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Session 1: A New Term

Jul 17, 2017
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The New Universes Project
Marsia Academy: The Third Wave
August 29th 4566
Narrated by Remi Rembrant

I got accepted to a school above Earth…. Marsia Academy a high school in space that the President use to attend. If you get top marks at its entry exam you get in… Joy to the world that I passed that stupid exam. Who am I kidding I don’t even want to go to this school… family wants to keep up appearances… Fools…

It is the start of a new term at this school in space famously involved in the war of 4562 and place where a bunch of people whom are now talking heads went. Not like I care about that… It has a fully self-sustaining set-up though so you don’t have to leave the school if you live there. I wonder if this place will be any fun at all… I doubt it…

Sumire “Remi” Rembrant
Yuki Rembrant
ECS El Monti – Passenger Section
August 29th 4566

Remi had noise cancelling headphones on and was closing her eyes about to log in to an MMORPG through the new version of the VC that was just released. She had the chip in; her sister was quiet and all was well. Finally she could play the game she had been waiting to play for so long but with it being region locked she could never play outside of the core worlds. At least that was one good thing to look forward to but to her dismay her sister was nearly pounding on her shoulder. She closed the applications menu of her VC interface by thinking it and opened her eyes pulling off the headphones. She glared at her sister.

“What; what do you want from---” Remi replied in a tone that showed she was annoyed.

“Look!” Yuki said pointing out the window as she was sitting on her feet to lift herself up off the chair leaning over her sister.

“Yuki…. Get off me!”

“But… LOOK!!!” The girl again said. Remi sighed and looked out the window. There was a space station in view; it looked like just your typical space station that the military or planetary security forces used. Nothing special there. Remi noticed past it though… had they already arrived… the blue orb of human ingenuity was in her view behind the station. She marveled at the planet in awe of its beauty. “PRETTY huh Sumi” Yuki said childishly to her sister. All Remi could do was nod in agreement. She hated that her sister called her pet names but she didn’t use her legal name either so she couldn’t chastise her for that. As Remi was staring at Earth she wondered how much time had passed since they left the colony… Earth was quite a distance away; had she really been in her own world preparing to play her games for that long… No… Impossible… She should have had hours. Remi turned her attention away from the beautiful planet and sighed about her lost time. She wanted to play so badly and leave this stupid real world behind but alas that was not in the cards.

The co-pilot of the small passenger ship came over the intercom to the other passengers; some workers at the station and a couple shop owners. “This is the co-captain Mitchner here we will be arriving at Marsia Academy shortly. Please ensure you get all your belongings before leaving the ship. Thank you for choosing the Earth Cargo Authority for your intergalactic transit needs. If you need to transfer to Earth from the Academy Earth Transit Authority Tramline D-6 will take you to Memorial Center from the Station. Please remain seated until we have finished docking.”

Only a few more minutes passed until the ship had docked with the station and the entire time Yuki was nearly crushing her sister with joy. As soon as the ship was docked Remi got up and grabbed the girl’s bags retreating away from her sister’s glee as if it were contagious. The two arrived through the airlock in short order. The staff scanned their access cards and began walking through a turnstile that was installed after Misuki Raion just ran off without scanning in. Remi gave Yuki her bag and scanned both their cards allowing both girls to go through. With bags it was tight but both made it through. Remi looked around and saw the hallways of this level were blocked off with similar doors as the lift. Apparently people liked to wander this station. She remembered reading about that on the student message boards. She shrugged and headed to the lift and got in it. “C’mon sister or I am leaving you…” Remi said to Yuki as Yuki was seemingly stunned by the newness of her environment. Yuki hurriedly comes in to the lift with her bag. “Sorry Sumire.” Yuki replied apologetically getting no response from her sister. The two arrived on deck 3 to check in at the office; Remi hoped no other students were here but knew that was likely not the case and so once they arrived she handed her sister her bag and told her “stay here; I am just going to go get us checked in so we can get our room.” She said sternly. Yuki didn’t say anything except nod at her; she knew she was annoying her sister with her outbursts and so she just stopped talking.
RE: Marsia Academy: The Third Wave

Sumire "Remi" Rembrant
Yuki Rembrant
Takeko "Akane" Hassam
Arisa Eiríni
Marsia Academy – Deck 3, 4 and 5 Admin Area, Dining Hall, Dormitory 2, Gym and shops
August 29th/30th 4566 - Starts Midday

After telling her sister to stay Remi started to make her way to the admin office. She put her hands in her uniform coat pockets. "This place is going to be a drag I can already tell... Stupid adoptive family; I didn't want to go here..." She said to herself quietly while walking.

There was another girl sort of walking with her but only in the fact that they had a room close to each other and were going to the same place, she had a bit of exotic beauty about her and she was already in uniform

Remi noticed someone seemingly following her. She turned to the girl making eye contact but then turned back the direction she was going with a sigh. The two soon arrive at the admin office. The mid 30s woman behind the desk Reko looked over at the entrant into her office. Reko had worked for Marsia back when it was in its original home in Japan and would work here for many years to come. She was basically the schools secretary. "Good afternoon ladies... I take it you are two of the transfer students whom were allowed to come early... Ah yes… Miss Sumire Rembrant and Miss Takeko Hassam... Miss Rembrant it says here you have a plus one... Where is your sister?" Reko asked as she typed into her computer handing Akane a tablet-like device that displayed her application and school records for her to verify. Remi sighed at the mention of her sister. "She is outside with our bags." "She will be taking classes online and then transferring here according to these records." Remi crossed her arms seemingly annoyed by the continual mention of her sister. She was the one accepted here; why did this lady care so much about her sister. "... Yes..." Remi said in a flustered tone.

The girl Takeko read the application verifying it if Sumire looked at her at anytime there was a sword on her person. which was probably a bit off putting

Remi glanced over at Takeko and shook her head. A weapon on school ground... Why wasn't she allowed to do that. Reko entered something in to the computer. "Very well you and your sister Yuki will be sharing a room." She then hands Remi her application and documents; She looks it over and nods signing it then handing it back. Reko then hands her a smartphone like device. It had all her books and everything else on it she would need for school. "Your registration is complete. Your class schedule will be emailed to you the day before classes begin." Remi nodded. "Is that it?" "yes." Remi heads to leave; She did not know this but she and Takeko would be neighbors living across the hall from each other in dorm 2. Reko then looks at Takeko "Is there a problem with your paperwork?"

Takeko finished reading it before she signed it "No I just wanted to make sure everything was alright." the girl smiles lightly "does lunch start soon or will it begin when classes do." she asked inquisitively

"The dining hall is open form 7 am to 7 pm. It is managed by Student Government as the entire facility is automated through replicators and cooking systems. If there is ever a problem please call maintenance." Reko then hands her a similar phone that she gave to Remi. "The phone list is in here. If you ever have problems using it you can talk to your dorms RA." She explains.

Takeko nods "thank you."
"You are most welcome; did you have any other questions?" Reko asked.

Meanwhile Remi arrived back at where Yuki was. "We are going now... to our room." "But it is early..." "It is just to drop off our things... Then you can do whatever you want..." Remi told her sister as she called the lift back up to their level.

Takeko shakes her head no and also goes to the lift politely waving goodbye to reko

Once she arrives back at the lift it arrived and the other two girls went inside Takeko then enters the lift as well.

Remi made brief eye contact. "Why are you following me..." She asked as the door closed and it began to move.

The girl looks confused "I am simply going to my dorm." she answered

"...Oh..." Remi simply said. Yuki then replied. "Don't mind my sister she acts mean and cold but she's really very nice..." "Would you shut up..." Remi said to Yuki whom just smiled at her and Remi sighed yet again. The lift then arrives two floors down where their dorm is. remi was the first one out of the lift she took a right past the chairs, vending machines and the student life office like she knew where she was going. Yuki seemed to be waiting for the other girl to exit the lift.

