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Fx Male RP: 1x1: I Crave Annihilation... //Taboo/ Incest/ Fandoms [ PRIMAL PLAY ]


Feb 15, 2010


First I will tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Renee but you can call me Horror_Show or whatever suits you….to a point. I’m 31 (close to 32). I’m married and have been for eleven years. He doesn't care that I role play or write smut, we have great trust and each have our hobbies, his is gaming, mine is this. With saying this I am only looking for a writing partner and online friend, NOTHING MORE. Especially you dominates....I am not looking to take things personally. I'm married, I don't need it....I enjoy things through stories.

I’ve been role playing for over a decade ( Close to over eighteen years). I’m on some other forums but this site has always been home and where I started my adult role plays. I love writing all kinds of plots and pairings. Some of my favorite are romance, action, slice of life [ taboo], as well as horror being an older favorite genre. I love writing fandoms. I have an F-List; all the bullshit follows. I apologize for the length of this. I've been around. I've seen some shit.

Okay, so this is a new announcement on my request and it is by far the MOST IMPORTANT. More important than all my other disclaimers or warnings. I took the time to research in depth, study my erotic and fandom writing.

I am what is considered a Primal Sub. To know what a Primal Sub is you need to know what Primal Play is. It isn’t a sexual orientation, it’s not just a fetish, it’s not a state of being. It’s what someone noted was a state of mind, a state of mind makes something exist inside where it can be unleashed at the appropriate times. For me that’s easily and safely in writing, role playing.

My ideal role-playing partner would be what’s technically a Primal Dom.

^^^ good example of it in a cinematic way. Damn good acting and scene anyway, huge terminator fan lol

“In most cases, this is the ideal relationship between two Primals. A Primal prefers the use of hair, nails, teeth, and good ol’ personal strength in lieu of the traditional ropes, chains, whips, and gags commonly used in BDSM. The relationship works well because they can satisfy each other’s needs. One likes to be chased, the other likes to chase. One likes to be scratched, the other likes to scratch.”

“At the start, the dom will initiate foreplay with a tousle of their sub’s hair, smelling their skin, and move their hands across their body. This may sound like any other kind of wild foreplay, but it’s then followed by the chase. The sub, or ‘prey’, will sometimes give the Hunter a look, and they’re off, running away for the purpose of getting chased by the Hunter. The chase continues on, even when cornered, and won’t end until the Prey submits, and gives themselves over to the Hunter as their prize. The Hunter is most often an Alpha type who enjoys dominance by submission. While the Prey is often the bratty type who has more fun instigating their partner, making them work for their prize.”

“As you can imagine, primal play is often very passionate and sensual for participants, and couples who regularly engage in primal play recommend every couple try it out at least once. The main aspect of primal play are the emotions involved with it. Whether those emotions are lust, happiness, loneliness, or even silliness, it can be expressed in primal play. It can be rough, or it can be gentle, but ultimately, it is always emotional. Sometimes, participants can engage in play without the need for sex whatsoever.

^^^^ I don’t play Bratty types, normally my characters are the nice girl next door or the damsel in distress who fights back if that makes sense. I also like “the play” more than just the reward. Its probably why I like horror movies, the thrill of being chase….I’m an adrenaline junkie in writing. It’s probably why I am also a Cinephile….or audioholic. Anything creating a perfect intense emotional scene on screen is just as exciting as writing something similar.

Fictionally I am also a light masochist in ways. I like putting my character through both intense physical, mental and emotional turmoil. It goes hand and hand with certain aspects of primal play depending if its the right set up and storyline more or less action themed. One of my favorite hand to hand combat sequences is below so I had to shove it in.

I AM NOT looking for someone to rape, torture or kill my CHARACTERS. That has zero correlation with primal play. Not unless in the role play the story keeps my character from torture, rape and death.



