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Testing feels great. (1x1, F x Futa) -closed-

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YC has an older sister working as a scientist studying the different life forms they discover behind closed doors, something the world must not be made aware of for the time being. And though while things were going smoothly on her end, the scientist was given the talk to see how well the test subject, aka EX-128 (MC) would handle living outside the facility but still enclosed inside a normal home.

Of course the scientist didn't feel the test would be viable enough under someone that is already used to MC, so after a long and drawn out assessment, she was able to get MC to be tested with YC. Fun will be had and lots of shenanigans will be ensured to happen. Will YC be able to handle the stress and the fact she has to hang out with a rather fit little monster girl?

Note: Please read this before posting, to whoever the one person is to RP with me here, do go to my OOC chat if you're fine to include the Risk of Pregnancy and we can also discus any future ideas for this. Also I hope you're ok if MC is unable to speak.

Looking for:
YC to be the Futa
A Literate RPer (and I MEAN, literate. 2+ Paragraphs)
For a Pregnancy Risk to be considered until it happens later on
YC to be more Dom than Sub

Character sheet:

OOC chat:

Let's start!

The sky was overcast by the Gray clouds, giving the whole environment the typical gloomy look to the scientist that she was used to around these parts. The 29 year old woman was currently being escorted in a black SUV with the windows tinted black to stop anyone from seeing inside while her driver casually drove along the motorway while Sasha herself was seated at the back with a special someone she;s been looking after for a good 2-3 years of studying. The scientist was on her phone at the moment talking to a relative she hadn't had much chance talking to, her younger sister and was thrilled about the fact that her company had finally cleared her request and approved it to be safe enough for her to do what she had planned, so she was very happy sounding on the phone "You'll be happy to know I've made some progress with my team and I just got given permission for a new project I cooked up! You're the first to know...and hopefully the only one, you know how I can't give out anything to you even in person, you understand that, right?...Good! Well, just this ones I have a little something for you that I'm sure you're going to love! I will get into the more fine details with you when I get to your place, so for now I just want you to know you're part of the project!...wha-?...Oh! No, no, no! You're not going to be made a test subject, don't be silly, Hahaha! Think of it as a gift to you, from me....Anyway, I got to go. I'll see you when I get there, Love you!"

Meanwhile, the test subject in question had been sat with her tail curled around her body listening to the scientist talk into the device she wondered what it could be, her eyes staring at her caretaker as she was then payed attention to. She was being asked to do something again "...Hun?" came a sound from her as she tilted her head a little.
Sasha looked at the monster girl with a smile but also with a slight look sadness, patting her on the head "Alright EX-128, we'll be almost there. Now I wan't you to be brave for me here because I'll be away from you for a while, so I can't look after you for some time, but you'll be meeting someone really special to me. Can you do me that favour and take care while you're there?" she asked, even though the test subject couldn't talk she could still understand what she was told. Putting on a small smile, the girl nodded, earning her a comfortable hug from the scientist "That's the spirit. You'll be in good hands, I promise you that."

An hour went by after that and the SUV had finally made it to the address she was meant to be at, glad that her sister lived in a nice neighbourhood that wasn't all to busy at this time, so there wasn't anyone about to see them when the Scientist were to escort the test subject to the door. But before she would do that right away, she had to ask the girl to remain in the SUV, knowing it would be a bad idea to out right stand by the front door with her by her side and freaking her sister out. So Sasha approached the door on her own, giving the doorbell a ring and patiently awaited for her sister to open up, a pang of nervousness rising up about how this will go but also very excited about it all.
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