Takeko smiles a bit and exits first pulling up her pad to see if it had directions from her current position

Yuki followed her and pointed to the right. "Girls' dorms are this way..." She said as if also knowing where she was going. About halfway down staring at a door to her left. She pondered the door quite intently for a moment then opened the room with the phone. It seemed it acted as a keycard as well. Once Takeko arrived at the door Remi was in her phone buzzed repeatedly and an icon pointing to the right guided her to the room directly opposite Remi and Yuki's Yuki begins to jump for joy at knowing their neighbor. Remi set down her bag on her bed then came out hearing her sister being all animated. She just stares at the back of Takeko's head.

The familiar head gives a friendly wave goodbye for now and enters her room to put away her own stuff which compared to Remi was miniscule

"Yuki why do you always make friends with random people..." Remi asked guiding her little sister into the room. Remi was unpacked in minutes. She brought clothes, some personal pictures and trinkets, feminine things, a few mangas and a small thing of paper. Some things just needed to be written down. Her sister brought lots of clothes and frilly things. After unpacking the sisters put their bags under their bed. Remi then sat on her bed crossing her legs staring at Yuki. Yuki gave her sister a happy smile in return to the stare. At that moment Remi got up and went to shower in the door immediately off of the entrance. She sighed as usual.

the sound of the door opening from across the hall can be heard it seems Takeko is probably going to get some food at the dining hall unless she misunderstood Reko

Once Remi finished her shower she changed into a button up short sleeve shirt, shorts and her boots. "I'm going out." She told Yuki without waiting for her response as she grabbed her phone and a small pouch similar to a purse. It contained a few items she always kept with her. She put it in her pocket along with the phone in the other. She made her way to the lift and went a floor up and headed to the dining hall a floor up. She saw Takeko there too and avoided her ordering something of a spicy chicken teriyaki noodle dish. She sat a few tables away from the girl being careful to be behind her but staring at her the entire time until she ate a super spicy piece of the chicken. It was much hotter then advertised. She wanted to scream out in pain as she teared. "It burns!" She whined.

Takeko still had her sword on her was eating Ramen and drinking water nothing fancy she didn't seem to even notice Remi was there until she whined out about it burning she gave a glance back to see if she was okay while she ate

She could see Remi agonizing internally over the burning sensation but externally she was trying to keep those feelings of pain invisible to the world. Only her utterance of pain seemed to signal she was overtaken by the burning. When the girl looked back at her again and their eyes connected again. She looked away. Something about looking into her eyes. There was just something about them Remi couldn't... She felt something go off inside of her when that happened.
Takeko grabbed her food and moved next to Remi facing her directly now "Hello, I don't think we exchanged names before."

When Takeko sat at her table and faced her she ate another spicy piece of chicken and nearly died again. The talking helped her refocus though as she panted slightly from how hot the food was "Jesus... do they put fire inside of these..." She said while wincing. The pain also distracted her enough where she could look at Takeko without wanting to look away. "So is that the only reason you came over here... Didn't the Admin Assistant say my name already... I'm Sumire Rembrant... My sister and family calls me Remi though." She said without further words.

She ate her ramen noodles and offers Remi her lemonade "I heard it but where I am from it would be rude to call out your name when you have not told me it, I am Takeko Hassam, but my family and sister call me akane."

"So you have a sibling too... Mine is... annoying..." Remi replied seeming less cold but still not exactly fond of this opening up to someone. She wanted to give the girl some pointed retort but for some reason she couldn't.Every time she looked at her she wanted to let her guard down.

the girl scrunched up "I am pretty sure my family like her more then they like me."

"... Yuki is the same... I know my adoptive parents love her more than they love me. I am only here because they need to keep up appearances." Saying this to someone she had only just met set up so many things inside of her and made them go off. The silence herself she ate more of the hot chicken and was greeted by the burning sensation almost wanting to fall over on her chair and she whined.

"drink, spicy food is more easily dealt with when you have lemonade." Takeko advised Remi

Remi nodded as she orders a drink from the menu on the table that appears. She then dismisses the holographic menu and lemonade appears.

Takeko smiles lightly and pulls back her lemonade finishing her ramen

Remi eats again and as she swallows she takes down some of the drink as well. It helps make it more manageable."Well since we are making conversation... Tell me about yourself." Remi said attempting to make conversation that won't make her seem like a bitch

"what would you like to know." she says smiling

"What do you like to do?" Remi asked in a disinterested manner internally though she was sensing her interest in this girl peak.

"I like to practice fighting." she says looking down for a split second before looking back up "its.... a cultural thing." Takeko lied.

"So that is why you carry that sword..." Remi connected.

"Yes." Takeko replied in affirmation Remi completely unaware she was lied to.

"and your family... What do they expect of you?" Remi asked; in truth she was trying to find something they had in common. Maybe she wanted a friend or maybe something else was going on she did not know which it was.

"I don't know, to be some great warrior or something." Takeko keeps looking directly at Remi "what about you?""

"I don't actually know what they want... At least of me but they intend to have Yuki lead the family"

"I see, so you are free to do whatever you want?"

"I think but in truth I want to follow in my biological father’s footsteps; lead a people and keep them safe." Akane was the first person she had told her wish to; she wondered why that is... She had just met this girl and yet she was giving her some of her deepest secrets.

"That is a good dream Keep to it and I am sure you will achieve it someday."
"what do you like to do for fun?" she asks politely

"I play computer games, read manga and well I like to study installations, colonies and stuff... It is why I knew so much about this place... When I got accepted to this school I looked up everything about it... Did you know that Delta Force actually has ships here... A good hack can find out all sorts of interesting things about this place... Especially if you have connections to the government." She said as she finished her food. The drink had helped enough to get her to finish; plus she enjoyed this conversation topic so she was even more open. She was concerned that being too open and forsaking herself that this girl could change her. Why whouth... She had no clue what drew her to this girl; they met 20 minutes ago.

"I have never played computer games or read manga before." she says smiling again

"Are you... asking... to play with me?" Remi asked sort of shocked. Who the hell was this girl... Why was she different.

"would you object to hanging out?"

Remi was hit by a brick momentarily but then returned to reality and then smiled. "If you want to."

she nodded "I wouldn't mind."

Remi seemed happy that she had agreed. "Alright... um... so you want to come back to my room..." She asked nervously apparently not wanting to take her hobbies out of her personal space. She still was in awe of Akane as there was just something about her that drew her to her. This was such a confusing thing though as she never felt like this. She just kept thinking about it and was having a hard time even pushing the thoughts aside. Meanwhile Yuki had tidied up their room and decided she should go searching about the station herself so she left she and her sisters quarters making her way off of this level and elsewhere to explore the station.

Takeko nodded "sure, I might not have as much free time when school starts." she smiles and finishes her ramen before standing up

"I'm sure you will have more than you think... From what I read on the message boards since this school is the place where you live in addition to attending to class there is more time than people often think there will be." Remi explained as she took Akane's hand feeling something inside of her when she took her hand but she pushed through it and guided the two to the lift feeling a warmth throughout herself as she did so.

Akane's hand is warm if not a bit rough. "... it wasn't the classes that were going to eat up my time." she stated as she interlocked their fingers together

"What do you mean?" remi asked; she started thinking that maybe Akane was involved in clubs or something... Or maybe... her sword... Still the interlocking of their hands caused Remi to blush even as her mind was reoccupied. The two enter the lift and it heads to the deck where their dorm is.

"its... family matters, they want me to exercise for at least four hours every day, then ontop of homework, I am not sure how much time I will have."

"Well classes are from 8 AM to 2:45 PM... give yourself three hours to study, dinner and four hours... you might have an hour or something and plus there is always weekends..." Remi explained. As they were conversing the lift arrived and remi led the way back to her room. "We have a week before classes start anyway..."

She nodded "there are weekends."

"So... um... what was your life like outside of your family issues... you know... um... You know what if you don't like talking about it its fine..." Remi said as she opened the door to her and Yuki's room. The place had been cleaned. it was already relatively clean when they got here but Yuki apparently had cleaned the place and was not in the room. Remi guided her new friend into the room and took a seat on the sofa.

