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Fx Male ♥-Libl's Improved Requests-♥ (ROMANCE?)


Jul 15, 2011
Hey there! I'm Libl, Libi, Libs, if you want to give me your own nickname feel free. I'll keep this as short, sweet, and simple as I can for you!

First, just a few 'rules'.

  • Semi-Literate please! I enjoy a fairly descriptive RP.
  • Third person only. I do not do first person.
  • M/F pairings preferred, but I am open to all pairings.
  • I don't mind if you IRL are male or female.
  • Communication. Just a friendly convo now and then, or OOC discussion.
  • I prefer to RP over Convos or Discord.
  • My F-list: F-list - Warning
  • I am NOT interested in strictly modern RPs.
  • If you didn't read these, PLEASE READ THEM!



Life on the seas, plunderin' and stealin'. Mostly craving a fun romance between a Captain and his lovely First mate. Have an idea for my character being a siren, but rather than being a man killer, has been helping her Captain with her abilities. Say maybe he has trouble sleeping so she sings him to sleep, or there's a problem group of rival sirens trying to steal his crew one by one.
Anyway, would love a witty, charming, roguish man with a heart of gold for this one.

Now on to the Role Play ideas!
First up is...
Original Ideas
-A special academy designed for young people training to become dragon riders. The title is highly regarded and they are trained to protect the towns/villages. Like an elite force in a way. Once they reach the proper age, and training level, they are trusted with an egg and must raise the dragon. The rider in training gains a bond with the dragon, sharing emotions and thoughts with the hatchling. Once the dragons are a year old, they are just beginning to get into their own maturity. What will happen when two riders are attracted to one another because of their dragon's feelings?
[Trainee x Trainee, Trainee x Teacher, Dragon x Trainee]

Dragon Apocalypse:
-A mining company has busted into a huge underground cave system. The activity has awakened a long dorment terror. Dragons, thought a myth from the medieval era, had taken refuge and into a sort of hybernation. Now awake and bursting into the modern world, they have taken claim of the world, forcing humans to live in bunkers, even castles and fortesses. Trying to combat the dragons with simple bullets does no good, their hide being extremely resistant. (Ever see Reign of Fire? Yeah, basically that.)
[Survivor x Survivor, Dragon x Survivor]

(Worn out on this idea and will only do under certain conditions.)
The Summoning:
-Summoners are hidden all around in the human world, along with their selected demons. But normal humans never notice. These demons, once summoned, protect and serve their master, though may not be very loyal until the summoner preforms a sort of 'bonding' ceremony. This is based off of a specific 'need' the demon has. The need is another small payment the summoner has to provide, or else the demon disappears or turns on the human summoner.
A strong feud has broken out between the different summoners of the world. Some summoners are bringing demons into the world to cause chaos, others, summoning these demons to fight them. Which side will win?

[Demon x Summoner]

Not Always What They Seem:
-Shapeshifters hide among human beings, learning to live with them and even reproducing with them to keep their race going. Though there is an organization of 'hunters' that wish to wipe them out completely, seeing them as evil beings. Will the Shapeshifters live? Become slaves to rich humans? Or all die out?

[Shifter x Hunter, Shifter x Human, Shifter x Shifter]

From Another World:
-A curious alien explorer crash lands on earth in the middle of the night. A concerned civilian on their way home runs to check out the crash, finding an injured human there, and nothing more. It is soon uncovered that this seemingly human being is in fact an alien able to change it's appearance to better blend in and hide among other species. But why would it be here on Earth?
[Alien x Human]

The Beast Inside:
-After being in a vicious fight with a wolf, a young man is cursed with lycanthropy. His age is slowed greatly, allowing him to travel town to town, searching for some way to be at peace with himself and a way to control his transformations. He meets a woman who might be able to help him. But how?
[Werewolf x Human]

Wonders of the Sea:
-There is little known of the ocean's depths, and who knows what could be down there. Many sailors will tell you tails of merfolk. Some of seductive sirens who lure sailors to their deaths, others of curious ones who disappear before anyone could get a good look. Are these tall tales of fish tails true, or just the imagination of drunken sailors?
[Sailor x Mermaid, Pirate x Mermaid, Female Sailor x Merman, Female Pirate x Merman, Fisherman x Mermaid]

-Life on the seas, pillaging and plundering, stealing treasures and booty of all kinds, who wouldn't find that sort of life fun? Spice it up with more fantasy lore, and a bit cleaner hygiene, and you have even more fun! This can be set up to have multiple characters, friends or enemies.
[Captain x First Mate, Captain x Rival Captain, Female Captain x Entire Crew]

