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Looking for RP partners NSFW*


Chaos and Order
Mar 2, 2014
Notice: Want to see what Ideas or pics have caught my eye of late? Check out what the latest post on the thread. Will often have what I'm looking for (in a vague sense) written out... if not... well... more porn to look at.

(Hopefully one day the original will be taken out of Archives)
Hello :3 I'm new to this site but I love rps, especial the adult kind. This is just a me looking for some good people to rp with so if you want to know more about me just message me and ask.
I have no writing limit if anyone is going to ask, I prefer the longer posts but short is fine to as long as its not a continued thing, sometimes to just move the story along you have to just stay on point. I myself am dyslexic, so as long as your writing is readable I'm good with it. As far as language feel free to be vulgar when need be, I have no "no" words, if the situation calls for it be as political incorrect as one wishes (This is of course in rp, please don't be rude outside it)
If anybody would like to Rp here are some of the stuff I like and or have ideas for.

update: I do not do mxm rps unless cuntboy is involved...and foot tickling fetishes or the sort...just no. I have however gotten more use to playing female characters.

Furry (REALLY like :3)
Mythology Sci-fi
Robotic Pool: Autobutts Indecent by Fred Perry - e621
Historical (History Major :3)
Bestiality CBDD3156 8 DEE 4 B80 ACD8 9 D1 FB1 D844 E4 —
Cuntboy (Not playing as but with)
Futa (playing as)
younger/smaller male to older/bigger female **** #1783141: bigdad
MLP: FiM (Would really really love to do rps with this :3)) ********* #1376888: bigdad #1611662: bigdad #1763772: bigdad (Female Sombra is the best)
Story (like a good story, prefer a good amount of smut, but I do tend to come up with elaborate backstories and histories for even very strait forward smut set ups, and even so in some of my rps the smut is a tool for the story, like though sex a magic corruption is spread, ect)
Gender transformations (Guy to Girl *my partner not me*)
Overlord (the anime not the, also good, game)
Monster Girls Anime (I forget it's actually name)
Star Wars Halo
Digimon #1499714: r-mk
Pokemon #1483996: avante92
Sonic #1330677: bigdad
Warhammer #1344637: da_polar_inc Chaos_Space_Marine, Cultist, Daemonette, Fulgrim, God-Emperor_of_Mankind, Magnus_the_Red, Rule_63, Sister_of_Battle, Warhammer_40K, angron, chaos, cultist-chan, flick Rule 34 - breast press dark-skinned female flick god-emperor of mankind rule 63 sigmar heldenhammer symmetrical docking warhammer 40k warhammer fantasy yuri | 2969463
Scary/Erotic Horror /neurodyne - e621 (I think the pictures speak for themselves)
Opposites Attract
Fallout #343221: dochyde #1523343: dochyde
Transformers Pool: I Still Like Big Autobutts (And I Cannot Lie!) by Fred Perry - e621
Goths Undertale #1895265: dsan #1887027: avante92 #1825774: avante92
Jurassic/Dinos #1862889: avante92
Pregnancy bbc-chan, borrowed character, original, commission, highres, uncensored, 1girl, after vaginal, aftersex, anklet, areolae, bangs, bed, big belly, black choker, black hair, blush, bracelet, breasts, breasts apart, brown eyes, choker, clitoris, cum, cum in mouth, cum in pussy, cum inflation, cum on fingers, cum on stomach, cum on tongue, cum pool, cumdrip, dark nipples, dark skin, excessive cum, finger licking, fingernails, full body, inverted nipples, jewelry, lactation, large breasts, licking, licking lips, lips, lipstick, long fingernails, long hair, looking at viewer, lying, makeup, mole, mole under mouth, nail polish, naughty face, navel, nipples, on back, on bed, pillow, pregnant, pubic hair, pussy, red nails, sagging breasts, solo, spread legs, spread pussy, swept bangs, thighs, toe scrunch, toes, tongue, tongue out - Image View - | 5026630 / | Gelbooru
Stuffed Animals(teddies and such becoming sentient and fucking their former owners.)

