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Mx Female My Smutty request thread.


Aug 7, 2018
Hello all, if your reading this is my request thread. Some of which right now just involves a lot of pure smut. But I don't have very many limits, only thing I won't accept is one liners and godmoding. I will say if you are interested please stay and do not ghost. I get it we all have lives out of this naughty hobby. I would at least like to know what is going on even though I have done this myself. Currently revamping to include a mix of plot and smut. I also would love to form more friendships and would love to talk and flirt OOCly if you are game for that as well.

Now what do I expect: a minimum of three paragraphs. A basic understanding of English, while I make mistakes a lot I am mostly chill about this sort of thing but please, for the love of god do not use text talk.

In the Ghetto:
He was lost, stranded in the rough side of town. His car dead, and little help to get back home. The only thing he could do was wander the city, in hopes of finding someone to help him out. The rough side of town wasn't exactly what he had in mind. Walking into a rough gas station he had hoped to find a phone. Unexpectedly a woman who looked like a thug eyed him, her breasts and ass looked as if she was from a rap video. Eyeing him hungrily. She had a thing for white boys. Who knows what could come of this day.

Even Chubby Moms need love too:
She was always concerned and self-conscious about her weight, but all the boys kept staring at her, her ass, her breasts, her thighs everything about her just screamed sexy. One of her Son's friends always had a crush on her, and dreamed every night of pounding her brains out. Lucky for him his friend is gone, she just invited him in and offered him a drink. Time to make a move and seduce her, show her how appreciated she can be.

Teacher's pet:
He had always been perhaps the smartest students in her class, perhaps one of the best, but one after-school day changes everything by asking her to go out with him. She reluctantly agree's and soon begins a scandal of love and lust. Can they keep their affair a secret, or be caught and shamed.

Night of the Beast:
The beast is hungry, no not for blood but pussy. Not just any pussy but a human. Seeing a female or at least several wandering through the Forests. His mouth couldn't help but water just staring at their bodies. The need to breed, the need to mate. He will not stop until he at least breeds with one human.

The Demon's Servant:
He had no idea where he is, he had no idea how he ended up here. All he knew was that he was in a dark room, from what he felt his clothes were missing. He was completely naked with a collar around his neck, and a branding he couldn't help but notice on his cock. She stepped inside slowly, her form unlike that of a Human, but very similar. He was filled with dread and fear. Unaware of what would happen next. What would happen to him with this woman.

Threesome fun:
He was stuck at home. Home alone, nothing to do. He had no idea what do with his day, but then a knock at the door came, opening it seeing two beautiful women. What could come from it. Could it be a Mother and Daughter. Two Strangers. Perhaps just two Prostitutes looking for some fun. (Note: Never did a Threesome before so would love to work with two writers for some fun and willing to try out the idea?)

I need a sample:
This night was like any other night. Just boring and plain until seeing a shooting star. Or was it as it came crashing to the sky, landing in the Forest. He goes in to check it out. Only to find a woman from another world. Curious about Humans she requires a genetic sample to examine. But not any sample. But Human Cum. What could possibly happen with this otherworldly visitor.

Horny and in heat:
He couldn't notice a pair of eyes stalking him at the bar. They were filled with lust and it was as if he was a piece of meat. He looked over to see a beautiful woman, pregnant. Her belly bulging, her tits bigger than he could imagine. All the while she licked her lips staring at him. Walking over and gently slipping her room key for the hotel she was staying not far, she walked away swaying her seductively. He couldn't help but groan and wondering what could happen should he follow her?

Hulk Rampage:
It was just another night, Bruce had lost control once again, turned into the Hulk and began his destructive rampage across the city. But this was not like any other night. Outside of his rage, Hulk felt something very different. THe need for pussy. Now he is on the prowl looking to fuck any woman with his massive gamma cock. Wanting to fill all holes, and not stop till he is sated.

Intern at Arkham:
He was just a fresh graduate from Gotham University. Who knew he would end up in Arkham practicing mental health. But why did he readily accept the internship? The answer was simple, to study the infamous Harley Quinn. His predecessor. He had heard so much about her, even met her before she went to Gotham. He is determined to uncover the truth behind her obsession with the Joker. Even if it means that during his sessions with her he would go insane in the process.

Gigantic breast harem:

Okay this one is a little bit more hentai inspired. With this new idea, it usually involves a group of horny women, be it a bunch of old mothers seeking satisfaction in their lives. A group of school girls just looking for some fun. Stumble upon a stranger who has recently been into a car accident. While recovering what better way to satisfy themselves then having a single cock all to themselves. Either participating in groups or one at a time. While the man be while he is enjoying such treatment over time he becomes consumed with lust, as the girls make him more of a breeding livestock to fill up their bellies and get them pregnant.