Takeko sat next to her, the sword was put beside the couch , She was wearing a different pair of shoes then the default uniform more high heels then Remi's

Remi looks her over for the first time as they were finally not having a table in the way and during the walk she really didn't look; she was too focused. She blushed even more as the two were in close proximity. She looked in to her eyes for a moment and then said something that was really out of character especially for knowing her for such a short amount of time. "Have y ou ever like kissed.... anyone..." She asked nervously.

"this was my first time even holding someones hand." Takeko said (akane is extremely dense for reasons) she used her free hand to twirl her hair around a bit

"Would you... like to... try?" Remi asked bluntly her face even more read than before.

"I don't think I'd ever get beyond practicing, I am not very cute."

"... Not cute..." Remi immediately moved in and kissed her on the lips without hesitation looking in to her eyes conveying that she thought she was cute.

For the first time Akane was the one looking away with a small pink blush not knowing how to react

Remi exited the kiss pointing at her. "Don't say you are not cute again... If you feel you want to look prettier Yuki and I can help you; even if she is annoying my little sister is good at that sort of thing. I may not follow her advice like I should but she really is helpful." Remi explained.
The entire time she too was blushing.

"I... I um... I um." she just gets up and leaves just repeating herself still a pinkish color

Remi stops her. "Did I... I'm sorry; please don't run away..."

it was too late, but she did leave behind a couple things so she might be back

Remi ran outside and she was gone. She looks down at the ground of the hallway. She leans against the wall lowering herself until she was sitting againt the wall with her legs propped against her. She rests her head against her knees putting her arms around them. "I didn't mean to scare you away..." She said to herself sitting there in defeat feeling lost right now.

When Akane entered her room there was another girl in there. She was sitting on her bed in the school uniform staring up at the wall resting her head on her hands. The redhead seemed to acknowledge that she existed but say nothing else as she knew form experience when someone was that frazzled to just leave them be. By the time Akane came out the girl was asleep in her bed.

akane is going to sleep for the rest of the night

As she came out and lays in her bed her roommate awoke only to make eye contact her grey eyes seeming to just be checking on her to make sure she was not going to explode in sorrow then she too returned to her slumber still in her uniform. Remi sat there until Yuki came over and patted her sister on the head repeatedly "Awe... Sumi is sad... What happened?" "That is none of your concern." Remi told her getting up and going back in to their room plopping down on her bed as Yuki found the personal affects of Akane in the room and tidied them up putting them on Remi's desk. Yuki then started to draw a sketch of her sister laying in the bed. It looked quite nice.
Remi soon fell asleep as her sister continued to draw her and went to eat. She found people here boring; everyone was asleep or sad or working... Yuki wanted to have fun. Eventually she resigned herself to finishing her sketch and then slept too.

When Akane awoke her roommate was already awake sitting at her desk in a dress with thigh-highs and boots on. "Morning." She said as she was writing with a pen on paper. Nobody really did that anymore. It was strange though; it was like the girl sensed her awaken as she had not even made a sound by the time her roommate commented to her awakening.

She rose from her bed "Good morning, might I know your name?" akane woke up actually pretty early

"I am Arisa Eiríni; a fourth year in class 2... Our names were posted next to the door on the way in though it is improper to address someone by their first name until given permission. Are you in better spirits than you were last night?" The girl replied as she turned to Akane no longer writing as it was also not appropriate to not be looking at someone when you carried on a conversation.

"Takeko Hassam, A pleasure to meet you, I wasn't in bad spirits just confused, someone called me cute and I know I'm not, perhaps I should of simply told them I am not good with lies."

"I see; a pleasure as well Miss Hassam. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder I believe the saying goes... We often are our own worst enemy when it comes to our own judgments about ourselves. Ahh the joy of coming of age..." Arisa smiled at her for a moment as if she were witnessing childhood again through her roommate. It was rather strange.
Remi awoke to Yuki making breakfast with the replicator. The smell was actually going out into the hall as she was actually attempting to cook using the replicator. It turned out to be waffles. She was also pretty good at this; basically anything domestic was Yuki's forte.
Arisa turned to the door as she smelled the food. "I didn't think there was a kitchen in the dorms..."

Akane nodded "well I must be going, do you know if there is a gym here?"

"There is... You practice the sword... If you are going to practice would you mind if I joined you?" Arisa asked.

"I wouldn't mind but I seem to have forgot it."

"Forgot it... Hum... I see. Well best go get it then I guess... I can wait for you or just head there..." Arisa explained seeming to want to know what she wanted her to do. Remi had gotten out of bed as Yuki finished cooking and set the food on her desk. Remi was in a nightgown and began to undress so she could change. Yuki began to eat happily.

"I would need a practice sword anyways maybe they have them?"

"So far as I know the gym here is not equipped with traditional swordsmanship tools or a dojo area. Modern society has no need for swords. I alas only have my own sword." Arisa said to her knowing her response was of no help to Akane.

Remi had changed in to her uniform as today was registration though since they were registered it was just a free day. Still uniforms were needed once registration started in a few hours lest people wanted to be lectured by student council.

"I guess I can go grab it, would you tell me where the gym is?"

"Deck 3. Also remember registration is today. I'll be changing later. I assume you already are ready for classes so it is just a free day but more students will be arriving." Arisa told her as she opened her desk; the long drawer at the top of it and pulled out her sword that was about the length of the desk.It was wrapped in a ceremonial cover while it was in its sheath. "We shall see you soon then. If you need me just send me a message and I will come." Arisa then left after grabbing a bag and heading off.

"I will be fine I have already registered." she says with a nod putting on her high heels and uniform

Remi took some of the waffles hat Yuki made and began to eat. By this time Yuki had finished. She was fast at eating and apparently loved food just as much as she loved the world around her. Remi hated that her sister was so chipper.

Takeko exited her room moving over to Remi's room knocking on the door lightly.

Yuki came over to the door immediately opening it as remi was stuffing her face.

there akane was just like yesterday "I think I forgot something here."

Yuki nodded and let her in "Sumire made a friend... yay!" Yuki said with glee. Remi set down her food and moved to Yuki's desk with the food to eat distancing herself from Akane's belongings. Yuki starts to speak and Remi then says. "Don't assume you know what is going on sister." in a cold voice.

Akane blushes a bit pink "So Erm Sumire, I am going to go exercise, and train, perhaps after would you like to see if we can try this thing called Karaoke I learned about the day before yesterday."

Remi didn't expect her to talk to her and when she did a look came over Remi's eyes. She sighed. "Me... um... You want me to go... k.... "Yuki walked over to her sister bonking her on the top of the head. "Don't be mean." "I wasn't" "Meanie!" Yuki said bonking her again. the repeated annoyance of her sister seemed to help Remi refocus and stop falling down the cliff of whatever she was feeling. "Sure; I'll go." Remi said blushing. Yuki was about to jump for joy. "You don't get to c ome." Yuki looks defeated.

"y-yeah, okay, I don't know if you would want to join me for exercise as well but I will be there for a while."

"Can I watch... I wanna see how graceful..." Remi started to babble nonsense about how gracefully some characters in shows she watched moved and how Akane would be just as graceful almost like she was star struck. Yuki then replies. "Sumi gets carried away lots..."

she Just takes Remi's hand while she blabs a bit pulling her to the gym

Yuki waves as Akane takes Remi away. When they arrived Arisa was in a ceremonial uniform (Hakama). She had her sword at her side and had bowed. "Hello Hassam." Remi almost wanted to die; this girl looked like she actually belonged in the olden days with that on and how she... Remi just was stunned by the awesomeness in this room right now.
(Shes wearing a male variation btw since its more conducive for sword fighting.)

"if I knew you wanted to be dressed like that I would of worn the family combat uniform." Akane smiles lightly her sheath still on her sword.

