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RemiXSiegfried (Private thread)

Jul 17, 2017
Siegfried Klinge
Sumire Rembrant
Marsia Academy - Deck 5; Dormitory 1, Siegfried's room
August 31st, 4566 - Midday

Siegfried scrolled through the news feeds, annoyed at the screen. It was too much of a damned utopia, he refused to believe that so much power in the hands of mortals wouldn't have any form of corruption. Old Elven curses spewing from him as he cursed the monitor. The half elf pulled his device from his pocket, clumsily navigating the menus until he found a map of the space station. Even the floor plans looked odd to him "probably restricted areas hidden, not high enough on the food chain I guess" he muttered, looking carefully through the layout before his eyes fall on 'library' Siegfried moved from the room to the hallway swiftly, long strides carrying him with purpose to the lift and unto the second floor; feeling like he had new purpose or at least something interesting to kill time as a sense of weight lifted from his shoulders temporarily. This world or worlds as it were, still a mystery to him as the lift carried him to Deck 2.

Stepping from the lift, Siegfried continued his pace, down the bleak hall and into the corridor and into the library; pulling books on history, policy, and technology. Trying to cross reference events to find any type of gap. Carrying a tall of stack of books before plopping down at a table, looking over to see a sleeping girl "oye, a bed would probably be better for ya" the half elf called, his silver eyes falling on her figure. Too familiar "Remi get up, you'll have a neck hooked like a..." a pause, another curse in ancient the words he wanted evaded him "you'll look ridiculous, put nicely"

She was already awake. She stared up at him. He was deep in books. She sighed “... I’m awake... I’m just... preoccupied... so how was your dorm...” she seemed to be somewhere else. It seemed she was still as when he left her; if not worse. She stared at him dissatisfaction in her eyes.
She then spoke again “... um... I know we’ve only known each other like a day but I hope I didn’t misunderstand something..,”

Siegfried read through the indexes of multiple books, opening pages to events written from various points of view, skimming the pages, the sigh brought his attention to her from the books "my dorm was dull, probably the same monotonous set up as the rest... It's a roof and bed though, I can be grateful for that much" he trailed over her looks, she was definitely spaced out.
"Misunderstood how, exactly?" He was still half distracted from correlating the scattered memories in the integration device and the articles as well

She watched him as he commented about how the rooms were dull. A bed, desk, terminal, replicator and chest of drawers was usually bland. She did agree on that; that was when she was thankful to have her sister because even if the girl annoyed her she was still useful for domestic things and to make the room look better. “ at least having your own space is useful though... and misunderstood as in... um... nevermind... you’re too busy anyway...” she stood up and headed to a terminal tinkering with it. She didn’t say anything else as she was starting at the screen. This whole day was a mood killer.

"The silence will come to haunt me one day, unless the R.A. decides to cause a ruckus. A person who can cook and clean is always appreciated" he said amused at the concept "although if you can't even cook" his eyes gazed over her as he mused, still keeping the teasing tone "what exactly can you do with a terminal?" Sieg left his books, moving to her seat and looking over her shoulder

Remi stopped what she was doing and came back over. “It’s a more advanced version of that phone... basically those books you are reading are in in too. It can process data and play games though the VC works better for that thing VR and all... um... wait... you’re in the boys dorm... the RA would kill me if they found me living with you without permission. Um... I can have Yuki teach me to cook...” she seemed fidgety but in better spirits when he talked about her as if she was his partner.

Sieg examined the terminal, leaning over her shoulder. He had placed his hands on her shoulders; gently kneading her shoulders as she spoke "you are much too fidgety though I would gladly try your cooking as you are learning" his tone was hushed, nearly whispering into her as he spoke "about that computer favor; can you turn these cameras off, maybe lock down a door or two?" He chuckled, deciding to tease her a bit.

“Yeah.... and okay.” When he came over and talked to her as he kneaded her shoulders she smiled blushing. They were the only two in the library. “I’m fidgety because of you.., it up... you remember we left off in my room... Akane did more... but no one...” she just shared at him.

Sieg could feel his heart pounding through his chest, desire was starting to gnaw at him "I'm happy to be able to influence you so" his words trailed; pressing his lips to her cheek as his hands trailed slowly down her back to rest on her hips "So Remi, if there are any cameras to interfere with and doors to lock, can I ask that of you now?" Sieg mustered what composure he could to remain somewhat calm and make sure no one passing through could get the two in trouble.

