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Amykun's Request Thread (Craving Romantic F/F)


Dec 12, 2014

My name is Amelia or Amy. I’ve been off and on this site for a while now. I have a fair bit of experience. I’m not a grammar nazi and don’t expect you to have perfect grammar and spelling, just give me enough to work with.

I’m a bi switch that leans to playing a sub. I enjoy all manners of rps from hot romantic pairings to deprived kinky non-con scenes. Just ask and I may be willing to try it.

I'm really craving slice of life romance so if you are up for that pm me.

Biggest Kinks

Furry (Both Anthro and Nekos)
Non-human (Elves, half-elf)
Fantasy, Modern, and Modern/Urban Fantasy settings
Group Play


A Party of Two
(Fantasy, Adventure)
Our characters are adventures traveling and exploring the world. We gain riches, fight monsters, explore dungeons and much more. We protect eachother and make and excellent team.

Slaves to Hell
(Hardcore, Fantasy, Non-Con)
Our characters are newly aquired slaves captured and brought to the a layer in the nine hells. There we are sold off to a demon lord to use as he feels fit.

Slice of unlife
(Vampires, Modern)
MC is a young kind nurse. YC is an ancient and powerful Vampire. MC is caught in supernatural battle and in an act of bravery she is mortally wounded. YC either taking pity or seeing an opportunity saves MC by turning her into a vampire

Furry love
(Furries, Modern)
Anthros, Furries, Nekos are often bullied or discriminated against. Our characters are young and in love, living together while active for social change.




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