The Future We've Made:
-In a future of high-tech gadgets and space travel, everything seems easy for human life now that they've moved on to living on man-made space colonies after the earth is nothing more than ruins. Very little can live there, unless set up with the proper equipment. A group of Outcasts and Outlaws has figured out how to make an area livable by recycling or stealing technology from the colonies. Will they live out their tough lives without trouble? Or will all their thieving and illegal trades catch up with them?
[Outcast x Colonist, Outcast x Outcast, Outlaw x Bountyhunter, Outlaw x Colonist]

(Worn out on this idea and will only do under certain conditions.)
Artificial Love:
-Same situation as A Future We've Made. A lonely young engineer has spent years building an android to keep her company. When she finishes her project, she programs him to be perfect in every way she can think. Though once he is completed, the engineer takes him out into society for a sort of test run. This project of hers was illegal. Do the authorities find out and come after her? Does the android grow human emotions?
[Engineer x Android]

(Worn out on this idea and will only do under certain conditions.)
- The underwater world has always been mysterious and strange, who knows what sorts of creatures hide under the surface of the water. Perhaps a fisherman or a man who spends most of his life on the water catches a strange monstergirl. All sorts of possibilities here, oceans, lakes, rivers, lagoons, swamps, things like that.
- Perhaps a handsome man owns a farm full of all sorts of farm animal girls. Centaur girls, cow girls, fluffy little sheep girls? Lotsa fun to be had here I'd say.
- A knight is sent on a quest to kill a monster that has been a pest to a town. When he gets to the lair the monster calls home, he finds this 'pest' is more of a curious monstergirl, who finds humans interesting and wants to know more about them. Maybe the knight will help her out.
- See that Nature Lover plot? That can totally be flipped around here. Mage guy, living alone in the forest, lovely forest spirit decides he needs some company and sends some creature girls his way to keep him company.

[Too Many Pairs to List]

Sex Machine:
- Same situation as The Future We've Made plot. A young mechanic working on a space station has a slow day of work, only to have it brightened up when an inventor tells her of a machine he's made and wants to have her help him test.
[Mechanic x Inventor and his Machine]

The Final Frontier:
-A young pilot has taken it on herself to explore unknown planets. Her only company her ship's AI. She can run into anything on these planets, aliens who might be very curious of what humans are, to another strange explorer. It could also include her AI having control of some sort of mechanical arms/tendrils and could even get involved with the pilot.
[Pilot x Alien(s), Pilot x Ship's AI]

Alice in Sexland:
-Yeah, I went there. Alice follows a ‘rabbit’ down a whole to a whole new world. A world full of sexual experiences of every kind. My usual limits still apply, but other than that, I’m up to put anything in this one!
[Alice x Everyone and Everything in ‘Sexland’]

Nature Lover:
-A young mage lives alone in the middle of a huge forest, practicing magic and making potions. Little does she know, nature has a better plan for her, to pleasure it's creatures from beast to mythical beings.
[Mage x Monsters/Beasts/Creatures]

Zoo Time Fun:
-A large, technologically advanced Zoo is looking to hire some new employees. A lovely young lady applies for the job, and her employer thinks she'll be perfect for the job. She thinks the job is just simply cleaning the animal's pens, but he has other ideas. The first animal's pen she cleans is drugged up and horny as all hell. It mounts her while she's in the pen, and she surprisingly doesn't fight it too much, but rather enjoys it. The employer catches this all on tape, enjoying the show himself, but also using the video to blackmail her into doing more with the other animals.
[New employee x Animals of the Zoo, New employee x Employer]

Jurassic Park:
-Very much like the Zoo Time Fun, only with Dinosaurs. Probably will keep this with smaller Dinos and have dangerous ones muzzled. Yes, I know they were supposed to be all female, but you saw the movie right? Some turned male, thanks to that lovely frog DNA. So maybe they keep the males from mating by satisfying their desire to mate. Don't Judge, it sounds fun to me.
[New Employee x Dinos]

The Lab:
-A laboratory hidden on a remote island, a madman, calling himself a scientist, alchemist, and conjurer, has made a life of creating strange life of all sorts. Some to make more, some to guard the lab, and some just for his own pleasure. The only other human being his lovely assistant who also dabbles in creating life.
[Madman x Assistant, Madman x Creation(s), Assistant x Creation(s)]
And if none of that grabs your attention, here are some things I enjoy!

Older Man x Young Lady
Warrior x Healer
Knight x Princess
Gentle Giant x Short n' Feisty
Larger Male x Smaller Female
Smaller Male x Larger Female
Strong/Muscular Male x Plump/Chubby Female
Monster x Mage
Punk/Goth x Tentacle Pet
Father x Daughter
Brother x Sister
Bodyguard x Charge
Multiple Men x Wanton Woman
Sleazy, Witty Man w/ a Heart of Gold x Flirty, Strong willed Beautiful Woman


So, feel free to mix and match an message me ideas! I love hearing them.
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