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Private Practice


Jun 11, 2009
Under your bed, in your cloest, in your head
Private Practice
Straining not to roll her eyes, Charlotte feigned sympathy while listening to Mrs. Clement cry and whine about the same things she whined about every week at this time. Every Tuesday at 3 PM, she came by for her counselling session and cried that she wasn't appreciated by her husband, crying that she didn't feel loved, crying that she felt the her husband didn't enjoy spending time with her and sometimes acted like he regretted marrying her.

I spend one hour a week with you and I want you dead. I can't even imagine what it must be like to come home to you every night for 22 years she thought, wondering how on earth Mrs. Clements husband hadn't murdered her yet.

"Well, we certainly are covering a great deal of ground here today Jane, and I think we are taking positive steps toward identifying some of the core issues behind your depression. This will help us develop tools for overcoming this" she said, feigning sincerity. Oh would you please just shut the fuck up Jane?
She carefully looked past Jane to see the clock on the wall without making it obvious. She knew it would never sit well with a patient if she was seen checking her watch, so she strategically placed a clock across from her chair, so all she had to do was break eye contact for a second to check the time.

This is the longest hour of every week she thought, noting it was 3: 48 PM. Oh thank fuck!.

She was eager to take on her 4 o'clock appointment, Bradley Stevens, or Brad as he liked to be called. Brad was a particularly troubled young teen, who's school had recommended to his parents that he see a therapist. He was highly shy and insecure, social disorders and various other usual issues that came from broken homes. The best therapy would have been for his father to tell him to man the fuck up, but he was too busy banging his secretary behind his wife's back to be a father she mused.

Anyway, Brad had been a whole basket full of issues and one for the first things she did was write him a prescription for anti depressants. As their therapy sessions continued she had realized that he was hopeless, so she basically used the old "if you can't fix em, medicate em" approach to psychology, and just kept upping his prescriptions, or changing them from time to time. She had him on something that was fairly controversial, but since she had an off the books financial arrangement with the pharmaceutical company behind it, she tended to prescribe it frequently.
She had initially found her sessions with Brad to be as irritating as any other, but his father could afford her extremely high fee's so she assured him that she felt she could make progress. During her sessions, she did start to notice that while Brad was a shy and insecure teen, he was actually kind of cute in a way. Initially she ignored it, but began to realize his looks, combined with his vulnerability and absolute faith in her created temptation. Common sense of course had told her that crossing such a line could have huge consequences, but she was not one to make mistakes. She had slowly worked to gain his trust, gone over his psychological profile in depth and soon came to the realization that she could control him enough that she could do anything she wanted with her young teen patient, and it would remain their secret.

She slowly started closing the gap between them, and crossing some small lines, reeling him in and slowly bringing him completely under her control.
When she finally made her move, he quivered so helplessly he almost looked like he was going to wet his pants. Kissing the boy on the mouth, her hands gliding hungrily over his body as her tongue started probing his mouth she felt his whole body trembling. The boy had never kissed a girl, or had the nerve to approach one at a school dance. Young guys, particularly teens had never been her thing, but once she crossed that line with him she found it incredibly empowering and exciting. The first time she had to admit that she did worry what he would do after. Would he tell? Fortunately it remained their little secret, and each subsequent session involved less and less therapy, and more time fooling around.
It took several sessions before she escalated things to where they were both fully naked, but the eager look in his young eyes when he sat next to her naked body, scanning her as though he was starving for her. The wide eyed amazement evident on the boys face as he touched a woman's body for the first time in his life was delicious.
The very first time she placed her hands on his erection the poor young guy looked like he was going to have a heart attack from excitement. This was also the case when she guided his hand between her legs, and allowed him for the first time in his life to explore the mysteries of a woman's body, which he did with considerable eagerness. Through a firm, yet gentle hand she guided him in ways of touching a lady.

