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Hal's Hunt for Story (and at least a little smut); varied interests and suggestions


Mar 27, 2011
Hello! This is mostly just to illustrate how I roleplay, what I'm into and dislike, and other general details! (Yeah I know, so original ;) )

Roleplaying: Myself and Activeness
I intend to only be doing 2-3 rps at most, even 1 I'd just be happy with. This has been changed! What can I say, I have too much fun with this. I can do many RPs at once now. I'm only keeping the previous sentence to keep track of the change. Currently I have a lot of free time so I can write a lot, though I am looking for a new job and with hopes will have less free time in the near future. Despite that, I can definitely write at least a few times a day and do expect at least one decent length response a day. That said I know how life can get, and if you have circumstances that keep you busy I absolutely get it. I don't pressure people, in interests or in activity. Still if you can't keep writing at least somewhat consistently I'm likely to move on to other games.

I can write at least one decent paragraph at a time, but I prefer writing a couple actions with lots of detail than lots of actions at once, unless the other person suggests I go ahead with that. It's no big deal, I just like to give the other person a chance to respond without having to deal with so many actions at once. But if that's how you write, I can go with that. Sometimes I can take some time to write back, since I want to come up with really good responses. However I only want to play here in these forums (thread or PM), or in PM on Discord. Here I'm only wanting one on one roleplays, groups have had too many problems staying consistent as far as I've seen.

In the end of things, just write as much as you can and I will gladly do the same, and the goal here is for both of us to have a nice time. If I can help in that at all, please feel free to let me know!

Likes and Dislikes
-Preferrably I like some sort of supernatural element. This can be in a larger magical world, or one character being a strange creature for some reason, or some small magical talent. But I do not require it in a game, it's just something I like. I can go with totally mundane non-supernatural.
-I prefer to play male characters but am willing to go with a female, though if I write badly I apologize. :blush: I only go with MxF where I am the male or FxF, nothing against other ways around but I just have no experience or inclination to playing that way.
-I can play submissive or dominant characters just fine, but usually like some level of control so I write better as either a character on equal footing or dominant in some way.
-Personal kinks of mine are bondage, minor sadism (no serious gore but some pain is more than fine), master/slave, mind control, tentacles, teacher/student, vampires, fey (elf and faerie creatures, normal sized not the tiny Tinkerbelle kind), and various fetish outfits (feel free to ask, I'm open to most of them).
-Definite turn-offs are scat/watersports, vomit, gore, death, macro or micro features, characters under 18, inflation (large features are one thing, but there is a limit), and bestiality. Bestiality has a bit of an asterisk next to it now though; animals are still definitely no, including pokemon. But I do enjoy playing various monsters and odd creatures. I got a whole separate thread that goes into that, just figured I'd clarify here so I don't seem hypocritical.
-Anything else either I am okay with or haven't considered, so go ahead and ask and I'll let you know what I think.
-While I am looking for definite sexual content and tend to get into such things early in the writing, I am also big on some sort of story being told. Even sort of dark stories are fine so long as they are going somewhere.
-I most prefer to play via PM, but thread and Discord are fine too! To reach me via Discord friend Hal#3160
-There's an f-list now! This should explain what I go with pretty well, now that I know what people here are open to.

So I have a few various ideas I can come up with now either to play out or to inspire others (and feel free to take them for your own use if you'd like!). I want to categorize them by long term and short term, though the same rules apply to all of them. I also intend to make the ideas quite different from each other, since I am open to a lot and this is the best way to show it. And I give them names for people to put in PM titles to help! Each idea will be followed by a few kinks that I personally would like to work in here, but feel free to suggest others or veto some here, we can work things out.

Short Term Idead
A Little Extracurricular Fun: This can either be the typical teacher x student roleplay or two fellow students, though the intention is of this being in college. Basically just a situation of some sort to bring the two together, then work turns into smutty fun that can be revisited over days. Maybe the teacher is tutoring the troubled student after class, or perhaps two students have a project together but keep getting distracted by other ideas, or even two people in a relationship are studying and use sex as a way to help or as a punishment reward thing, a lot is possible here! I prefer to play straight males but also have no problem in this one being a girl or being in a gay relationship or even one of the characters being a futa. Kinks: costumes and outfits, mild bondage, consensual (at worst a bit hesitant or reluctant), foreplay/sex under the clothes.

