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NBx M or NB Aliens, Monsters, Demons, Tentacles, etc. You name it, I'm into it.


Jun 20, 2018
Let's cut straight to the chase. I’ve done my fair share of kinky roleplays. The usual sex and dom/sub action has gotten kinda vanilla for me, so right now I’m only looking for partners willing to indulge in at least a few of my weirder interests.

Some requirements:
• Male, masc intersex, or non-binary characters only
• 3rd Person, Paragraphs, etc.
• Please use proper spelling, etc.
• Don't use slurs.

A few weird interests:
Monsters, aliens, forced breeding, bondage, kidnapping, stockholm syndrome, loss of virginity, mpreg, tentacles, size difference, etc.

My particularly weird interests:
Feral monsters, bestiality, soft vore, forcefeeding/stuffing, cum inflation, oviposition, rapid pregnancy, hyper pregnancy

Don't feel obligated to include any that make you uncomfortable. I only want to include them if you’re also into them. You can check out my F-List for my more in-depth and vanilla kinks. Also make sure to look over my Dislikes as well, just in case. :V

My top two kinks out of all of these are mpreg and soft vore, with the secondary ones being cum inflation and stuffing.
If you haven't noticed, I've got a bit of a belly kink. Throughout the roleplay, even outside of smut, I'd love that to be a very heavy focus. If you don't also have this interest, you'll probably be too weirded out for this particular theme. I like everything from describing painful stomachaches, to stuffing someone with desserts until they bloat, to prey squirming in a predator's gurgling belly, to fetal movement from an painfully overdue pregnancy.

Pregnancy in particular is a huge turn on for me, especially if the offspring are inhuman in some way, like aliens or monsters or eggs. Young men getting forcibly impregnated by monsters is for sure a top fave. I adore the contrast between a fragile, heavily pregnant boy and the hulking beast that knocked him up. Or, some tough bear of a guy who certainly didn't expect to be dominated and fucked senseless by the creature in the woods, and now can only watch helplessly as his muscle gut softens and swells into a baby bump.
I'm not into the super fluffy, romantic mpreg you usually see in someone's anime fanfiction. I like it to be more scary and weird, but I'm not averse to occasional romance or fluff if they come naturally in the story.

Cum inflation and oviposition don't need much explanation. They're both just belly inflation kinks, one with cum and the other with eggs. In essence they're similar to stuffing, in which I like to focus on the pain, discomfort, and conflicted arousal.

Stuffing is sort of a side kink. I prefer mpreg and vore, but it's still a top guilty pleasure of mine. Tying a boy to a chair and force-feeding him pizza, soda and cake until his belly is grotesquely and horribly swollen, and he’s practically crying from the pain. The round tightness of his gut, the loud gurgles, rubbing his belly, laughing at his misery… It is by far my worst kink. Now, I don't like weight gain, which is often associated with stuffing and feeder kinks. I prefer the bloating be focused on his belly alone, so no padding his thighs or ass. He'd still look like a twink, just with a distended pregnant-looking gut. Speaking of which, I do enjoy mixing mpreg with stuffing. A guy gets knocked up by a monster or demon, which then forcefeeds him in order to ensure large, healthy spawn. Maybe add in a magically fast metabolism so he actually does have to eat enormous amounts in order to support himself and the offspring.

Now, to talk about the elephant in the room. Vore. Not everyone's cup of tea, and I'll admit my interests in it are very specific. My main go-to is soft, oral, non-fatal vore. With a particular focus on the swallowing and the prey moving around in the stomach. Safe, protective vore with a big monster is always fun, as is forced imprisonment in a stomach for some unfortunate victim. If you don't like vore, please don't offer to include it. It won't be fun for either of us.

When it comes to sex, I like things to start off fairly rough; approaching dub-con but not completely non-consensual. Being fucked by a monster should be terrifying at first. Bondage, hypnotism, pheromones and drug use are also valid if you prefer angstier dub-con. Romantic sex can happen later in the roleplay, once the characters have bonded or some kind of Stockholm Syndrome kicks in. I'm not at all against starting off totally romantic, I'm just kinda bored with fluff roleplays or long, complicated stories that lead up to consent. I want to jump right into the smut. That being said, I'm totally down for role-reversal and powerbottoms! I always play a brute dominating a little sub, so I'd love a change of pace with a cute twink bossing my flustered monster around.

As I mentioned, I'm very much into monsters. Feral-looking ones are a personal favorite, but that's not a requirement. As long as they're big and scary, I'll be happy. Your character can be whatever species you want, honestly. Another monster, an alien, a scalie, an anthro... In humans I tend to prefer twinks. Not necessarily ultra-feminine, but definitely skinny and a bit delicate. If he is (well, was) a virgin, that's another bonus. Or the total opposite; a tough "bara" kinda guy who'd be fun to break. Gender-wise, males, intersex and transmales are all fine. I only care if the character identifies as male. Non-binaries are also welcomed, and I'm open to hearing out female-identifying characters, but that'd be pretty rare.

PM me if interested, and please include a least a brief summary of what you're looking for. A scenario you have in mind or a character you'd like to play is fine. If anything, include your likes/dislikes so I know which kinks you're interested in. And most of all, don't have a ton of spelling/grammatical errors or else I likely won't respond.

Some possible prompts:
Most of these contain mpreg or vore!
Disclaimer: I will play the dom/monster/creature that captures, impregnates or eats the human character. At this time I'm not interested in playing a sub.

A petty thief finds himself being sent to one of the cruelest high-security space prisons in the galaxy. He’d been to juvie before, but this is something entirely different. He’ll be lucky if he makes it out alive. To make matters worse, his cellmate is a notorious alien war criminal who seems to have taken a worrisome interest in him. Poor kid may end up with a couple eggs inside him if he doesn't watch his back.

A cultist who was sent to Hell (or a young demon already in hell) is assigned to be the servant of a high-ranking demonic scholar. He’s forced to take part in the demon’s experiments, which often include him being force-fed strange concoctions, fucked by monsters or being impregnated with strange creatures.

A space explorer is accosted by and eaten alive by an alien beast. While he struggles inside its cramped stomach, he is constricted by internal tentacles that proceed to roughly fuck him. Unable to escape, he's soon stuffed and swollen with a huge clutch of the monster's eggs.
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