Remi felt herself fill up with the thoughts and feelings from before and her heart was pounding. When he asked her to deal with cameras and whatnot for him she nodded. She pulled him close as she stood. She was thankful no one was in the room. “Let’s head to somewhere private and I can do whatever you want.”

Sieg smiled as he stepped to her, letting her pull him close as his arms wrapped around her shoulders, leaning in to give her a peck on the lips "let's, you know the station best. You lead, I'll follow" he said softly, rubbing her back with a hand

Remind nodded and took his hand leading him back to the lift. "Your room.." she then winked.

Sieg gave her hand a soft squeeze as he followed her into the lift, his gaze falling over her body 'I wonder if the dreams were realistic' memories calling back to the tavern as the lift felt like it was taking a eternity to move.

Remi stared at him for a moment. She wondered what he was thinking and if they were meant to be together with the rather strange turn of events; him ending up here. When he spoke she shrugged “if ones dreams didn’t take form then how did this happen and how did I meet someone like Akane so close in time to meeting you... As far as I’m concerned the rest of our lives is just around the corner... oh... you haven’t met Akane have you... How about I introduce you later; having another pretty girl at your beckoning would be paradise for a guy like you...” she winked. She then kissed him. The Lift then arrived at the dorms. She led him down the hall and took a left into the boys dorms. It pretty much looked like the girls section just different noticeboard contents and such.

Sieg returned the kiss, desire seeming to course through his veins as he listened to her speak "Paradise " he muses the word, legend from his clan telling of paradise after life for those in great servitude to the Gods "Meeting another beautiful woman would be interesting but..." he trailed as he spoke, entering the boy's dorm "Let me focus on you first" he said in a hushed voice, giving her hand a soft squeezd

Remi let him lead to his room as she followed and heard him. So he did care about her; it wasn’t just because she was a girl that he was there. That was nice to hear. Once the two entered his room she sat down on his sofa. She wondered if he had a roommate yet... that would be awkward

Sieg followed her, thankfully he had not been assigned or had, at the least, not seen a roommate. He found the light settings and dimmed them before finding a way to lock the door; making his way back to her, his lips met hers.

By the time he came back her boots were off and her top button undone. When he kissed her she held the kiss pulling him down to the sofa.

Sieg pulled his shirt off as he approached the couch, his eyes transfixed upon her form before they fell to the couch together. He kicked at his heels; letting his boots fall to the floor as his hands clumsily pulled at her buttons, slowly but surely opening her shirt as his hands rested on her hips.

Remi unbuttoned her pants and left the rest for him as she nipped at his neck. She was actually giving herself to him this time. The feelings from the past night they shared together flowed through her and she wasn’t embarrassed or worried. She just smiled as she held him close pulling him against her for just a moment her small chest still covered by her bra touching him as she shivered not because it was cold but more adjusting to her environment. “I’m glad we did this before so I’m not as apprehensive as before... I can focus more on everything without my mind wandering.”

Soft moans escaped him as Remi found his neck; as he felt her pants loosen though, he pulled them off without hesitation. His cheeks burned a little at her smile, his own showing now as she spoke "Agreed, the dreams were nice but I like the reality better" he muttered; kissing her again as he started to undo his own pants.

Remi felt him remove her pants and she pulled back on her blouse removing it. She held the kiss as he removed his pants. She then thought “this is gunna be epic...” she held him close.

Sieg's arms wrapped around her as the kiss held, slowly parting as he let out a heavy breath "I swear if anyone knocks on that door, they're going to sleep" a mischievous grin crept its way onto his features. A passionate kiss met her before kissing a trail to her neck; fingers fumbling at her bra

She helped him remove her bra as he kissed her then spoke. As he trailed down her neck she moaned lightly more to set him off than anything. “Don’t even put it in the air.” She nipped him as he removed her bra with her help. She then looked into his eyes “let’s move to the bed... okay...” she said with needy eyes.

Sieg had to fight back the urge to strip her completely and take her on the couch, her moan had in fact set him off. He took a breath; resting his forehead against hers with a nod. He had picked her up from the couch; carrying her to the bed and laying her down gently. Crawling his way up the bed; he nipped at her neck, fingers hooked and removing her panties.