Date with a Porn Star: Another day in the life of an average Joe. He never thought he would run into one of the best porn stars in the industry. What turns into a simple run in soon evolves into adventures of lust and debauchery as he is thrown into the industry. Can he handle the hottest women in porn?

Into the Woods: A young hero ventures into a forbidden forest determined to free his people. First he will have to overcome his lustful desires within and to conquer the demons of the forest or will he fall?

Vampire Lord: A young man is invited to be a worker within an inn filled with busty women only to discover his heritage as a vampire Lord. Soon his power takes hold and what happens next is up to you.

In the mood for Star Wars related stories featured below:

The rise of the empire:

It is the dawn of a new age, as your own troops have turned on both you and your companion. As Master and Apprentice, you swiftly manage to avoid Order 66. But what will happen, both of you embrace new found sensations and feelings for one another, as you learn to survive? The dark shadow of the Empire rising, you both work together to find your places in the galaxy and work to avoid the Imperial Inquisitors or even worse. Darth Vader.

The Crimson Dawn: (SPOILERS for Solo A Star Wars Story)
Darth Maul former Sith Lord, Former leader of the Mandalorians. Even formerly Darth and now known as just Maul is the ruler of perhaps one of the greatest criminal syndicates that rule in the Underworld. Yet as he builds his army of followers to one day challenge Sidious and the Empire. He still wishes to explore many of his desires not catered to even amongst his training as a Sith. Indulging himself in all the extravagant luxuries that come as a crime lord.

Interspecies Fun: Something well nonhuman as a beast, demon, animal, or alien getting paired with a busty female, or a human male, and a demon, monster girl, or a humanoid alien. Could be various scenarios that play out, and the possibilities endless.

Attack of the MILFS: As the only man of the house. Mom often gets lonely after so many years. She is usually off getting drunk with her friends. But tonight is no ordinary night. Some of her sexy friends get the idea to take advantage of the young man. Intent on draining his cock while his mother is away.

Game of Thrones: looking for hot stories set in the world of Westeros weather it be the famous brothels of kings landing or playing as an unknown Targaryen wishing to aid Daenerys in her quest to rule as her birthright.

Detroit Become Human:

Recently became a fan of this game. Would love to find a partner to be a model of a sex android. Solely devoted to pleasuring their master. But starts to break away and falling for their master as well. With different types of endings as well.

Big Cock Bully: I would love to toy with the idea of playing a bully, weather at work, school, or just being the neighborhood bully. Would love to explore several scenarios with the main idea is that the woman thinks that she can settle the dispute. Could be a girlfriend, Mom, Wife, Little Sister. With scenarios could be seduction, taking drugs, whatever it could be with the end being the same in the story of where the bully has to corrupt and fuck the brains out of a woman who is confronting him. Looking to hot steamy scenes with this one!

Interracial fun: For a while I have been having a longstanding fetish to explore different women of color. Be it Asian, Black, Japanese. Could even be up for playing a Black Man myself, and have more than a little fun with it. Could go with anything for this, and would be willing to hear out ideas really.

Drowning in Tentacles: Saw a movie about this, and would love to just play an old fashioned Tentacle Monster who either in fantasy or in modern settings. Seduce a wife, and slowly turn her into an obedient breeding machine. Taking her in private or public. Even in horror as she gives in. Not even caring when she enjoys hundreds of tentacles wrapped around her. Exploring every inch of her body and shooting gallons of thick cum on her, and inside her.

Anthro/Animal fun: Would love to explore this strange craving of an Antrho or an animal that explores the lust of a woman for example. Perhaps with animals maybe a farmer's daughter has been so horny that when around the horses and cows in a barns just gives into her desires. Even acting as if she was one of the animals as she has her brains fucked out. While Anthros could explore a society of Antrho Males exploring that of Human Females or Anthro Females exploring that of Human Males.

Looking for partners, or even any with ideas that could get thrown at me.
Some other pairings include:
Stripper x Customer
Boss x Employee
Mother x Son
Father x Daughter
Family pet x Family member
Succubus x Human/Monster
Marvel and DC
Star Wars
Princess x Rogue
Vampire x Human
Animal x human.
Princess x Knight.
Demon x human.

My kinks include:
Dirty talking
Rough Sex
Cum play
Spanking (Giving)
Big Tits/Big Ass


If interested please send me a message :)
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