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Interview With A Serial Killer

May 18, 2018
Work In Progress

All art belongs to their respective artists. Art will be removed upon artist request. Also this is the first time I've decided to delve into darker themes and as such it is a learning process for me. It is my hope that this will make me a better writer and roleplayer by exposing myself to these sorts of situations. I appreciate patience and any advice along the way. Thank you.

Hello and welcome to my thread. The objective is to explore darker themes such as murder, rape, psychosis, and more. I'm looking to build upon the character of Emily Whierd (Pronounced like 'Word'. Silent I). Taking some inspiration from her visual representation (Wednesday Addams) she is stoic, solemn, deadpan, perverse, but possesses an unquenchable curiosity about the 'Human Condition'. It is this curiosity that has led her down her macabre path in life despite having been raised by an otherwise devout Catholic family.

Her 'condition' was evident from birth. Even as a baby she never laughed and very rarely would she smile. She lacked social skills and never seemed to have any friends. Often the target of jokes and ridicule of her peers, announcing "Here comes I'm Really Weird!", a pun of her name (I'm Really (Emily) Weird (Whierd) ) whenever she entered the room. Yet she never appeared bothered by their ignorance.

The first real signs of trouble revealed themselves when she was 6. Spending unhealthy amounts of time in the basement. Occasionally seen wandering down to the dark depths with a frog/toad, bird, mouse or other small animals. Said animals never came back out of the basement unless inside a trash bag. Her parents turned a blind eye to her 'activities'. Even at her age, Emily knew they couldn't acknowledge it. If they meant it was real and if it was real...then they would have to face the fact they had given birth to a demon.

In time she began to acquire a rather colorful assortment of books. Medical. Psychology. Occult. Voodoo. At any given time her face would be buried in one whenever she wasn't performing her 'experiments' in the basement. Her bedroom began to fill with crude, hand crafted dolls. Her walls covered in strange symbols and markings. The skulls of various 'patients' she had once operated on littering her desk and beside table. All the warning signs one could need...her parents never acknowledging them.

Emily spent years honing her craft, gradually moving up from toads to cats and small dogs. Trying to figure out the perfect way to inflict pain before the kill. With her confidence in the ways of the knife came the ability to combat her tormentors at school. Many times she was sent home for attacking other students. Each attack further emboldening her for the final step into her madness.

The news in her small town spread fast. The body of a child found in the woods, sliced all over, left naked with his throat inevitably slashed. One of her well known tormentors. She was the easiest and likeliest suspect but no evidence could be found to prove her guilt. It wouldn't be the last dead body to start cropping up in the quiet town either...

12 years later...


She's a killer who's never been caught. Many have tried. None have succeeded. Yet. She's intelligent and her technique is ever evolving. She targets mostly men though women have been found having suffered her handiwork. Shes a sociopath who's spent years observing people and learned how to pretend being 'normal' when it is needed. A wolf in sheep's clothing, wandering among the flock. 'Friends' and 'lovers' having no idea that they could be next. Just what sort of danger lurks beneath their noses.

General themes I'd like to explore (Not all have to be involved in each RP):
-Witchcraft (Also allows for Futa version of Emily)
-Rape/"reverse rape"
-Bad Ends
-Incest (Father who gives in to temptation due to wife not putting out due to Emily frightening her at the thought of another child)
-Drugs (Concoctions she creates to aid her 'work')

- The Human Condition: This is what fascinates Emily the most and is the major motivation for her 'work'. All the things that make Humans...Humans. How this condition varies from person to person and why. She herself lacks many of the aspects that would define her as Human. She lacks any sense of morality, ethics, empathy or sympathy. She does not feel love or pleasure (often). She thirsts to know what motivates people to do the things that they do, be they 'good' or 'bad'. She subjects her victims to acts that otherwise contradict their own sense of self, to test the convictions they allegedly hold so dear. How far can one be pushed before giving up their own Humanity?

Scenarios: (More to come)

Emily x Detective Vr. 1- One who has been working on her case for years. Perhaps a rookie cop who is looking to make a name for him/herself. Emily knows this detective in general has been obsessed with finding her and putting her behind bars. She finds the closest thing to 'joy' in toying with him/her. Always just out of grasp. Until she 'slips up' in order to finally meet her biggest fan.

Emily x Detective Vr. 2 - She's been incarcerated for some time after having finally been caught. She's been a subject of crime studies and psychologist thesis. Her story having become a movie. Everyone feels safer now that she's been put away. Until what appears to be a copy cat has risen up and the police have no choice but to ask for her help. The detective in charge of her can't help but feel drawn to her even though letting his/her guard down for even a second could spell disaster.

(Art NSFW. They are of adult Wednesday. No underaged content. Don't worry, Admins/Mods)

Futa Version
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