She of course wanted him to use his tongue on her, and realized it would help her cause if she first performed that small courtesy on him. When she had first taken him into her mouth, his whole body tensed as his fists clenched up tightly. She of course had never enjoyed performing oral on a man, but it was a necessary price to pay if she was to groom him for her needs. Besides, given his excitement and lack of experience, it did not take long for her to make him finish.......and now it was his turn to return the favour. He seemed a bit squeamish about placing his mouth down there, but she had been firm and insistent, exercising her authority as she straddled the nervous young guy, and lowered her sex to his mouth. His technique of course left much to be desired, but the shy nervous look in his innocent young eyes as his tongue explored her flesh was enough to push her over the edge with excitement. Besides, she was more than willing to give him plenty of practice at that so as to improve his performance, and soon he was doing things with his tongue that had her quivering like an electric current was going through her, squealing as she grasped his hair tightly in her hands, leaving her soaked in sweat and gasping for breath upon completion.

This became a routine for them, and gradually she got him skilled to the point where he could give her multiple orgasms for his one, within a single session.
When she finally took his virginity several sessions later she first had him satisfy her with his mouth, and since he was about to get his orgasm through actual sex, she saw no point in using her mouth on him. He had looked up at her in awe as she lowered her body, taking him slowly inside her, relishing the feel of his hardened young shaft sliding into her depths until she was seated in his lap, his entire length buried inside her. He had been gasping as though struggling to breathe, but that was just excitement as he experienced physical sensations that previously he could only have imagined. Before she even rose up to start riding him, she squeezed her inner muscles to contract her soft sheath around his straining erection. Evidently was too much for him and he suddenly convulsed, ejaculating instantly, sending his semen up inside her. She recognized this was normal for a virgin his age, so she refrained rolling her eyes theatrically, and instead smiled and kept riding him until she had satisfied herself.

This became a regular pattern between them. He came for his session, and she all pent up with stress from listening to the bullshit of her patients who she saw as nothing more than chronically self pitying losers but well paying chronically self pitying losers she reminded herself with a smile. By the time they were finished each session, she had burned off all that stress using his young body, and he looked raped as she cleaned herself up with a big smile on her face.

Looking at the clock again, she saw it was 3:57 PM. Holy fuck that was the longest hour of my life she thought, being careful not to roll her eyes.

"OK Jane, we'll have to wrap this up, but I'm quite excited about the progress we have made and some of the issues we have addressed in today's session. I look forward to exploring this in greater depth next week". She said with feigned sincerity. OK Brad, you better not be late!.

She took out her prescription pad and increased Janes dosage by about 50 mg, and then sent her on her way with a kind pat on the shoulder Good fucking riddance until next week useless!.
As she opened the door to the outer office, she saw Brad in the waiting room and gestured to him to come on in.
"See you next week Jane, and keep your spirits up."

Closing the outer door, she guided him through the outer office where her admin assistant usually worked, but was always sent home early on Thursdays. This kept anyone from hearing the noises that emanated from her office when Brad was in session.

As Brad walked past her, she closed the outer door, and then followed him into her office at which point she closed the inner door. Placing her hand on the back of his neck, she slid it down his back until it glided over his young buttocks. I need to unwrap this little meal now because I'm starving she thought with a naughty smile.

