy bodily fluids, oddly sized and/or shaped insertions. No actual birthing, no bathroom fluids (watersports or scat), no genuine noncon. The first chapter features detailed discussion but no actual actions. Warnings will accompany each chapter.)

Chapter One: The Advertisement

Elizabeth needed money, and she needed it badly. After being laid off from the newspaper, she'd tried to freelance her writing but to no avail - her writing was too stale, they said, from writing bland and impartial articles for five years. Sure, she made money off of periodic reviews, and at least her landlord had reduced her rent significantly in exchange for writing ad copy and for various maintenance tasks (thank you, apprenticeship), but none of this satisfied her. None of it worked.

One morning, as she pored over the online ads for jobs, she noticed a few ads on Craigslist that kept popping up - "Medical Study, Willing Subjects Needed, PAID POSITIONS" - and she eventually, finally clicked one after seeing them pop up on every job type - even for human resources. There was probably a pun in there, somewhere, she thought with some amusement.

She leaned back as she read the posting, eyes widening as she skimmed down to the pay - how much money even was that!? AND room and board for the duration of the test??? She shook her head hard, not wanting to get wool pulled over her eyes, and went back to the top.

Wanted: Willing subjects for tests of various medications and products by our brand!

We are seeking men, women, and others of varying genders for a series of tests for a new medication. There is a series of waivers, consent forms, and such that must be signed and you must be of reasonable good health to participate in these medical trials. As it is an ongoing test where you will be regularly observed, we will provide each subject with a personal room, recreational areas, and a delightful meal plan set that each participant can choose from both for maximum pleasure and for peak enjoyment.

If interested, please email this ad listing with your resume, age, and a recent photo; this is to ensure a heavily diverse range of subjects. The final compensation for the tests will vary depending upon date of completion, but will average around-

"Eight hundred thousand dollars is their average," she breathed, rubbing her face and staring in shock. "What's the maximum? God, that would pay my landlord what I owe him for..." She trailed off, eyes widening more. "I could just buy a house with that kind of money. Holy.... shit." She clicked the reply button and fired off the email, leaning back and crossing her arms behind her head with a low 'woooo' as she exhaled in shock. She knew the chances of being selected were minimal - she was average, with shoulder-length brown hair and brown eyes with a vaguely tanned complexion. Sure, her body was killer - but she spent too much time at the gym to literally run and box away her financial and career woes.

Not even an hour later, her phone dinged with the notification sound for her emails - a response, this quickly!? She snatched her phone up after ripping off her dish gloves, staring at the reply.


Apologies for the odd censorship of certain parts of the email, but as this is an insecure channel and we cannot guarantee our competitors have not bugged all forms of communication, we must [REDACTED] until we meet in person.

Thank you for your interest in our research! We are always looking for [INFORMATION EXPUNGED] in women like yourself, and your peak physical condition sets you apart from [fill in blank space]. If you are available for an interview, we request that you have some personal belongings packed, as most of our interviewees agree to start immediately! Our first opening to meet with you is this Friday, around nine in the morning. If this suits your needs, please text [PHONE NUMBER EXPUNGED]. If this has been censored, simply reply to the craigslist ad again with your consent to meet with our representative with the phone number of your choice with which to text you the address. We apologize again for the strange setup of this, as we are quite aware this seems unsavory and shady thanks to previous test subject exit reviews! But because of previous sabotage, we must continue this way.

Some of the testing is quite rigorous and will require bending, stretching, talking, and other strenuous activities for long periods of time. Please note for us in interview if you are experienced with yoga, as this may be helpful to others you will be cooperating with during the research. If there are any dietary restrictions required for you, let us know when we meet and we'll accommodate you easily with our chefs.

We look forward to our partnership, Elizabeth [LAST NAME REDACTED]!!


Elizabeth leaned against the sink, thumb stroking and tapping the screen to take her back to that ad. She hesitated at first - even the representative acknowledged that this would look strange. And how would she explain being gone for so long to her landlord? She had a few days to explain it, at least, but... God, that money! And not having to do heavy work for a while sounded absolutely heavenly.

Fuck it.


