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Wanted: Submissive female for extreme humiliation

Sep 22, 2011
I want to laugh while you cry. I want to take your hopes and dreams and utterly destroy them, instead giving you a world of pain and humiliation at the hands of your superior. I want to kick you when you're down - and I mean that literally. You will be treated like shit, and you will learn to love it.

The sexual abuse is just a tool for the ultimate goal of destroying your identity and sense of self worth. Kinks that may be utilized for this purpose include bimbofication, pain play, piss, breath play, beastiality, beatings, verbal abuse, starvation, and all sorts of degradation and humiliation. Off course you are allowed to have a list of limits, but I do appreciate a girl who is willing to push them. Do note that I am not interested in traditional BDSM - the rigidity and formalism of it bores me to death. What I want is something rawer, more violent and ruthless.

I am open for many scenarios tailored to our shared interests, but usually I play something similar to one of these:

  • You are blackmailed into submission, your original sin leeding you into deeper ones.
  • Your cant contain your secret craving for domination, but you end up getting more than you bargaines for.
  • Debt forcing you into prostitution, prostitution forcing you into my arms.

I don't do family or gore. I don't do non-realistic settings. Other than that, everything is on the table.

As for the practicalities:

  • We start out playing over PMs, Skype, YIM or Discord, preferably when we are both online at the same time. I'm in GMT+1.
  • The scenario developing into something long term is a possibility but not a must.
  • Posts are a couple of sentences each. Do note that short posts does not equal low quality writing or chat speak.
  • We write in first person, present tense unless you have strong preferences for something else.

If you want to catch my attention, don't send a one line PM. Explain to me what you want, and what I can get out of you. Make me want you.
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