"Dr Devries, I wanted to talk about..." he was cut off when she grabbed him and spun him around to clamp her mouth on his as her hands started vigorously undoing his shirt.
"Later...we'll talk later" she panted as she clamped her mouth upon his again, and remove his shirt throwing it to the floor. Removing her own shirt and bra in record time she started undoing his pants, and had them and his underwear down as she pulled his shoes off and then slid his pants over his feet, leaving the boy naked as the day he was born, minus his socks which really didn't need to come off. Naturally he was shy and submissive as usual, which aroused her predatory instincts into a frenzy. She wanted to tear into him. Removing her skirt she closed in on him, and grabbing his hair she exerted downward pressure which was her cue to him to get on his knees with he did without question. No instructions were necessary at this point, he knew what to do next. Pressing his lips to her panty line, he started kissing her abdomen as he looped his thumbs over the waistband of her panties and started to slide them down. As he did so, his mouth followed the panty line down, as he lightly kissed and blew on her skin as she tried to control her gyrations while she held his hair tightly. I just wish I could keep you in a cage in the corner she thought. As he lowered her panties past her pubis, he got a look of surprise on his face, causing her to smile, knowing what was causing that. Sitting down on her own couch, she lay back and brought her legs up onto the surprised boys shoulders as he stared in awe at her crotch. He was wondering what happened to her pubic hair.

"It's called a Brazilian wax job" she said, answering the question she knew was on his mind. "You like?"

"Yeah, uhm it's nice"

Nice? Nice?? Do you have any idea how much that hurt you fucking little ingrate?!! she fumed mentally, yet maintained her outer composure.

"Well then why don't you show me how much you appreciate your little treat?" she stated, looping her feet behind his neck and drawing his face in towards her sex until she was able to grab his hair and guide him. She could barely refrain from undulating despite the fact that he had not yet touched her such was the tension she had built up this week. Under her guidance he had become an expert with that tongue, far more so than any man she had been with in her life. Of course most men would not completely submit to her demands and training in bed. Brad on the other hand was a young man who could be molded by a firm hand, guiding him, mentoring him. He needed someone to tell him what he wanted.

As he had learned with numerous earlier instructions, he did not just dive right in. Gently he blew on her crease, his fingers gliding lightly over the skin of her groin, where her inner thighs met her pelvis right beside her sex, teasing her with anticipation of the pleasure to come.

His thumbs gently touched her labia and tenderly parted them as she muffled a gasp, as her inner sex was exposed to his warm breath. Oh fuck I need this! This has been the longest week of my life!!!.
When his tongue touched the lower end of her vagina, she shuddered, all the tension of the week starting to release already as the boy served her needs on command. The tongue flicked over her inner flesh lightly, torturing her with its promise.

He gently flicked around the edges with his tongue, teasing her with the promise of pleasure to come a she clenched her fists tightly, trying to control her breathing as the boy tantalized her delicate flesh with his well trained tongue.

Lightly licking, taunting her, he flicked his tongue against her flesh as beads of sweat formed on her forehead and her body started getting a bit of a shine to it, while his tongue slowly started to work ever closer to her clitoris. He knew to never go straight there, and instead built up to it. She restrained desperate whimpers as his tongue started flicking right around the edges of the sensitive little nub.

A gentle light flick of the tongue touched her button, and she emitted a light squeal.
Thank fuck there's nobody in the outer office she thought with a devilish smile.

When he finally gave it a direct lick, she couldn't help but cry out, and grind her pelvis up. She knew she wouldn't last long, so she just focussed on enjoying the feel of his tongue against her sensitive womanly tissue.

It did not take long for her to feel the rush of a pending orgasm, she she started grinding her hips up faster, and reached down with a hand to get a firm grip on his hair as she kept going until the moment came.
"Now!" she gasped, clenching his hair tight.
He made a small o with his mouth and sucked hard on her clit while furiously running his tongue over it, which caused her to cry out in a high pitched voice as she grabbed his hair with both hands, wrapped her legs around his head and ground her pussy hard against his mouth, while her body shudder in response to the waves of pleasure emanating from her groin and tearing through her.

It was probably only a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity, and as the orgasm start to subside, she started gyrating her hips, grinding her vagina all over his face. She could see he never really liked that, but it was sooo gratifying and she couldn't help herself.

Once it passed, she sagged, gasping for breath as her body shined from the coat of sweat covering it.

Smiling she got up and whispered "On your back". He complied, laying there obediently as she moved into position to straddle his face. Having come already, she didn't feel quite the urgency, but still had an itch to scratch.