The journalist fidgeted in the little office as she waited for the representative to actually step into the room. She wasn't sure she'd ever seen a lab quite like this one - it looked more like an office building! But, she supposed, they wanted to blend in better. Their security hadn't made much sense - just an ID confirming who she was, a gentle pat-down to ensure no weapons were on her person or in her backpack, and done.

One of the stipulations of agreeing had been to abstain from alcohol, drugs (if they were prescribed, it was fine), stop using birth control medication (unless that birth control was permanent or could not be removed without a physician, not that either were an issue for Elizabeth considering she hadn't needed her pills in almost a year... god she needed to get laid), sex, even masturbation in the days leading up to the interview and possible acceptance. Jilling off had been her sole source of entertainment for the past year and she was already going crazy.

The door behind the desk opened and a tall, silver-fox type strolled in, a charming smile on his lips and his blue eyes twinkling with mirth. His gray-streaked black hair was styled in a way that almost reminded her of a specific superhero millionaire who hid in a metal suit... "Ah, you're Elizabeth! You are way more attractive than your picture suggested."

"Uh, thanks. A pleasure, mister-?" She shook his hand, startled by the firmness of the shake even with her own solid grasp.

"Johnson! Richard P. Johnson. I'm the one who emailed you, but well, after the last guy I revealed my name to started making dick jokes..." He shrugged easily, sitting down on the corner of the desk instead of the large, leather seat. His suit was finely tailored and it definitely hugged him nicely - damn it Elizabeth, stop that! she thought, trying to stop blushing. "So, what made the ad stick out to you?"

"Do you want my honest answer?" she asked curiously, trying to relax in her seat.

"We prefer total honesty here at Interstice International, my dear Elizabeth. Can I call you that?" he murmured, probably to himself, "That isn't sexist, is it?"

"It's fine, yeah. I've been called worse," she joked, but he looked genuinely concerned and she changed the subject, "I've been looking for work in journalism but that's been drier than Death Valley, so when I saw that this has a decent compensation package, I was intrigued."

"Decent? Decent?" He nearly went apoplectic and hit a button on the nearby phone. "Shannon? Up the amount on the ad! This is the fifth person who said the salary was just decent!"

Elizabeth opened and closed her mouth, surprised, but continued, "I will admit, it said the average was about eight-hundred grand. What's the higher end for the full run of time?"

"Well, no one's... really finished that far," he admitted, "most people get to the six month mark and return to their lives. Or they have an allergic reaction and, per the agreement, we release them to a hospital and compensate them accordingly."

"Well, it should please you that I don't have allergies to any known substances-"

"Good, but what about unknown substances?" Richard narrowed his eyes, scrutinizing her, but after a moment of trepidation on her part, he burst into laughter. "My dear Elizabeth, I think you will fit in quite well here!" He slid off the desk and into his seat after stepping around, pulling out a thick contract and slapping it down. She was started by its size and picked it up, reading the first page and tilting her head.

It took her the better part of an hour and she'd taken out a pen, absently circling typos and strange clauses (literal, grammatical clauses at least), old habit on her part, and she set it down and clasped her hands on one knee after crossing her leg over the other. "I have a few questions about what this is about, if you'll permit me, Mister Johnson."

"Just Richard, please. Ask away." He leaned back comfortably.

"It was suggested that I abstain from quite a few things, including birth control and sex. Is that because of the nature of the products we'll be testing for you?" she asked.

"This is true. Sharp eye. Former journalists usually are." He smiled at her and she felt a stirring between her legs. Oh, damn him and damn all older men who turned into silver foxes!

"I see. This isn't a deal breaker," she added and he perked up visibly - somehow, even though he was already insanely perky. "Do some of the tests involve other participants working together with these... products...?"

"On the rare occasion, yes. You'll usually be working with either inanimate forms or specific robotic instruments we've designed for the tests, but one or two of them require a human touch." He nodded. "But if you'd rather solo, that's fine as well, and if you have a preference for your partners, we can accommodate that too."

"I have no preference." She smiled thinly and he literally clapped for joy.

"Oh, fantastic! You'll be a great subject then. We've been hoping for someone who's pansexual and open-minded." He chuckled and stood. "Are you ready to begin as soon as possible? We can have your personal quarters set up post-haste. They're a little spartan but you can have them decorated as you like. Our subjects being comfortable is important to us during long testing periods."