Arisa smiled. "Well that is attire more set for things like this in these days but I have always preferred more formal things... Females wearing such interesting nonformal attire is useful especially if your enemy is a man..." Arisa commented. Remi nearly nosebleeds at the thought. "She's killing me and I don't know why..." the girl replied dramatically. "Or if you are a female who is into other females..." Arisa added.

"well I also didn't bring it with me to school, its better designed for my mother." Akane continues being self concious.

"I have a special armor suit that goes under my normal clothes that is form fitting but it is unneeded in a place like this." Arisa explained. Remi goes to sit down. "Who is she... She seems too epic to be a high school student."
"Now change your blade... We are not here to actually harm one another... we are sparring." Arisa told Akane. "Let me know when you are ready."

"change my blade?" she asked questioningly "I am not quite sure what you mean by that."

She draws her sword and changes the way in which she is holding it to where the sharp end would not contact as to do less harm. "I am sorry; using the wrong terminology."

Akane simply tightens the sheath on "we typically just keep the sheath on, fighting backwards can lead to bad habits."

"That could break it and damage the sword... There are not very many qualified swordsmiths in these parts." Arisa replied as Remi just stares "Seriously did these girls fall out of a manga or one of my games..."

"doing it that was is also bad seems we are at an impasse here." Akane says sighing and adjusting her sword

"If you would like me to come at you normally we can do that however I do warn you that one of us could be injured." Arisa said as remi just watched the two. She wished she had invited Yuki now as having one of her sketches of these two beauties fighting... Oh god... Her world would be complete.

Akane nods and begins hopping a bit like a boxer "I am ready when you are~

"So you want me to... very well." She changes her stance back to normal and sheathes her sword. "May your draw be quick." She makes eye contact with remi "Call it that way neither of us have an advantage. We will begin on your count." Remi nods "Um... okay..."
"On three 1... 2... 3!" Remi said as Arisa went to draw.

Akane doesn't even attempt to though her sword is being held backwards

Arisa makes an approach. So shes waiting. Arisa makes her way in closer waiting for the exact moment to attack seeing how she defends by doing a faint attack which was meant as a distraction and to gauge her skill.

this is where the unusual begins Akane begins with both a dodge and a counter to the feint using the attack to draw her weapon for her
imagine someone attack you with a sheathed weapon and using the strike to draw it out at the same time

Arisa had seen this type of attack before but did not expect a high school girl to use such method. As such she was caught off guard and was forced to drive back. She smiled at her opponent and roommate. She hadn’t actually expected someone here to know what they were doing. Remi Was watching the two exchange and honestly this was to die for she wish she could record this and watch it later. Why did she have to tell her little sister not to come? This would’ve been a divine thing to remember.

now that the sword was out it was pointed downwards it didn't seem all that hostile and the hopping continues as she slowly inched forward

“ you fight with a defensive style I see.” She replied as she attempted to go at akane again.

She once again nimbly dodged neither fighter really giving it their all in this fight "I am capable of fighting defensively." she says plainly

Arisa came at her attempting to at least get some kind of a hidden even if it had to be with the sheath of her sword. Sort of underhanded but If she could get close enough she could at least end their little sparring match. Remi was enjoying this immensely. She felt like she was falling for Akane More and more with every movement.

There was a grace about her movements which gave her a beautiful sort of harmony about how she went.

Akane jumps back trying to dodge the attack all together akane, she looks to Arisa "The fighting style that I learned uses gems in combination for attacking would you mind if we use some for the rest of this bout? nothing harming of course"(edited)

"Only if you allow me to use my powers as being off-put without any equal footing would make this a one-sided battle." Arisa said. (It would be one sided if Arisa uses her entire magical ability but she wont use it all; it would probably kill Akane if she did)

"I wouldn't mind it, its not really training if you don't use everything."

Arisa nods. "Alright... Then..." She activates some spell that actually caused some pulse to hit Akane. She can tell there is immensely powerful spells within her.

Arisa when looking at akane starts seeing stitch lining appear along with two elongated lumps kinda shaped like almonds "haha you have a quite a bit more magic then me, I can really only use the first steps of this everything past this is much more harmful."

"All of this is harmful." Arisa said meaning that what they were doing was not actually safe. They could very well kill each other with these attacks if they were not careful.

On the bridge Max was called over by Rel. "Sir use of prohibited forces is being used on deck 3." "What sort of forces..." "Non-gem magic sir." "What the hell; send security.". The bridge called the academy security team and the marines loaded up; not knowing that students were involved they were in full assault gear and had alerted planetary security to have an SPU unit officer sent to back up the guards.

Akane smiles and darts forward now beginning her attack a flurry of assaulting swipes to Arisa it even looks like sometimes there are more then one Akane

Arisa easily dodges just as Akane did with her attacks. At one split second however when Akane came in for an assault she simply hit the girl in the chest with just the hilt of the sword and it was not even a very strong hit but she could feel the immense power. She could have easily broken something but she didn't. Everything was going too fast for remi to see.

*there was almost a dead thunk as arisa sees the stitchings condensed where the hilt struck but akane jumped back regardless as with a bit more force her armor wouldn't of shielded her * "well I think we can call this a draw." akane smiles a bit

Arisa chuckled. "Sure." She sheathed her sword and her power instantly returned to her. She now just seemed like nothing more than a harmless high school girl. The security team then rushes in to the gym.

Akane appeared very normal herself now if not a tiny bit more glossy with sweat

The guards aim their weapons at the girls. Remi seeing the fully tactically armed soldiers rush in with guns her face turns nearly ghostly and she tries to hide but being a gym there is nowhere to hide. Arisa smiles at the guards even though guns are aimed directly at her. She puts her hands up and chuckles "There's nothing here; so paranoid." She guards scan the two of them and find nothing of interest. They then look at the swords. "We will need to confiscate these."

"Are you appropriating my cultural heritage." Akane says without skipping a beat

The guards look at one another. They then look at Arisa. They return the swords; they didn't want a civil rights case out of circumstantial evidence. The guards take down their information and then leave reporting to the bridge that all is clear. Remi comes back over to the two girls. "You two are awesome but that was scary..."

Akane smiles a bit "Well since we are here I could do my exercise now." she looks remi

"Wait... Um... that wasn't... but... if you... I'm confused now." Remi said in a defeated tone sitting down on the bench she was seated at before. Arisa leaves for a second to the girls changing room and comes back in her uniform. She put on glasses. Did she actually need them... Remi didn't think so.
It was also then that Akane and Remi noticed the band on her arm. She was part of student council.

Akane smiles a bit "that was just a sparring it does mean I get to take an hour less then mandated."

"Okay; that just seemed like exercise to me but... who am I... I'm not some super powerful girl like you two... Its so cool though; with Yuki was here to see that..." Remi said interested in both girls but that much was obvious she wasn't being cold or anything to either of them. "I'll be off to registration." Arisa said leaving those two to their devices. "See you tonight then..." Arisa waved and headed off.

Remi watched Akane as she said she was going to exercise wanting to see what she meant "So she does hours of this a day... I wonder what she means by exercise..." She thought to herself.

Akane begins to run the track now sighing a bit

Remi catches up with her after changing in the girls locker room. She changed from her uniform into some workout gear, a sports bra, a zipable sweatshirt and sweatshorts along with running shoes. SHe then runs with her. "I'm sorry for last night." She said simply as she kept up with her.

"its fine I wasn't expecting to give out my first kiss like that though." she was in her typical outfit regardless

"... This might be a bit early to say this but... I think I like you... and... thats why I gave mine to you.... I'm sorry I took yours without permission though... I hope we can work through that and that you can help me be strong... I'm not the most capable at this sort of stuff and I get sick a lot but hopefully with your help I can get better." She said as she continued to keep up. It was getting harder as they ran further and further as she was not exactly in all that good of shape. She was still in good shape obviously with her figure and all but she wasn't a track star or anything like that. She found her skills were more with theory based things not strength in a physical sense.