He went to work on her in his now expert way as she looked down at his big blue eyes, loving the innocent look on his face as it nestled between her thighs, looking up at her. His tongue went to work again, lapping her, tormenting her as she gyrated above him, sometimes lightly and sometimes grinding down.

As he satiated her desire with his tongue, his hands glided up her abdomen, and made their way to her breasts, teasing them as she moaned and whined, his fingers expertly teasing and occasionally pinching her nipples as he slurped away at her sex. She moaned excitedly as he feasted on her womanhood.
God, I hope he never gets cured she thought with a naughty smile, trying to control her sighs and whimpers.
Feeling feisty, she raised herself off of him, and turned herself around so she was doing reverse cowgirl on his face. Grinding down, she felt him continue to lap away at her, sucking and flicking her sensitive little button with his tongue as his hands now went to work on her ass, massaging, caressing and even lightly pinching. She knew he wasn't a big fan of this position, mostly due to the proximity of her butthole to his nose, but that was too bad, because she found this to be incredibly erotic.

As she rode his face, gyrating and thrusting, her hands roamed over his abdomen, feeling his smooth flesh as her hands went further down on his body.
He was lean without any excess fat, and had not yet developed any chest hair. He was fairly well formed also. Her hands glided along his torso as he masterfully worked his magic with his tongue, causing her to whine and squeal in excitement. Her hands moved towards his erection as she gyrated her hips over his face.
Not the biggest I've had, but certainly not bad at all she mused.
As she grasped the shaft, she felt his body react with a quiver as she gently started running her hand up and down, still grinding herself into Brads face. As she started to glide her thumb over the hole in the end of his penis, she felt the stirrings of another orgasm approaching.
Already she mused I clearly have been under some stress she thought with a smile as she started to speed up the gyrations. Oh fuck this is exactly what I needed as she grasped his testicles firmly in her hand. She liked to squeeze them when she climaxed, not so tight as to have him in agony, but definitely tight enough that there would be some mild discomfort.
As she felt herself about to go over the edge, she cried out "Now" which was his cue to focus exclusively on her clitoris as she felt the climax hit her like a jolt of electricity with pleasure so great it was almost pain as she sat upright, giving his balls a firm squeeze and pressing her weight down on his face, in an attempt to smother him as her body shuddered with pleasure. She pressed down for a few moments, which might have seemed like an eternity to him, but the feeling of power and domination was sheer ecstasy for her.
After it passed, she ground herself all over his face, making sure not to miss a spot. She knew that he didn't really like that, but too bad because it was such a guilty pleasure for her.
Breathing heavily, sweating, she raised herself off of him and looked at him laying there, his hair now a mess, her fluids glistening wet on his face with that adorable trusting look on his face.
She realized that having come twice already she would take a while for her next orgasm and that his would probably be fairly quick as she had been toying with his flesh while he pleasured her. She made up her mind to get him to come quickly and get that out of the way so she could have a nice pleasurable fuck with the boy.

"Move" she instructed as he got out of the way so she move into position. Placing her hands on the couch, she positioned herself bent over at the waist so he could take her from behind. If he was likely to come before her she was at least going to get something out of it.

As he moved into position, his erect flesh quivering, fluids already accumulating at the tip of it, she spoke
"Uh-uh...on your knees" she instructed

She smirked, seeing the starved look on his face. He needed his own release at this point but he was going to earn it.
As he kneeled, he placed his hands on her butt cheeks and spread them as his mouth moved close to. It felt so naughty being bent over like this with the boy kneeling behind her with his face up in her behind. As his tongue went to work now for the third time, she felt her legs start to quiver as did her buttocks as she felt his warm breath over her nether regions.
She hung her head down, letting her hair dangle as he pleasured her from behind. She tried to control her breathing, but naturally she couldn't control herself. She had taught him too well. How long this went on for she couldn't say, but as his tongue lapped her teasingly, his hands roamed, gently tweaking her nipples, massaging her butt cheeks and it didn't take long for him to bring her to the point where she sensed orgasm was approaching soon.