"Certainly." She opened the contract again and easily found the parts to sign - her trove of supplies made it easy to mark the relevant pages. She hadn't been put off in the slightest by anything inside - rigorous testing of fertility drugs (she was fairly sure she couldn't get pregnant, anyway, after her engagement to Derrick had faltered because of her inability to conceive even with sperm donors), odd concepts for dildos and vibrating toys, alleged aphrodisiac side effects... the list seemed endless but she was unbearably intrigued. And mildly aroused, if she were to be honest with herself. She was doubly interested in a section that had ticked a box for her in a way she hadn't expected - being restrained while products of various sizes and uses were tested on her. There was no way any of this could result in harm - there was another clause that mentioned that each test subject would have an Alarm List of words for use during tests for rating their discomfort or if they needed to end a test immediately.

She finished signing with a polite, tidy script and handed it over, and Richard shook her hand and slid that hand to the small of her back. His hand was warm on her bare forearm and she resisted the urge to return the slight embrace as they walked to the door. "Welcome to Interstice, Elizabeth," he said and opened the door. A clean, white hallway lead into a bathing area, rather clinical looking with its small metal bench in the shower. An attendant, a woman, wearing white scrubs waited with a smile to help her shower. "This is Alice, she'll be your personal assistant while you're with us. She'll run errands for you and get you things you need."

Alice, with long blond hair with streaks of red and pale green eyes, smiled at her. "Ready for your first day?" she teased. "I remember my first test."

"Is it fun?" Elizabeth asked after Richard left, and she started disrobing, folding her clothes as she went.

"So much fun," the blond sighed, eyes twinkling. "Here, have a seat. Have to get you relaxed." She pulled on a pair of clean nitrile gloves and grabbed shampoo from nearby - Elizabeth recognized the brand as the one she'd said she preferred using in the questionnaire she'd been sent and nodded in satisfaction, relaxing on the seat with her knees gently apart. Alice lathered her hair up, massaging her scalp and pulling the faintest moans out of the brunette. "Enjoying yourself?"

"Mmhm. I haven't gone to a salon in a while, so I forgot how good this can feel," she chuckled, "but I've never gone to a full-body salon. Is it full service?" she joked.

"Of course. I can't let you orgasm though. Ruins the first test." Alice let her hands slide down to her shoulders after rinsing Elizabeth's hair.

".. What-?" Elizabeth stood up, shocked and turning around. "Uh, this isn't a secret sex cult is it?"

"No!" Alice giggled. "Well, not technically, but this is the branch of the company that deals with sexual health and wellness. So for all intents and purposes, it's going to feel like it."

"Oh." Elizabeth hesitated, crossing her arms, and Alice gently rubbed her arms after sitting her back down.

"I won't touch you if you won't want me to, Elizabeth, but you are very attractive." Alice slid her hands around Elizabeth's front, her fingers gracing the sides of the journalist's breasts - they were on the larger side but not too large. "Can I..?"

"S-Sure." She knew this was against her better judgement but didn't regret it as Alice's soft fingers cupped her breasts, massaging them tenderly. "O-ohh, that's nice."

"You're so perky! And so muscular." Alice moved one hand along Elizabeth's arm, feeling the lines of muscle under her skin. "I'm almost envious."

"I got bored," she chuckled, shivering deliciously as the hand still on her chest let her thumb graze a nipple. "Had to do something while I was out of work, yeah?"

"It paid off." Alice finally let her go. "Mind standing for me? Time for the body scrub we prepared just for you~" She picked up a small tub of a vaguely pink substance and offered it to her. "Is the smell to your liking? It's a skin-softening sugar scrub with just a little pink Himalayan sea salt. Just as you said."

Elizabeth unscrewed the top and sniffed, sighing happily. "Perfect. Kind of musky."

"Good musky?" Alice questioned, scooping some onto her gloved fingers and starting to work it across the taller woman's arms. Elizabeth just nodded again, closing her eyes and letting Alice do her job. She didn't so much as twitch as Alice gripped her toned ass, feeling the gentle scratching of the scrub on her skin, but her legs shook as the blond woman's thumbs softly graced her inner thighs. "Oooo, you're really tense. Here, sit again." Alice knelt on the floor, and after Elizabeth took a seat, the assistant picked up her leg and rested her foot on her own thigh to work the sugar scrub into her leg. First one, then the other, then a good rinsing and a change of gloves, and Alice started massaging Elizabeth's feet. Elizabeth's head had tilted back, little moans escaping her as Alice worked her way up her legs.

