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Jul 17, 2017
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Welcome to Marsia Academy; a futuristic Academy located in Earth Orbit in the year 4566. This RP is based on a story that I plan on turning into a book at some point. The Academy allows anyone to enter providing they pass the entrance exam. It is fully self-sustaining and as such some students live at the Academy while others travel to and from on shuttles or their own transportation. This story follows the students of this Academy; the story combines slice of life, romance, comedy and action together. It takes place in a war-torn galaxy which is in the middle of a civil war. The government officials of Earth attempt to hide the ongoing civil war form the populous but most people know what is going on by this point. It is a society where things are provided for the people to keep them docile in a sense; to quote one of my characters in one of the other stories in this universe this place is a dystopia… She compares it to 1984 (novel and movie). Anyway; that is the basic gist… If you find the old posts for this just know that since all the older characters graduated, most of the teachers were sent off to war and the like basically the only one here from the previous stories is the Headmistress and the attendance guy along with some of the old bat instructors but the story didn’t focus on them so consider this a different thing.

Class Information
Class 1 is for the smart people or geniuses
Class 2 is for above average students
Class 3 is for students who are average
Class 4 is below average students or those who are troublemakers
Class 5 is for students who take classes online; they never actually come to the school

So with that said the only way to tell the difference between upper classmen and lower classmen is their uniforms. Students are required to wear uniforms when classes are in session however after classes are over and the dormitories open students can change into street clothes. Students are allowed to take any type of class they want. Student Government is in charge of student activities with the help of the Activities Director, overseeing student ran clubs, dining services (since the kitchen at this school is mostly automated and computerized) and related student issues. As a final note if you don’t know what a holodeck is basically it is a room that can change and appear is if you are somewhere else and mimic the environment and whatnot of that area. There is also VR stuff... See the initial post from Sumire for more details.

Intro Letter from Exam Instructor


Thank you for your interest and application to the Galactic Federation Educational Foundation! I am happy to inform you that you have been accepted to Marsia Academy. Marsia Academy is one of the most elite schools in Federation Territory and offers classes in just about anything you can think of. Unlike other schools our facilities are located in Earth Orbit allowing us to do things other schools can’t. With that said because of a special agreement we have with the outlying empires outside of the Federation we allow transfer students of any race or ability. Should you have any questions please feel free to ask at registration. I have included a final registration form, deck listing and fact sheet for the school. Best of luck in your future here!


Dr. Dean Ravost Ph.D
Entrance Examination Director/Attendance Supervisor
Marisa Academy
Terran Federation Educational Foundation

Bio Templates

Please see the character bios section for more information.

Academy Specifications
Marsia Academy Orbital Facility
Developed by: Federation Educational Foundation and Lonhorn Public Relations Unit
Constructed by: The Ice Group
Overseen by: Federation Executive Office (Under the oversight of the President.)
Capacity: 575
Instructors: 31
Office Staff: 2 (a secretary and telecommuting systems manager, attendance manager is located off-site)
Security: 6 (3 on in the day, 2 in the swing shift and 1 after hours) {Station is also patrolled by ED-209s}
Athletics and Activities: 3 (2 coaches and the director of student activities)
Janitorial and Maintenance: 5 (2 on in the day, 2 on swing and 1 after hours)
Administrators: 2 (the principal and the residential life manager)
Residential Staff: 5 (1 for each dorm and 1 after hours)
Bridge Staff: 3 (Members of the Galactic Federation Security Forces)
Medical and Counseling: 3 (1 doctor, 1 nurse and 1 counselor)
Staff: 59
Students in Dormitories: 264 (66 per dorm with 4 dorms, and 34 rooms per dorm; 4 of the highest ranking students in a dorm get their own room all others have a roommate. The dorms are one and three are male dorms, two and four are female dorms.)
Commuting Students: 325 (Use their own transportation to attend class)
Telecommuting Students: 26 (Take classes via the web)