Pulling away she got on her knees on the coach and gasped "Now!". Brad crawled excitedly onto the couch behind her and positioned himself to enter her. As he lined himself up, she couldn't resist teasing him just a bit more. Reaching between her legs, she grasped his straining member and touched it to her soft petals, and slid it gently up and down, denying him penetration as the boy quivered in need. Looking back, she bit her lower lip in a naughty grin and spoke.

"OK, fine" she said playfully as she released him. As he pressed his hardness against her outer gate, she felt her body submitting, yielding to his invading flesh as he entered her. She gasped at the sensation of his shaft sliding into her from behind as he penetrated into her womanly depths until he was all the way in. His pelvis pressed against her buttocks as his girth filled her. Then he grasped her hips and then slid out again, before thrusting in, causing her to squeal excitedly.

He then started thrusting, slowly but firmly and deep. She ground herself back against him, delighting in the sensation as he made love to her body. She had taught him that sex was about so much more than penetration, and he had learned well that when you have sex with a woman she expects lots of attention, both with caressing hands and of course kisses on her back and neck. On this he did not disappoint, his hands teasing her flesh all over as his hardness thrust urgently into her sex. as his movements started to speed up, she sensed he might run the risk of coming before her. To account for this, she grabbed his right hand and guided it around front so he could stimulate her clitoris.

"Just help me catch up with you" she gasped breathlessly as the boy obligingly started gently rubbing it as he drove himself into her repeadedly. This helped increase her stimulation so they could climax together and speed her up it did. In moments she was starting to whine as the boy expertly teased her sensitive button, as his pelvis started to slap against her buttocks with an erotic rhythm, pushing them both to that mutual release. A few more moments of this and she felt the rush of a pending orgasm as the boy both sped up and increased his efforts.
"Now" she gasped, almost whining as she felt her body start to fall over the edge, as another orgasm started tearing through her body, while the boy started to climax, releasing his fluids inside her body as they both tensed up, her fists clenching until the orgasm passed and they both relaxed, their bodies sagging from exertion.
"Fuck" she gasped, turning to look at him with a smile. Grabbing him, she pulled him in for a passionate kiss, running her hands along his back, grasping his buttocks.
Breaking the kiss, she smiled excitedly and sat back on the couch, laying on her back. Beckoning him to get on top of her, she parted her legs somewhat, deciding she needed to rest and let him do some of the work.

At this stage she didn't need to really give to many instructions. He knew what to do. Moving her legs further apart, he guided himself to her swollen folds, pressing gently before rubbing it up and down. Having had his primary release he was more patient now, and could engage in some build up now. Sliding it up and down, he would bring it all the way to the point just between her vagina and anus, end them up again, until it slid over her clitoris.

When he entered her, firmly but gently, she sighed at the sensation of being filled as his hardness penetrated her feminine depths, spreading her open, impaling her luxuriously until the shaft was fully inside her. With that he withdrew and started gently sliding in and out of her, his length withdrawing to the point where just the head remained, and then plunging in all the way to her carnal depths.

Oh my god this is luxury! She thought as he plunged repeatedly into her sheath, driving pleasure into her each time, his hands roaming, caressing her body, teasing her as he kissed her mouth, her neck, and occasionally nibbled gently while she moaned and gyrated beneath him.
As he usually had very good endurance after his first orgasm, and she had climaxed several times, she knew this would be a lovemaking session of lengthy duration, and enjoyed the sensation of laying there being taken by him.

If only Brads father understood what kind of "therapy" his money was paying for she thought trying not to break out laughing or smirk. It certainly is the best therapy I've ever had!

