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Side Story: Girl Meets Girl (Takeko/Sumire)

Jul 17, 2017
(NOTE: This section will contain the logs and posts of RemiXAkane that don't directly relate back to the main story.)
Sumire "Remi" Rembrant
Takeko "Akane" Hassam
Marsia Academy – Deck M; Lobby
August 31th 4566 – Midday

Remi blinked repeatedly. “Awh.... But Akane-chan... I wanna be a bad girl with you... Let’s go Be spontaneous... get in trouble... the blushes kiss more... Um... I don’t really sound very convincing do I...” she sighs in defeat and follows her friend into the Lift. “ well I guess at least I tried “ she told herself “ we could’ve had drinks, plenty of food and just had a fun time... Remi is an idiot...” she insulted herself standing in the Lift.
(lol; shes inherently bad but this has been established as a pattern)
(And yes she used "chan" specifically to sound cute"

Akane smiles and pushes the button on the elevator choosing at random what floor to go to

They headed to level 2; this area would be off limits when classes were not in session unless you planned to use the library. The lift headed up to the second deck. Remi stared at Akane not saying anything again.

Akane looks to Remi "the library is nice and quiet and I doubt anyone will bug us there."

Remi nodded. "Wouldn't people be there tough; usually any library I go to is packed..."

"really?" she looks at remi

"Yeah..." She said as the lift arrives without much talk. She leads the way to the library. It is actually completely empty.
(This is a high school library in space lol... she always went to specific libraries)
(of course no one is here; classes are not in session)

"no one is here." she says smiling as she sits down on a chair

Remi sits down next to her staring at her.

she smiles and rests her head on remi's shoulder

Remi looks at her as her face gets red again. She then says "Um... I feel... lke I'm going to explode." She said.

"whats wrong." she looks up at remi

She takes Akane's hand and puts it directly above her breast. Her heart was pounding. "This..." She looks at her as she is leaned against her shoulder. She could feel a whirlwind of emotions flowing through her as Akane's hand felt her pounding heart which beat faster at this realization.

akane puts her head on her chest to listen to her heartbeat

Remi rubbed Akane's head with her hand almost kneading her. She uses her other hand to rub her back smiling feeling elated that Akane is this close to her.
Slaydemons - Yesterday at 4:42 PM
Akane closed her eyes "this feels nice, I never got this sort of feeling at home." She said outloud a small smile crawling against her face

Remi continued to care for her and massage her back and head. She was getting just as much from this as Akane was what with the girl pressed against her chest. Remi kissed Akane on the head also smiling. The feelings rushing through her body were getting close to unbearable though. She wanted Akane but was forcing herself to wait.
"I'm glad you like this dear... I like this too... It has only been a few days but it feels like longer... It feels like you fill a part of me."

akane nuzzles more into Remi "thank you." akane almost cuddles into her "well what would you like to do since this place seems empty."

Remi blushed. “ There are a whole lot of things some of them are better than others... some of them might scare you and might be things that we should... not do... in a public place... if I’m asking too much just tell me.” She asked hoping that she did not run off like before. “I know it’s early in our time together but... mhhh.... I can’t describe what’s going on inside of me...”

"you mean like something uncouth?" akane slowly moves away from Remi's chest to they can look each other in the eyes

“Um... um... that’s part of... I want us to feel... ecstasy for and from each other if that makes sense?” She said

"Not much to me." akane admits "being over joyous all the time sounds hard."

“... there’s a way to feel really really good... together... but maybe ... I want to but I guess it’s too early.” She said hearing that Akane didn’t want to yet.

"How so?" akane asked interest piqued.

“... how do we both feel good together... there is this toy I bought... we would... undress for each other... make out and show each other our bodies... then we put one end of this inside us and turn it on... we could then lay together and kiss and massage each other or just let the toy do it’s work.”

Akane blinks for a moment "oh you meant sex." akanes thoughts hadn't gone to there.

