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The Demon Pit (Main Thread)

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Dec 12, 2014
Profile Thread

The Demon Pit, a hellish nexus that acts as stronghold for the demons of hell. This is where the spoils of war from the many battlefields across the multiverse are brought. Many of these spoils are slaves of the people the demons have conquered doomed to spend the rest of their days as playthings for the demon Lords and their minions. No slave has ever escaped the demon pit and with some demons having the power over life and death, torture and rape can be endless. The horrors of the demon pit are endless.


A line of newly acquired slaves were dragged through the muddy and twisted landscape of the demon camp and stronghold known as the demon pit. This was one of the main staging grounds for the demons when they launched attacks. It was also where they brought the spoils and prizes of war to be sold, and used.

A short and round little imp like demon was leading the slaves line as a path was cleared as they were brought towards the ‘high end’ market. Among these slaves was a skinny young girl, her hands were bound together in steel gauntlets and chains. She was gagged as well as blindfolded as well with a collar and chain around her neck that connected her to the other slaves. This girl was nearly naked except for an iron chastity belt clasp to her waist, a common piece of ‘clothing’ among this line of slaves. The girl had special including a white fluffy tail and a pair of white furred cat ears.

The pig like imp leading the line shouted out, “Virgin and specialty slaves coming through! Clear the way! Clear the way for the High end slaves if you value your existence.”
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