Akane slowed down "if you get tired be sure to stop and take a break."

"I can keep going..." She told herself as she kept pace with Akane. It seemed she was trying to keep pace with her however fast she went.

"i'd rather you make sure you are well rested for Karaoke."(edited)

"But I need to be better..." She said. She just wanted to be by Akane's side. It also worried her that she did not respond to her previous statements. She hoped that as they got to know each other she would open up to her more.

Akane comes to a stop a bit of light sweat on her now

Remi stops leaning against the wall seeming to have a hard time initially catching her breath. She was also lightly sweating. "I'm... -huff- just -huff- slowing you down..."

Akane puts her arms around Remi guiding her to the chairs to sit down "hey take a breather perhaps watch something on your phone you should try to remain cute and feminine unlike me."

"We already went over this... You are cute too..." She said after catching her breath.

"I am not cute, but thank you." she smiles a bit then continues her jog

"You are wrong about that..." She said as she walked off "but keep swatting my words away I will keep saying them..." She said in a lower voice as she was running away.

Remi looked over her phone until the jog was over waiting as patiently as she could for Akane. Her frustration started to show though. She did not want to just sit around doing nothing.
She felt like an invalid right now

if Remi was into fit girls though this might be a dream come true Akane was sweating pretty hard as she drank water to replenish herself "sorry about the long wait, if I could avoid this I probably would."

"You can but whatever; who am I... I'm just the random girl who lives next door... So do you have any more of this workout you need to finish or shower?" She asked.

"I think I am done." she checks the cloak function and you can see her send sort of type an email using her VC "I would really like a shower."

Remi stands up. "Okay then... to the changing room..." Remi heads there and takes off her clothes she would use for gym stuff. She then headed for the showers not waiting for Akane.

Akane follows after checking out the shower to see if there are dividers

Akane sheepishly enters it and turns on the water

Remi showers and dries herself pretty fast. She then changes in to her uniform again. She was drying her hair when Akane finally finished and came out. She still had not said a whole lot while they were in there. She seemed preoccupied with something and finally when Akane came out she spoke. "You know if I were just trying to be nice to you I wouldn't even bother... I say what I say becuase its true.. I am not the kind of person just to pay any random shit for brains a compliment." Her cold-hearted nature visible for the second time. She put her towel away and headed outside waiting for her to finish changing.

Akane sighs a bit and closes her eyes "s-sumire can you please come back here."

When she called her by her first name she stopped. That seemed to cut right through something and she turned around. "What?" She asked

"I know this might be conflicting for you." she then undoes her towel to let Sumire see what she looks like underneath her clothes highly muscular even to the point where she makes some boys look flabby
"See, I am not cute, girls are supposed to be soft and gentle and I am a rock!" she has a giant frown on her face having to reveal her self like this

Remi comes over to her and says one thing. "Shut up..." She then kisses her again and then after releasing the kiss she puts a finger on her mouth to silence her. "You look fine; you are pretty to me... don't let some fuck ups who set stereotypes tell you how to be... You are you and you are the only version of YOU there will ever be... There is nothing wrong with you and anyone who tells you there is does not deserve to be in your life..." She said that as her own words cut in to her deeply. She let people run her life just like Akane let people run hers and tell her what she should be like. "You are beautiful and that is that... okay?" She stared at her and then said "Now open your eyes." She was mere inches from her looking her straight in the eyes. "Do I look like I am lying or saying any of this because I pity you?" She stared into her eyes not letting her go sort of pinning her against the lockers. She knew if Akane really tried she could free herself but she hoped this was enough to get the point across.

Akane never opened her eyes she simply turned the brightest red Remi had seen, maybe just maybe Remi had seen this sort of red before it was the purest form of embarassment she simply asks in a meek voice as she slowly opens her eyes up "r-really, you won't take it back later?" Akane was breathing heavier now then when she was running

"Why would I take back the truth..." She undoes her uniform blouse and drops it nd her skirt. She then took off her bra and panties as well as her boots. "So; you said girls should look like this... What is so good in this anyway just so we can bare children for some prick who thinks he is better than us... We define what makes us pretty..."

akane almost entranced by the figure slowly rubs it "its soft, it smells pretty and it feels good to squeeze." it was at that moment she squeezed her butt "I bet when it gets cold it feels warm as well."

remi blushes when Akane grabs her ass. "... Now you understand how I feel just being around you..." She pulls Akane against her holding her close letting their warmth pass through one another.

"p-per-per-perhaps we should do that karaoke."

"Sure... for a minute though... I want to just... be like this... feel someone else against me like this... I've never... even-" She blushed as furiously as Akane did moments ago. "considered how this... how it would feel." She said The closeness was making it easy for Akane to feel Remi's heartbeat; her heart was pounding hard.

"maybe now otherwise we might never leave the shower room." she says with a blush her own heart was beating loudly

"After that we can go back to my room and I can kick my sister out for a little while and we can just sit like this... with clothes on of course but... this; being close to somoene is nice."

"m-maybe but its not like we couldn't relax where ever we went right?"

"People might think we are a couple or something... If you don't want that then we would need to do it in private... bu--- but if you..." she paused "If you want that... then okay."

"mmn for now in private then, We have just met after all, but it feels good that someone doesn't think I am ugly."

"I was hoping you'd respond with yes about the public thing but in private is fine too." She let go of her but then took her hands. "Just remember there is someone out there who cares, who thinks you are wondeful and all that jazz.... Don't sell yourself short anymore okay?"
She said in a happy tone.
With that she got dressed again with a smile on her face.

Akane began to get herself dressed again

Once the two are dressed Remi then says "So; lets go sing..."

Remi leaned against the doorframe putting her hands back in her pockets. "We going?" She asked Akane again.

Akane nods and doesn't forget her sword this time

Remi leads the way out to the shops taking the lift one floor down. Upon arriving there is a male teacher leaning against the wall smoking. The guy looked like he had been through hell.

Remi walks past the teacher as hes smoking ignoring his existance but annoyed about the smoking none the less. The shops look like a mass of buildings around a town. it was sort of odd that this section of the station has holographic emitters so it looked like they wre on earth in the middle of the day here.

Akane just ignores him and continue upon her way

"Why is.... it daylight now; um... was there here before when we went to the dining hall?" She asks referring to the simulated Earth.

Akane shrugs "lets just continue on."

remi nods and finds many shops from a sort of continence store, clothing store and electronics store to... a gun and sword shop... some store in another language that she couldn't understand, a karaoke place and a bar. The bar was obviously for staff... but why a gun store.... Remi would table that for a later exploration. She walks in to the karaoke place and orders them a room for an hour. The attendant gives them a key to one of the five rooms. There was also an area that served food of more of a snack nature than what the dining hall served.

Akane follows after Remi to the room rubbing the back of her head

Remi entered the room to see a TV, some nice couches, a table and a wall containing books along with the mic sets. There was a phone next to the door they just came in for them to call the attendant and order food. "So what would you like to sing?" She asked. "I suck at this sort of stuff so... heh..." She said with a chuckle.

"you pick first I might need sometime to read the songs."

"Okay... I know I'll die..." She said as if knowing she would fail horribly. She picks out a pop song from the band in that time called "Our Force is One" the song was talking about the people and lives we loss too soon.

Akane smiles and claps lightly when she finishes

Remi did worse than an average person would.

"you did good." Akane said with a smile hoping remi is having a bit of fun

"Well I did better than I thought I would... still mediocre..." She said chuckling off her wish that she did better.

Akane gets up and picks a song And sings Akane sounded almost like a professional. Remi seemed excited she did better than she did.

"If this room were not sound proofed I think you would be a teen pop idol" remi said to Akane. "You enjoyed that didn't you?"

"I don't think I am idol worthy but it felt good to do it out more in the open."

"You are though... Seriously.... You are good at this... Hell if this school has a music club I'd almost say join that and sing..." remi said to her.
Remi pulls something out of her bag and shows her her manga. On the front page was a picture similar to this. (
"So do you read these... I think you siad you didn't you should try." She did not seem to realize she was handing her a suggestive page.