This is kind of a (really) short list (basically what's on my mind this moment) but I will try most any kind of rp really if someone has a idea or would like to hear mine. So just give me a message Smile I look forward to rping with you.

A few galleries of pics I have that could be used in a rp or maybe give some inspiration for one. But by no means is this all of them :3 (Yes the vast majority are female pics)
1girl all fours anus ass bared teeth bestiality blonde hair breasts clenched teeth cum cum in pussy doggystyle earrings elbow gloves eyes closed foreskin from above gloves goomba interspecies inverted nipples jewelry jiang shi large breasts lips long hair mario (series) monster nipples penis phimosis precum princess peach puffy nipples sex spread ass super mario bros. teeth thighhighs tusks uncensored vaginal white gloves white legwear wince - Image View - | 2549552 | Gelbooru
1girl 5boys areolae blonde hair blue eyes blush bowsette breasts bukkake crown cum cum in mouth cum on body cum on breasts cum on clothes cum on upper body english text eyebrows eyebrows visible through hair facial goomba group sex hetero horns huge breasts huge penis interspecies irrumatio koopa troopa leotard lying mario (series) maryzyrukun multiple boys new super mario bros. u deluxe nintendo nipples on back oral paizuri penis rape sex super crown super mario bros. tears testicles tsurime uncensored vaginal veins veiny penis - Image View - | 4420823 | Gelbooru
1boy 1girl areolae blue eyes blush bowsette breasts fangs furball horns large breasts long hair mario mario (series) new super mario bros. u deluxe nintendo nipple piercing nipples piercing red hair super mario bros. tagme topless - Image View - | 4418226 | Gelbooru
1girl anus blonde hair blue eyes bowsette breasts censored choker cleavage comic crown horns large breasts leotard mario mario (series) metal owl (aden12) new super mario bros. u deluxe nintendo ponytail pussy sex super crown - Image View - | 4418432 | Gelbooru

Well it seems the image posting site I was useing has suffered a crash of some kind so all my galleries(some dating back to my earliest days on this site) are now gone. Will try and get some new ones posted, but for now nothing new to post outside images on the thread bumps.

And more to come :3 (as I find them)

Comic links
[Shunjou Shuusuke] Solitude (COMIC Mugen Tensei 2015-04) [English] [Striborg] [Decensored] - E-Hentai Galleries
[Shunjou Shuusuke] Tabi no Haji wa Kakisute | Once You're Away From Home, You can do anything. (COMIC Mugen Tensei 2015-06) [English] [Forbbidenfetish+Ranzu] [Decensored] - E-Hentai Galleries
[Kaos] My Son's Best Friend - E-Hentai Galleries
[Shunjou Shuusuke] Solitude (COMIC Mugen Tensei 2015-04) [English] [Striborg] [Decensored] - E-Hentai Galleries
[Orikuchi] Nantoka Shite yo Sense! | Ya Gotta Do Somethin', Teach! (COMIC JSCK Vol. 3 2016-03) [English] [Dark Mac + CW] - E-Hentai Galleries
[Zummeng] Gift From The Water God [ongoing] - E-Hentai Galleries
(C83) [Vajo Takurou] The Rabbit and the Fox Engagement (Kemokko Lovers 3) [English] [bfrost] - E-Hentai Galleries

Artist link
/marthedog - e621
/thefuckingdevil - e621
/avante92 - e621
/bigdad - e621
/neurodyne - e621

Animated link: NSFW

I'll sometime add what I'm looking for at the time in the bumps. So please if your interested see what has caught my attention as of late, if not plenty here still to catch yours.
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Chaos and Order
Mar 2, 2014


Chaos and Order
Mar 2, 2014
stuffed animals and teddy bears come to life and seeking love(or revenge) on their human owners. (Could be a ghost, could be just things tend to happen. Very much willing to play a female in this rp)
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