“... um... more... mutual—-“ she pauses “ more mutual masterbation.” She said even more embarrassed that they were actually talking about it.
Her body was continuing to egg her on
Sumire "Remi" Rembrant
Takeko "Akane" Hassam
Marsia Academy – Deck 2; Library
August 31th 4566 – Midday

"Oh I see." akane nodded lightly "I have never done that before I am not sure what to do."

“ Um basically you just put one of the little “guys” inside of you I put the other one in and if we want we put something on our “button” then I just turned it on and we hold each other and do whatever...” she explained feeling a little awkward(edited)

"hmmn." akane nods as if learning "little guys?" she asks

“Um... don’t tell anyone I keep this kind of thing on me...” she pulled a small box out of her purse. After making sure no one was around she open the small box and pulled a bullet out. She then turned on little toy and again check that no one was in the room then set on the table in front of Akane. “ i’m only demonstrating so don’t get any weird ideas OK...” she then opened her pants and pull them down a little bit then she moved her Panties out of the way as she inserted the toy setting it’s vibration. “It feels good...” she said blushing.

Akane watches her the whole time when she pushed the toy in the corrects Remi's panties and fixes her pants pulling the lewd girl into her lap "I see, this seems like something a married couple do."

“... well I mean couples do this kind of thing but sometimes friends do this while usually it’s couples but if you’re really close to someone sometimes you do this. Um And if you like someone...” she said blushing. She then kissed Akane. When the girl put her clothes back on leaving the vibrating toy inside of her she grins. “ do you want to torture me do you... I never knew you were that kind a girl...” She smirked at her and gave her a hug but it wasn’t a normal hug. There was definitely something there.

"Well I thought you wanted it to happen." she smiles lightly still being sorta clueless "I want to know more about you and perhaps we could be a couple, My mother and father apperantly felt love at first sight so its not impossible."

“ and considering where we are I mean it’s not like girls being together isn’t Bad or anything... I want to know more about you too; I want you to trust me and I want us to enjoy each other... I want us to learn what feels good together... and no I don’t just mean stuff like this...” she kissed her as the vibrating toy set to medium was rocking her inexperienced world.

Akane kissed back holding the girl close wathcing remi's world get rocked

Remi stared at her after the kiss had ended just sort of having a weird look on her face. “ you did this on purpose didn’t you...” she asked as the vibrations were making her weak

Akane nodded "I did indeed is it a good feeling?" she looked to remi

“ it would’ve felt better if you joined me...” she said smirking at her. “ I wonder how long I’ll last..” she said as she started humping against the other girls lap.

"mmn, I don't believe too long you look like you could barely walk right now, does this thing have a remote?"

Remi smirked “I only seem weaker cause you sealed a bullet inside me you mischievous girl... yes... it.,. Does... I’m not going to give you it though...” She said as the toy continued to vibrate inside her.

Akane gives Remi's shoulder a rub "I guess I can't turn it off then." she said closing her eyes now

“I thought...” she hands it to her thinking she’s going to turn it off now. Initially the thought Akane would turn it up.

She does exactly what she thought initially, akane is being a bad girl after all

Remi laughed in a giggle. “I love you... your great...” she moved up on Akane kissing her on the lips as the vibrations get faster and she feels the pleasure rushing through her.

Akane gives Remi a kiss back keeping the remote out of her hands in a teasing manner "is this good?"

"What do you think... Your opinion matters too you know..." Remi said to Akane as she put her finger to her mouth as she made her stop for a minute and began to rub Akane's shoulders in a caring manner.

Akane shrugs lightly "I don't know, I have never done anything like this." she simply watches her as the vibrator keeps going

"So seeing this doesn't make you feel happy; you don't enjoy this.... You just... don't know..." She said more as a statement than a question. She sighed taking the remote back from her and turning off the toy. "Just go train some more..." Remi said turning away and walking off.