"so..... you are into that sort of thing? it is true harems are allowed where I am from but I have never been a fan of such a thing."

"harems...." She blushes realizing what she showed her. "No; no... I'm not like that... seriously... I'm not trying to get a bunch of girls to fall for me or anything.... he... eppp...." She said staring at her with a look of defeat seeming smaller than normal for some reason.
"So are you going to go for your next song?"

"After making an idiot of myself for a second time today I think you should sing again..." She said but really she just wanted to hear her sing again.

she nodded and went for another song.

Remi sang another song after Akane was done and did better than her previous attempt but still not as good either. She looked sad for a moment "I suck..."

Akane pulled her in close remi's head under her chin "maybe, but sucking is the first step at being good."

"... Computers and theory stuff is more my thing..." She said

She smirks "I mean I could teach you how to sing."

"... Soon; for now I think we should eat... We haven't had lunch yet...." She said

she smirks a bit and moves in closer she looks almost like a cat "if you want to sing well you have to learn to use your tongue like this." she then gives Remi a rather intense kiss

When she was kissed Remi stops and just stares at her. She then deepens the kiss as if saying "Oh you mean like this."

the game of tongue twisters begins

Remi gives her tongue as if sensing that is what she wants. This cuased her to blush. She then puts her hands into Akane's looking into her eyes searching for something within them.

Akane had her eyes closed but Remi could easily feel her heart beat pumping loudly and fast

Remi closed her eyes too taking in the feeling of this as she leaned against her laying them both down on the couch. "She's cute, a great kisser and she can sing... plus shes powerful in a physical sense... Something I'll never be... She's wonderful..." Remi thought with her heartbeat picking up too.

Remi put her arms around Akane as she laid her against the couch. "Awesome... I'm so gunna die right now and I'll have no regrets... Well... one... not spending more time with HER!!!"

the kiss very slowly ended with akane licking her lips a bit "So perhaps we can find time to practice singing during our schedules?"

As the kiss ended Remi still held on to her. "I'll find time for anything with you." She said grinning at her. "More more MORE!!! I want more..." Her inner spastic told herself.

"I think there is some time for a song or two do you want to continue?

"Um... You should sing..." She said as her face turned red again.

"alright lets see." she says smiling as she goes up to pick one

Remi listens and loves the song. She felt like jumping on top of Akane but didn't.

Akane smiles a bit "well do you have anything you want to do?"

"Didn't you say you wanted two songs... Um... Lunch... didn't I say that earlier though?" remi replied with a closed-eyed smile as if she had complete trust in Akane.

"well a song or two~ I don't want to use all the best songs right away."

"Then we can go get lunch... or we can order and eat in here and just add more time to the room?" Remi asked.

"its up to you I wouldn't mind either."

"Then lets eat here..." She stands up and goes over to the phone opening it. The attendant answers. "Hey its the girls in room five; can we extend our time and get some menus?" "Okay." She puts the phone back. She then comes to sit back down. The attendant brings them menus knocking on the door to deliver them.

Akane answers the door

The attendant hands her hte menus and said that their room had bene extended for another hour. He then bowed asked if they needed a moment to order.
Remi comes up to her and looks over the menu.

Akane also looks at the menu

"What do you want?" She asked Akane

"I don't know." akane said looking at the menu.

Remi orders noodles with chicken and a bubble tea. She then orders from fried cheese sticks.
"Not exactly healthy but they taste good"

"I'll take the same."

The man nods taking their menus and heads to go have it made. "So... erm.... I know we only met yesterday but... Do you feel like you... like me?" She asked nervously. "Um... The past 24 hours have been some of the best I've had in my life... I've never met anyone like you before... and nobody has ever made me feel like this... I'm not saying be my girlfriend; I just want to know if there isa chance."

"I don't know." akane said rather bluntly "its a new feeling thats for sure." she takes a moment to pause "I don't know if I like you, but I know its not hate does that make sense?"

"So... indifference... I see..." She returned to the couch. Soon the attendant came back with the food and then left. Remi ate in silence. What was she thinking she would get from her this early... Such a stupid girl... Why even ask such a question... She hardly even knew her... She was a fool as always and that was why her little sister would always be her better.

Akane sat down next to her not knowing what to do with any of the food "When I think of what you said to me in the lockers my heart starts beating faster and my legs felt weaker, it was a little unpleasant to stand up." she sort of mimics what Remi does with her food

"In truth I don't know what I'm even doing... or why I am here; my family forced me to come but beyond that... I'm even more clueless than you are.... At least you have a goal..." Remi said as she continues to eat. She said all of that in a sort of angry voice; she was mad at herself really. "Now I have been 100 percent truthful with you." She begins to eat faster now that she is no longer talking.

Akane eats as quickly as remi but a bit messier.

Remi continues to eat and process. She then says "So since im an idiot; what should I do..." She was asking Akane but she was also asking the empty room. "So... you enjoyed that... At least that much is good... I'm glad."

"My father would say, 'Maybe your wish is impossible, but you will never know the impossibility of it unless you take your first step." she eats up some noodles "what do you want to do?"

Remi finishes hers and stares at the tea and then says. "I want someone to like me for just being me... Sure I want to follow in my dads footsteps but what will it matter if I have no one to share life with; no family, no friends... no nothing.... Even that sister... She's too busy being prepared to lead the adoptive family..."

"what does your dad do?"

"My biological father is the Governor of Orter colony... He sent my adoptive sister and I away after my mother and brother were killed by a terrorist group posting as rioters... They wanted to unseat the current government. My last name was changed and then I was adopted with my sister." She explained "And... so you really did... " Remi looks into her eyes. "enjoy being close to me..."

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RE: Marsia Academy: The Third Wave

Sumire "Remi" Rembrant
Alister Kai-Baru
Marsia Academy – Deck 4; Shops
August 30th 4566 – Midday

Alister was drawn to the girls as they walked by and headed off to the typical student hang out place; the Karaoke Bar. He chuckled as he saw them go inside. Two of the girls he would use for his new class; even if they didn’t know it… Gem Theory as they both seemed to have an aptitude for it. Akane in the strength area and Remi in the mental constitutions area. He went off to Reko’s office to get more information on the girls than he already knew after putting out his cig. Alister then came back… Boy looking through records was a pain in the ass but for these cuties it was worth it. He went back to the shop and entered asking the attendant if the girls were still here. He nodded and Alister grinned “Success!” he thought. The attendant pointed to the room they were in and Alister walked over to the door as the girls were in mid conversation. He just opens the door. Remi looks at the door as it opens since she heard it being opened. “Oh look it’s a teacher… So did you come break in to a girls private time just to be a perv or is there purpose for your creeper behavior?!” She stared at him with a look of “I’m too good for you anyway.”

Alister laughs "I've come to teach you..."
"Teach me..."
"Yeah I'll do her later."
"You realize how much of a bastard you sound like right now."

Alister grabs Remi by the hand and drags her out of the room. "Geez what are you; a rapist..." Alister laughs at her comment dragging her off to one of the club rooms. He gives her a blue gem and makes her practice using it explaining how they work but nothing more. He seems unimpressed and after about an hour he walks out of the room. Remi attempting this does manage to get it to work but feels tired so she puts the gem in her pocket. "That instructor is strange... Especially how he just takes me away from Akane like that... She's probably gone by now... Idiot..." Remi heads back to her dorm in defeat and decides to play one of her VR games while she passes out. She is literally in there until the next morning. Waking up covered in sweat and... She was... She felt aroused. That game felt so real. She took a shower and got changed into pants and a blouse and just headed out of her room. She needed a walk and then she needed to find Akane.
RE: Marsia Academy: The Third Wave

Siegfried Klinge
'Azure Coast' World Unnamed
Date Unknown

The past few nights had been strange for the half elf "Visions so grand, the gods must have blessed me" perched atop a broken down home, he whispered to himself. The rain drops soothing him as he scanned his surroundings. His silver eyes fell upon the construction of the building; his feet moved softly across the rooftop. The small pieces of masonry that skipped upon his approach were drowned out by the sound of the current storm, a pause, the visions of different locations hit him hard. Taking to his knee, the half elf let the images play through his mind "a curse it is than" another hushed whisper to himself, he did not worry too much over this job. The trail of bodies left in the accompanying forest would be sure his mission would go smoothly.

