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Mx M or F Mr20's Main Thread [Craving Star Trek, 40K, etc.]


May 23, 2012
around and about.
Hey there BM!

First and foremost please feel free to reply with anything you think would improve this thread and make it better for all of you.

Some bits

  • I've been RPing for longer than 5 years and been on this site for as many, I mainly RP over IMs and PMs but I'm easy as to which.
  • I'm mainly into modern, non-fantasy RPs but can be persuaded to try all sorts of wild and wonderful things.
  • I prefer more smut than plot, but smut without plot can get rather boring.
  • I'm switch when it comes to D/s and I prefer the less vanilla side of life but would love to talk kinks and settings etc. PM me up!

General Settings
sci-fi - modern - army - prison - Dom x sub - Master/Mistress x slave (More coming soon...)

Now with Discord!

Fandoms and stuff (I'm up for suggestions on this)
Star Trek: Voyager and Discovery - B'Elanna/Seven of Nine/Other Characters/OCs/Terrans (MxF DomxSub)
NCIS (LA and New Orleans) - Most female characters (MxF DomxSub)
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D - Most female characters/Open for discussion (MxF DomxSub)
DC's Legends of Tomorrow - Any of the female Legends or extended friends (MxF DomxSub)
Z Nation - Red/Addy Carver/Others (MxF DomxSub)
Wynonna Earp - Wynnona, Waverly, Nicole (MxF DomxSub)
Strike Back - Zarkova, Gracie Novin, Major Dalton (MxF DomxSub)
All characters and ideas open to discussion!
Games - Rainbow Six Siege...

At the moment I have a large craving for the grimdark world of Warhammer 40K, this would particularly be MxF - I am well versed in almost all Lore but would want to keep it ~at least mostly~ human. Playing against Sisters of Battle, Adeptus Administratum, Adeptus Ministorum etc.

** CRAVING!!! MxF Dom/Sub non-con, humiliation type stuff**

Would also be up for fitting in to an already established MxF Dom/Sub RP in the middle or at the bottom. Also looking for a couple to do MMF Threesome with!

Please PM me with any questions and for brainstorming. Hope to RP with you soon :D

MxM Section
I'm looking for Doms... and not the nice, friendly spank you a little bit type of Doms. Hope to talk soon soon, and feel free to drop me a message telling me how much of a useless slut I am as an introduction.

Kinks - I'm open to almost anything check my F-list that I'll be updating soon. Oh, and the site rules of course.

~Kneels and looks up at you imploringly~​
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