(A few hours pass)

Arisa arrived back in her room after she was done showing the new students around. It was annoying that she was tasked with this activity. She had managed registration and yet now the other student council members were making her do this... such was the life of a peasant she thought. She didn’t noticed that her roommate was in the bathroom and currently taking a shower. She walked over and being even though she was in a human body she was still here fire dragon self and so feeling the absolute coldness of the water was something she could sense from feet away. She began to undress to seem to counsel her but as she did Akane got out. Arisa after undressing goes to stop her and blocks her way with her hand. “ you seem strange... humans are usually only take cold baths or showers when they’re sick, depressed or... too hot...” she was meaning that in both a physical and sexual way is the climate being too warm could potentially cause this however considering the station was set at a nominal temperature she didn’t believe that was possible

“ so do you want to talk about it... because if you’re going to be mopey then I’m not gonna let you leave...” Arisa added

After Akane had left the library and gone back to her room her body felt like it was on fire she didn't know what it meant, she took an extra cold shower, she normally took colder showers because of habit but this one was ice cold to help her extra heated body. When Arisa came in and prevented her from leaving akane gave a small nod "My body was feeling hotter then normal and I thought a cold shower might cool it off." she didn't sound particularly mopey

“ hotter than normal as in what... are you sick...” Arisa felt her forehead.
Akane did not feel feverish. It was something else. Arisa looked her in the eyes “ when did this start?”

"mmn Earlier today, it is not unusual for people in my family to heat up like this, or so I have heard stories of."

Arisa casts a spell Without saying any thing to her apparently scanning her for use of any of her magical abilities. she noted the results of her scans mentally. “ and what were you doing when this started happening? Do you feel like this at any other points?”

Akane isn't using any currently but she obviously does have a pool of mana in her obviously "I have only felt this sort of feeling once or twice, and they have all been recent, but I can't really consult my family on this if its normal."

“ so you’ve only felt this a couple times... win; were you around someone specific? Where are you doing something? Or their thoughts that you’re having before this happens?”

"mmn I started feeling it the other night when you touched my stomach, when Remi kissed me and when Remi and I were in the library."

“... intimate feelings... let me ask you... when you are around that other girl does she make you feel warm and happy?”

"I feel very warm and my stomach feels tingly." akane doesn't doesn't directly answer with this

when she provides a cryptic answer Arisa nods. “ I believe what’s going on is your feeling attracted to another person dear... and the warmness you’re feeling is... sexual arousal... basically all the hormones inside of you running around in circles because of the people that give you those feelings.”
“ do you understand or would you like me to show you what that means... i’m pretty sure a girl your age should know that but you could’ve been super sheltered...” she laughed at the statement(edited)

Akane rubs her chin a bit "I only know the warrior life style and it didn't leave me much time for anything else, so these are very new to me."

“ OK well I’m sure you know what love is because you feel it for your family... think you’ve been attracted to someone as a form of love but it’s not that strong love so it can like go away or whatever... or it could be one-sided where the other person doesn’t feel that same way and so it will just goes away... or you could find someone who feels that way about you and to get super big and you guys stay around each other a lot and eventually grows and grows and you basically can’t feel normal without that person around you... that is really the best kind of love because when you feel like that and you’re that close to somebody then it’s safe to do what you feel... so basically... One way you can make those feelings where you can bare them more is by acting out your love... Showing your affection... buying someone gifts, kissing them, hugging him and doing things for them... and if you have time alone where it’s just you and it’s safe... you can give each other sexual pleasure... if you really really like them... if it’s a male and a female and you are like that for a long time and stay together for a long time then you might consider having offspring and committing your love to society by wedding each other...” she sort of stares blankly for moment and then thinks “ geez I hope it doesn’t sound too weird she probably already realizes that I’m not human...”

Akane nods and thinks back "I... hmmmn." she keeps thinking about her family moving out of the shower and onto the bed "I don't feel the same kind of feeling I do for my family as I do for certain others though." she says bluntly after having listened to Arisa.

“ That’s because there’s different kinds of love. There’s the one you feel for family but then there is the one you feel for friends and last there is the love I was talking about where it’s kind of like the family one but it’s different... basically it’s for lovers... let me give you an example and this might feel a little weird and you’ll see what I mean so just let me do this...” as she said that she approached Akane and put her fingers on Akane’s lower lips. She starts slowly moving up them to her clit. “ i’m sure you’ve discovered this feels when you touch it... but... you said you felt that affection when you were around me... so...” she lightly touched her clit “ it feels different than when you touch it doesn’t it... it feels better when it happens more and when you’re kissing... understanding any better?”

