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Mx Female A sub fur for a caring 'owner' (m fur x f human) (new plot added 5/4) (would love to try playing two furs at once)

Ren Olvry

Dec 22, 2012
Now for something just a little different from me! To make a long story short, I'm looking to start playing more sub roles; the less 'aggressive' one in the relationship, the shyer one, the younger one, possibly even the smaller one, but very much so a cuddly one, hoping for 'rewards' for good behavior, or maybe just aiming to please in general. Likely awkward once the first move has been made (which isn't likely to be by him), but plenty receptive to his owner's/adoptive mother's/neighbor's/teacher's/friend's mom's (I could likely go on) desires.

Beyond that, I'm looking to play a character 16-18 years old, against a woman in her 20's or maybe a bit above. I'll spread out a few miscellaneous ideas below, but the basic idea is I want my partner to play a kinder 'dom' human to my younger fur, who can be her servant, student, neighbor... whatever may work!

  • At least one paragraph with decent spelling and grammar; everyone has their little struggles or typos, and that's no big deal (I tend to average 2-3 paragraphs)
  • Female partner (doesn't have to be female in real life, so long as the character is), age 16+
  • Some story will be involved; it doesn't necessarily have to last long, but I like at least some lead-up to the smut
  • If you're not comfortable with something or don't know where to go, please tell me; I'm plenty easygoing
  • I don't check in on this thread very often, so please PM me with an idea of what you'd be interested in!
  • I rp here through PM's or threads
  • Depending on the plot, I'd be willing to try playing as multiple males; bear with me, though, if I may not be great at it!
  • F-List

A few faces:

Some fun possible inclusions (not all required) : kissing, cuddling, collars, ageplay, cheating, oral, public play

And some plots to go with them (special cravings get a *) :
  • Pet Shop: Everyone knows the normal shops, where you can get dogs, cats, birds, gerbils... all sorts of animals. This one, however, is a little different. Sure, there are still dogs, and cats, and other things... but not of the traditional four-legged variety. All of them, however, are just as much looking for a good home, and a caring master to take care of them and let them show their affection (would be up to playing two furs, or perhaps a pet 'shared' between his owner's friends).
  • Hello Neighbor: There's a new kid on the street; bright, cheery, active, and seemingly ever ready to help folks out around their yards when he doesn't have schoolwork or any other such thing. Popular with the girls as well, or so it seems... though perhaps he can still be taken for oneself? An invite inside, a little relaxation... it likely wouldn't be difficult...
  • My Healer: A little twist on a traditional warrior x healer pairing, with the lady being the tougher-skinned warrior and the guy being the more reserved healer. Not much more for this one (at least yet), but I figured it was a decent starting point to build off of!
  • First Contact *: Sure, they all said to wait, to study more from afar... but what's she supposed to do when one of the strange, new creatures humanity has stumbled upon finds her? Especially when he doesn't seem the slightest bit threatening... and very receptive to tagging along and trying to learn from her, allowing her to freely take charge.
  • The Queen's Knight * *: On the outside, the (albeit young and far from bulky) knight puts on the perfect persona. Upright, strict, loyal, and fierce in battle, when it comes to it. On the inside, however, he much prefers to relax, to be able to take a step back from the tough exterior... and there's one person in particular that knows it, and that she can get a bit more from him now that he's come more of age...
  • Once My Enemy, Now My... *: With humans, and furs known as 'demons', at war for as long as anyone can remember, it's rather a given that the orders would be to kill on sight for both sides, especially for the human heroes. Yet, one of the 'demons' own younger heroes has been known to let off a rather playful 'facade'... which in turn, sees him taking an interest in those that can match him in battle. So when a human hero not only matches him in battle, but believes his playfulness to be his real nature... perhaps swaying him, rather than killing him, wouldn't be out of the question.
  • Fly By Night *: Inspired largely by this dragon; going out on a nighttime stroll can spot plenty of oddities not seen by day. Including, oddly enough, a pair of glowing, curious blue eyes hiding away in the shadows, oddly non-frightening. Maybe she calls out to them, or maybe they just playfully follow; either way, it may well lead to a night of fun, or more.
  • Fun at the Resort: Inspired mostly by this otter; it's a week off, and what better way to spend it than to enjoy oneself at a resort, off at the beach, free to do whatever she wants? While the crowd and all the people are nice and all, though, there is a certain cove on the outskirts, that's supposed to be quiet and fairly unknown... well, except apparently for one furry figure, a purported shell- and pearl-diver who may be a bit of fun in other ways.
  • Rearranged: A bit of a... different idea that I haven't fleshed out in my head much yet. The basic premise, however, would be fur and human 'societies' being a bit split... and an arranged marriage proposed to help bridge that gap. Except that the stronger-willed woman that would be entering into it on the human's side sees something a bit better than the prideful, perhaps even pompous well-known 'prince' of the furs: his softer-spoken younger brother.
  • His Maid, Her Pet * *: She's been a maid for them for years, getting along well enough even as a human in fur-dominated territory. Up to and including watching their son grow, even helping teach him... but while she's supposed to follow their orders, and even his, if they come, the boy is young, friendly, and not too fond of giving such orders. Not to mention very willing to follow her lead, for anything she might want...
  • Turn It On: A bit of an adventure-ish plot this time. Trapped in a dungeon, no way out, plenty of creatures around... including one perhaps not so willing to be there (could be a fur, dragon... maybe some other options). So much so that perhaps he could be of... service, in more ways than one.
  • Enjoying the Show? *: A fairly simple prompt for this one; a fur sneaking into a nightclub a bit underaged, presenting a rather nice... change of pace from the oft eager, handsy patrons of the establishment. Of course, there's the matter of payment for keeping a little secret if he's found out...
  • In Your Dreams: His job, or so he claims, is to leech energy from humans. Never mind that he doesn't seem terribly good at it... or perhaps he chose a bit too strong-willed of a target. Appearing in 'nightmares', trying to get a human to submit, to give up... but what when that starts getting turned on him?
  • 'Begone,' Beast: A thief, a scavenger, a beggar. A 'terror' of the streets, a high priority for the guards to get rid of since it's spooking the citizens, even if it only seems to come out at night, in the alleyways. A creature easily cornered... though he's not really hurting anything, right? Nobody said he couldn't be taken alive...
  • Shared Spaces *: A 'simple' enough mix-up, what with him having a rather ambiguous name, and furs of the school not being paid much mind to; though co-ed dorms aren't supposed to happen, perhaps it won't necessarily be so bad.
  • Anything holiday-related! He could be a gift, someone out on the streets, a neighbor, another vacationer... anything!
  • W.I.P., will toss more in here once they come to mind (and always open to suggestions)!
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