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The Night before the Wedding

Nov 5, 2013
A place in Wales that you can't pronounce
‘It’s no good denying it, Dan. You know you want this as much as I do.’

I’m standing in front of him, just out of reach.

‘No, Sally, I don’t and you know that. I’m in love with your sister and we’re getting married tomorrow.’

He moves back, just a little.

‘That’s right, Dan, tomorrow. That’s the operative word here. Tomorrow. Not today, tomorrow. You’re a free man still and this is your last chance to do what you’ve wanted since the moment we met.’

I take a step towards him, a long step. He’s in reach now. So am I.

‘I don’t understand the game you’re playing. I don’t think you really want me, you just want to get at Carol for some reason.’

He doesn’t move. It’s as though he’s challenging me, trying to repel me with the intensity of his stare.

‘Oh, Dan, Dan, how could you get it so wrong? This aching in my tits and throbbing in my cunt has nothing to do with Carol any more than that bulge in your pants. This has nothing to do with Carol. It’s about me, it’s about you, it’s about us.’

I pretend to move closer and he stumbles back.

‘Sally, you know it’s not that simple. If Carol ever found out, it would destroy her. She trust me, just like I trust her.’

Another feint, but he’s not going to be tricked a second time. He stands his ground.

‘Really? Do you really? Have you never thought about what she might be doing in her last hours of freedom? Have it crossed you mind that her friends might have arranged a tryst with Steve? Hasn’t she ever mentioned Steve? Those two have been on and off for years? Do you think she’s going to pass up this last chance?’

This time I do step forward, fast. Dan retreats desperately, collides with the sofa and drops onto it. I drop on my knees between his outstretched legs.

‘At least, take a look. You’ve undressed me in your mind often enough. Take a look at the real thing.’

I unbutton my jacket and let it slide off my shoulders. I’m wearing a lace bra in black and purple. It supports my tits but without holding them tight. They jiggle as I move.

‘No, Sally, stop this. Be sensible. Stop playing about.’

I stand up. He looks up at me, but his eyes aren’t on my face. They haven’t been since I shed my jacket.

‘I’m not playing, Dan. It’s time you understood that. I’m not playing.’

I drop my skirt and his eyes drop too. I’m wearing the full matching set. Thong and suspender belt, both in black and purple, with stockings in black with lace tops.

‘OK, Sally, come on now, you’ve had your fun. Let’s stop now. In years to come we’ll be laughing about this.’

I drop to me knees again.

‘The fuck we will, Dan. We won’t be laughing and we’re not stopping. Be honest with yourself. You like what you see, don’t you? This is how you imagined me, isn’t it? Or did you see me in red rather than black? Lots of guys like red, but I find it too tarty.’

He sits up, which brings him closer to me. I unbutton his shirt. He doesn’t stop me.

‘Actually, I always imagined you in white for some reason. I can’t think why. It wasn’t because you were innocent. Not the way you always flirted with me.’

I push his shirt over his shoulders. He doesn’t stop me.

‘I didn’t flirt. I just looked at you and you looked at me and we understood how each of us was feeling about the other. We communicated without needing to speak. That’s not flirting. Flirting is playing. I wasn’t playing and neither were you and we both knew it.’

I push him back onto the cushions and remove his shoes, one at a time, slowly, keeping my eyes on him all the time.

‘Please, Sally, please don’t make me betray Carol. We both need to be strong.’

I unfasten his pants. I lean back and pull them over his feet. He’s just in a pair of tight whities now. Tight whities with a bulge and a damp stain.

‘You’re not betraying Carol, Dan. You’re not married. There’s no commitment. Think about Steve. Think about her with Steve. She may be doing this to him, right now. And you know what, I doubt is she’s thinking about you at all.’

I try to pull his whities off, but they catch on his cock. He moans and sighs. I stretch the waist band, careful not to touch his cock, and he’s free. Naked, with me between his legs.

‘Sally, just do what you want, OK? Get it over with and leave me alone.’

Not exactly I’d hoped for, but I’m not going to turn down the invitation. Let’s see how long he can keep his hands off me.

I lean over him, careful not to touch him, but letting my tits dangle in his face, my stiff nipples close enough for him to lick them, but he doesn’t. I do not take my eyes off his, but he can’t hold my gaze, his eyes are on my chest.

I pull back until my face is over his chest and let my breath trickle onto his nipples, one then the next, watching them stiffen, before moving down the length of his chest, across his navel and over his belly, skirting his shaft. My eyes are still on his; his are still on my tits. there’s some clear fluid oozing from his cock. I blow on it to dry it, then trace the length of his shaft with my breath until I reach his balls. My tits are out of his eye line now, so his eyes hold mine. His mouth is slightly open, his chest is rising and falling faster than it was, but still under control. I sit back on my heels and watch him as his eyes drop to my chest and lower to my crotch and the pale flesh of my thighs, cut by my slim suspender straps.

He’s resisting me, but this is just the beginning. He won’t last. He’s struggling. I can sense it, just as I am struggling and hold back from mounting him and sucking his six and a half inches slide into me.

