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The Pink Panthers Club...


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Jan 27, 2018
A tall pigtailed blonde with a school girl outfit was biting her nails as she watched yet another talk show talking about the violence that has forced the public to have a curfew.

It affected the business, less clients meant fewer tips. How was she going to pay the bills this time...?

"Stop biting yer nails," the other blonde said.

Suzy sighed and turned around in her chair by her dresser, pouting at the older woman. "Lucille...I'm scared. What if it all gets out of control? What if they're infected?" she whispered the latter part.

"What if it's all a hoax? Don't always believe what the media says..." she said as she exhaled the smoke burning her lungs. Almost leaving a permanent cloud in the small dressing room, most girls here were smokers after all.

"Ya can always reject a 'john' if yer not interested. We still have that right." she added.

Suzy's glanced from the smoke escaping her lips down to the heavily tattooed arms and onto the dollar bills that she was counting. "Ya made a big haul today."

"Paranoia is good for business. Probably getting out the last juices before the 'world ends'," she chuckled before looking over at Suzy. Poor choice of words, Ghost...

"Yer kid at yer parent's house?" she asked as she took a couple of bills from her bundle.

Suzy lit up whenever she got to talk about her baby boy. 7 years old and filled with energy and hope.

"Yes, he is. Daddy gave him a new shooting game, I'm lucky." she nodded with a bright smile.

Lucille leaned back as she stared at her befpre holding out a couple of hundreds...that she may or may not have snatched up from the drunks. "Here, consider it a birthday gift."

Suzy opened her mouth to protest but then again, money. She grabbed it and stuffed it in her purse before she heard her name out in the front.

Lucille gave her a small smile, "Yer up! Make it rain, girl!"

The girls chuckled; Suzy planted a big kiss on Lucille's cheek leaving a bright red lipstick mark. "Oops..."

Lucille sighed but then shrugged her shoulders, "Eh, they might think we fool around behind the scenes then. Fuel the fantasies."

With that the girls parted, Suzy dancing on stage and Lucille roaming on the floor to see if anyone was interested in a lap dance; wearing a hot pink bikini with a lot of studded dark leather straps and what-have-you. The tough girl look.
Jake sits in his room on base, staring at the ceiling as he ponders what he would do with the rest of his day, he felt like hanging out with some of his buddies so he called them up and they all went out together. They all wanted to go to the local strip club, so they decided to head there with the expectation that they would be in for a good time. Jake wasn't really feeling the same as his two other friends, so once they arrived at the club they parted ways, his two friends going off to find some strippers and Jake walking over to the bar to start drinking.

His relocation to Georgia hadn't really been his plan, he had wanted to go back north and visit his family.. But for some reason his Commanding Officer really insisted on Jake going to Georgia. It seemed that there was a wave of military redeployments to Georgia, maybe it was just one of those cities that was a staging area for another place.. Though, according to the news more and more soldiers were being pulled from the Middle East to come home. The National Guard and local police forces were apparently beginning to encounter issues with the curfews that had started arising, in fact Jakob had been assigned to patrol around in Albany for a little while before being relocated once more. It seemed that the more and more enlisted people he talked to, the more Jake grew suspicious of why curfews were even in place, nobody seemed to understand what was going on other than a particularly bad strain of the flu going around.

Jake shakes his head as he sits down at the Pink Panther's bar, running his hand over the shaven side of his head as he orders a drink from a very large bartender. "Whiskey. On the rocks." He says before turning to look over at his shoulder, his friends were beginning to make fools out of themselves and they hadn't even started drinking yet.. It would be better to get a head start, anyway.

Despite his plan to not get the attention of any strippers, Jake had brought with him some cash just in case he got to the point of being so drunk that his body went against what his mind was thinking, though he doubted that he would get that drunk as he still needed to make it back to base to get ready for fire watch. He was scheduled to patrol the area again tonight, the base actually had fifty or so captives who had been caught outside during curfew, normally patrols would just tell the citizens that were caught to go back inside, however there were some patrols that didn't show mercy for people who broke the rules.

Once his drink had arrived, Jake nods his thanks to the bartender before drinking the glass with a single knock back of his head. "Another please." He breathes, coughing as the liquor burns the back of his throat.
Lucille wandered around a bit, she didn't exactly had the best people skills out there and she was picky. And for a stripper being picky isn't good for business.

That and she wasn't the type to put on a charade with fake smiles and pretending that she liked the attention the men gave her, acting like she was excited to flash her body to them or grind their laps.

But she may not have the people skills, she still knew people.

There was the married type that tried to stay hidden; complain about their marriage and the lack of excitement. The big shots that think they're all that BUT they were the biggest tippers but their arrogance made them think that they could 'buy' your attention. The group of guys that had something to celebrate, with enough booze in them you could shake out quite a few dollars out of them. The loners, the losers, the weepers....she hated them cause the moment you decided to pay them attention they'd bore you with their sob story, even break down in tears.

One guy in particular seemed like he didn't want to be here. Military by the looks of it.

Her hips swayed with each step she took with her see-through heels. Without them she would stand at 5'4.

Her dirty blonde hair had highlights and was currently in a sloppy braid, she tossed it over her shoulder as she approached the bar, nodding at the bartender, "I'll have what he's havin', Marty."

Her dual colored eyes gave the military man a once over. "Ya don't look as excited as the rest of yer buddies. Got to be on duty soon?"

Sometimes, what clients really need is just someone that will listen to them. They were her favorites. They had tales to tell without getting mushy on her.
Jakob took another drink of his whiskey, sensitive ears hearing the clopping of heels on the floor over the music as one of the strippers approached him. He turns his head to her when she sat down next to him and gives her a nod when she said that he didn't look as excited as the rest of his friends. "No.. I'm actually off duty." He says while resting his hands on the bar, surrounding his drink with both hands. But they don't really seem to care if we're on leave.. They keep putting us on curfew patrol." He explains, there were certain aspects that he had to keep quiet about, but he was allowed to talk about what he was doing in Georgia.

"We got patrol duty again tonight, so they wanted to enjoy themselves for a little while before that." He shrugs, finishing off his glass before ordering another. "This'll probably be my last drink, gotta stay sober for tonight." He laughs while shaking his head, smiling and nodding his thanks to the bartender, apparently named Marty. "You know, the curfew's have been getting weirder and weirder lately." Jakob explains to her. "You'd think with all of the soldiers coming home, nobody would want to fuck with us, but more and more people have been disobeying curfew just to spite us." Jakob just shrugs while going back to his drink.

"So am I supposed to pay you for listening now or later? I didn't know going to a strip club would be therapeutic." He laughs before finishing his final drink and moving it across the bar. "If you don't mind, put it on my buddy's tab since he dragged me out here." Jakob chuckles before running a hand over his head, his other hand going to his shirt to adjust his dog tags.
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