She let him take off her panties after the arrived at the bed. She the nuzzled him and whispered sweet nothings into his ear smirking as she did so. She had been waiting for this and finally she was going to get it. She was already so wet upon initial look by him after he removed her panties. It seemed all the play, the dream... it all had made her want this.

He stifled a laugh as she spoke the sweet nothings , his lips trailing further down her body to her breasts, teasing and kissing "a fate woven through space and time. Sounds like a corny novel" Sieg teased, a hand rubbing at her slick folds before finding and teasing her clit.

Remi felt him kiss down her body as he finally got to her breasts and started rubbing and exploring her. When he got to her nipples she finally did blush. "Didn't I say something equally as cheesy..." She shut her eyes and smiled as she seemed looser than she was when he handled her the first time.

Sieg continued to tease as she spoke , kissing at her chest as he slipped his underwear off "You did but it's fun to tease you a little" he placed his hips between her thighs, grinding his hard member against her folds "and its still hard to believe this all happening... I wouldn't go back or trade it for the world, er" a pause; his guard was down completely and it was showing "worlds would probably be the proper terms now, hm?" He mused a bit before kissing her passionately

"Such things don't matter; people say world... Its still all the same; people just live their lives..." She said as he was taking off his underwear off. Once hw was up against her grinding against him she pulled him against her and then he kissed her. She held the kiss, opened her eyes and then put her legs around him.

As Sieg felt legs wrap around his waist; he rubbed the tip of his shaft between her folds. He pushed his tip to her entrance, slowly driving his member into her "tell me if it hurts" he said in a soft tone, kissing against her neck

As he lined up with her and pushed himself into her slowly she felt pressure and then a very slight bit of pain. It was almost reminiscent of their previous experience. In fact it felt exactly the same; maybe there was something to be said form that previous experience. "You're fine." She said as she pulled his head against hers and nuzzled him.

Sieg returned the nuzzle;finally feeling his full length in her tight walls. A moan escaped him "God's above...." He muttered in bliss, a slow pace starting in her as he wrapped his arms around her shoulders

Being used to the feeling before she was able to move against him without it hurting because she was expecting it to feel a specific way. In essence her being exposed to the virtual environment of where this happened and her brain interpreting it as a real experience basically gave her experience in sex even though she physically never had sex before. It was extremely confusing but in reality it sort of makes sense because all experiences are is things interpreted by your brain so if you could simulate that environment to know if you could make someone believe they did something before even though they never had. She wondered why such a thing even mattered but then just immediately dismissed the entire process. She instead gave his Nick a near bite. She wanted to have him try some rough kinky things with her even though she knew it might hurt her. “ would you mind experimenting some on me?” She asked trying to vocalize her thought.

Sieg groaned out as she played with his neck. A slow, rough pace formed as she spoke. Her previous explanation of the game she played would maybe explain the calmer experience. Her question snapped him out of the thought as he looked to her "of course" his lips met hers "what would you have me do?"

“... Um... take both of... me... Choke me, pull my hair... a little tying me up... clitplauy...”

She said as if trying to somehow make a list.
There were some other things she wanted to try. She considered them too risky to actually speak out about them. (Water, pain, public sex and pseudo rape )

Sieg leaned down and kissed her softly, giving her a small nod "for you, I will" a familiar phrase, he noted as much although it had a much more... endearing tone now "I appreciate how adventurous you are but" he gave her hips a rough buck, lifting her knees over his shoulders "let's focus on the task at hand"

Remi smiled at him “ OK whatever you want to do I was just you know giving ideas... “ she said as she pressed against him. She started to move into him faster than she had before. It seemed like she understood how to do this. (that’s actually not what it’s called encabulator. Is actually just a joke. They’re actually isn’t a name for it because it’s a holographic program so anywhere there’s a holographic emitter you just enable the emitter and it creates what you’ve programmed. So in this case if he grab someone else’s program or wrote one real quick with the instructions he found just kind of toying around since he was doing his own thing for a little bit there he would just say something similar to “computer activate superdick “ or whatever he would call it.)

Sieg rocked his hips into her before picking up the pace again, his lips met hers roughly. The replicator giving him an idea as he reached for his device and fumbled to open it, skimming the capabilities of it as his hips kept pace.

She Wondered what he was doing as he was working but his assault was something she had to keep pace with so she had to keep focused on moving into him as he was moving into her. It was starting to get to a point where they were in sync and as a result he was actually going into her all the way.