As promised, Alice frustratingly stopped before she reached the apex of her thighs, instead standing and grabbing a soft pale blue robe for Elizabeth to don and comfy slippers. "Put these on and follow me. I'll take your belongings to your room and escort you after the first test." She smiled brightly, not even acknowledging the annoyed sigh from the brunette, and the two walked through another door, onto more... curious things.


*incomprehensible grumbling*
Jun 25, 2018
Somewhere under a rainbow, way down looww
This chapter features masturbation, edging, a medical theme, and exhibition/voyeur content.

Chapter Two: Entrance Exam

Waiting in the equivalent of a doctor's office sucked. The exam room, Elizabeth thought, was even more sterile than she expected. Pale green walls, the standard sort of clean countertop with the usual accouterments - tongue depressors, massive swabs, stethoscope, arm cuff for blood pressure... Weird, allegedly relaxing paintings of animals on the walls. Health brochures.

This was starting to feel less sexy now, she thought to herself.

Finally, a knock on the door! A woman around Elizabeth's age stepped in, a white doctor's coat buttoned tidily with her badge hanging from one lapel - Dr. Carmen Worhaus - and her short black hair was cut into a severe(ly sexy) asymmetric bob. Her eyes, which scrutinized the medical chart that had been on the door, were a deep, dark blue and her skin was a rich deep brown. "Let's see here. Elizabeth, yes?" the doctor said, flipping a page.

"Yes, ma'am." Elizabeth shifted uncomfortably, even in the soft robe she'd been given. Doctor exams always unnerved her. Carmen noticed and smiled thinly at her, resting a hand on her shoulder.

"I see you're nervous. Says in your prescription history you've been on... what's this dose of Xanax? That's not even enough for me most days," she chuckled, leaning back against the cabinet. "Professional life stressing you out?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes. A lack of one." She sighed. "It helps me get some sleep but it really wasn't working very well."

"That's just fine. If you find you need mental health services, Alice can set you up with one of our therapists. Get you on something better than... is this even a working dosage..?" She squinted at the paperwork again and grimaced. "Let me guess, you went to Dr. Cavanaugh?" Elizabeth blinked, surprised, but nodded. "He was my shrink for a year before I moved on. Didn't quite understand my issues." At Elizabeth's slightly raised eyebrow, Carmen laughed and explained, "I've been living with nymphomania since I was about eightteen, give or take a year. When I started working here, I agreed to participate in a study for a new medication they were trying. It worked and I can get through a day without wanting to bone everything I see."

"This is, um, a lot. Are you allowed to tell me this?" Elizabeth asked.

"Don't see why not. Part of the history of this department." Carmen smiled reassuringly and looked back at the papers. "Let's see, you've had eight partners?"

"Yes, and Derrick was the last. Haven't really had the energy for one night stands." She rubbed her shoulder through her robe. "And I did my yearly STD screening anyway about four months ago, that should be in there too."

"Yep, and you're good to go there. What would you describe your masturbation habits as?" Carmen pulled a stool over and sat down, rubbing her knee with a faint wince. At Elizabeth's concerned 'hm?' and gesture, she shrugged, "I got into a fight with a coffee table and lost." The frankness made Elizabeth burst into giggles, and helped her relax more.

"Most nights, just a bullet vibe, but once in a while I break out the rest of my stash. Derrick took half, so there's a few things I miss using." She cleared her throat. "I did bring them, as asked in the questionnaire when I was done. Cleaned them as specified."

"Goooood." Carmen sat up straighter. "Mind showing me? It's for the records."

"Sure. Alice left my bag when I told her what was in it, so," Elizabeth leaned down, grabbing her backpack next to the exam table and unzipped it.

"I should probably clarify that this exam also features you using these on yourself." Carmen cleared her throat. Elizabeth turned beet red but nodded. "To see what your limits as they currently stand are."

"L... Limits."