Deck 1: Main Computer and Communications Room, Telecommuting Office, Bridge, Staff Quarters, Conference Rooms(4), Security Office (Accessible to Staff only unless permission granted by Principal to a Student)
Deck 2: Classrooms, Auditorium, Library (Accessible to students during office hours)
Deck 3: Holodecks 1 and 2, Administrative Office, Commuting Students Office, Student Activities Office, Athletics Office, Gymnasium, Student Government, Shop Owner's Apartments (Accessible to students during office hours and until 7 PM on weekends)
Deck 4: Infirmary, Dining Hall, Shops, Student Life Office, Club Rooms, Counseling Center, Student Lounge (Accessible to all students, each dorm also has its own lounge)
Deck 5: Dormitory 1, Dormitory 2 (Only accessible to students whom live on site)
Deck 6: Dormitory 3, Dormitory 4 (Only accessible to students whom live on site)
Deck 7: Maintenance, Shuttle bay, Engineering/Operations, Escape Craft Access Ramp (Accessible to staff only unless an emergency occurs)
Deck M: Escape Pods, Life Support Systems, Emergency Systems (Accessible to staff only unless an emergency occurs)

Headmistress/Principal: Dr. Yukari Hitomi Ph.D
Director of Station Logistics/Communications Officer: Lieutenant Jr Grade Maximilien Malnost
HELM/Flight Controller: Frank Lowell
Operations and Tactical Officer: Ensign Rel Savage
Director of Instruction/Class 2 Home Room Instructor: Professor Lu De'Vont (Temporal Theory Instructor)
Director of Student Life: Rena Raion
Maintenance Supervisor: John Freemen
Director of Student Records: Ally Norman
Director of Student Medical Services: Dr. Frank Wells M.D.
Entrance Examination Director/Attendance Manager: Dean Ravost Ph.D
Security Supervisor: Marine Captain Jack Middleton
Activities and Athletics Director: Zoe Ashland
Administrative Assistant: Reko Melostova
Gem Theory/Social Sciences Instructor/Physical Education Department Head: Alister Kai-Baru
Senior Instructor: Pending

Note: The Deck Listing is not all inclusive. There are some restricted areas that are not listed.

Dorm Description

The dorms at Marsia Academy include large rooms complete with bed, storage (a chest of drawers); a desk and terminal for each student. There is also a bathroom and a half bath (consisting of a mirror, storage area and sink with washbowl). Each dorm room is also equipped with a replicator and payment for items created is taken from the students account. Each room also has a small sofa. Each dorm room is designed for two students. High level students or student government officers are given their own room dependent upon room availability. Two dorms are for boys and two or for girls. One dorm for each gender is contained on each dorm floor. The dorm common area consists of a utility room, 4 couches, a holo-television, an access terminal, a student notice board and the residential life office for each dorm. Each office is staffed by a residential life dorm aide from end of classes to lights out who supervises the students, provides independent living support, room assignments, conflict resolution services and other related residence services. During lights out one senior dorm aide is charged with monitoring dormitory security from the office next to the lifts where students leave the dorms. There is also a small common area here for students with chairs, a student government notice board and vending machines. During classes students are forbidden from accessing the dorms. During off hours before lights out the Director of Student Life maintains the office where the night dorm aide stays and this office is the Residential Life Management Office. This office approves students leaving the station, taking days off, provides them with general medical or social advice and ensures students are safe and happy. Students of the opposite sex are forbidden to access the dorm of the other unless given express permission by the Director of Student Life; occasionally this is allowed when students are siblings or legally married couples whom are over the legal age of consent (by Federation Civil Welfare Guidelines this age is 16). Married couples are also occasionally allowed to live in the same room providing they follow all established school rules.
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Added our Discord to this document. Will be updating the specifications as this is now on the Onyx Cityship with the school being moved from Earth. I will also post more information about this as the start of the second "season" of this RP.
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