Sieg's curiosity was one of his major flaws, even in moments like these until he saw a option marked "hologram emitter" the vague memories coming back to him from the integration device as he pulled himself out slowly, searching the pre made programs and found a phallic shape similar to his in size and shape. He read for only a minute before following the instructions and crafting himself a second shaft. Still unsure of the durability of the hologram, he angled both tips; pressing each to a hole.

Remi felt a second shaft come out of seemingly nowhere and it was now pressing up against her second entrance . To say she was confused would be an understatement. She looked back down for a moment trying to figure out what was going on and then she felt it into her. She felt full and that was an interesting feeling. Again there was a little bit of pain but it was nothing she couldn’t handle and it felt different.

Sieg slowly drove into both her holes slowly; the second hadn't been used so he was careful not to hurt her. "What in the underworld is this?" He groaned, getting sensations from the hologram before fully pushing himself in

“ Technology here is really advanced. Basically since nerves just send electrical impulses the holographic projection just sends the same electronic impulses that your nerves would back into your body as if it’s a part of you.” She explained the technical nature of what was going on either way to her it felt awesome and the technical aspects of it really didn’t matter. She pressed against him lightly as she started to get used to both being inside of her. Or at least a little bit anyway.

Sieg shook his head, it was too much to take in right now.. definitely right now. The sensation gave him a slight pause before his focus went back to Remi. His arms wrapped tightly around her back, pulling her close as his hips thrust into her hard. His paced increased as he gave into desire, nipping at her neck as began to lose himself in the feeling.

She was starting to paint and move into him as he was taking both of her. She was in heaven right now is the pain somehow converted to pleasure. She was riding him as he pulled her against him and held her. She started moaning and going harder at him. “Yes!”

His body naturally picked up the pace as she began to ride him. A hand trailed up her back; gripping her hair as his pace became rougher. Sieg pulled her hair back, getting more access to her neck.

As he pulled her hair back she actually started moving faster into him and there was an audible sound to their connection now. She was also moaning more and seems to be really into this. “believe I said you’re good at this before I take that back you are great at this.”

Sieg smirked for a second; kissing her roughly as his tongue brushed against her lips. The grip on her hair still tight, his free hand falling to tease her breast.

As he moved into a French kiss pulling her by her hair and grabbing her breast she was going even faster and feeling even wetter as she moaned into his kiss. Her walls started to tighten around him

The kiss held; matching her pace as she rode. As her walls tightened, Sieg began to thrust at a wild pace. Breaking the kiss, he bit her lower lip and tugged, using the grip on her hair to pull her head back as his feral pace kept.

As he started to thrust at a wild pace and she rode she felt him hitting deep within her and that caused her to pressed further. She moaned as he bit her lower lip and pulled her hair as her eyes glazed over.

Sieg pulled the hand from her breasts as her eyes glazed; finding her clit next and teasing it. He kissed a trail down to her chest again, arching his back to keep pace as be began to kiss and tease her chest.

As he moved his hand to going after her button her eyes pulsed and she found a mountain of energy and feelings rush through her as she started to climax.

As she began to climax; Sieg pushed her down, pinning her shoulder to the bed before His hand moved to her throat. He hesistates though his hips kept his wild pace and with a small breath he closed his hand on her throat; he continued to rub her knub as his grip tightened further.(edited)

As he did all of this he felt her walls convulsing around him and then one short motion they latched on to him almost to seemingly trying to pull him inside. Her body shake as she tried to arc her back but couldn’t exactly move very well. She moaned and pressed against him one last time before her entire world went away for just a brief moment as if she was taken over by pleasure.

Sieg let his grip lighten on her throat as her walls clutched. He paused for a moment, collecting his breath. He felt like he was on the edge but let himself back down for a moment; as the feeling of bursting inside her, Sieg French kissed her deeply. His hips picked back up into their feral pace, his finger toying with her button more.(edited)

As they both exited their climax and he did not give her a break just continuing to go at her she made a sound as if beckoning him to continue. She started playing with her breasts.

Sieg groaned out as he could feel himself welling up again; she felt too good, the rough pace and her tight walls felt like they would squeeze every last drop from him as his grip tightened around her throat again

He seemed to be enjoying her she thought especially as he was continuing to take her in such a way that she gathered he understood what she wanted. Even the things that she had not said he seemed to understand them. It made her feel good that he actually understood her and wanted to be around her. That was actually one of the best parts.