"Obviously, if you feel there's a test you can't complete, you can always tell us. If you require personal lubrication, there is a new tube in the stand next to you." Carmen plucked a pen from her breast pocket and wrote something down. "Feel free to begin when you're ready, Elizabeth."

"Um..." The woman couldn't help but feel insanely warm at the notion and swallowed hard. This was clearly no place of judgement, so... okay. "It's cold in here."

"That's normal. They keep it a little cooler, otherwise things get sweaty." Carmen tapped her pen against her cheek, quirking an eyebrow as she waited. "Start with what you usually use."

"I- um, I didn't bring all of them, just a couple." She pulled out a few drawstring bags - some were small, others were... surprisingly hefty looking. Carmen nodded, mildly impressed, and leaned forward. "This is- uh-" She opened one of the smaller drawstring bags and tugged out a standard lipstick-shaped vibrator, turning it on and looking annoyed when it buzzed then died. "Damn it! Ugh."

"The batteries never last," Carmen lamented. "Have you considered recharging ones?"

"I had one. My ex took it." She rolled her eyes and put that away, picking up a middle sized bag from the pile. "This is one of my normal, regular, um, penetrating-"

"Spare the clinical terms, that's my job," the doctor teased, grinning slyly.

Elizabeth couldn't help but gulp. "R-right. D-Dildo." She loosened the string and pulled out a plain, silicone dick - with a suction cup, Carmen noted with amusement. A rider? Interesting. It was however a rather bland toy, even with what the subject described as a "dual-layer" silicone (softer outside, firmer inside). "Mind if I, er, rip a hole in this paper so I can stick the suction cup to the bed? If I'm gonna demonstrate, I mean." Carmen gave a little hand-wave to go ahead. After inching back from the edge of the bed, and with a short tear of paper, she was able to fold the silicone suction cup (impressively flexible) and slide it though, securing it to the smooth if fake leather cushion, balls facing away from the former journalist.

"Would the stirrups help you?" Carmen asked, standing.

"It'd keep my legs out of the way of your, uh, review." Elizabeth blushed even harder. "D-don't you need to finish the physical exam first?"

"This is true." Carmen set down the clipboard and grabbed a pair of sterile gloves, then the lube she'd referenced before, and gently pushed her patient back. "It'll be a little cold. Not a problem, is it?"

"Not at all." Elizabeth wished her face would stop turning red!

"Good, good. First, let's check your chest," she slipped the robe out of her way, her gloved fingers brushing across her bare and still-damp skin, and grasped her breasts in a way that was supposed to be clinical but felt far too good. The former journalist trembled softly, biting her lip as Carmen mumbled things under her breath, "Good texture, no lumps, firm, low but perky, uneven tan..." The doctor released the stirrups from the spot they folded into and eased Elizabeth's feet into them, running her fingertips down her calves and along her thighs. Each brush made her twitch and shake and she shut her eyes tight as the doctor lightly flicked the robe covering her away.

"I see you keep yourself shaved?" Carmen asked, surprised, then muttered something about a small and likely irrelevant mole on the journalist's inner thigh.

"Th-Thought it would be easier for the doctors if they could see everything more easily. That a-and I prefer it this way." Elizabeth gasped as Carmen used her thumbs to spread her outer labia. "D-Doc-!"

"Almost done with the exam, no worries." Carmen began her murmuring again, "Average clitoris size, hood smaller than average, engorged after touching patient but not because of direct contact. Patient aroused by examinations? Outer lips firm, average size, inner lips slightly longer," her index fingers slowly grazed along the wet folds, and Elizabeth let out a little whimper - not because she didn't like it, far from it! She hadn't been touched in so long... "Moving to internal exam," she shifted her hand, using her thumb and index-middle fingers to keep her pussy spread apart, exposing her further. At this point, it was quite apparent to the physician that Elizabeth was quite aroused; her opening was relaxed, just a little, and visibly slick. Years ago, Carmen would not have been able to resist but she was a much different... maybe more boring person, now. No affairs with subjects.

After the tests, though...

"U-Um- a-are you done- so I can-?" Elizabeth gasped as an index finger traced the rim of her hole, biting her lip to muffle a whine. The fingertip made a stroking motion, just slipping inside her for the briefest moment, but it retracted and she groaned in frustration. "Damn it, doc-!"

