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Fx Any incest request


May 23, 2018
everywhere and no where at the same time
I am currently wanting to do an incest style of RP, prefer father/daughter or uncle/niece.

70 smut / 30 story ratio please

I am open to doing a lot of different things. I enjoy doing older/younger pairings. I can also play more than 1 female if you are looking for a harem type of story.

If you have a plot/idea you want to run with me please feel free to , no need to only message me on whats listed here.

As for a plot I don't have a basic premise. I do have fun brainstorming plot ideas with my partners. As for setting I prefer modern day but can do other settings if the premise interest me.

I play submissive characters and prefer to play against older male characters.

I enjoy writing and usually write about 3 paragraphs and ask my partners to be able to write that much at the minimum. If your not able to write at the bare minimum, 1000 characters per post, then please don't message me as the RP won't go far.

Please be able to brainstorm ideas.

For male partners please be willing to play older, its rare that I'm open to a same age/younger male character. For female partners it can go any way depending on how I'm feeling.

As for kinks some of the ones that I enjoy are:

non con
Breast/ass growth
pleasure control/denial
hair pulling

I have a lot more kinks anything is open for discussion as long as it doesn't break site rules ^^

*Please read the following*

When you contact me please put your name as the subject header so I can keep track of it easier. And also let me know if you are wanting a non con or consensual scene. Let me know what age range you want me to play. Finally Please let me know how many paragraphs you write per post.
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