After some time, she felt her body starting to approach the point where she might climax soon, and that required a change of position because she ALWAYS liked to finish on top. They would switch up positions each time and try new things, but she liked to finish him cowgirl style.

"On your back" she said, and he immediately complied by pulling out and getting off of her. As she got up, he assumed his position. eagerly, she moved over him to straddle him, and grasping his phallus, she aligned herself and placed the tip against her and then lowered herself on to him slowly, savouring the feel of his length sliding up into her.
Once she was fully impaled on the compliant young fellow, she started to ride him. Slowly at first, savouring each instroke and outsroke, her hands roaming his young body as she made love to him. He of course responded in kind, his hands gently caressing her hips, gently teasing her breasts and occasionally stroking her clitoris. He understood that variety was everything and not to focus on any one area too long.

Eventually she started to speed up, her body more aggressively riding his as his shaft drove in and out of her body like a piston, a light slapping sound starting from her buttocks hitting his pelvis on each down stroke. Occasionally, she would rub her own fingers over her sensitive little button, getting her juices all over them and then she would stick them in his mouth as he obligingly sucked on them.
"My ass!" she gasped. This was his cue to grab her ass, and focus exclusively on massaging her buttocks, kneading them, squeezing them, pulling them apart, exciting her with the way his hands worked them as she rode him hard.

Oh god, I own your ass boy! You'd best never get better! she thought excitedly. And to think I'm getting paid for this!
While she enjoyed the attention he paid to her buttocks, she wanted more. Grabbing his hair, she looked at him.

"You know what I want" she stated, and he did. She loved when he teased her anus. He hated it, and he initially required a great deal of coercion to do it, but eventually she managed to get him to do it. Get used to it sweetheart she thought with a smile.

As his middle finger slowly approached her little wrinkled bud, she tensed in excitement until she felt the moment it touched her asshole, sliding over it and she yelped excitedly, her body jerking involuntarily from the sensation.

As he started to tease it, gently sliding his finger around it in circles around it, sliding over it and even occasionally probing it with the tip, she felt the inevitable approaching. At that she started to ride him like a savage, aggressively driving her body up and down, her buttocks now loudly slapping against his pelvis, with the sound echoing through the room to complement her squeals and his laboured breathing. She rode him with such aggression it almost felt like rape as she hammered herself down on him repeatedly.

If only one of my colleagues could see me know...or an ethics review board

"Fuck" she gasped

"Oh fuck!"

She was caught off guard by this as talking dirty had never been her thing, but somehow gasping those words seemed so satisfying as she felt she was heading soon towards a record breaking orgasm. She couldn't resist. Leaning down she spoke;

"I love fucking you!" she gasped, admiring the look on his eyes as she said it

"My young boy fuck boy!.....I'm fucking you!" she gasped, as the dirtiness of her words, her dominance over the young guy and the delicious friction of his hardened young flesh penetrating relentlessly into her inflamed swollen tissue started to push her over the edge. Suddenly her body started to feel the beginnings of what promised to be a soul shaking orgasm.

"Now!" she gasped......."NOW!"

At that instruction he did what he knew she was instructing him to do. He plunged his finger into her ass as she drove herself hard down onto him, her weight pressing against him, as the exquisite pleasure of the climax tearing through her body like a current, combined with the dirty sensation of his finger plunging all the way into her forbidden orifice caused her to lose all physical control as she just started to quiver and shake on top of him, unable to even fully control her body's reaction. She held his hair tightly, but the orgasm seemed to last an eternity in her mind and as her body continued to shudder, she lay her body down on top of him, and wrapped her arms around him and digging her nails into his back, as she bit into his shoulder to suppress a squeal. After what felt like a lifetime, but had probably only been a few moments, she felt the massive surge pass, allowing her tensed body to finally relax. as she started to slowly un-tighten on top of her young prey. She smiled inwardly thinking of her patient that way, as a bit of an aftershock hit her, causing another quiver.
As she slowly relaxed on top of him, she realized that he had climaxed with her. The way she had felt, it would have been irrelevant to her whether or not he had, but if he wasn't getting anything out of this he might start to see it as abuse.