I move back to this chest and follow the same path, but this time with my tongue. Tickling at his nipples, slowly circling before flicking with the tip of my tongue that sets off on a slow path down his chest bone and on beyond towards the tip of his cock. It’s still quivering, still oozing. This time I lick it dry and he shudders. His eyes are closed now. My tongue moves down the shaft to his balls, then up one side and down the other, before lapping at his hairy balls.

Again I sit back on my haunches, letting him get a good look at me, his chest is rising fast, so is mine. It’s taking me all my self-control to stay in control. I move my eyes briefly to chest his fists, they’re clenched, tugging at the end of the cushions. He’s close to breaking, but so am I.

Back to his chest and off again along that well-trodden path, this time with my lips. Soft moist lips that pull on his nipples and drop butterfly kisses down his chest, slowly, inexorably approaching his cock. That fluid is thicker now, creamy rather than clear. I hover over it, my tongue just protruding between my lips and wait. His eyes are closed, his expression tense, he’s bracing himself for what’s coming next.

I take the head of his cock between my lips and pull it off his belly. He opens his eyes and I hold them for as long as I dare, feeling that throbbing in his cock, matching the throbbing deep in my belly. Then I duck my head, throating him in one swift movement, throwing my head from side to side, listening to his moans and groans. His eyes are up in the top of his head, his body shudders and he drains his balls. I hold onto his cock, sucking until I have taken every single sperm, before I pull away and let it smack down.

His chest is still heaving, his mouth open, his eyes looking at me as I stand up and turn away, hiding my disappointment that he managed to control himself for so long, hiding too my frustration. But all is not yet lost. I bend over, giving him his first clear view of my ass, as I pick up my skirt.

Without looking back, I raise one leg to step into it. He has to move now or he never will. And I have no intention of asking him, still less begging him. He knows what he has to do. He knows what he wants to do. I’m on one leg when his hands are on my waist, pulling me back onto the sofa.

‘OK, Sally, it’s my turn now. Let’s see you how you like being on the receiving end of that treatment.’

I like it just fine and by the time he’s finished, he ready to rock some more and I ride him, twice.

Then I walk out, leaving him to rest.

As I’m sitting in my car, I text Carol.

‘We were right, love, he’s not to be trusted. Like all men. How did it go with Steve?’
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Nov 5, 2013
A place in Wales that you can't pronounce
Steve? That’s not his real name, just a pseudonym. I can’t use his real name because he’s Sally’s boyfriend and she’s my sister.

I knew I was attracted as soon as we met. He’d been with Sally for a few months by then. She’d talked about him, bragged until I was sick of hearing what a great guy he was. She’d shown me pics of him too, but he didn’t look like anything special. And then she brought him to stay.

‘Hi,’ Sally said, ‘this is Steve.’ I’ll keep calling him Steve so as not to give the game away. Actually, giving him a different name makes it easier to cope with. It sort of made it like he was someone different from the guy who fucked my sister that night so hard the whole apartment shook. But I’m getting ahead of myself. He put out his hand to shake mine and I took it, but pulled him close to me and gave him a kiss, on his cheek obviously. ‘Hi, Steve, good to meet you at last. Sally has told me so much about you, I feel like I’ve known you for ages.’ And that was indeed how I’d felt the moment I set eyes on him.

I don’t know what it was that had that effect. He looked like the pics I’d seen. He came across as the sort of guy my sister had described. But it was something about the way he carried himself, the way his eyes held mine, the firmness of the grip from his warm hand, loads of little things that didn’t register individually at that stage.
There was no way I was going to let Sally know how I felt about Steve, no way in this world would I ever do that to her. But I couldn’t conceal how I was feeling; sisters know each other too well for that.

‘Well, come on then,’ she said next morning while Steve was still sleeping off his exertions of the night before, ‘who is he?’ ‘He?’ I tried to sound casual. She just laughed. ‘You can’t pull the wool over my eyes, sis, come on, give, who’s the guy who’s given you that dazed look you always get when you fall for someone.’ And that was when I had to come up with a name. ‘Steve,’ I said. It was as good as any other name and just happened to be the name on the cashier’s badge at the supermarket where I’d bought the groceries for her visit.

They stayed for three more nights and every one was hell. They went out during the day so Sally could show him all her old haunts and show him off to her friends. Mealtimes were easy because I could look at him and talk to him, making conversation that seemed natural, finding out about him, as much as I decently could. But as soon as they retired to their room for the night, it started. The fucking. And they didn’t make any attempt to keep it quiet. It was almost as if she wanted me to know how virile he was and how effective.

I just lay there, trying not to listen, trying not to imagine him mounting her, penetrating her hot pussy, ramming her hard and fast as they came in unison. I lasted until the second night and then my hand went to my pussy and I rubbed myself off in rhythm to them. On the third night, I had my vibrator ready and worked away building up as they did, cumming with them, even crying out knowing they wouldn’t notice. On the fourth night, I couldn’t cum. Worked away, tried all the tricks, but just couldn’t cum.