A Demon Takes My Town!: A fantasy based idea (though it could be done modern), but my character is a lustful demon out to control a small town through the desires and seduction of the people in it, bit by bit. The whole idea will be me playing as this magical demon and you playing either one or many people that he turns to his side. Expect magic, dub/non con, transformation on my part (this character doesn't have to be just one gender when magic is involved) and corruption galore! Of course I am willing to talk about other ways to do this, just like this starting idea is all ^^ Kinks: corruption, aphrodisiacs, dirty talking, foreplay, hypnosis, multiple (if he gets several townspeople on his side).

The Cursed Film: This idea can suit a lot of different pairings and fetishes. But basically what I am looking at is a tape/disk/digital film that twists, perverts, and changes those that watch it...or at the very least make them rather horny and lower inhibitions! It's meant to be a one-shot with particular characters, then the film goes to the next people to experience it. Simple and straightforward! Kinks: A lot. A lot of kinks fit this. Let's just talk out a pairing that works!

Long-Term Ideas
Land of the Fae: Now this is actually meant to be a modern fantasy idea. So YC ends up encountering mine just out of the blue one day. He's a somewhat scary, uncaring, rough sort of guy almost like a gangster but that one meeting is designed to make that questionable. Maybe he saves you from an accident, or is helping someone's child. Either way you are intrigued enough and speak with him. He's slow to open up and can be rude, but isn't aggressive. Over time the two befriend one another...and from there are brought into a strange other side of the normal world and into his own strange secret having to do with it. It's a slower roleplay, though how quickly sex comes up can be discussed. Maybe even before all the strange faerie stuff. Meant for romance and adventure though, for anyone who doesn't mind something a bit slower.

Inside the Closed Loop: And onto a darker storyline. You shouldn't have made that deal to clear your debts. You should have read the fine print. Otherwise you would have known that you would be taken from everything and everyone in your life, and thrown into a new life of servitude and training and breaking. Essentially you are now a servant/slave off to be trained, and then sent away to somewhere far off to be owned for the rest of your days. But there could be hope in all this...hope of escape, perhaps romance, or just to remain yourself. How low and dark the story of your character goes is up to what you want. Anywhere from out and stopping this horrid practice, to turned into a willing slave and cumdump for anyone your master gives you to. A lot of ways this can go. One thing I will say though: I do not intend for this to be 'abuse turns into romance and love'. Sorry that kinda thing...bothers me. But romance with a fellow servant, or perhaps with a master who is nice from the start, those could be fun! Again a lot of possibility here.

Okay so it is only a handful of ideas, at least I got something out there. I think that's everything I need to say. If something was missed I can certainly add it later...oh yeah times! I'm West Coast time, and right now the actual time I am busy is sporadic. I'm awake (as in clear-minded to write) from 10 am to midnight.

On Fandoms
So I myself am really really not a fan of playing canon characters. There are many I like but I always feel like I cannot play the character as they were created and that bothers me. Maybe it makes no sense, but I do not like playing canon characters. However I do like particular settings. OCs in a premade setting sounds pretty good! So I figure I should list some of those here too.

-Elder Scrolls (Cyrodiil, Skyrim, Morrowind, Solstheim THE SHIVERING ISLES [**If someone comes to me with an idea for this I will praise you as a miracle!**])
-Dragon Age
-Fallout (The Capital Wasteland, The Mojave)
-World of Warcraft
-Harry Potter
-Suggest others!

Now I don't typically like to list these because it feels either too restricting or too vague. I prefer actual plots. But I think instead I can write what I like to play as here, and you can then fill in the other side if you like something! **NOTE: Monsters, strange creatures, and aliens are all focused on in the other thread. This will only include humans, more humanoid fantasy races, and humanoid supernatural beings.**

-Best Friend
-Young (20s-30's) Wizard
-Troll (like the World of Warcraft ones)
-Tauren (same as above)
-Lycan (human form and hybrid humanoid/wolf form, possibly other animals than wolves)
-Vampire (think Dracula sort)
-Different Types of Demons
-Different Types of Angels
-Older Warlock
-Some only when asked about in private

Now let's see where this all goes, yes?
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Mar 27, 2011
Bumperino, now with added a few fandoms and "pairings" (just the side I like to play).
I have more than a few going on right now but I can take on more! Guaranteed to respond at least once a day.
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