As Siegfried slid off the masonry, his blade drove found its home in the back of the neck. The first guard collapsed, surprise caught the second off guard "Sh..." his palm laced firmly over the still living guard's mouth "you're going to be the hero today" before the man could draw his blade, Siegfried's blade had already carved into his leg, the hilt quickly snapping upwards. The hilt caught him in the throat clean, causing the guard to lean back against the wall; the sound of wheezing could be heard as the half elf entered the building. He inspected the first room to no avail; the images hit him hard again, no warning. Incoherent mutterings and curses slipped from his lips as visages of a Tavern with no end to the bottles nor a price tag flashed through. People, demons, a girl?

Siegfried stumbled down the stairs, using the guard rail for support. More foul language, his head felt like it was splitting though spotting his mark he instinctualy threw his blade. The frustration from the images was apparent as the blade nearly missed. The half elf pushed through the growing migraine, sprinting at the man now kneeling in the doorway. The blade was pulled from his lower back and replanted firmly into his jugular "rest in peace" he muttered, taking a few strides forward as the calls for help from the still living guard became more apparent. Siegfried collapsed to his knees than to the grass, unconscious.

Siegfried Klinge
Whereabouts Unknown
Date Unknown

Siegfried stirred, a gutteral groan emitting as he picked himself off of the floor slowly "Am I finally in Hell?" he asked himself. The grass was gone, replaced with some sort of cold flooring, the trees as well replaced with similar walls "it seems I have been sent" Siegfried's eyes were large like saucers as they stared about the new area "where have the gods sent me?" his legs shaky as he rose to his feet; unable to process any bit of what was going on.
RE: Marsia Academy: The Third Wave

Sumire "Remi" Rembrant
Marsia Academy – Deck 4; Near the club rooms
August 31th 4566 – Morning

Remi had made her way to deck four on her travels to lose whatever it was that ran through her mind form that very real "game" she had played. She was searching for Akane but inadvertently came upon a man on the ground standing up speaking some nonsense as he turned around. Remi recognized him immediately from that "game". This was not possible; she knew it wasn't possible... Her mind was playing tricks on her; should she call station security, a doctor or someone... After all he was just on the floor. She approached him and asked. "Who are you; do you need help?" She asked albeit still very confused and a bit worried if she had somehow lost her mind during her gaming... Did Akane playing with her mentally cause some sort of psychotic break... She had not a clue but it had to be that.

Meanwhile on the bridge Rel who was on the bridge on his own this early got a message from Temporal Operations Station 7. A monitoring team had detected a disturbance. Station security was asked to investigate. Rel calls the officer on duty and has him wake his comrades to go in full gear to seek out whatever this "disturbance" they spoke of was.
RE: Marsia Academy: The Third Wave

Siegfried Klinge
Marsia Academy- Deck 4; Near the club rooms
August 31th 4566 - Morning

Siegfried clutched his head with his right hand, the visages from the tavern seemed to haunt him again as he heard the voice. Familiar, the voice at least. The language was non sense was gibberish to him "Do you speak common, I'm sure you know at... least a-" Siegfried trailed to a pause "I know you" as the young girl approached, he focused to remember the visions.

After a few moments his eyes shot open, suddenly knowing her name as if he had known her in a previous life "is that you, Remi?" The haze rolling his senses were lifting albeit slowly "where is this place? Are you hurt? Where is the Azure Coast?" Siegfried rattled off, stepping close to her. The half elf looked her over, making sure she was unscathed.
RE: Marsia Academy: The Third Wave

Sumire "Remi" Rembrant
Marsia Academy – Deck 4; Near the club rooms
August 31th 4566 – Morning

Remi heard incoherent words for a moment and then as he started asking who she was the translator functions started to pick up the language. She looked him over and tilted her head. "Um... So you know my name... Who are you..." She asked still not believing that someone could come out of; whatever that was. She knew such a thing was impossible. "I have no idea what Azure Coast is... Lets try this; how did you get here; are you a student... 'cause its obvious I hit my head or something... This just isn't possible.." She said aloud more to tell herself that she was going insane than anything.
RE: Marsia Academy: The Third Wave

Siegfried Klinge
Marisa Academy - Deck 4; Near the club rooms
August 31st 4566 - Morning

Siegfried heard her speak but couldn't understand a word of it, his fingers coarsed through his ruffled hair. As he began to pace to and fro for a few "focus, Sieg" his silver eyes darted in every direction as he pulled his hair into a loose ponytail . He didn't like this, not in the least "You spoke common recently..." his scattered thoughts began to collect, a pause in both speech and step "Sumire" his tone came across flat "hold up 3 fingers if you can understand me" his strides enough to carry him to the edge of the corridor. In his mind, they weren't safe. Unknown area, too bright, in the open "never bodes well" the thought flicked across his mind as he peered around the corner "Remi, stick with with me. I'll keep you safe" the half elf said in a hushed tone. This place set off plenty of red flags in his mind, he was glad to see at least one familiar face.
Sumire "Remi" Rembrant
Marsia Academy – Deck 4; Near the club rooms
August 31th 4566 – Morning

She watched his face seem very confused and like he couldn't understand. She tilted her head for a moment and pulled out her phone and opened an application it in. She translated what she was saying into common. She had a nerdy app on her phone that honestly she thought would only work in fandom circles but hopefully this would work; her translator seemed to understand and she knew what he was saying nos she just needed to speak back. She put up three fingers though and then said "Does this work? Strange... This definitely is not possible." She followed him as the same tactical team that came when Arisa and Akane were fighting came down the hall; Remi stood in front of Siegfried. "He's a friend of mine. He just got lost; there is no trouble here." "We were sent to investigate a disturbance Miss Rembrant." "Then investigate away; there is nothing there." The guards go look and indeed there is nothing there. Remi then said to Siegfried in common "Those are just our version of guards; this is my home... I'm just going to play along and assume you are him... So yeah you are above Earth and this is my school; Marsia Academy." She said to him. The guards come back over noticing her speak a strange language. One of them shakes his head and sighs as they head off. Apparently she was not very popular with the guards.
Siegfried Klinge
Marsia Academy - Deck 4; Near the club rooms
August 31st 4566 - Morning

At the signal of three fingers he sighed content "that's half the battle, alright no-" Siegfried watched the small device in her fingers, wanting to touch it until her voice came through again "How do you think I feel, beautiful forests to this" a string of questions halted; footsteps. Multiple He saw, ready to protest Remi taking point until the unknown tongue was spoken again.

