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Fx M or F *Updated with Premises* S E D U C E D — I N N O C E N C E

May 16, 2018


Supernatural — Horror — Historical — Vampires — Demons — Angels — Incubi — Sucubi — Corruption — Seduction — Bondage — Mind Games — Sadism — Manhandling — Psychological Torture — Fear — Dubious Consent — Hypnotism — Bloodplay — Devious Characters — Innocence — Horns — Wings

#1, { Mf or Ff } Delirium is the place to be for Vampires, Demons and other dark supernaturals who may devour or seduce the glamoured mortals, as well as one another, in whichever way they please. It’s run by a powerful { vampire / vampiress / incubus / sucubus. } The door to this ‘establishment’ should be invisible to mortals, but someone wanders in unaware ...
Unique Kinks : Bloodplay, Fangplay, Threesome

#2, { Mf } His dark wings wrap around her like a feathery cage, “found you little bird ...” The incubus is empowered by seducing innocence and his eyes fall upon her, the only angel to arrive on Earth for the last thousand years.
Unique Kinks : Wings

#3, { Mf } The instant she opens her eyes to see his her memories of before are gone. He dances with her, the young lady’s senses overwhelmed, placing her in a trance. While the Masquerade goes on around them, he proposes a chance to become immortal like him and remain forever youthful, she must only say yes. The lack of memories causes her to panic and she flees ... only to the delight of the vampire.
Unique Kinks : Hypnotism, Bloodplay, Fangplay

#4, { Mf } The CEO of Yazuma Enterprises is said to be very nocturnal. She’s to be his secretary. WRITING IN PROGRESS

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