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Siblings (MxF) (MxM)

May 17, 2018
As you can see from the title in looking to do a siblings rp (nsfw is fine, of not that's cool too)

I'm pretty easy going, I don't need a huge post to go off from and we can mix in supernatural elements if you want.

The plot is fairly simple, what happens when you realize the person you have feelings for is in the next room? Will he or she feel the same way? How do you go about your day to day, what if someone finds out? What will there friends think, what if the parents find out? How do you balance life in general when you find out your sibling (twin or a small age difference) tells you that he or she feels the same way.

Hate and love go hand in hand.
What happens when you and your next door neighbor hate each other? It's been like that since you two where kids, he would tease you and pull your hair, you would hide his things and scare him. But the older you two got the more you went out of your way to make the other persons life hell. What do you do though when one night of drinks, yelling, fighting and sex lead to the two of you realizing that maybe all this time you where both made for each other? The only problem is you can't tell anyone, you've been at each other's throats so long your not sure how to just stop. (This idea can be altered however to fit your style it can also be MxM, MxF or FxF.

You get the jest of it, message me if your interested.
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