Siegfried listened intently, he could not afford to waste any possible information as the guards passed "what is earth, what is space, and why does this school look like nothing I've seen before" he said in a hushed tone, the fingers that found their way into his jacket pockets were now resting on the hilt of a knife "tell me if they give you problems, they will not be left standing" he whispered to Remi.
Sumire "Remi" Rembrant
Marsia Academy – Deck 4; Near the club rooms
August 31th 4566 – Morning

"Calm down... You don't need to stab anyone here... Okay; Earth is a planet... The fourth from our sun Sol... You know when you look up at the sky and see stars; each star is a sun... Following so far... So this school is a spacebox that sits up here floating in space. You know how there are carts and wagons and stuff... So we now have wagons that fly in the sky and all that jazz... Get it? I gotta teach you English; or... lets take you to the schools counselor... They might know a way to help so you can understand, learn about here and you know... You did say we would meet again... I said it was impossible... Guess I was wrong." She said as she turned to him just staring at him memories of last night flowing through her mind.
Siegfried Klinge
Marsia  Academy – Deck 4; Near the club rooms
August 31th 4566 – Morning

Siegfried stared at her, the information washed over him in waves, starting to feel his consciousness slip away from him. He took a breath, inhaling deep as he used the wall for support "ok, so..." His palms pushed him up slightly "your home world is below us, we are in a artificial world" he exhaled, steadying himself. Siegfried held onto the wall look a old friend at a bar after a few too many drinks "and this home is floating amongst the stars above" Siegfried mustered the will and pushed himself from the wall , adjusting his jacket to hide the blades concealed within "this... counseled can get me that strange bar you had earlier, the one that taught you common" a sigh of frustration left him before turning to look toward Sumire "well, at least one good thing came of this. I was right, should've made a bet" the half elf chuckled, amused for the moment. Still trying to take in the scope of what was happening.
Sumire "Remi" Rembrant
Marsia Academy – Deck 4; Near the club rooms
August 31th 4566 – Morning

Remi noticed how much this seemed to affect him. She felt bad especially with how he had helped her... Plus she had lied to him. She wasn't a good friend at all. She nodded as he began to explain and process. She then said "That should be able to help. Yeah you were right... and bet... that sounds like you would have done something pervy with that... well... lets go get you some help; okay..." She was asking but didn't wait for an answer. She took him to the counseling office and explained what she knew of the situation. The counselor nodded and opened a sort of safe-like box pulling out a headset. He said that having Siegfried sit with this for awhile and it would teach him about this time and English. It would basically implant the memories into his mind. It would not change anything already there just he would gain knowledge almost like downloading. It shouldn't take more than a day. The counselor also suggested he be enrolled into the academy. Remi nods saying she will be back after they work. The counselor uses his translator to speak in common and explains the process to Siegfried and explains that he is a healer of the mind so he has nothing to worry about. He then helps Siegfried use the headset. It downloads the memories into his brain. It would take the remainder of the day.
Takeko "Akane" hassam
Marsia Academy – Deck 5; Akane's shared room
August 30th 4566 – Evening

Akane watched as remi was taken away by the teacher. Akane sighed a bit and finished her food before going back to her room, she had no reason to stay where she was now
Arisa Eiríni
Marsia Academy – Deck 5; Dorm 2 - Akane and Arisa's Room
August 30th 4566 – Evening

Arisa had finished registration and headed to go stalk the girls but sadly they were gone from the karaoke place before she got there. She really would have enjoyed spying on the girls but alas to her dismay that was not in the cards. She headed back to her dorm room and entered to find Akane there. She grabbed a change of clothes and went in to the bathroom leaving the door open while showering so she could talk to her roommate. "Hassam how was your day... I missed you two after registration; I hope you both enjoyed yourselves... Class starts in the 6th by the way so that gives plenty of time for us three to go screw around... Today may have been a loss but oh well... There is always tomorrow." She said as she washed her hair. This was one thing she enjoyed the most about this place; warm showers.
Takeko "Akane" hassam
Marsia Academy – Deck 5; Akane's shared room
August 30th 4566 – Evening

Akane looked to her roommate nodding a bit as she spoke "there is always tomorrow, Do you know what Curly fries are?" Akane just asks out of the blue "and a parfait." akane says while sitting on her bed obviously planning on going to bed real soon. she began to kick off her heels and put them neatly at the end of her bed
Arisa Eiríni
Marsia Academy – Deck 5; Dorm 2 - Akane and Arisa's Room
August 30th 4566 – Evening

Arisa finishes her shower deciding to change later. She comes out in a towel throwing her clothes on her bed sitting next to her roommate. "curly fries are curled cut potatoes covered in oil and deep fried in a special machine... parfaits are a yogurt thing with fruit and such mixed inside... Why... It seems odd someone would not know such things..." Arisa said staring off in the distance still feeling contentment after her shower the cool feeling of the water evaporating off her skin was nice. She closed her eyes just taking in the happiness of right now; this was nice.
Takeko "Akane" hassam
Marsia Academy – Deck 5; Akane's shared room
August 30th 4566 – Evening

Akane nodded a bit "I am sure we had them where I am from but my parents are very strict and didn't let me go out to play at all." she explained, she looked to Arisa while twirling her hair between her fingers "would you mind if I try something with you."
Arisa Eiríni
Marsia Academy – Deck 5; Dorm 2 - Akane and Arisa's Room
August 30th 4566 – Evening

Arisa pondered for a moment about her new roommate. Akane seemed a bit off even for her and she wasn't exactly from here. The different things about Akane intrigued her though. She nodded as the girl explained about her home situation and not being allowed to see the world outside of her four walls. She would have to help her experience this world just as she wanted to herself. She wanted to learn about human life and this girl seemed new to it as well. Arisa nodded as she said he wanted to try something. "Sure; what did you have in mind exactly though?" She asked.
Takeko "Akane" hassam
Marsia Academy – Deck 5; Akane's shared room
August 30th 4566 – Evening

Akane moved her hand to under Arisa's chin giving her a kiss as she pressed against the girl her other free hand moves down to to grope the girls thigh feeling her up in a rather lewd manner. A new sensation similar to one previously had begins to spread through Akane's chest a racing heart. this time however she keeps her eyes open to see Arisa's reaction
Arisa Eiríni
Marsia Academy – Deck 5; Dorm 2 - Akane and Arisa's Room
August 30th 4566 – Evening

Arisa was not expecting such a thing to happen and as they entered a kiss their eyes were locked together. To say that she was inexperienced was not exactly correct she had just never been with another girl before. she felt the hand of her roommate come down beginning to stroke her in a rather lewd manner she put her hands on her roommates shoulders holding the kiss moaning into her mouth. Were it not for the other girl’s she had seen doing this she might have hit Akane but this felt good and so she would let this continue and see where it went. Plus she already felt so good... Why not let it continue...
Takeko "Akane" hassam
Marsia Academy – Deck 5; Akane's shared room
August 30th 4566 – Evening

Continuing on with the motion Akane removes Arisa's towel leaving her bare while she pulls back from the kiss a heated breath comes from Akane's lips it doesn't feel quite the same but it feels very good, this softness ontop mixed with the muscle underneath is just about perfect." she said complimenting Arisa's physic "how do get breasts like this?"
Arisa Eiríni
Marsia Academy – Deck 5; Dorm 2 - Akane and Arisa's Room
August 30th 4566 – Evening

Arisa let the towel fall exposing her body to her roommate. She stares at her as she pulls away from the kiss and begins to apparently comment about how she feels she is. “ you are one strange cookie...” Arisa Replied then asked “ you want to know how to get larger breasts... how should I know this just kind of happened and they aren’t exactly all that big anyway I mean there are women with much larger breasts than I have .” Arisa contemplates the girl for a moment and then lifts up her shirt. “ since you feel so badly about yourself let’s see what you have underneath here...” she said apparently seeming to be able to sense that the girl did not really like herself.
Takeko "Akane" hassam
Marsia Academy – Deck 5; Akane's shared room
August 30th 4566 – Evening

Underneath her shirt was the kind of body you would find on a well trained warrior and a chest barely there, if she didn't have long hair and a feminine face one could mistake her for a man, getting her stomach touched made her quiver and blush "a-ahh please not there." she whimpered out
Arisa Eiríni
Marsia Academy – Deck 5; Dorm 2 - Akane and Arisa's Room
August 30th 4566 – Evening

Arisa stared at her as she removed her top. She reminded her of herself. Is she thought of this she heard the girl wine slightly about not wanting to be touched. “ Hush child.” She said putting her finger to Akane’s mouth. She then pulled her close and began to suck at one of her nipples. As she was doing so she said “ it is what’s in here that matters not what you look like remember that.” She said poking her chest referencing her heart and soul. “ you are very desirable woman and for someone not to want you would be a fool... there is an honor and a willingness to do what needs to be done within you that is unusual in these times.”
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