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Shadowrun Splintered State I


Sep 17, 2017
Hello everyone ^^

So to start things off, the Splintered State adventure book is the beginners adventure for Shadowrun 5e. As such the characters will need to be created using the ABCDE priority system. We will also be using the standard character lever, 25 starting Karma. You may select qualities from any of the Shadowrun 5e books, as well as any gear, spells ect...

If you want a particular quality but do not meet the prerequisites (needing magic, Ect...) please let me know and we can probably work something out.

Shadowrun 5e Uses the metric system of measurement, i.e. meters, kilometers, and grams. Each character takes up a meters worth of space, (3 feet).

I will use free flow movement, so no need to measure every step, I'll let you know when your character will go from moving to running to sprinting.

Lastly I will only be using the generals rules found in the 5e Core book for this, nothing from the source books.

And that should be everything ^^

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