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Naughty Wolf For Older Female ( Open Role Play)



Falcon had just got done hunting and had changed back into human forum,when she went to set down near a log and ran her fingers over her curved breast,as she played with the nipples softly moaning as she did this,she saw the log had a small hole in it,she pulled out a dido and stuck it in the hole,she leaned over the dick as she pulled her pussy over it and grabbed the end of the log and leaned forward as she moved up and down with the dick in her ass,she played with her clit,making it wet and wetter as she moaned loud,hoping a female would hear her. She pulled the dick out and lened on her back as she put the dick in the hole as she sat up with her legs spread,she moaned she played with her clit,she wished she had a female to fuck her and to play with her,she whimpered just a little at the thought of being a little slut for an older female,having her do whatever she wanted to Falcon,even putting things in her pussy to make her cum and having sex in different ways and making her wet as she teased her and talked dirty to her...all the things she wanted just to be a slut for other female.

As Falcon's body begin to carve to cum,she moved her fingers to her clit,as she put some cum on her tits wishing a female was there to suck it off as she moaned loud.
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