"I was just checking for your hymen, or if there were remains of one." Carmen cocked an eyebrow. At this angle, looking at her, the silicone cock was rubbing against Carmen's chest... not that the doctor seemed to notice. Carmen moved her arm, sliding her middle and ring finger inside of Elizabeth all the way to her knuckles with ease. "Note, patient is deeply aroused, vaginal walls relaxed but squeezing, very adept at self-lubricating, all good signs. Depth is... hm..." She flexed her fingers one way and another, pushing just a little deeper and making Elizabeth squirm roughly. "Everything feels normal here." She pulled her fingers out and snapped off her gloves, tossing them in the trash and taking her seat again, taking up her pen and clipboard dutifully and writing down what she'd noted.

Elizabeth stared at the ceiling, half wondering if she should beg the doctor to keep touching her. Didn't doctors help women and other vagina-havers orgasm in the 1800s? Hysteria and all that? She realized Carmen was speaking after a moment, "... hurry this up, the test proper will begin after your exam."

"This- This isn't the test?" she asked, sitting up on her elbows.

"The exam establishes your beginning vitals and measurements. The medications may have unknown or undesirable effects and it's good for us to have numbers to come back to later. Please, continue." Carmen gestured to the toy gently bobbing with the motion of Elizabeth sitting herself up.

"S-sure." The journalist leaned back on an arm after grabbing the lube Carmen had given her, opening the cap with some difficulty (damn safety seals!), and squeezed the tube. Clear, semi-viscous fluid streamed out over the head of the toy. Oh, good, normal-ass lube, she thought with relief, putting the bottle down and using her hand to spread the lube across the toy's shaft. As she did, her eyes met Carmen's and she flushed deeply again, swallowing heavily.

"Don't mind me, Elizabeth. Pretend I'm not even here." The doctor tapped her pen against her cheek again, that soft and reassuring smile still on her face.

"Mhm, fine, yeah." She grasped the toy's shaft and tilted it toward her, mewling and closing her eyes as the head rubbed against her clit with the motion. Unintentionally, she rubbed into the sensation, teasing herself that much more. Carmen leaned forward slightly, making short notes here and there on her sheet. Elizabeth finally stopped teasing herself and nudged the head of the silicone cock into position, sinking her hips down and crying out in relief as it slid into her easily. She propped herself up on her elbows, made surprisingly easy by the stirrups, and wiggled her hips, the dick sliding into her more. It wasn't a particularly large piece, Carmen noted as Elizabeth began riding it, about six inches long, maybe two inches in diameter at its thickest. It did have nice details though - pronounced glans, veins, realistic texture. "A-aah- oh fuck, the stupid- mnh- the stupid requirements for not touching ourselves are so stupid, I- ohh-!"

"Try not to climax, please, that's not the point here, my dear patient." Carmen pulled her gaze away and Elizabeth froze, thighs visibly shaking as she stared at the doctor in shock. Some of the excessive amounts of lubrication (both her own and the extra she'd used) dripped down the toy as she tried to enjoy herself again but she groaned and let herself rest back against the bed.

"Then what is the point!?" she shouted, trying not to move her hips and failing, slowly rolling them and quivering as the head of the toy brushed her spot. But on one errant, particularly shivery buck of her hips, the toy popped out of her and she whined in protest, sliding a hand down over her pussy and rubbing her needy hole. "B-bad enough I haven't been touched by more than you in a year," she grumbled.

"That is unfortunate, but not my fault. However, it should bring some promising results in the test. Pick up your things, wash your dick in the sink with the soap, and follow me down the hallway to the testing room." Carmen stood up and stepped out of the room, leaving Elizabeth alone.

As tempting as it was to just... just get herself off at last, her mellow had been marshed, and with some fairly nasty cursing under her breath, Elizabeth got up and cleaned herself, the table, and the toy. After shoving everything back into her backpack, she picked it up, not even bothering to close her robe, and opened the door, glaring at the doctor. "Let's get this over with. If the test is about not cumming, I'll be disappointing you almost immediately, doc."

"No worries. You might not be able to stop." Carmen giggled, beginning to walk away.

Elizabeth stared after her, tilting her head in puzzlement... but the fog over her head kept her from thinking too hard - and focused on the notion of orgasm after orgasm. "...oh."
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