- Face-Claims, normally when I make up a pairing or plot I already have inspirations, visuals in mind for both characters. Most of the time it’s a deal breaker if they are not wanted. You are welcome to bring your own to the table, no anime/hentai isn't preferred but i am open to it more. I’m not asking you to play the character pictured, just using their appearance for your own character.

- Clothing fetish [ I love all kinds of clothing, especially lounge, jeans, t-shirts, cardigans….so I will often ask permission to write both our characters’ attire at times.]

- Psychical aggressiveness, especially sexually with tension.

- Mental instability ( mental health disorders, etc)

- Drama/Angst/ Emotional Breakthrough’s

- Characters who physically looked like they’ve survived a horror movie ;) [ This of course doesn’t apply to all role plays.]

- Romance/Lust mixed

- Age Differences ( 10+ years)

- Incest [ If there is a good plot, not just smut based, and it has to be realistic. FYI, I don't support it IRL, its a writing fetish]

- Partners who reply regularly [daily or more] <<doesn’t mean I wont role play if it takes you longer, it’s just preference. I am almost always on when I am home and am able.

- Partners who write detailed lengthy post. Doesn't have to be every post but I struggle to role play with people who don't give a lot.

- Fandoms such as movies, tv shows, select games, just ask.

I'm also the type of partner who loves to add in visuals and music when its inspiring to my postings. I like to use pictures to help describe settings and environments. I'm the kind of person who would enjoy going into details on how a house looks, what type of clothes my character wears, what shampoo she uses, the kind of food she cooks.

Before I go into my actual request. I feel the need to put some old rules in, regulations in order to role play with me.

I have this weird habit of running into really good awesome older men who are role players. Then we start role playing, we get to talking and I find out their married and are hiding their role playing from their significant other…..then they decide suddenly god or something else has touched them and they need to be faithful and abandon me. So just please be an actual human who has the freedom to role play without restrictions or restraints. I’m married, my husband knows I role play, we have great trust. My marriage does not affect my hobby.

When you message me for this role play. Please expect it to be semi long term. I’m not looking for people to drop the game once they have initially made love the first time….I feel there is all this build, tension and it happens and some people bail…..there is more to a relationship than just that. Please come to me wanting to write out the aftermath.

Also in order to be my partner, you've got to post it
least twice a week, preferred once every day if not more


I guess I also need to put this. I am looking for long term role playing partners but I am wanting to do one shots with a potential of being long term. I don’t want to write several posts building everything forever. I’m over that after being disappointed and never getting to write parts I desire on several games. I would prefer to place our characters in a place just a little bit before the climax of the story. If your a good writer, we talk OOC and go into deep discussion and planning this is possible with it still being fun. I’m not looking for some drawn out story without smut sooner than later.

This is important. I co-write stories with focusing on my own characters. I want both of us to be able to write each other’s characters with free will. It’s difficult to write a story and give length if you don’t have a little leeway. Some people are strict about god modding so if that’s you…. you wouldn’t like my writing. When I have cravings and give plots I already have the characters in my head and a good idea of direction, so I like to lead and help. I definitely don’t mind the same being done to my characters. With saying that. I also know how to not god mod, I might slip but can edited it. Its a preference, doesn't mean I can't write without it. Some leeway would be helpful.

UPDATE 2-21-19 ( If you want to message me on Discord) VideoKid#0829

Another update: Listen guys….I just recently got into using discord for role plays and I love it, it keeps it proactive, keeps it organized. If I take the time to add you, make a server and do an intro….please go out of your way to be somewhat active. If you can’t post a few times a week, if not daily….then don’t go contact me. Also don’t keep promising to post but never do. Please do us both a favor and just admit you can’t role play or don’t want too. While I normally will go out of my way to tell you if something happens….I will also ditch your ass on discord and clean house. I’m sick of people not being active or communicating properly. Life happens….awesome, just tell me….hey life is happening I can’t be active. I’m a decent person….I will understand and not expect you too. I also only use discord to be for more active role players.
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Feb 15, 2010
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