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Fx Male Any and All inquiries!


Jun 18, 2018
United States
Hi there! I'm an avid RPer and decided it was high time to invest in a request thread! While normally I'd stick to answering the requests of others, I'd like to put my own into the mix and see what happens.

I'd like to stick to PMs. I'm a two-paragraph max sort of person on my end since I don't like to fluff things out (and since most of the time I'm on my phooooone), but I'll definitely do more if the story calls for it.

I'm down for most anything, but I do have some things I won't do, and some things I'm CRAVING.

Don't Try It
- Scat, Piss, etc. Just... Ew.
- Hardcore BDSM
- Female Furry. I will not play one.
- Female Animal. I will not play one.

While I do tend to lean towards OC for Fandoms, canon characters are good! Especially how well I know the material.
Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super - Heavy OC SaiyanxSaiyan craving!!!!!!
Fire Emblem

I'm generally up for most anything. While this thread is a hapless work in progress, I'm down for genuinely anything. I do love myself a heavy bit of smut, and am a firm believer that story can be told during smut.

Just hit me up with any ideas you'd think I'd might like!
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