Sieg's hand left her button, wrapping around her throat as he squeezed; the airway for her shutting. He lost himself in that moment as he felt himself on the verge of orgasm; the wild pace growing frantic as he impatiently forced himself to move himself as fast as his hips could. A loud moan erupted from him as his hips spazzemed and bucked, pouring himself inside of her.

As he fully cut off her airway and started pounding into her more violently and she was pressing against him will he was doing so he was smashing into her end. It was a little uncomfortable but the conflicting mess of things going on inside of her was actually causing this whole experience to be very alluring for her. She wanted him to destroy her in this moment. She then felt Him begin releasing himself inside of her as she responded to that with a second more violent orgasm that seemed to be all of the pent-up sexual tension she had and actually wasn’t just one orgasm it was like three one after another after another. She was also fondling her breasts as she was laid up against the bed. The lack of oxygen combined with all of this was great. It also showed her how fragile she was which was also interesting because since she felt she had multiple people who could protect her and skills that didn’t rely on her fragile body she actually felt safe even at she was being choked. They were still a safety and contentment about it. It was almost as if she believed he would not actually harm her.

Sieg panted hard, trying to catch his breath. His eyes had closed before His gaze had fallen upon her; though they widened as he pulled his hands back "Remi..." He said in a hushed tone; he leaned down and pressed his forehead to hers "that felt amazing" Sieg said softly; he was still short of breath and an internal conflict was being waged at the sight of his hands gripped around her throat. The look of pleasure on her features clashed with the idea that he may have accidently crushed her windpipe "I think" a breath, searching for the words "we need a safe word or motion" his tone let a small amount of worry show; a moment passed before he let out a small chuckle As frail as she may be, she can still bring my guard down... how curious. Either I'm getting soft or... he cut the thought there as he gently caressed her cheek. Pressing his lips to hers.

As he released her she gasped for air and her world started to return to her. She heard his concern and then his solution. She was fine either way. As she took his kiss she thought about it and replied after the kiss “I think you do just fine but if that would make you feel better we can do that... I know you wouldn’t intentionally hurt me Siegfried.” She said really using his name for the first time as she caressed his face.

Sieg nooded at her respon; a wide grin taking over his features "So you do remember my name" his soft tone teasing her I'm allowed to have this, right? the thoughts nagged at him as he leaned into her touch; he was going against decades of his training like this but... But maybe it's the hormones again, he cut the thoughts; saving the philosophical reflections for later as he leaned down to press his lips to hers. In this moment, he didn't care about anything else. It was the first time in what felt like forever.(edited)

Remi laughed a little. "How could I not remember your name... Honestly though you are the first person I've met with that name..." She just held him as he kissed her. She noticed he was thinking about something but did not know what nor did she really care at this point either. She thought for now a short rest together might do them some good.

Sieg felt a small weight from his shoulders lifted as she laughed "I was named after my Father, it's a old human name apparently" a yawn escaped him as he leaned down to lay with her "do we have a sign for the door that reads "enter at your own risk" or "do not disturb"? I wouldn't want a R.A. getting curious" his eyes narrowing at the door.

“The doors don’t have signs... lock should be enough though... hopefully...” Remi kissed him again finally recovered from their experience together. So think we should just cuddle and rest then?” She asked.

Sieg listened to her words, leaning down as their lips met "I think we should" he said with a small yawn; laying down next to her.

She kissed him again resting against him. “Okay... hope you enjoyed actually had fun with me for real this time.” She said smiling at him.

He held her close, wrapping a arm around her as she spoke "hope," he muttered with a shake of the head; kissing her again "it was a amazing time" he said, his free hand running fingers through her hair.

“We should do this again then...” she said as she hugged him while he was caressing her hair.

Sieg smiled and nodded, rubbing her back "you needn't ask, for you. Anytime" he said softly, giving her hair a small tug.

She chuckled then smiled saying “then sleep; later we can do more... he he... we’re good together.” She said as she let him rest eventually hoping she could sleep like this. she never had slept in someone’s arms like this.

"Agreed; though lets try not to get kicked out" Sieg said teasingly to hide the growing red cheeks. He mused as he held her; eventually dozing off with her in his arms.

She feels happy with him falling asleep with herself against him. She smiles as she lets him rest eventually dosing off herself.
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