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Help me out


Nov 27, 2016
"I'm currently seeking out someone to make a design for a character I'm working for a story , the character is female and the looks I will post below and just know anybody can message me offering to help so if your good with art (Comic or Anime style) PM me please

Her name is Erika

Eyes - Brown

Hair - Long and black (some of it does cover her face so only one eye is visible)

Nose - kind of regular doesn't really matter

face - I can give you abit of creative freedom here

Body type - not skinny but somewhere In the middle of skinny and fat

her height is 5"5

Outfit - Okay so I was thinking some type of woman knight outfit however I don't want armor so mostly just go nuts with that idea

besides everything I just posted you have the freedom to do whatever so just message and we chat more about it please and thankyou
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