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RP Rules

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Jul 17, 2017
1. Please follow BMR’s rules.
2. Please note that I rarely allow one liners but beyond that I am very lax with my posting requirements. The only thing I ask as that you post once a week if you join; I would prefer a lot more but your only required to post once a week.
3. Do not kill or injure another player’s character without consulting them and myself first
4. No god-modding
5. Please refrain from destroying the station.
6. No OOC Drama… you will be kicked
7. Please remember by joining this RP you have made a commitment to me and the other members.
8. When posting please ensure you post in third person and use this format. Using a standardized format makes it easy for everyone to understand.
Your character’s name
The planet/ship/school - location there
Current Time/Date
9. Romance, erotic content and the like… Well that is what people are here for… Just use your best judgement. It goes along with the site rules but don’t be foolish and end up causing OOC drama over romance/erp… It is just not fun for anyone involved.

I do hope that these rules are not too much to ask. I reserve the right to add to them though but I don’t see that I will need to; these are just the main basic rules that pretty much any RP follows anyway.
Not open for further replies.
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