Most of the boys in your school would kill to experience this sort of "abuse" she thought, as she tried to regain control of her faculties.
She tried to rise and say something but felt another light aftershock hit her, causing a slight quiver. Holy shit I'm losing control here she thought excitedly.
She waited another few moments on top of him, breathing hard, her sweat dripping down on him until finally she felt OK to rise.
"OK", she said to him. With that he slid his finger out of her ass, as he knew never to do that until she told him to. Carefully she raised herself off of him, feeling even the sensation of him sliding out causing another involuntary quiver. Standing she had to be careful as her legs were still rubbery. He also looked a bit unsteady as he rose. Looking at him, she saw that the "therapeutic" physical exercise she had recommended/prescribed to him was starting to cause his body to develop a bit better.
She realized with some trepidation that she had left some scratch marks and a mild bite mark.

'Try to be discrete about those" she said gesturing to them, as he nodded. She made a mental note not to do that again.

Slowly they both got dressed, exhausted from their exertions until they both stood there full dressed.
Their time was almost up, so she started gesturing to the door.

"Uhm, Dr. Devries, I was mentioning that I wanted to talk" he started and she had to refrain from making a face. Please don't ruin this by talking. I was having such a good time, please don't.

"It's just that...I've been having more difficulty lately and I....well....I just don't know...", smiling she put her finger up in a "wait a moment" gesture.

Grabbing her prescription pad she took a pen in her hand.

"I think I'm going to increase your dosage. Trust me it will help" she said, scribbling frantically into her pad. "here, this should help. It might take a week for you to feel the effects but you will notice it".
As he took it from her hand looking a bit bewildered, she paused.

"Wait....I think I want to start seeing you twice a week. I'll have my admin assistant schedule you in for Tuesdays and Thursdays from now on."

Your rich dad can afford it she thought cyncially.

"Ok" she said with a soft voice, a smile and a gentle clap of her hands "Time to go".

Pulling him in she gave him one last passionate kiss on the mouth and then shooed him out the door with a pat on the ass.

As the door closed, she turned and leaned against it with a thoroughly satisfied smile.

This calls for a drink she thought satisfied. Fixing herself a double, she settled into her chair.

Taking the first sip, she luxuriated in the endorphins running through her body and the warm sensation of the booze spreading through her chest.

Tuesday and Thursday! Fuck!

Tuesday and Thursday! Fuck! She thought with excitement. She wished his father could afford to send him every day. The idea of having these exotic fuck fests twice a week excited her as she thought of the new levels of naughtiness she could get up to.

She had tried everything with him pretty much.

Rimming? she thought naughtily. No, way too much. That might just push him over the edge. That said, she kept it in the back of her mind, in case she ever saw an increase in his submissiveness. None of her previous lovers her own age had ever been willing to do that. Maybe with her increased interaction with Brad, she might be able to exert even more control over him.
She had an urge. She was not a regular smoker, but every once in awhile she did.

Grabbing one she moved to the outer door. Her building being an older one was one of the very few buildings to have balconies outside of offices. They didn't do that anymore, and rarely ever used to do that. Something to do with stressed office workers jumping. She found suicide tragic. That's one less fucked up person in this world to give me money.

Anyway, back to happy thoughts as she lit up and placed the cigarette to her mouth. Technically the no smoking rule in the building applied to balconies too, but nobody would notice. Taking a deep satisfying drag, she felt the tendrils of smoke sear her lungs satisfactorily as she exhaled, and raised the glass to her lips for another satisfying sip. With the burn of the cigarette still in her lungs and the warmth of the alcohol spreading through her, she fantasized about all the nastiness she could get up to now that her cute young toy would be under her control twice a week now. Who knows, maybe she'll start to like this job.
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