Next morning I was tired and frustrated as hell. Sally spotted. ‘Missing him are you? Don’t worry, we’ll be off this morning and you can get your Steve round here and fuck the skin off his cock.’ If only, Sally, if only.

Did he know? I wasn’t sure. He didn’t say anything but he should have picked up all those subliminal signs that we girls give off to let a guy know our juices are trickling down our thighs. The way I would sit, when we were alone, just a little too close. The way I held him as I gave him a kiss, just that fraction of a second too long. The way I held his gaze as we talked, just a little too intently. They way my lips parted as he spoke, well you’re getting the message.

But I was determined that, before I got married to Dan I was going to have Steve. And as that date got closer and closer, my mind worked frantically to find a way to achieve what I wanted. How to separate him and Sally: that was the key. And then I hit on my idea. Get her to check out Dan for me and that would allow me to descend on Steve. Dan would keep her amused and leave me free to work on Steve back at my apartment.

We didn’t have much time and I wasn’t going to waste what we had, so I came straight to the point.

‘Steve, thanks for coming. I’d like your advice, as a man. You know I’m getting married tomorrow and I’ve been thinking about what to wear on my wedding night. I’ve got an idea and I’d like your opinion, because I know I can rely on you to be honest. Just tell me what you think.’

He nodded and muttered ‘OK’, although his voice sounded a bit hesitant. I stepped back and let my bathrobe fall open. His eyes slide down the gap and then quickly back to my face. He’d not seen much, just enough to register that I was naked under there. I pulled the robe open. ‘Take a good look, no hurry,’ I told him as he took in my hairless body, light gold tan, and a light dusting of glitter. Nothing else, not even my clit ring that I’d taken out. I watched his throat, saw him swallow hard. I let the robe fall over my shoulders and tossed it onto a chair as I swivelled slowly for him to see my back. Then I stood facing him, legs slightly apart, knowing what he must be thinking. I was a slimmer trimmer version of Sally. Smaller, perter tits, flatter stomach, more shapely legs, and I tighter ass. The only thing I had bigger than my sister was my clitoris, unless hers had grown since we compared them as teenagers.

‘Well,’ I prompted, ‘what’s your verdict? Don’t keep me in suspense.’

His expression looked like he was unsure whether to take me on the spot or turn and flee. Finally, he moved slowly forward, put his arms behind me and lifted me by the ass, holding me tight against his body as he walked into my bedroom and dropped me on the bed. By the time, I had scrambled, up to rest against the pillows, he was out of his clothes and staring at me.

I wasn’t going to say or do anything more. I wanted him but it had to be his choice. There would be no excuse that I had led him on, no more than I had already. He could pick up his clothes, turn away and walk out of my apartment. His cock mirrored his indecision. For a while, it just swung, a few inches long, thin, a flap of foreskin at its tip. As his eyes worked over my body, it stiffened and rose slowly, over the left, lengthening slightly. Then, with a sudden jerk, it rose vertical and started to grow, forcing the head out, before it finally thickened, standing between us like a trunk. But still he didn’t not move towards me.

I was beginning to despair when he dropped to his knees, pushed my legs apart and began working his way up my inner thighs. Slowly, but inexorably. Sucking in my scent before licking and then kissing and then moving almost imperceptibly higher and higher. Until his lips were poised over my clit. His tongue flicked, just a quick tease that made me shudder in surprise. Then again, and again. And then – then he bit me, harder than any guy ever before, snapping his teeth around the tip and pulling hard, pulling and twisting.

‘Ffffuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk,’ I screamed as my body jumped. But still he held me tight between his teeth.

‘Fuck me,’ I shouted, pleading now, ‘fuck me like you fuck Sally.’

At the mention of her name, he released his grip and looked up. ‘So, she’s told you then.’ She hadn’t but I didn’t admit that. he took silence for agreement. ‘OK, Carol, if you’re sure.’ I was sure, too sure to trust my voice to say so. I just nodded. And he took me. Fast, hard, no finesse anymore, just pummelling me with his hips as each thrust smashed into my pussy.

My breath came faster, so did his, but his rhythm didn’t slow, sweat was forming on his forehead and chest, his biceps were straining as he held himself over me, his eyes were closed – was he imagining that he was inside Sally? – and with each thrust his pubes rubbed over my sore clit, sending like shocks through it and deep into my belly.

I reached up, stroking his chest, scratching my nails down towards his navel, skirting his nipples until a vicious thrust sent my head banging into the wall and I dragged my nails across them, digging deep into the tender skin. He howled, shuddered and dumped his load.

‘Bitch,’ he spat, ‘she even told you about how she can ruin it for me before I’m ready.’

No, she hadn’t actually, but it was good to know.

‘Fuck whether you’re ready,’ I gasped, ‘I wasn’t. Get down there and finish what you’ve started.’

He knew what I meant, sliding down the bed and burying his face into the wet mushy pussy, sucking hard, his tongue working furiously. Finally, I clamped my thighs around his head and let myself cum. When I released him, his chin was covered in his own spunk.

As he snoozed beside me, I texted my sister. ‘Hi, Sally. Steve excelled himself. He’s resting now.’
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