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[Forgotten Realms Pathfinder]: Melvaunt by Night

Aug 5, 2014
The first thing to settle is:

"What kind of business / concept / idea are we going to go for?"

I quite like the simplicity of a tavern. It allows for a building with a reason to have staff, and also a few vendors (an alchemist, say, who also makes the beer), and 'connections' (the person who sits in the corner in a long cloak isn't in fact Aragorn, but is rather a smuggler).


Mar 31, 2014
For me, the biggest question is: are we inside the actual city, surrounded by civilization, or more of a waystation between the city and some frontier/ruins?
Aug 5, 2014
The city is reasonably large, but still a frontier city (meaning heavy walls, guards, and the occasional Orc-raid). Given the [stupid] way that D&D demographics works, you end up with huge cities that don't really have the land or landscape to feed themselves in the same way that you did in the 'real' world.

So clearly and unambiguous - inside a city, surrounded by 'civilisation'


Oct 27, 2010
While usually more feasible as a stand alone place, the tawern could be a building complex - maybe a house block - that has shops, homes, and places for later upgrading. So, basically a well defined area, with clear borders (streets, water, or city wall on the sides), and maybe even more than just "us" living and working there. But we being the superintendant and caretaker. Could include an inn, or really, even a shrine or two. An inside garden, or even a pool...

Hyborian Gamergirl

Jan 23, 2017
Just poking my head in here, as I've made a character form the other little thread he had on this, in the male requests section. Took the Rich Parents trait to have the beginnings of a bathhouse/brothel myself :p
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