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Does your mood affect RP?


Jul 28, 2018
I'd think the obvious answer would be 'yes', but the question for me is more how much and in what ways.

I can... tend to be very focused on my work, so I'm not entirely sure my mood does much to affect the content, and I'm more likely to get frustrated if I can't find time to write.

I might be more prone to getting overwhelmed than most, though. If something I'm doing has built up a fandom (which has actually happened on some occasions), I start to feel the pressure of a thousand fucking moons on top of me, and I might disappear for a week because I am, for some reason, having a hard time coming to grips with the force of expectation. Which is entirely in my head, and something I'm trying very hard now to train myself back out of. I blame childhood academic pressures...


Apr 12, 2018
Not only my mood, but my body as well.

I come home from a long night of work with my feet pounding and my body begging me for the least amount of effort possible. Sometimes the need to rest is too much, and I eat and sleep right away.

Zero Frame

Sep 10, 2014
I find that when I sit down to write that my mood shifts to accommodate the activity, evening out the highs and lows of my day.

That said, I do struggle to settle into a proper schedule for posting usually right after returning from vacation or after a work project has wrapped up.


the walking disaster
Oct 26, 2016
Definitely. It happens in both directions for me - if I'm in a low mood, I might not feel the desire to roleplay... At the same time, the right roleplay might be able to boost my mood. When I'm feeling higher, my motivation, inspiration and dedication to my roleplays can amplify. When I'm riding higher I can seek certain roleplays more enthusiastically, while when I'm lower even my favourites can be hard to keep up with.

I have one roleplay, however, that has persisted in being my favourite and most-developed for well over a year now - despite breaks, pauses and changes. I find that an understanding partner who can work with you matters even more than mood - mood you can recover from if it tanks your muse, a partner who isn't understanding and patient won't last through a tanked muse/busy period. A partner who isn't understanding leads to dropped roleplays.... and potentially a worse mood, when you're not prepared for that.


Oct 21, 2018
Yes when I rp highschool dxd usually it's very smutty... but one time the juggernaut drive was unleashed and any highschool dxd fan knows that's pure terror rage and sadness put into physical form


Oct 28, 2018
I sometimes avoid roleplaying all together when I am really really angry or in a lot of grief, because I tend to show it in my writing. I figure my partners would notice. Lol


Nov 29, 2018
It has always been a bit strange to me when roleplayers exclaim that their mood at the time they are writing a response affects the way their character acts and how they feel. It personally has never happened to me as I feel as though the character that I am playing is simply a figment of my imagination and should not mingle with myself in any way. This helps me to keep my characters feelings and thoughts separate from my own. Obviously this changes if/when I intentionally make a character similar to myself, but even then I never allow my emotions to dictate how my character functions.

If I find myself to be angry or sad in any way, I refrain from interacting with others entirely as I don't want my emotions to overflow and thus hurt or affect the other person in a negative way. I apply this to people as well as roleplay or any other hobby of mine. Though I do understand that there are people who use roleplay as a positive outlet to help them cope or do away with any negative emotions they may have, which I find to be a good method.
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