Akane falls to the floor an almost comedic in reaction "w-what was that!?!" Akane looks almost in shock up at arisa.

“Well... that was shock... before it you probably felt overwhelming pleasure... of a sexual variety.” Arisa said with a chuckle

“ it really does feel better when you’re kissing and doing other things with somebody you really like...”

Akane closes her legs "t-that has never happened to me before." she is a very bright red.

“ my advice to you... you really feel affection for that other girl don’t you... go find her and try it with her... it’ll feel better...” she said grabbing her clothes and taking a seat getting dressed. “ that is unless you need more training from sensei Arisa...” She chuckled again

Akane blushes on the ground and mumbles something.

“ or would you like me to call her here and tie her to the bed so you can see how feels to make another person feel like that...” she laughed evilly(edited)

"I-I wouldn't be able to do that either." akane turns a deeper red "W-what did you do to paralyze my legs?"

“Ooohhhh...” she chuckled “so you get all weak when you’re like this...” Arisa grabs her phone and sends a message. She then goes to wait at the door. When Remi enters a few minutes later Arisa locks the door. Remi sees Akane on the floor laying there naked and blushes. She turns around to leave and is stopped by Arisa. “ you see you don’t get to leave.” “ you’re both just teasing me... please... let me go...” Remi said in an almost sad tone. Arisa begins to remove her clothes with no resistance. When Remi was disrobed Arisa turned her around. Remi was wet and aroused. She looked away. Arisa pushed her toward Akane. Remi frowns.
“ come on you’re both girls and you both like each other... even if you’re too stupid to see it... what’s the problem...” Arisa asked

Remi doesn’t respond

Akane remains seated on the ground, her face an even brighter red and she bites her lower lip looking down.

“ you two were really this awkward about it... you both seem like me when I first came to this galaxy... if you ask me five years ago if females could be a couple I would’ve told you you were insane and should be Burned alive for saying such blasphemy...” “ for one you’re forcing me on her... she doesn’t want me... for two... if you really think this is the best way to go about things then you really are foolish even more than I am...” Remi started to cry. Arisa just stares at the scene she created. She didn’t understand human emotion at all.

When nothing else happened Arisa unlocks the door and says “ i’m sorry girls; guess I misunderstood.” She then heads out of the room leaving them alone.

akane grabs Remi's hand looking up at her "can you help me with something?"

Remi couldn’t make eye contact as her heart was broken but she nodded still. She couldn’t just leave her friend here if she needed help.

"s-she did something to me and now I feel all hot, but I want more I want you." she says in a fluttery voice.

Remi heard the words but felt like she was just toying with her now. She would still help her though. “If you... need my help— it’s yours.” She then leaned down onto her kissing her and moving the girl whom was stronger than her to her bed then laid atop her kissing her deeply the second time as a hand searched for her zones. She wanted to make Akane feel good even if she still felt like crap. She truly cared for Akane even after only knowing her for a few days that match was very obvious in this moment. Even with her eyes trying to avoid Akane’s she could still see a sadness in her. It seemed it would take time or effort to fix. It wasn’t known how far it hurt.

there is a soft moan from akane and Remi can see her toes curl up and hear akane's breath get shorter

Remi kissed her neck. “ I’m glad I could at least show you this...) she said in a sad tone as she lightly nibbled at her neck. She then tentatively moved one of her hands down to Akane’s inner thighs and began to explore them not going for her clit or maidenhood just yet.

"this is the second best thing I have ever felt." she says as she lets out a louder moan letting out an orgasm onto remi's hand, the first was when she was told she was beautiful by remi

Remi feeling Akane climax for the first time touched her womanhood moving to her clit. “ this is how you made me feel... and when you said you didn’t know how you felt then I stormed off... I thought we would never be friends or never move any further... I thought I had lost you...” she kissed her both their bodies resting atop each other. There was still sadness in her eyes but it was dissipating and her eyes were becoming soft affectionate eyes
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