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Fx Male I Have This Need ... (NSFW) *New Idea On Second Post*

Cunning Rogue

May 15, 2014
... for extremely smutty rps! Yes the more smut the better, I want rps where I play female characters who want nothing more than a huge cock shoved in them. Now that being said I love really kinky rps rather than tame vanilla ones with my favorites being pregnancy rps. So drop me a line with what you want to rp and lets see what we can do ;)


1. PM only, sorry boys but I only rp on this site and through PMs
2. I am a sub, and I love it that way
3. Will no longer play multiple girls in rps as I have both gotten swamped with ideas good and bad and I have had too many bad ones to turn me off the idea.
4. Any kind of pairing is fine, just PM me with what you want to do
5. Do not post on here, sometimes I need to do things in real life so I may be a bit before I can reply.
6. Smut > Plot But this does not mean that there will be no real plot.


1. Huge Breasts/Huge Asses (on my females)
2. Piercings/Tattoos (On my females)
3. Skimpy Clothing (again on my females)
4. Pregnancy/Impregnation/Pregnant Sex
5. Large Cocks
6. Excessive Cum
7. Dominant Males
8. Exhibitionism/Voyerism/Photography/Video Taping

I love using pictures for inspiration for the rp, mostly of who I would play as and what sorts of scenarios you are interested in. I prefer anime/cartoon (will not accept real life) photos only and I have included a few artists that I like below but please feel free to use others you may like. At least 5, preferably 10+. This is a requirement as I will be ignoring any requests to rp that do not include pictures.

Speaking of pictures and the like I would absolutely love to do some Fandom fun but would want to hear what settings you want and what women you would want me to play.

Here are some artists that I love the work of which I think could be fun if you are looking for a jumping off point for pictures. ALL ARE NSFW

Live For The Funk
Metal Owl (Aden12)
Ero Doll
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